Stormy Night

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It’s a hot, rainy summer night, and I’m all alone. I’m lighting candles because the power’s just gone out. When I’m finished lighting the candles, I settle back into the corner of the sofa to wait the storm out. As I watch the dancing candlelight, I think back to a couple of years ago to another hot and rainy night . . .

Shane and I don’t get to see one another often, so we really have some fun and steamy times when we are together. On this night, we’d wound up parked way out in the middle of the woods. Shane’s air conditioner in the truck was on the blink, and we couldn’t let the windows down because of the weather. None of this mattered. All we cared about was having wild sex. We didn’t even start kissing or anything before we were tearing off our clothes and throwing them on the floor. Then we were all over each other, kissing and touching.

Two years later, I can still feel his kisses on my neck. My neck is highly sensitive to kisses, especially Shane’s kisses. Sitting here on the sofa I feel the same tingling in my neck and further down that I felt then. I reach my hand up to touch it . . .

But back to my reminiscing. With all the closeness, heavy kissing and touching, and the closed windows we bilecik escort are really hot and sticky. Shane’s fingers have wandered down to my clit — finally! I am so slippery and turned on! I’m also extremely sensitive and can hardly bear the sensations. His finger circles my clit over and over and slides down to slip into me. He knows I’m ready when he feels how wet my pussy is. I tell him I’ve got to have him inside me right now. But no, he won’t at first. He’s being a tease, which he knows just makes me wetter and wetter. After practically begging for him to take me, he finally pushes me down on the seat of the truck.

Sitting here in the candlelight thinking of laying down on the truck seat brings a smile and laughter. We’re no longer teenagers — meaning we’re not as flexible and all that, so getting into a good position where steering wheels and gear sticks aren’t poking us in the ass or the head is amusing. I stop laughing as I remember that first thrust into me of that night . . .

We’d finally gotten half-way comfortable. My legs grabbed his waist as I felt him rubbing his thick hard cock over my clit. I wasn’t having any of that. I had to feel him inside manisa escort me now! I reached down and guided him to me. OH MY GOD!!! He thrust hard into me, sinking so deep I swear I could feel him in my stomach. His first thrust always feels like it’s the first time, and I moan and gasp. He feels fantastic deep in me, holding still. I feel his dick jump, and he grinds against me. I shift my legs even higher around him bringing him impossibly deeper. I slide my fingers down between us and rub my clit. Shane begins stroking into me long and slow, but I need more. I need hard and fast. I want to feel as much of him as I can. Our bodies are soaked. We’re slapping and sliding together. The heat seems to make us even hornier, more erotic even. He stops and holds in me again as I rub my clit even more. I am so close! I moan as I tell him I’m about to cum, so he pushes in and out and grinds into me over and over and over. My hips are thrusting up to meet him, and I feel wild and free. Over and again I moan I’m about to cum, and when he whispers “baby come for me” a couple of times, it sets my orgasm off. It’s so strong and intense that the contractions push his cock out just after he’s mersin escort cum deep inside me. We laugh at how strong it was, and my legs fall open as he sits up. I think the sight of my gaping pussy oozing out his semen really turned him on. He still talks about it today. Who says quickies aren’t fun?

Remembering that night has caused me to soak my panties with my juices. I take a candle and go get my dildo. It’s not the same as Shane, but it’ll have to do for now. I lay down on my bed naked. My hands circle my large hardening nipples very lightly. I push my boobs up to my mouth so I can lick my nipples and tug on them with my teeth. I pinch my nipples lightly at first, but I have to have them pinched harder. I wish Shane was here to bite them and nibble on them, to suck them roughly. My hands trail down my sides and my stomach, circling, making my pussy even wetter in anticipation. I finally reach between my vaginal lips and slide my finger over my clit and down to just inside me. OHH! It feels great. I lick the dildo, pretending it’s Shane’s hard dick, and slide it back and forth between my pussy lips, mimicking his movements of that night. Finally I sink the dildo inside me. I’m moaning and rubbing my clit, really thrusting my hips up and fucking the dildo. Moaning Shane’s name, my muscles squeeze the dildo and before I even realize it’s gonna happen, I orgasm. It’s not nearly as strong as that night, but the storm has calmed for the moment.


This story was written just for Shane. Hope you like it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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