The Handyman Pt. 01

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I planned this as a series of stories so please so happy to receive constructive feedback to go into part 2.

Thanks to beachbum1958 for helping me once again


Arriving back home from University for summer break, I was met with a list of jobs for me to do around the house. Since Dad had died I have picked up the slack around the house especially as we didn’t have a lot of spare cash. I didn’t mind, in fact I quite enjoyed it especially as dad had left such as well equipped workshop.

I decided I would get them done as quickly as possible and then look for work to help pay for a computer upgrade I desperately needed. Mum on the other hand was heading out with friends for a shopping trip that day and having some friends over for coffee the day after. I had never really considered that mum would have friends or a social life and I was intrigued as to who they were.

There was something different about mum since I came back, she had more confidence and I think she had lost some weight. Her dress sense had changed too, gone were the smock dresses and baggy clothes. She had some style with tailored clothes that clung to her figure in all the right places. Obviously my leaving for University had been good for her.

I spent the day getting the easy jobs done, leaving just the ones requiring a visit to the hardware store for supplies, these would have to be done the next day. Mum came home with takeaway and we settled down for a good catch up.

I was up at a sensible hour the next day and headed out for supplies. I needed a new lock for the back door and some new shelves which mum wanted put up in the front room. By the time I got back mums friends had arrived and the front room was filled with the sound of women laughing and chatting so I set about installing the new lock on the backdoor. Whilst I was working mum came into the kitchen with one of her friends who introduced herself as Caroline. Mum explained that they met doing an exercise class at the gym and they had quickly become good friends.

Caroline could be described as a handsome woman, she had shoulder length Chestnut brown hair, large green eyes and a body women half her age would kill for. Her long legs looked great in the short summer dress she was wearing which also accentuated her ample breasts.

Caroline asked what I was doing and mum quickly explained that I was doing some odd jobs about the house before looking for work. Caroline then asked if I would be interested in doing some jobs for her as since her husband left nothing had been done. She offered to pay and said it would take about a week leaving me plenty of time to find work for the rest of the summer. Preferring to work with tools than serve drinks or customers I jumped at the chance. As Mum was going for coffee the next day I offered to pop around and assess the work needed.

Caroline lived a couple of miles away in a large 4 bedroom house located in a nice quiet cul de sac. As we walked through the house she pointed out all of the jobs she needed doing, most of them pretty simple. As we headed upstairs she pointed to a bedroom and asked if I would be willing to decorate it. I have never been keen on decorating but I was starting to think that this one job could pay for the computer upgrade I wanted. I agreed to decorating the room and we discussed colours before heading back downstairs. Over coffee we finalised the work list and agreed that I would start the work the next week. As we left she handed me some money for materials and told me that I could start anytime after 9.00am on Monday.

I arrived bright and early Monday morning ready to get stuck in and Caroline answered the door, obviously not long out of bed as she was wearing a silky dressing gown loosely tied at the waist giving me a good view of her legs.. Sarıyer escort She welcomed me in and told me to get started wherever I wanted and she headed off upstairs, I assumed to get dressed. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she walked away, but was caught as she glanced over her shoulder at me. I could of sworn she winked at me but brushed it off as a figment of my imagination. I had decided to get the decorating done first and so I headed back out to the car to get my equipment.

To save constant in and out of the house, I unloaded the car into the hall first before carrying upstairs and I could hear Caroline singing. As I reached the top of the stairs I realised that the room that I was decorating was diagonally opposite Caroline’s room and the door was slightly open and I could see as far as the foot of the bed. Two trips later and I had almost everything in the room I needed but as I headed out of the room for my final trip I caught sight of Caroline. She stood at the bottom of her bed staring at the wall, which I guess had a mirror on it. She was wearing very plain white cotton underwear and my cock instantly sprang to attention. I realised after about 30 seconds I was staring and quickly headed off back downstairs before I got caught again. By the time I had got back upstairs she was no longer in view and so I headed back into the room to start work.

It was a hot summer and so I dressed appropriately in running shorts and a vest top and opened the windows to try and get a breeze. I then popped on my Walkman and got started preparing the walls, filling cracks etc. After about 20 minutes I felt a hand brush my back and as I turned around Caroline was there talking to me and I realised I had my music way too loud. I quickly turned off my music and turned to face her, which is when I saw what she was wearing.

She was dressed in a neon pink bikini top holding in her ample bosom and a sarong wrapped around her waist hiding her long legs. She apologised for startling me but wanted to let me and that if I wanted a drink I should help myself to something from the fridge. With that she turned and left the room, her sarong flapping open me a glimpse of her well toned thighs. I watched her until she headed downstairs, gave a big sigh and the started back to work.

About an hour in and I got to the window, the worst part of all decorating, however this is when I realised I had a perfect view of the back garden and more importantly the beautiful Caroline led out on her front in a skimpy neon pink bikini with the top unclaimed to ensure she had no tan lines. As I started rubbing down the window frame she rolled over, pulling her top off and placing on the ground beside her. I quickly moved out of sight, but those breasts were perfect. A bulge appeared in my shorts and I couldn’t held reaching into my shorts to stroke my hardening cock. As my excitement grew I dropped my shorts and pants to the floor and furiously masturbated over this glorious sight. At times I felt that she knew I was watching her as she moved her legs opening them slightly or ran her hand over her large breasts. This just spurred me on and I let go rope after rope of cum onto the dustsheets and then sank back onto the bed to recover.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, I was got up and quickly, pulled my pants and shorts up and got back to work, breathing heavy from the surprise and the effort I had expended satisfying my carnal desires over the beautiful Caroline.

At the door was my Mum who decided to drop by with a lunch and to check up on how I was going. Caroline brought her up to the room and we made small talk about my progress, timescales etc. Luckily no one noticed the cum splattered dust sheets over by the window or if they did no one mentioned it. After a couple of minutes they headed downstairs for a coffee together leaving Escort Silivri me to work and have my lunch. An hour or so later mum popped back up to see me, give me a drink and check that I was OK before heading home. She was concerned because I was quite red in the face when she arrived, but was happy that I was fine and that I had just been working hard.

I finished all of the preparation by late afternoon and headed downstairs to let Caroline know I was leaving for the day. I found her in the kitchen with the bikini top back on and the sarong wrapped around her hiding those lovely legs. All the time I was talking to her I struggled to not keep staring at her beautiful tits. I knew I had to get out quick as I could feel a bulge forming in my shorts again and they left little to the imagination. We agreed I would start at 8am the next day and she told me to not bother knocking at the front door but enter through the kitchen which would be unlocked.

When I arrived the next day I entered the kitchen through the backdoor and called out to Caroline, but heard no response so I headed upstairs to start work. As I reached the top of the stairs I glanced across at Caroline’s bedroom and there she stood in front of her mirror, completely naked. I could help but stare with my eyes drawn to her lower body which had thus far been kept covered. Her ass looked well toned and in the front there was a small tuft of dark hair. As I reached the door where I was working she glanced over to me. I quickly looked the other way and dived into the room with a hard on quickly forming in my shorts.

I waited a few minutes and then started to getting out my brushes and roller and the Caroline entered the room with a little smirk on her face and wearing a short dressing gown. She asked if I was spying on her when I arrived. I was embarrassed and I swore I was not but she quickly pointed out that the bulge in my shorts was telling her I was lying. I felt myself redden in the face but to my surprise she told me there was no need to be embarrassed and opened her dressing gown revealing her gorgeous naked body. My eyes instantly were drawn to her breasts which had to be at least a C cup and although they sagged a bit to me they were perfect.

She stepped towards me and I just stood there completely dumbfounded unable to talk or move. This beautiful women had just stripped naked in front of me and I was so shocked I didn’t have a clue what to do. As she moved closer she placed her hand on my cheek and kissed me, still no response it was as if I was frozen. So she moved her hand down the front of my shorts and started to stroke my rock hard cock. This quickly brought me to my senses and I returned the kiss with interest. Cautiously I placed my hand on her left breast and started to roll her nipple between my thumb and fingers. She broke the kiss and gasped as I latched onto the right breast sucking and licking for all I was worth, while she continued to stroke me. Then she removed her hand from my shorts lifted my head to kiss me and without saying anything took me by the hand and headed off to her bedroom.

In her room she sat on the edge of the bed and gently pulled down my shorts and pants causing my cock to spring upwards almost hitting her under the chin. Gripping my shift with both hands she teased the end of my cock with her tongue driving me wild. Very quickly I was ready to cum. I tried to tell her but she ignored my warnings and so I fired several large ropes of cum across her face. Letting go of my softening cock she scraped the cum from her face into her mouth, then licked her fingers one at a time ensuring she missed nothing.

I gently eased her back onto the bed and as her legs came up to wrap around my waist pulling me to her. I used a finger to gently trace around her pussy lips causing her to let out a small moan. Topkapı escort bayan I then eased a finger inside her soaking wet pussy and used my thumb to locate her exposed clit causing her to gasp again. The wonderful odour of her sex reached my nostrils and I just had to taste the nectar now flowing from her. Gently releasing her grip around my waist I lowered myself to my knees and started to lap at her folds bringing a deep guttural groan from her. I carefully opened her pussy lips to see her clit and ran my tongue around it before plunging it inside her as deep as I could. She grabbed the back of my head and ground her pussy into my face trying to get me deeper into her. I reacted my moving my tongue to flick her clit whilst inserting a finger as deep as possible. I quickly followed this with a second finger and started to slide them in and out, lubricated by the most incredible tasting pussy juice.

I found a steady rhythm and as I felt her orgasm building I focused more on her clit sucking it in and out of my mouth causing her groans to increase in volume. Then she came hard, her juices running down my arm and over my face, her pussy trying to pull my fingers deeper into her. As her orgasm subsided I lapped up as much of her beautiful nectar as I could, even cleaning around her puckered hole something I had never even considered before, but Caroline obviously enjoyed the experience letting out even more moans.

I pulled off my t shirt and worked my way up her body to her massive tits latching back onto them and sucking her nipples into my mouth. As Caroline came down from her massive high she whispered to me to fuck her. I needed no second invitation and slid my throbbing cock into her well lubricated cunt. Wanting to enjoy every minute I set a slow rhythm at first but as she quickly begged for me to fuck her harder. I gladly obliged and pounded away for all I was worth with Caroline constantly begging me for more. She came again and so I took the opportunity to flip her onto her front and took her doggy style. Desperate to get me deeper she lowered her face to the mattress and with a free hand reached around to rub her clit. Meanwhile I used my thumb to gently stimulate her puckered hole, which brought a shriek of surprise from her. Soon after she came again and as her pussy pulsed around my cock I erupted with rope after rope of cum deep into her before collapsing on top of her, my cock still inside her.

I must of drifted off for a few minutes but awoke with me on my back and Caroline sucking my now soft cock into her mouth, enjoying the cocktail of our juices mixed together. Amazingly my cock hardened again and Caroline took up the challenge. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock which seemed to have an effect. She started sliding my cock in and out of her mouth and I felt the tip hit the back of her throat several times. I could feel my sap rising again, surprised that there was anything left I shot another load down her throat before Caroline came in for a kiss. Tasting my cum in her mouth for the first time was a little shocking but kissing this beautiful women was something I would never refuse. Our tongues entwined passionately for several minutes before we stopped to catch our breath and she suggested we clean ourselves up in the shower.

We spent time in the shower ensuring every inch of one another was lathered with soap and once we were satisfied we were clean we wrapped one another in big fluffy towels and sat on the bed. Caroline was first to speak and was quick to praise my skills and suggested that if I wanted she would be happy to recommend me to some of her close friends once I had finished doing her jobs. The work would be pretty simple and the perks would be many. She assured me that I would not need to look for a summer job especially if my workmanship was as good as it was earlier. Then we noticed the time, it was already 10.30 and I needed to show some progress today especially if my mum decided to bring me lunch again. Caroline gave me that smirk again and I dressed quickly and headed off to start work.

I started to think that this summer was going to be hard work but a lot of fun.

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