The One that Got Away Ch. 02

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“So you missed Ratface Radner winning Belle of the Ball.”

“No way…”

“Well, if you hadn’t been so busy fucking in the secret stairwell, you might have known.”

I recognized the two voices as I stopped, not rushing to the breakfast buffet. Hidden by a pillar, the morning after our 25 year high school reunion. The first speaker was Sally Johnson, the school slut back in the day. The other was Abby Andrews, and I had been the guy who had been fucking her the night before- including that as that was as tight as when she had not known I existed back in high school. Amazing how a billion dollars and time in the gym made a guy more noticeable.

“Shhh, quiet, my hubby and kids might be just around that pillar…” Abby cautioned. Hubby had almost caught us fucking, and I wondered how much he suspected.

“So, let me guess- she’s had her teeth straightened, a nose job, a boob job, looks like a fashion model, everybody now just calls her Rachel?” Abby continued.

“No,” Sally chuckled. “Still looks like a rodent, with a sunken treasure chest and a flat ass. But at least her acne is cleared up. After high school, moved away with her parents. I hear that she’s a librarian at some Christian college in Virginia. I was shocked that she came to the reunion. Doesn’t she know it isn’t for losers? The guys just wanted to have a hoot seeing her reaction. I thought she was going to faint when she kissed Moose, who won the King of the Hill, since Hal was, um, indisposed.”

So Sally DID know who Abby had been fucking. Which meant no doubt everybody else knew too.

Abby seemed unconcerned.

“And how did that go?”

“She blushed to her toes, but I think she slipped the poor drunk guy some tongue. I bet Ratface is still a virgin.”

“Maybe she got lucky later with Moose?”


“How do you…” Abby’s laughter filled the room as she realized the answer to her own question.

“Just for old times sake,” Sally giggled. “Moose drinks so much he’s already separated from wife number three, and my hubby stayed home to watch the kids. As convenor, it just made sense for me to take a room in the hotel overnight, especially since they comped me in return for giving them the business. Moose is still sleeping it off. As soon as I’m finished eating, I’ll go give him a wake up blow job and then get him to buttfuck me against the shower wall. He might be a big fat slob, but he’s a fucking sex god with a cock like coke can. I’m amazed it still fits inside my bowel after twenty years of only my pencil dick hubby ploughing that field.”

“Sally who likes Johnsons is faithful?” Abby asked incredulously.

“Hardly,” Sally chuckled. “But until Moose this morning, only hubby gets my ass. All my side action is oral, or if the guy has a really beautiful cock, I might let them fill my cunt, but the babies stretched that out so much can’t be a lot of fun for the guys. I just love it when half way through they beg to assfuck me, commenting about how much more tight it must be, and I tell them no, that Mr. Frost the football coach stretched THAT hole wide as a freeway during senior year. That old guy had a cock like a horse. Too bad he’s in Florida and missed the reunion. I would have loved to have THAT cock up my ass one more time”

There was a moment of silence. I imagined that the two gals were having nostalgic thoughts about high school sex, though Abby had told me that HER initiation had been with Mrs. Green, the cheerleading coach. In spite of my disgust at the petty meanness of these women, the dirty talk was making my cock stiffen into a half hard chubbie. I was glad that my khakis were pleated and loose fitting, in case anybody walked past. I was not surprised to still be able to get erect in spite of multiple orgasms with Abby- my sleep had been fitful, nocturnal hardons more suited for a teenager than a fortysomething had kept popping up, and I had rubbed one out in the shower, imagining Abby’s hubby eating my cream out of her cunt and ass after we parted ways last night.

“What if your husband suspects about Moose?”

“Abby, doll, what happens in hotels stays in hotels,” Sally chuckled with a filthy gusto. “But as it happens, I likely won’t rinse Moose’s gism out of my anus. He loves him some creampie, that hubby of mine. He knew what he was doing when he married a slut like me. Not that we ever mention a word about it. He just chows down, gives me the most amazing orgasms with his tongue, then shoves his already dripping wet tool into my rectum to give me a refill. Though I do wonder I guess how he’ll feel about Moose having violated that passage. I hope it gives him an extra thrill. I know it does me.”Just thinking about what’s waiting for me upstairs is making me squirmy wet sitting here. I hope I don’t leave a damp spot on the chair.”

Both women laughed loud with lust. I noted that my cock was now at more than half mast. I had never seriously considered fucking Sally Johnson, but the images were overwhelming. I found myself wondering if she would enjoy a threesome with Moose and I. I quickly rejected that idea, but then thoughts of watching Abby eat Moose’s spunk out of Sally’s fat and forty ass while I entered Abby’s forbidden escort bursa passage again was another matter. I smiled at the thought of spanking them both afterwards.

“So, Hal was first thought for King?” Abby switched topics.

“Yeah, unlike Ratface, old Harold has made something of himself. The alumni committee was hoping to suck up and then hit him up for a big donation- not some piddly bursary, but like a new wing, or a bigger gymnasium. Though I guess we like the memories of this one.”

That created new laughter. The cynicism however took the edge of my growing excitement, and I decided to get some air before eating. I stepped into the hotel’s inner courtyard, so filled with foliage that it resembled a jungle. As I hacked my way through the overgrown ferns, I detected gentle sobbing. Stepping into the central clearing, I saw Rachel Radner- Ratface- seated on a bench, wearing a front button sundress that suited a nun or Mormon bride. The hem almost caressed the ground, the neckline really reached to her neck. She was dabbing tears from her eyes with a dainty lace hankie. Sally might still be a mean girl, but her powers of observation were accurate – Rachel was still as plain as a grocery sack, but I still found her lovely, not homely. All through high school, as much as I wanted the Abigail Andrews goddess sorts, the Rachel Radners had always seemed more real.

She turned at the sound of my approach.

“Oh, Hal, I hate that you are seeing me like this. You always were so nice to me- never called me Ratface, not even behind my back. I used to wonder whether it was because we were both misfits. I guess from your dating supermodels that at least you aren’t a misfit anymore.”

“Still never met the right fit.”

“Me either, but at least they aren’t mean to you anymore.” She blushed bright crimson. “I’m still a virgin, even.”

“I thought that you were Belle of the Ball.”

“Yeah, big joke. Everybody laughed at me. I started to go into the room for breakfast, but then I heard the Mean girls laughing. I knew that I couldn’t show my face, so I came to sit here, figured I’d eat late. bu…but I’m starting to get really hungry…”

More, even bigger sobs. Instinctively, I sat next to Rachel and slid an arm around her shoulders. Her head leaned onto my shoulder as she whimpered a bit more, but soon calmed down. My hand had dropped onto my thigh, maybe an inch from the head of my cock, which had swelled back up from sharing her body heat.

“I don’t much feel like their company either. I know what- why don’t we go up to my room and I’ll order us some room service? I can offer an extra big tip if they speed it up.”

Just saying the words “extra big tip” made my blood surge a bit more into my staff.

“Yeah, a really big tip might work,” Rachel responded dreamily. Was I just imagining that a fingertip traced the outline of my cock head?

As we stood, Rachel silently slid her hand into mine, as if it was perfectly natural for us to cross the lobby holding hands, about to take the elevator up to my suite. I glow in her eyes convinced me not to pull away, top allow her this tiny moment of triumph, as we walked past Franny Cook, a classmate who had thrown herself at me during the reunion, in spite of her husband being right there. Franny’s eyes opened wide as Rachel grinned defiantly. I added a wink to complete the messaging. Word would surely spread like wildfire through the breakfast lounge. I found that I was pleased to share my instant popularity with the girl everyone had labelled “Ratface”.

We were the only two in the elevator. I barely had time to use my key card to unlock access to the “executive suite floor” before Rachel shoved me into the corner and pressed her bony body into mine. I quickly noted that somehow, a couple of buttons on her dress had come undone. Her fingers fumbled with my zipper.

“Don’t you think that maybe we should…”

“…kiss first? Sure.” She giggled nervously, using her free hand to draw my face down to her mouth. Her tongue pushed insistently past my lips, clicking against my teeth. My jaw relaxed just a tad, allowing her to tongue wrestle.

I had meant to say “wait until we order breakfast,” but speech now seemed impossible.

Rachel’s fingers expertly fished my stiffening member out of my pants. She might be a virgin, but clearly mine was not the first cock she had fondled. As she stroked my shaft softly, my hands moved to undo another button on her dress, sliding inside the opening to discover that she was braless. Her breasts were not large enough to be called “tits”, more like puffy mounds of soft flesh protruding from her ribcage. The nipples were erect, long and responded to a gentle tug. Rachel moaned, breaking the kiss.

“It’s okay, I like a little pain,” she groaned. Her thumb now flicking across the gaping pee slit on my purple cock head.

“…thought you said virgin…” I gasped as she fell to her knees in the elevator. Fortunately, the executive key made the car an express, so the only risk of interruption was if hotel staff or another executive floor occupant buzzed for it, which grew less likely as the car rose higher.

“I find bursa escort guys like me if I play with them,” she explained, her breath bathing my beast. “Lots of virgins suck cocks. In fact, I’ve sucked quite a few.”

Cock-sucking virgins were more likely barely legal teens, I thought, not forty year old librarians, but the feel of Rachel’s tongue wrapping around my helmet distracted me quickly. Even though I had guessed that she intended to have more than room service once we got upstairs, I was shocked that she was so aggressive in the elevator rather than waiting. Her mouth was wet and warm and her fingers danced along my hardness like she was playing a flute.

I wanted to tell her that she did not have to blow me to get my approval, but the warmth of her mouth as she held the head in her cheek, teeth grazing the tender frenulum that stretched under the head to the shaft, took my breath away so quickly that I was simply unable to speak. My hands spoke for me, reaching down to caress Rachel’s hair, then her cheek, and then I flexed my knees and slid one hand inside her dress to fondle her boob. I tugged the nubbin away from her body, noting how she moaned louder as I applied more pressure to the rubbery flesh.

“I like that,” Rachel moaned. Her ass might have seemed flat to Abby, but with her back arched and her hips tilted so that her butt stuck up and bounced in time with her bobbing mouth, Rachel’s ass looked perfect.

“What you like sucking my cock, knowing that you have so much sensual power?” I managed to ask. I’d had hundreds of blow jobs over the years, and each one was unique, but this one seemed like the most special of all.

“No. Well, yes, that too, but mostly I like that you are treating me like your fuck toy, like the little bitch that I long to become.”

That declaration overloaded my normally sharp mind, so I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Rachel swallowed me even deeper, tongue wrapping around my root and then spiralling all the way up to the ridge below the helmet, which she kept in her mouth. Her pendulous lower lip hot against my flesh.

“Daddy loves your sweet young mouth, slut.”

Rachel bobbed up and down, her nose ducking into the nest of my curly pubes, her tongue flat as it bathed the underside of her shaft. With her fingers, she reached into my pants and cupped my balls, slowly hefting them. She started to roll those jewels in her palm as her tongue again teased the very tip of my cock.

“I’m sooo wet for you.” she moaned. “I’d almost consider fucking you, but how do I know that you’re Mr. Right?”

“We’re almost at my floor,” was all that I could think to say in response.

“So, I can more than a sausage with cream for brekkies?” Rachel chuckled lustily. I saw a most unlibrarian like glint in her eye. Sexually excited, this mousy middle aged version had an enticing glow about her. “Shall I finish you now, or while we wait for the food?”

“I want to make you cum too,” I responded, not sure what other answer was best. After decades of being inn command, the enchantment of this strange woman was overpowering all my senses.

“So many men think that, as if they need to prove something.”

“I just don’t want to feel greedy. I want you to feel your power.”

As we spoke, Rachel slowly fisted my shaft, her tongue flicking out of her lips to tease my flesh.

“No one has ever said quite THAT before,” she chuckled. “Though I know I have power, because every guy wants a blow job. And a lot will begrudgingly return the favour.”

Except it wasn’t that. Her face was radiant. Ratface Radner no more, Rachel’s smile spread her mouth to lessen the prominent of the front teeth. The light played off her cheekbones to distract from the sharpness of her nose. Her eyes sparkled and her skin glowed. As proof of her power, I felt the warmth in my groin grow upward through my belly to fill my chest. I could feel my hearty beat faster.

“I learned long ago that I only climax alone.” Rachel continued as my brain felt the heat surging upward, the electricity flowing from my cock through my spine to explode in technicolour. “Well… that and when my ass gets really well fucked.”

That last comment sure caught my attention. After all, she claimed to be a virgin. The elevator lurched to a stop before I could respond. I expected Rachel to tuck my hardon into my pants before the doors opened, but instead she simply rose to her feet with my erection tight withing her grasp and marched me into the hallway. Her dress was almost fully open, just a couple of buttons at the waist still holding it together. Her hair was a mess, and her lips were puffy.

“What happened to your buttons? I only undid a couple at the top.”

“I was getting so ho and so wet, my moisture had soaked my panties, and I needed the ventilation, so with my spare hands I undid a few more. I guess that you were too distracted to notice,” she giggled. “Do you want to feel?”

With the executive floor being private, and having just a few big suites, the hallway was empty. That did not really matter though, because Rachel did not look around at all before she grasped my hand in hers and dragged bursa merkez escort bayan it the few inches until my fingertips brushed the plain white cotton of her underpants. As promised, they were soaked with her juices.

Rachel pulled my over as she backed up and leaned her shoulders against the wall, her hips slanted away, her feet spread and her knees flexed. She guided my fingers under the edge of her panties and began to fuck herself with them, bouncing up and down, thrusting my digits deeper and deeper until I had three fingers fully buried in her squishy cunt.

All the while, Rachel never released her grip on my cock, and soon her fist was pumping my shaft with the tempo to match the pace at which her quim was swallowing my fingers. From the undulations of her pelvis and the clenching of her groin, I knew that we were both nearing climax. The difference was that once I came, I would need recovery time, while something told me that Rachel would remain hungry for more than just room service.

Just then, a door down the hall opened. We both jumped upright away from the wall. My hands instinctively covered my exposed cock, while Rachel tried to hold her dress closed. We held our breath and then released it as the person turned the opposite direction down the hallway. I could taste the sweetness of Rachel’s exhalation down to my toes, and of course it flowed right through the tip of my cock, which surged in her fist.

We both giggled nervously as we dashed down the hall to my suite. I fumbled with the key card as Rachel scraped her thumbnail along my frenulum and then teased my tip, while nibbling my ear. Suddenly, the lock clicked and we tumbled through the doorway. A wetbar/breakfast nook dominated the entrance, with a sitting area beyond, and the bedroom to the side. I was a bit shocked when Rachel released her grip on my cock and danced nymph-like to the bed, flopping down on her back, legs dangling, knees apart, dress open so that her excited nipples competed with her panty clad quim for my attention.

I started in her direction but barely took a step when she stopped me.

“Order breakfast first, please. I’m still hungry in that way too,” she giggled.

I grabbed the phone on the bar and quickly ordered up two “big breakfast platters” plus a pitcher of mimosas- champagne with orange juice.

“And a big bowl of whipped cream and strawberries” Rachel shouted, and I added that.

The whole time I was on the phone, I was watching Rachel tweaking her nipples, and then one hand travelling lazily down her torso and vanish below the hem of her panties, gently stroking her cunt. As I walked towards her, she giggled, waving the hand that had been tugging her tits.

“I love how your little man- which isn’t very little- is bobbling, like he’s saying ‘hello, I’m so happy to see you’.”

“He is… I am” I whispered in return, dropping to my knees between her feet. “But first, this…”

My fingers closed around the two sides of her wet panties and I rolled them down, Rachel shifting to accommodate. I did leave them dangling off her left ankle, and leaned back. As I looked along her body, her erect nipples like two tiny hills in a vast plain, I found myself grinning at how that scrap of fabric looked.

So it just seemed logical to start my kissing Rachel’s ankle right by the panties. I felt a shiver run through her body, which reassured me that even after the intense foreplay on the way, slowing things down was perfectly fine.

I licked up the inside edge of that calf, stopping when I reached the knee, which I explored thoroughly with my tongue. Rachel moaned appreciatively and out of the corner of my eye I could see that her fingers were still busy in her cunt. Lifting her foot by the heel, I ran my mouth back along her leg, and bathed the entire foot with my tongue.

“Oh, Hal, no one has ever been so good to me,” Rachel sighed. “Fuck me, please fuck me. Now. Fuck me fast and fuck me hard, before the food arrives.”

I turned my head and repeatedly the actions on the other foot and leg. This time however, once I had suckled each toe I planted a string of kisses all the way up Rachel’s shin. At her knee, I rolled my head enough so that I was licking the inside of her thigh. Soon I reached the flesh that was coated with Rachel’s essence. I took a good taste and rose up along her body, until our mouths met and I shared Rachel’s nectar from my lips to hers. Her tongue swirled with mine hungrily.

No doubt she could feel my hardness pressed against her belly. Her hips rotated and started to hump off the mattress, as if trying to capture my cock and draw it into her labia, making it go boldly where she had said no man had gone before. That was not what I had in mind, so using my weight to keep her pinned beneath me, I released our kiss, and gently kissed her chin. I smelled the excitement on her breath as I licked down her throat, nibbling softly, my fingers tracing the lines out to the points of her shoulders. I kissed the divot at the top of her chest. My tongue lingered, exploring her flesh as my fingers roamed down her heaving chest, the hair on the back of my hands rubbing her puffy mounds of tit, and brushing her diamond hard nipples. I palmed her left breast as my mouth suckled her right nipple, and then I slowly explored the shallow space between her boobs, working gradually across until I slurped the left nipple between my lips, my fingers teasing the right one that I had just released.

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