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Sydney wondered what she was going to do with her life. Her husband had left her for another woman and she had gotten a lousy settlement in the divorce. She knew he had hidden his assets, but she had no way to prove it. Thanks to her crappy lawyer she was almost penniless.

Her thick dark hair tumbled down her shoulders and she tucked a strand behind her ear as she pored over the classified ads looking for a job that would keep a roof over her head and food in her belly. She restlessly chewed on a pencil as she stared at the sparse choices in the classified ads.

She was sitting in a little cafe within walking distance of her cramped apartment when her childhood friend Anna walked in the door and plopped herself down at the table. Anna glanced at the papers before her and at the pained look on Sydney’s face. “Oh, I know that look. Searching for a job is just as stressful as a divorce. I wish you would have let me lend you the money for a decent attorney”.

“I couldn’t take your money,” Sydney replied, “I already owe so much and I would feel guilty taking a hand out from a friend.” She laid her head in her hands and moaned, “What am I going to do? There’s nothing here I would be right for. I’m so screwed.”

Anna patted her hand and said, “I think I can help you. It’s not much but I have a little job for you. Darren and I are going to be traveling over the summer and it would be great if you could housesit for us while we’re away. I’d pay you, you’d have a roof over your head for a while and pay some bills. And you can enjoy the pool.”

Sydney lifted her head up and felt immensely grateful, but a bit apprehensive at the same time. “I really appreciate the thought but I couldn’t do that. You’re my friend, you don’t need to pay me to do anything.”

With a wave of her hand, Anna dismissed her misgivings, “Oh honey, you would be doing me a favor. Darren wants his cousin to housesit and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Plus you can use the summer to find a job and a new apartment. I worry about you living in that dump.”

Sydney sat for a minute and thought about her prospects. It was late May and the weather was getting warmer by the day. She could stay in a nice house with a pool or swelter in her cramped apartment? It was a no brainer.

She shrugged her shoulders in defeat. “Well, all right, as long as you’re sure. I could use a vacation and a change of scenery would be great.”

“Fantastic!” Anna exclaimed. “Come on over tomorrow with your things. I’ll give you the keys and the lay of the land.”

After the horrible year, maybe things were looking up. Sydney breathed an internal sigh of relief. She thought her summer would be a time of introspection, finding out what she really wanted out of life. Find a fantastic job and change her life. Organize, read every book she had been putting off, lose those pesky last 10 pounds, and maybe even learn to knit. Ok, maybe not, but she could take those first steps to taking back her life.


The next morning Sydney woke to the sounds of a leaky toilet and her upstairs neighbors yelling at the garbage man outside. She dragged herself out of bed and into the shower, hoping she wouldn’t have to see the cracked tile of the bathroom floor until the fall at least. Sydney’s rent had been paid up for another few escort bostancı months, thanks to her mom, who preferred she not move back home.

She pulled a blue V-neck T-Shirt over her full bosom and she tried to look as presentable as possible before she headed over to Anna’s upscale neighborhood— or at least more upscale than her own.

As Sydney pulled into the driveway she was impressed by the manicured lawn and beautiful house and thought her apartment was a shoebox by comparison. Sydney knocked on the door and Anna answered the door in a flurry amid a mound of suitcases by the door.

Anna engulfed her in a big hug. “Oh good you’re here! I made up the guest bedroom for you. The fridge is stocked, so you should be set on food for a while.”

“Anything in particular I need to know?” She watched as Anna’s husband Darren lugged the mountain of suitcases to the car.

“Oh no, just make yourself at home and enjoy yourself. We have a guy coming by once a week to take care of the pool and the yard so you don’t need to worry about that.” Anna picked up her purse and carry on and walked to the door, “I left the number for maintenance if the toilet breaks or anything like that. Oh, and here’s a check for your housesitting services.”

Sydney took hold of the check and her eyes widened. $7,000? She suspected Anna was trying to give her the money she had previously refused to accept. Sydney pushed the check back in her direction. “I can’t accept this, it is far too much for housesitting.”

Anna avoided the check and walked out the door, “Oops, I really have to run, don’t want to miss our fight. Have a good time!”

Sydney shook her head and laughed at her good fortune. She took in her surroundings and realized that Anna’s place wasn’t fancy, but was far more luxurious than she was used to. She could get used to the good life. She walked through the house until she reached the backyard and the pool that glittered in the sun.

She squealed and ran for her suitcase and pulled out her bikini. She knew she looked good with full tits that filled out her bikini nicely, flat stomach and curvy hips. Much better than the bimbo her ex-husband ran away with. She picked up a towel from the bathroom and headed for the chaise lounges that rested next to the pool and settled down to enjoy the summer sun in peace and quiet. She stretched out and placed her sunglasses and closed her eyes. It felt like a different world.


Sydney hadn’t realized she had dozed off until she heard the squeaking sound of the gate surrounding the pool. She rested on an elbow lifted her shades and was surprised to see a dark haired man with brooding good looks standing by the gate, dressed only in pair of swim shorts with a towel in his hand. The ridges of his chiseled abs formed a six pack the likes she had never seen before on the average guy who frequented her favorite coffee shop. His muscled arms were strong and powerful. She took in his broad shoulders and sinewy legs and unconsciously, she felt herself grow warm all over.

He lifted his hand in greeting and walked towards her. She struggled to sit up. “Can I help you with something?”

“You must be Sydney. Anna told me you were watching over the place. I’m Matt from next door,” he winked at her, “don’t tell her I use the pool when ümraniye escort she’s not home.”

Sydney laughed and covered her eyes with the shades, “Your secret is safe with me.”

He sat down on the neighboring lounger and she smelled his scent, sweat mixed with that masculine smell and Sydney was suddenly aware of how long it had been since she had been touched by a man. His commanding presence made her feel lightheaded. She had gone on dates, but with no one who had made her weak in the knees.

“I’m sorry, but she didn’t mention you at all,” she said, breaking away from her wandering thoughts.

“I live right next door. I’d show you my driver’s license,” Matt patted the non existent pockets, “but I can’t fit anything in these shorts.”

Sydney chuckled, “That’s not necessary.”

She was keenly aware of the warm feeling all over her body. He was talking about the neighbors and giving her the gossip, but her eyes were drawn to the bulge in his shorts and she hoped the sunglasses covered her glances to that region. She tried to focus on his words, but she found herself staring at the firm chest and wondered what it would feel like to be wrapped up in those arms, with her body pressed up against his strong body. She could almost imagine his hard cock pressed up against her thigh.

She felt a hand brush up against her arm, “Awake over there? Am I boring you?”

Sydney felt startled and embarrassed, “I’m sorry, not at all, my mind just wandered a bit.” She was aware of Matt’s eyes on her and she felt his eyes sweep over her, lingering on her bikini top.

Matt cleared his throat and gestured to the suntan oil that was on a nearby table, “You don’t have any oil on, I can help you with that.” She knew should have said no, but Sydney couldn’t resist those hands on her, even if it was completely innocent. He grinned and said “Flip over on your stomach, I’ll do your back.”

She turned over and stretched out on the chaise, her arms above her head. He picked up the bottle and poured a generous amount in his hand and rubbed them together. She shivered slightly as his hands kneaded her shoulders. Matt’s hands slid past her shoulder blades until he encountered the string holding up her bikini top. Her breath caught in her throat as he slowly picked up a string and pulled until the neat bow was undone.

“Wouldn’t want you to get a tan line,” he murmured.

His calloused hands, slick with oil ran down her body. She stiffened and she felt hot wetness soak her bikini panties. She felt him straddle the chair and his hands rested at her hips. Unconsciously, her hips rose and her legs spread slightly.

Matt removed his hands and straightened from her prone body. She slightly turned her head in question, missing the feel of his touch. Sydney saw him slide down his shorts down his narrow hips and pulled out his hard cock. Matt was so intent on stroking up and down the shaft, he didn’t see Sydney peeking.

Suddenly he released his cock and it disappeared back into his shorts. His bent back down to his work and his hands returned to Sydney’s hips and the strings to her panties. He untied the strings to her bottom and gently picked the minuscule fabric and moved it to the side. Matt ran his hands over her firm ass and squeezed and kneaded. Matt’s hands moved to the inside kartal escort bayan of her thighs and felt the heat from her pussy. He bent down and spread her legs out further and massaged her inner thighs.

Sydney softly moaned at his touch. The encouraging sound prompted Matt to stroke the inside of her thighs, his fingers brushing up against her wet pussy. Matt knelt down behind her. He reached out and slid a finger up and down her wet folds. He struggled to speak, “Your pussy is so beautiful, I think I need to taste it before I finish your oil.”

Sydney gasped and raised her ass higher, her inhibitions slipping away.

He turned her over and looked down at her. With her legs on both sides of the chair and on display, Sydney felt exposed, but thrilled at the thought of him touching her in her most intimate place. She touched her tits and fingered her nipple that was hard as a diamond.

Matt looked down at her and slid his shorts over his narrow hips. His cock sprang free, hard and pointing towards the sky. His hands went up and down the shaft as he watched her squeeze her full breasts. Her hips raised up, as though straining towards the sky.

Matt knelt at her side and with his tongue, flicked the hard nipple. Suddenly, his mouth devoured her breast and he sucked, biting her sensitive tip.

His mouth left her breast and his tongue trailed down her flat stomach to the trimmed pubic hair. It was wet from the heat and her own desire. She felt her pussy juices drip down onto the chaise.

He pulled her towards the end of the lounger and knelt in front of her, propping her feet at the edge of the chair. He whispered, “You’re so wet and juicy. I wonder if you taste as sweet as you look.”

Sydney felt his tongue lightly on her engorged clit, teasing her. She groaned and pushed her hips towards his mouth. Giving her what she wanted, he sucked on her nub until she cried out and buried her fingers in his hair.

He licked the length of her slit tasting her juice. He used his thumbs and opened her folds to give him access to her warm dripping folds. Matt slid his tongue into her depths, tasting the sweetness. His groans were muffled as he felt her buck against his mouth wanting him closer.

Matt pushed her back on the chaise and knelt between her thighs. He ran his cock over her wet folds, his head becoming drenched with her nectar. He pushed his member inside and pushed deeper until she felt the length of him filling her. He withdrew to the tip before slamming back into her. He kept his rhythm, his hips moving like a slow piston.

Sydney wrapped her legs around his waist and he ground against her. She screamed out and her nails dug into his back as she felt the first wave hit her. She cried out, “Yes, yes harder please!” Sydney felt herself gushing with passion she hadn’t felt in a long time, her walls contracting and squeezing his cock.

He moaned as he felt her enclose him, he gripped her hips and pumped hard into her and felt his own release as his seed flowed into her. Matt collapsed on top of her and they breathed heavily together, almost in unison.

She knew she should feel embarrassed, as sleeping with strange men has never been her style, but she felt free. Matt lifted his head and stared into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back at him and knew for sure her summer was looking up in more ways than one.

Sydney was walking through the house and spotted her phone that she had left on the kitchen table and saw she had a text from Anna, “You should have met Matt by now. You’re welcome. Have a great summer!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32