The Party

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After long months of talking and planning the night is finally here. They speak once more to finalize her directions. She so wants everything to go right. She puts on her deep purple satin chemise, her thigh highs in just the right place. Adjusts the lavender satin strapless corset one more time. Applies one more dusting of shimmering gold powder to her chest and smiles. She is right on tonight. Even the hair is cooperating, thank Goddess. She feels a quiver knowing what is left. Saying out loud, “I am really doing this?”

Driving up to the party, he calls and tells her turn it on low for 10 mins and no longer. She reaches in her purse and slides the button. Sudden waves of vibration from the remote controlled vibrator under her thongs. The waves of delight wash through her. Just tingling vibrations against her. The bumps in the road increase it pressures. She tries to focus on driving, but flashes of what is to be tonight keep running across her head. She watches the road and the clock. Sir will be angry if she leaves it on to long or cums yet.

Walking in and seeing all my friends right away helps me forget the game being played tonight, just for a min. Scanning the room constantly. Momentarily focusing on someone’s entertaining vacation story suddenly feeling the heat. I glance up. They are here. My heart stops for a second. Al other sounds in the room fade away. I can hear only his voice greeting old friends. He connects for a second then looks away. I watch for him to go to the bar. I go for another drink myself. All I want to do is grab him and kiss him. Wrap my arms around him. Feel his body against mine. NO, not yet. As she hugs other newcomers, I quickly pass him the remote. He grins. I know I have pleased him. I know he has one for her also. I would love to control hers. To see her squirm and know that it is really I creating the pleasure.

As the music plays and the drinks pour, we all begin to dance. He works them toward my partner and me. Then slowly turns us both on. The vibrations under my thong start again. I can feel my wetness starting again. The more we dance the better it feels. I can see her slightly twitch her vibrator comes to life. She and I play it off great, but I know what she is feeling. We continue to dance, thankful of fast songs, as he plays the vibration with the beat. We dance and I can feel the wetness soaking my thong. I feel like if anyone touches any part of me I will cum. Just then he turns and grabs us both. Turning us to him. We both are so close. His hands on my back as we rock and sway together. I close my eyes, her face in my head. Her body. Her lying back with her legs over my shoulders, my hands on her hips. Lifting, pulling her to me. Drinking her. Bycasino Running my tongue over her warm soft flesh. Hearing her moan. Hearing real slight groans, and amplifying them in my head. She sounds so good! I have to have her. He slows the vibrations down to keep us from cumming yet. We both come back to reality slowly. As our eyes open we stare into each other. I see a thought and a grin come across her face. She comments on the heat and needing the girls’ room, I offer to join her. He grins as we walk away. Sitting at the table, knowing.

It is cooler in the washroom. The first part has a few big comfy chairs and a few ashtrays. I really need a smoke. My legs are still quivering. We begin to chat. Just nothing stuff. She then asks for a cig and says not to tell him. Hmm, our first secret from him. But I am not allowed to keep secrets from him. I’ll work on that one. I can see her wrap her slender fingers around it. Bringing it to her dark red lips. The flame reflects in her bright green eyes. The waves of pleasure wash over her as she sits back and melts in the chair. I want to drop to my knees and taste her right then, but I know I have to wait. I go into a stall for a moment and just grin. I quickly complete my next task, and remove my wet thongs and slip it into my little bag.

I return to our table and sit between her and another friend. Trying to carry a conversation with her right behind me was difficult. We all begin to laugh about remembrances of the summer. She turns slightly towards me as her rubs her shoulders. I can see her melting, I know he has turned hers back on. She must have given him her thongs also. I wish he had given it to me. He goes to get the next round at the bar and she whimpers slightly that he has stopped. He kisses her and then turns her around. Interrupting my conversation, he tells me to take over while he runs for drinks. What am I to do? I finally get to touch her skin. Wetness runs from me. She stiffens up for a second, then melts in my hands. I run my hands over her neck, shoulders, down her back, up her sides, just barely touching the outer curve of her breasts. Hear her quickly inhale. He watches from the bar, as he turns mine on slightly. I wiggle in my chair as I press harder into her. I run one hand up her neck and give a gentle tug to her hair between my fingers as I lower my hand. She leans back into me slightly more. He returns and we are brought back to reality.

The teasing continues through the night. She and I stealing glances when she thinks he is not looking. As the party is ending she is asking if I am going to the next bar or not. I tell them I have to get home. I try to keep from laughing. As we walk to the cars and Bycasino giriş say good bye, she asks again if I am OK to drive. I assure her I am. Remembering he forgot something, and runs back in. I go to start my car and it seems I left the lights on and the battery is dead. Silly me. She offers their couch for the night with a subtle grin. We can come back in the morning and jump it. What am I to do, the car is dead.

It seems like the longest ride ever in my life. I am so excited and nervous. I can not sit still on the way back their place. I keep wishing he would turn the vibrator back on. I have been on the edge of cumming all night. We decided not to go to the next bar after all.

We sit in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate. We have all changed into robes, lending me an extra. I am not sure what is under theirs, but I have the corset on still. We all seem to want the same things but do not know how to begin. I heard her asking if she could have me. He told if her that she behaved he would think about it. We continue to chat and pretend to watch a movie.

A little while later leaving the room, he steps back into the doorway and looks at her, slightly nods his head. I see her take a deep breath out of the corner of my eye as I gaze into the fireplace. She reminds me she owes me a back rub. She then comes behind me. I sit on the floor with my arms wrapped around my knees. She touches me and I feel a shiver from her touch. Like electricity running from her touch. Her hands are so warm and strong through the robe. I lean into her touch. She wastes no time beginning to get closer and closer to my chest. The excitement is building. I just want her to touch my breasts. My nipples are hard, and craving to be touched. Running her hands down my cleavage, moaning. Up my sides just running the sides of each breast. She then takes her hands up my spine, my neck, into my hair and grasps the lower hair, softly rubbing, then quickly, not being able to hold back any longer, she pulls my head back and quickly, deeply kisses me. Finally! We part and just grin. I lay back into her arms. Happy and content to remain here for hours. I have waited for the softness of her touch, the smell of her, the taste of her for so long.

She holds me as we kiss. One arm around her neck, the other around her waist. She begins to explore the laces. Slowly tracing the upper edges. Her nails are cold against my warm chest. I see him in the doorway over her shoulder. His robe is open and he is slowly stroking his growing cock and grins at me. He has our thongs grasped in his other hand. I turn my head to kiss and trace her breasts through her robe. There feels like nothing under it. I grow more excited and Bycasino deneme bonusu turn fully on my side facing her. Her hands run directly down my hips and over my ass. I manage to part her robe with my teeth. There they are. I have dreamt of them, and now they are right there. I begin to suckle her like a starving newborn. Her breasts are perfect, soft, round, firm. She arches her back and then leans over me moaning in pleasure. Pressing them into my face. I can feel her breathing heavy against me. She digs into my ass harder. Pulling up my robe, I can feel her soft hand. Her cold nails across the back of my leg, up my ass, into the small of my back. I can hear him moan in the doorway. I slow and look at him, never taking my mouth from her. Her bottom arm holds my head to her. Feeding me. Fulfilling me. Her other hand is grasping my ass, pulling me to her. I straddle her leg and she can feel my wetness on my thighs. Pressing her leg into me, the wetness soaks her. We begin to kiss, feeling, touching, exploring, both of ready to cum. We lay on the floor, the fire lighting a glow all around, the rhythmic drums in the background, our own hearts pounding, moaning.

A steady, deep, breathy command “Cum for me my girls.” We both explode instantly upon being released. We quiver in each other’s hands. Feeling her fingers in me, her thumb on my clit. I grind into her. Stroke her with the rhythm of her movements. My hand gliding in her wetness. Her fingers reaching higher, grinding harder against me. The explosions of release washing through us. Following her sounds we continue to cum and cum. We are floating on air, kissing, touching, not thinking, and just feeling. It has been built up for so long it just doesn’t want to stop. “NOW” On command, we both release and crawl to him on our knees. From either side of him we begin to lick and stroke him. Kissing each other. Wrapping our tongues around him. Our hands down his chest. Up his thighs. Our mouths covering him. Feeling him begin to throb, and seeing her begin to rub herself, I let go of him. She slides in front of him. She glides her tongue all the way around him, swallowing all of him. I watch her lips stroke him over and over as her hands run under him, pulling him to her. I lay slide on my back between her legs, and begin to eat her hungrily. I lick up her thighs. Tasting her running down her leg. She is close to cumming again. She lowers down and begins to groan and moan as she has taken him fully in her mouth. Her hands grasping the couch. Then wrap around him again. He begins to breathe faster. She grinds her clit into me. Lapping her up. Sliding a few fingers in her and she tightens down on them. The other hand busy on my own swollen clit. We all begin to groan harder and harder. Reaching the point of no return together. Riding out the waves. Enjoying your own pleasure as well the sounds of each other. Knowing Sir was please. I know Sir is happy, and that means I am going to get fucked tonight…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32