Steamy Sauna Fun

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Kay and I had always fantasised about having some naughty fun in a sauna, and every time we went to a hotel that had a sauna, we never actually did anything because of the fear of getting caught. Steamy sauna fun was therefore confined to our bedroom pillow talk. The fantasies would always range from simple petting and kissing to full blown love making. Sometimes it would get even steamier and another man would be involved so Kay would be enjoying two of us, or for really wild nights we would imagine another couple joining us and Kay being given all the attention by both us men and a female.

Whatever the fantasy, we always agreed that it was me, and only me, that would ever make love to her and the other ‘gent’ would be treated to oral fun only. But we both also agreed, that no matter how much fun we had discussing these fantasies, they would never happen for real. We were happily married, had a great love life and needed no other. Whatever went on in our fantasies stayed in our fantasies. And besides, despite the turn on, saunas are not really the type of place that you can get much privacy to get up to any naughties!

Or so we thought!


Last December we were able to get away for a long weekend to the Christmas Markets in Cologne. We stayed at a fairly plush hotel near the centre of the city, right where the market was being held. The market itself was full of Christmas spirit, great vibes, fantastic smells, wonderful food and plentiful gluwhein. We had been travelling all day, so we didn’t want to do too much on the Friday, so we went out late afternoon to get something to eat.

We started with a couple of gluwheins to keep us warm and that, along with our tiredness, started to take an effect. We went to get something to eat and ended up with a Bratislavan style hot dog. Kay looked at me with a glint in her eye and ate the sausage suggestively. I nearly choked on mine whilst trying to stifle a grin. We then washed down our meal with another gluwhein before heading off back to the hotel.

A little tipsy by now, we walked into the reception area of the hotel and passed the door for the leisure facilities. In a tongue of cheek kind of way, I suggested to Kay we go and have a look at the sauna. I was surprised when she agreed. We walked in and saw the swimming pool and the jacuzzi. Both were empty. I was surprised. I saw the door for the sauna and looked in. I couldn’t see anyone in there. That too was empty. Then we noticed the cubicles and a huge pile of towels.

“Shall we?” I asked.

Kay smile at me. “Let’s do it.”

We went into the cubicles and wrapped the towels around ourselves and walked into the sauna.

“We mustn’t do anything,” Kay told me, “I’m not really comfortable doing anything here. I know the fantasies we’ve had…” She left the sentence trailing.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m not sure it’s a good idea either. Let’s just relax.”

So we did, we both sat next to each other, towels wrapped around us and we snuggled up. Myself sitting upright near the wall and Kay leaning her back against me with her legs up on the bench. We were comfortable with the heat, and enjoyed relaxing. Though at times my hand did wander inside Kay’s towel to strike her thigh or her breast; each time resulted in a playful slap.

We had been there about ten minutes when the door opened. A blonde thirty-something walked in, towel draped loosely around her body. She glanced over at us briefly and walked to the far corner. She removed her towel and placed it on the bench then laid upon it using another towel as a cushion. She was well tanned all over, including her pert breasts.

I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, but somehow recalled that the mainland Europeans were at ease with being naked in saunas. All of a sudden I felt quite awkward that Kay and myself were completely covered by our towels, but on the other hand, the towel was covering my blushes caused by the thoughts I was getting.

I imagined the new arrival walking over to us and stopping in front of Kay, ripping off her towel, sitting astride her and pushing one of her breasts into Kay’s mouth. As Kay was sucking away, she was pulling my towel from me …

I was quickly brought back into reality. I could feel Kay’s fingers digging into my thigh. I thought I was in trouble, but when I looked, Kay herself was staring at the naked lady in front of us. All of a sudden it hit home. We had to stop looking otherwise the lady would feel uncomfortable and we would be reported to the hotel management and classified as those bloody typical Brits!

I forced Kay’s attention away, and we started talking about the market stalls we had seen and which we would want to go back to. Even this conversation didn’t have the completely desired effect, as every now and then we both kept glancing over. After a while, our sauna blonde got up and threw the towel over behind her neck as if it was a scarf and walked towards the door, proudly showing off her breasts and toned legs and ass . As she reached the door, she glanced in our direction, smiled (in what I swear was a seductive manner), and, in a heavy German accent, kırşehir escort said “Bye, you two!” As soon as the door closed, Kay and I looked at each other. Hearts pounding.

“Five minutes,” Kay said, “wait for the coast to clear, then we go to the room.”

“Deal!” I said.

No sooner had our bedroom door closed behind us, Kay pulled at my trousers to undo them and kissed me passionately on the lips.

“What were you thinking about?” She demanded.

“She ripped your towel off…” I said between passionate kisses, “…sat astride you…feeding you her boob…holding your head tight into her nipple…arm reaching around…clawing at my towel…rubbing herself against your legs…”

“Shut up, that’s boring!” Kay said. She dragged me, now half naked to the bed, pushed me onto it, pulled my top off and forced me on my back. She climbed on top of me, positioning herself over me, rubbing her clit against my dick. “Mine’s much better!” She said.

“Tell me, I need to hear it!” I pleaded, trying to push myself into Kay

She continued, “I imagined her sitting there, on the middle bench, elbows leaning against the top bench, breasts pointing towards me. I slowly kissed them, in turn, long slow circles around each nipple. A slight bite on each, then I kissed her boobs, then slowly traced my tongue to her clit.”

As she was telling me this, I was tracing my fingers around her own nipples, pulling her forward so her breasts hovered in front of my face. My tongue reached out for them, every now and then I was able to get the tip of my tongue on one. I was eager to hear more. She carried on with her fantasy.

“Then I knelt properly, in front of her, arms either side of her hips, on my knees, arse in air. I started licking her clit, then I started tracing my tongue around her, I could taste her, I tweaked her nipple with my fingers, she got wetter. My tongue went inside. I was rolling my tongue inside her. Lapping at her juices.”

“What was I doing?” I asked. I needed to know. I needed to be inside Kay. I was still tweaking her nipples, but I could feel her moistness on the top of my dick. I wanted more. I wanted to be inside her.

“You were stroking my ass behind me, playing, using your finger to trace around my buttocks, along the crevice of my cheeks, across my … holes.”

I really needed her. Had to be inside of her. I pushed forward, confident I would enter her, she bucked her ass in the air, not letting me. She carried on kissing my neck.

“You were also playfully slapping my ass as I carried on sucking and licking the blonde’s clit. I really tasted her, then, without warning, you entered me.”

At this, without any warning of her own, she slammed down on my dick. She was so wet inside she slid all the way down my length. My dick felt alive, savouring her warmth as she slid up and down. Her breasts were doing their own little dance in front of me, I reached out to cup them both. As I did this, Kay sat upright, pushing herself down on me with all her might so I was so deep inside her my balls were the only thing from stopping me going in further. She ground faster as I took her nipples in between my fingers, she bucked, she rocked, she gyrated, trying to get as much of me as she possibly could. All the time my cock was squeezed and massaged by her warm, wet, interior muscles. As well as squeezing her nipples, I now also cupped both her breasts. She could take no more.

“Holy jeez…suck my tits!” With that, she lent forward, grabbed the back of my head and pushed her nipple so far into my mouth I was also able to suck on a large part of her breast. As I did so, I flicked her nipple with my tongue and reached out behind her to help give me leverage to carry on in this position. I grabbed her ass cheeks, one in each hand. Unwittingly, I was pulling them so hard, I gave Kay the impression of parting her cheeks to allow easy access to her ass. This, along with her nipple being sucked and tongue flicked, caused her to cry out.

As she orgasmed, her insides gripped my shaft like a hand and I swear I could feel her G-spot rub the top of my dick. This caused me to writhe and I came deep inside of her, causing Kay to have further tremors with my every throb. Following seconds of coming and throbbing, we slowly came to a stop, with Kay still leaning over me. We looked into each others eyes, smiled, then giggled and kissed slowly. Kay then laid her head on my shoulder and we both slept, with me still inside of her.


We awoke the next morning still in each other’s arms, and smiling to each other we got up and showered together. Kay was thoughtful as I was soaping her back before sneakily moving around so I could soap her breasts. I massaged the lather slowly around her nipples, then moved out to soap her side boobs, bringing my hands down to cup her pert breasts and then closing my hands over them completely by bringing my thumbs into play. I continued to massage her like this over and over when she suddenly seemed to snap out of her reverie. She looked down, as if noticing for the first time that I had been playing kocaeli escort with her boobs. She smiled, then reached for the shower to rinse herself. I bowed my head to take her nipple in my mouth, my hands reaching around her; one hand circling the middle of her back, the other circling over a bum cheek.

“Stop that, we need to get breakfast.” She smiled.

“Spoilsport” I said and moved my tongue over to her other nipple. She playfully slapped me away with a sponge.

We went down for a quick breakfast and then set straight out to the market. We were pushed and shoved by the busy crowd, but we didn’t mind. It meant we were constantly rubbing against each other and whenever we could, we both took the opportunity to place our hands discreetly onto each others’ private areas.

We drank more gluwhein during the course of the day, and this only heightened our state of arousal. We would kiss frequently, and passionately at times, drawing woos from the crowd, and whenever we were coerced together by a huge crowd, I was able to slip my hand through the slit of Kay skirt, and stroke the top of her lace hold ups. She would shiver every time and look at me with a wicked glint in her eye.

As evening returned, we headed into the hotel. As we passed the leisure facilities, Kay stopped and pulled me to her.

“I want to go back to the sauna,” she whispered into my year, “and if its quiet, I would like to go topless.”

I stared at her, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Kay wanted to go topless in the sauna. I wasn’t sure I wanted people ogling her as we both did to that blonde yesterday, but then, a certain part of me was already finding the thought of it exciting. I stood there, unsure what to do. Go upstairs and hope she forgets about it? Or go with Kay’s impulsive behaviour? I didn’t really have a choice. She pulled me in through the doors and towards the changing rooms before I had decided.

I started stripping off slowly, but I was also watching Kay, slowly stepping out of her skirt and then teasingly taking off her hold ups. She then reached for a towel, wrapped it around her waist and then took off her underwear. She then took off her top, reached round to unclip her bra and then pulled the towel over her boobs. I stood there, now with my own towel around me.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

“Sure, if it’s quiet.” Kay replied. I wasn’t too sure what I wanted, busy and her covered, or quiet and letting my gorgeous wife show off her magnificent breasts.

We walked in, and again it was empty. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had always thought the Europeans were big on their saunas. I couldn’t also believe my luck. If Kay wanted to get her boobs out, then great, and no one would be able to lay eyes on what I once always presumed as for my eyes only.

We sat in the same place as last night, me against the wall on the middle bench, and Kay next to me on my right. This time however, she didn’t lean her back against me but sat aside me so we were facing the same way. She glanced over, nudged me, and when I looked, she slipped her towel down slowly, showing the top of her boobs. She smiled, daring me to stop her. I couldn’t. I wanted to stop her in case someone came in, but at the same time I had hoped that no one would come in so I could get my mouth around Kay’s nipples.

“If you want to see more, you need to get naked too!” She said.

I sat there. Gazing at her. Should I bathe naked as well? After all, I could see my wife’s breasts anytime I wanted so didn’t need to strip off here in the sauna. However, Kay really wanted to bathe topless after seeing the blonde yesterday. Usually I was the more forward one, but Kay was the one leading on this one.

“Look hon, don’t do anything you may regret later. What if someone walked in on us?” I asked.

“Then they get to see your cock as well as my tits!” She giggled. “Take your towel off!”

I stood up. Keeping my towel around me. Unsure what to do. The occasion was getting to me. It was persuading me I wanted to do it but I still had that one last thread of doubt.

“Off, off, off,” Kay chanted. She peeled her towel slightly so that one of her nipples was on show. She covered it again quickly. “Off, off, off.” She continued. I succumbed to her pressure. I let the towel drop and in front of me I was surprised how excited I was. Kay was also.

“Wow darling, looks like you were wanting to strip all along. Or was it the thought of seeing these?” She pulled the towel down around her waist. Her breasts looked magnificent. She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me between her breasts. Slowly she rubbed herself against me, her perfectly formed breasts massaging my cock. She soon stopped though and took me in her mouth. Nothing long, just briefly running her lips down my length and back again. She did it a second time, slower, but as her chin nudged my balls, she reached behind me and picked up my towel. Then slowly she removed her lips from me, pausing briefly to kiss the end of my length, then handed me the towel.

“You may want to sit on this, save konya escort burning that sexy ass of yours!”

I took the towel, muttered my thanks and placed it on the bench. I sat down and she snuggled into me. I stared as perspiration stated gathering across her topless body. I reached a hand across to cup her breast. She let me. Smiling at me.

“This is nice, just the two of us. Feeling liberated. How do you like hanging free?”

I smiled back. “Rewarding.” I replied and gave her a cheeky wink. I kissed her then, softly but fully on the lips. My left hand moved to support the back of her head, my right to cup her right breast. I squeezed gently. Kay gave a soft gasp. I moved my hand lower and cursed when I remembered her towel was still tied around her waist.

I tucked my fingers inside Kay’s towel and loosened it. I was about to pull it open fully when there was a crash outside the sauna door. The startling noise brought us back into reality. We sat upright, both feeling a little flushed. The door opened and we both stared at the entranceway. In walked a man, looking a similar age to us, and tanned all over. We could tell because he walked in with his towel in his hand. He himself was comfortable with walking in naked despite of anyone who may have been in the sauna. He looked up at us, smiled and nodded a greeting. I’m not sure which language he spoke. I was too much in a daze to pay attention. I couldn’t believe how close we were to being caught in a compromising position. I heard Kay snigger next to me and then she carried on watching the new arrival as he settled down.

He had placed his towel in the same place as the blonde had yesterday, at the opposite end of the sauna to us. Sideways to our left. On Kay’s other side but on the bench below. Only a couple of meters away from my topless wife. He turned to rest his back against the wall. His legs out front. Facing us. Facing my topless wife. He looked up at us again, smiled. Smiled at my topless wife!

I didn’t know what to do. Cover Kay up, or pretend we hadn’t noticed he was looking. I could tell by looking at her, Kay was thinking the same. She reached out to hold my hand. I took it and gave her a reassuring squeeze. The man then put his head back and closed his eyes. Kay and I both let out a sigh of relief at this and then we ourselves slowly relaxed. I leant against the higher tiered bench, and Kay followed suit. After five minutes or so we both relaxed completely and I felt comfortable enough to bathe naked while Kay seemed composed enough to remain topless. Kay even closed her eyes. I glanced over at our companion. He also had his eyes closed. I closed mine.

My mind drifted to what I would like to do to Kay if nobody was in the sauna with us. Sucking on her hard nipples, hands wandering, my mouth tracing its way down her body to allow my tongue to go exploring…

I snapped back to the present. I’m not sure how long I had drifted off for, but I was hard because of my thoughts. I was also, unconsciously stroking my length. Embarrassed upon remembering where I was, I glanced down at the bather on the bench below us. He caught my eye and smiled. I reddened, but then he looked away, or rather, he looked at Kay. I looked at Kay, she still had her eyes closed. But her left hand was tweaking her left nipple. I looked back at the bloke. He was still watching Kay, but this time his hand moved to his own cock and he started rubbing it slowly. I watched him getting harder as it grew in his hand, and was completely astounded at his openness of slowly wanking in front of others. Then I remembered it was me that had started first. And I realised I still was. I stopped. I looked at Kay again, and this time, she had her eyes open, looking at the tanned bather opposite. Watching him watching her.

She stifled a little moan. Keeping her eyes on him, she started playing with her second nipple, pulling both nipples in time to his cock pulling. Both he and she were slow in their pulling, but they pulled long and steadily. Both watching the other, Kay not taking her eyes off his member, he not taking his eyes off her breasts.

Kay was really massaging her breasts now. God knows what was going on in her mind, but she was really letting herself go. I was not sure where this was heading. I was really turned on, but our fantasies of a threesome or moresome was just that. A fantasy. We always agreed. Now I was watching Kay interacting with a complete stranger. I could not get my head around the fact that not only was she performing for another man but she was also watching another man. Her mind on someone else. So much so, she reached down to her towel, which fell open after I had loosened it earlier.

The man opposite saw the towel drop and turned his gaze to where Kay now had her hand. She stroked her trimmed area, running soft fingers over her more sensitive areas. The man opposite started to stroke himself faster as he watched my wife keenly. I myself was now overtaken by events. I watched my wife and her watcher. I wanted to take hold of my wife, to run my hands over her wet skin but I did not want to initiate anything that would take this further with the stranger in the room. That said, I could tell that Kay was really enjoying the thought of having a threesome. Her fingers were now inside of her. I was getting so turned on by her desire. She was lost in her thoughts. She looked at me, she looked at him. She whimpered with the thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32