Female Dom Couple Goes Hunting

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*** Story is loosely based on a friend’s fantasy. It is a slowburn femdom story; everyone involved is fictional ***

“Kathy, you look dashing in this getup,” Jules exclaimed while raking her eyes up and down Kathy’s body, which was encased in a dress made out of red lace that stopped barely below her lovely butt. Her blond locks draped over her shoulders, blue eyes framed with kohl liner and some glitter while her cupid’s mouth was left bare. Turning around, she showed her the open back of the dress and the way the red stilettos made her ass look delicious.

“Do you really think I’m going to be able to keep my hands of you tonight, my love?” Jules mentioned with a smile.

Turning back around, Kathy grinned mischievously, “I hope not, that was the plan.”

“Mission accomplished” Jules cupped her girlfriend’s cheek, stroking her cheekbone with her thumb, “You are gorgeous” she whispered before their lips met. Groans of appreciation rang out, both their lips were pillow-soft, pleasantly warm while they were sliding against each other. Jules nibbled on Kathy’s lip before licking the place she had just bitten with her tongue. Kathy groaned, chasing after her with her eager tongue. Stroking, battling for the upper hand. They slowed down the kiss to soft brushes of their lips until they completely stopped and looked into each others’ eyes, “I love you” they both said at the same time.

Their eyes twinkled with joy, they’ve tried for months to finally find the time to get together as they did now and continue their tradition of seduction. Some might say it was unconventional – it probably was – but for them, it was a natural extension of their life. Both of them needed this tiny part which they couldn’t fulfill for each other; and not only because there was a piece of anatomy missing. These evenings were always an adventure for them. A hot, sexy adventure. After Jules’ promotion to Senior Marketing Manager, they decided it was as good a time as any to finally make it happen again. Here they were, ready to hit the club.

Kathy gripped the labels of Jules plunge navy dress, “You don’t look too bad yourself, girl” a grin spreading across her face “Can’t wait to find out what’s underneath.”

Grinning, Jules said, “Who said anything about wearing something underneath?”

“Uuh Kinky, I love it. Now, let’s not wait any longer, I’m thirsty” she said, slapping Kathy on her ass to bring her into motion. Looking back over her shoulder, Kathy bit her lip like the little tease she was.

It was summer, so on their way to the club, they already got a lot of attention as they left their jackets to cover up at home. Holding hands, both of them didn’t mind the catcalls they got here and there. The club they decided on for today was frequented by more males than females as they were searching for a male person to balance out their duo. As both of them were bisexual they appreciated a man’s cock like everyone else. They were hoping to find a tall man – taller than both of them ideally as that would make the submission sweeter – fit, and with an adventurous streak. Age did not matter to them; if the chemistry matched not one needed to know the guy’s age.

As soon as they got to the club, they noticed that for once the line was not that long; they’d be in the club in half an hour. They paid the entry fee and walked inside to dancing, sweaty bodies, and pulsing music.

Dave fixed the last few buttons of his button-down shirt, leaving two of them open at the top so a bit of his chest could be seen. Rightening the collar, he checked himself out in the mirror: Jeans well worn hugged his ass and upper thighs like they were made for it, rolled up sleeves showcased his tattooed forearm, his other chest tattoos peeking through the white shirt. His brown hair was tousled, the lazy way guys managed to pull off and still be sexy. He was happy with his look, hoping it would entice a woman to hit him up. He wasn’t searching for anything specific. After all, it rarely turned out well going out with expectations in mind. And as finding a Domme in a nightclub happened even less, he just went there for the dance factor.

He was supposed to meet his friends at a bar beforehand, but his work had kept him busy, hindering that. Dave informed them he’d meet them in front of the club. Running his hand through his hair the last time, he grinned and left the flat. On his way, he let his gaze and mind wander, checking out other people on their way to their evening entertainment. He was not a newbie when it came to submitting to women, he had some very enjoyable experiences already – same age, 28, and older. To submit gave him a thrill he couldn’t describe in other words than exhilarating. It was a special kind of sex. Sure, he could dominate his partners as well, he was a switch after all, but his submissive side was delicate and not everyone could satisfy it.

Arriving at the club, he saw his friends were already there. Dave gave them Betturkey a hug or a handshake-backslap depending on how good their friendship was. Altogether they were six guys with various state of dress styles, characters, but somehow they fit. Paying the entry fee, they immediately made their way to the bar for their first drink of the night.

Kathy and Jules were enjoying the sensual movements of other people on the dancefloor. Together they rolled their hips to the music, lost in their own world. Soon they were grinding against each other. They had quite the audience whenever one of them glanced around, guys and even some girls were watching. Savoring being watched, they kissed in between their dance, their tongues seemingly toying with the other. Deciding it was time for a drink, they pressed through the crowd staking out the audience. They already saw some who might be of interest, but no one who gave them that spark they were searching for. They had time. After all, it was a waiting game.

Finally, at the bar, Kathy ordered a Mimosa, Jules a lemonade. As soon as they got their drinks they leaned back against the bar and watched. They perked up when a group of guys arrived making their way to the bar close to them. Especially one of them caught their attention, tall with brown hair and a white t-shirt almost glowing under the club lightning. Their eyes followed his movement, noticing how his mouth curved up on one side when one of his friends said something funny.

Leaning on the bar, they all ordered before they did the same sweep around the club; apparently not finding anything of interest. The guy turned around and his gaze met theirs. Both of them felt that intense stare, returning it with a smile. His eyebrows knitted and he turned back to the guys. Kathy already knew why, as Jules had her arms around her and it could be hard to tell that they were in an open relationship. Giving him time, they sipped on their cocktails, glancing at him quite often. By now his friends had noticed their interest and nudged him. He glanced back up, obvious interest in his eyes, so they decided to take the first step. Jules still had her hand on Kathy’s back, brushing against her exposed back. When they reached him she softly touched the arm holding his beer.

“Do you want to dance?” she asked him, lips curved into a smile.

Dave was quite excited to let loose on the dancefloor again, but first, they all needed a drink – when he made eye contact with two beautiful women he reminded himself that they were probably just friendly by smiling back as they were obviously here together. With a wistful sigh, he turned around, until his friends broke through the conversations, nudging him, asking him if he were crazy to ignore them. He looked their way again and was surprised when they were on their way over; one of them in a purple dress with a deep plunge in the front framing a spectacular pair of breasts, and the other in a very tight-fitting red lace dress stopping high on her legs. They made quite the visual.

His skin burned where she touched his forearm, asking him for a dance. Not going to say no to these gorgeous women, he answered,

“Sure, I’d love to dance. I’m Dave.”

Both of them grinned, the blonde took his hand and pulled him to the dancefloor, “I’m Kathy, this is Jules.” He let them drag him to the dancefloor until they were lost in a mass of limbs swaying to the music. He let his body move to the thumps of the bass, his hands up in the air. Watching the couple, Dave knew they had moves. At first, they danced solo, but apparently, that wasn’t enough for them, so they ground against each other giving him sneak peeks of their toned thighs, Kathy’s backless dress, and a great fantasy how they would look curved around each other in bed. Watching them grind was turning him on, he wasn’t gonna lie, especially when they kept watching him, their gazes locked. He wished they would include him. As if they had heard his thoughts, Jules came up to him, put his hands on her waist, and rubbed her tight ass against his crotch … fuuck, that felt amazing, he thought; moving his hips to the beat, imagining a fuck.

Jules curled her finger and Kathy plastered herself to her front; their lips met and they were tongue kissing right in front of him. He literally groaned, his dick hardening behind his zipper, he pushed more tightly against Jule’s ass letting her know what they were doing to him. She just pressed herself back, leading one of his hands over Kathy’s back. This was torture, he thought. But watching them devour each other was super hot. Their kiss slowed, as did Jules’ grinding – she faced him, giving him a great view down her dress, her round breasts covered with small droplets of sweat. She looked up at him, her brown eyes twinkling, before she reached her hands up around his neck, her thumbs caressing the spot behind his ear – she was pulling him down to her height, closer to where Kathy was hugging Betturkey Giriş her, nuzzling her neck and biting her ear.

“Kiss me, handsome,” she ordered.

He complied, pulling both of them tight against his body, he lowered his lips to hers. A brush at first, once, twice, before he pressed harder against her mouth, his tongue licking the seam begging for entry. Granting him access, Jules loved how demanding his kiss was, she gave back as good as she got- chasing his tongue with hers, stroking it, before biting into his lips softening the sting with a kiss. Pulling on his hair, she separated their lips, before brushing her lips against his jaw, his cheekbone, and his earlobe.

“Wanna get out of here?” Jules boldly asked.

For once, he was shaken. He hadn’t met two women as forward as these two. His body couldn’t lie that he was more than interested, his half-hard cock proof of it. It took him under a second to make up his mind when he did, he smiled his dimples showing and shared, “What are we waiting for, ladies?”

Kathy was excited already, her pussy had been wet since Jules humped her on the dancefloor. Her girlfriend surely could move those sweet hips, her leg had been between Kathy’s, knowing exactly how to get her going.

Now they got this hunk ready to bring home, it would be beautiful to see him submit. They were not fully sure if he was a sub, but their instincts portrayed him as one. 70% sure is almost correct, right? Nibbling on Jules’s neck, she watched these two kiss,… intense and sensual, she was surprised they weren’t getting kicked out already. These two looked delicious together, she wanted to join in but knew it had to wait. When she heard him say yes to going home with them, she felt another gush between her legs – she sure hoped he knew how to lick pussy.

Biting her lip, she dragged her nail down his chest, to his arm until she had him on one hand, Jules on the other, “What are we waiting for indeed?”

They pulled him through the throng of people, girls giving them jealous stares, whereas the guys just watched all three with interest. Calling an Uber, which would be here any minute, they couldn’t keep their hands of him. Touching his face, his shoulders, four hands all over him ready to play. He had his hands wrapped around their waist, holding both of them close. The excitement was palpable.

The car stopped, and they got in Kathy, then Dave followed by Jules; they made some minor small talk – but Dave soon found out that these two were some major teases. Both of them had a hand on his knee, which drifted up to his inner thigh, brushing his crotch with their pinky, then slowly back down, while casually continuing their talk. His hand on their waist tightened, he tried to spread his legs apart to make it more comfortable but their grip forced them to stay where they were.

Jules noticed how he seemed to enjoy and hate the teasing at the same time; she liked that he didn’t touch them the same way – it confirmed their theory. Their complex came into view and they got out of the car, it was quiet in the elevator, their breathing the only sound that could be heard. Finally, with fire running through her veins, Jules closed the doors behind them and cloaked them into darkness.

“Well, well, well. Glad you decided to join us, Dave.”

His name rolled off her tongue like butter, her voice sultry enough to make him shiver.

Stalking him, she got close to him, dragging her nail from his jaw down to his open shirt “You know why you are here?”

Head bowed, he compliantly replied, “Yes, Ma’am.”

The Domme glanced at Kathy, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, mouthing Jackpot to her girlfriend who smirked.

Kathy, stood up on her toes, her warm breath brushing against his ear, “I’m sure you are familiar with the light system? Use it.”

She dragged her hand through his hair, tugging on the strands – he groaned deep in his throat.

“What’s your color now, boy?”

With closed eyes, head tugged back he groaned, “Green.”

His head was suddenly ripped back painfully, “Green, what?”

Wide-eyed he apologized, “Sorry, Mistress. Green, Mistress.”

Letting his head go, she brushed her hand lovingly against his cheek. “You’ll do fine, honey.”

Jules joined her, kissing her over Dave’s shoulder, her breasts rubbing against his chest, he could literally feel her hard nipples through the thin cloth. Jules gave Kathy an intense kiss, their mouths aggressively eating each other, signaling the start of their session. Watching him shake beneath them, they grinned. Tucking a lock behind Kathy’s ear, she started to unbutton his shirt, “You’re way too overdressed for this.”

As soon as his shirt got loose, she pushed it over his broad shoulders. Immediately taking note of his tattoos, she wanted to lick them all over.

“My my, what a gorgeous body … perfect for playing with you.” she twisted his nipple. He hissed out Betturkey Güncel Giriş a breath.

Meanwhile, Kathy left the room to get something special, when she came back, she held something up behind his back. He felt something brush against his neck, it felt like soft velvet or real leather, he soon identified it as a play collar – hearing Kathy ask him, “Color?” he swallowed and said “Green, Mistress.”

The blonde angel locked the collar around his neck – it felt like a warm hug around his neck. Not too tight. Not too loose. Linking a chain around the ring in front, he was now their slave for the evening. He had the intense need to drop to his knees, he followed his body’s desire and kneeled, head bowed, his head leaned against Jules’s leg.

Purring, she stroked his head, calling him a good boy. An intense amount of glee built up inside her, knowing he so willingly submitted to two strangers.

Giving Kathy a nod, she brought her closer and lifted her dress up bit by bit until it was resting above her asscheeks. The minx was wearing a red string, her gorgeous butt on display, which Jules immediately slapped. Kathy smirked at her, before raising Dave’s chin with her finger.

Hunger in his gaze, she pulled his chin towards her crotch, letting him smell her arousal. Jules pulled her string aside for him.

“Now, I want you to lick my pussy, I’ve been wet all evening, I want you to lick it up like the good slave you actually are,” Kathy commanded.

Immediately Dave’s inner sub longed to please her, his nose dove inside her folds, soaking up her flavor and smell, before his tongue stroked her cunt. She tasted musky and intense, but oh so good, he felt how wet she actually was, he had to lick her three times to soak up all her arousal. Licking her from bottom to the top, he sucked her little clit, getting it all hot and bothered, teasing the bundle of nerves with his tongue. Joining in a bit of teeth, he played with her pussy. Hearing her moan and whisper naughty things to him like how hot he looked at their knees with the collar draping around his neck, spurred him on like crazy. Dave stuck his tongue inside her dripping cunt, soaking up her scent, he licked her folds like a man starved for it – and he was. He had been thinking of what lay underneath their dresses the moment he saw them.

He wished he could use his hands to press her against his face, but he knew that wouldn’t be allowed. He felt how her hips were riding his mouth, Jules held her pussy lips open for easier access, Kathy’s head draped against her shoulder. My, was she beautiful in her ecstasy.

“Dave, I want you to make my beautiful girlfriend cum. Can you do that for us?”

Greedily he nodded inside her treasure, continued sucking her, nibbling on that love button until he felt her start to shake, her hand gripped his hair, holding him tight against her. He almost couldn’t breathe but he loved being used like that. She began to quiver, her pussy started to tighten, and with a final suck, he felt her orgasm shatter through her. Her yell sounded through the apartment, her hips wildly shaking, she gushed cum into his eager mouth. Jules continued to hold her up until she came down from her high. Eyes glazed; she threw herself to her knees and kissed him. Her flavor exploded on her tongue, how she loved to share her juices with her lovers.

“You were a good boy, Dave.” she praised him, tugging him up by the leash, she led him to the bedroom. There she pulled the dress over her head, leaving her naked except for her thong. Her breasts a nice handful with rosy, aroused nipples – he wished he could bite. She pushed him on the bed until his body was spread out before them. Kathy trailed her hand up to his leg until she could cup his package, “Seems to me you need a bit of air, don’t you?”

Opening his pants, she slid his jeans down, his boxers tented by his erection. Jules was busy drawing her fingernails over his naked chest, down his abdomen … until she traced along the edge of his underwear. Kathy was lying next to him, her hot breath near his cock… she licked his head through the boxers, cupped her mouth around his head softly. His body reacted, he twitched, wanting more of that gorgeousness. He felt a snap, noticing Jules tightened his arms above his head – he tugged but nothing budged.

“Aw, you’re just now realizing you can’t move? What a pity.” Jules laughed, slapping his chest, she twisted his nipples.

She watched her girlfriend pull down his boxers, very slowly, now she could actually tie his legs as well. His naked cock stood proud for them, she grinned and licked it with her tongue. The first contact of her hot tongue felt amazing, he tried to push up but nothing happened. She closed her mouth around his head, licking his slit, she sucked gently, before pulling him farther inside her hot heat. His dick tasted of precum, his eagerness showing – she sucked him, holding him deep down her throat, looking up with big eyes. She grinned, letting his cock flop out again, her tongue traced his vein, running down to his balls she breathed on one then the other, before taking them in her mouth. She rolled them in her mouth, her hand jerking him slowly. He was moaning already.

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