The Reno XXXperience

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Sandy and I were a new couple, having been dating less than a year, but already I could tell we were well-suited for each other. She had many of the same sexual thoughts and fantasies that I found stimulating, and was not shy about sharing them. We spent much of our time alone together exchanging fantasies and sharing each other’s stories of past escapades we had with other lovers, which always led to a session of super-heated sex. I was surprised and elated that she was so willing to talk about her past experiences and more so that she was interested in mine. Most girls were just too inhibited to broach the subject. Not Sandy. It seemed that each day we spent together was more exciting and free than our last.

One summer weekend we had decided to drive the two hours to Reno and spend some time playing around at the casinos and sightseeing. Once we checked into our room at one of the large casinos downtown and had our fill of gambling, which to my surprise and relief was quite short, we opted to drive around the town to see what there was to see scattered along the strip. As we drove down Virginia Avenue and away from the crush of casinos, clubs, pawn shops, liquor stores and people, Sandy spotted an X-rated boutique and thought it would be fun to explore. If it leads to sex, I’m all for it, so I parked the car and arm in arm we went in.

The shop was actually much larger and unsullied inside than it appeared from the outside. There was a middle-aged man sitting at a desk busily going through a stack of what looked like DVD’s and checking them off a list. He looked up and smiled at us with a nod. A younger woman with long shiny black hair and large smokey eyes reminiscent of a miniature Cher, greeted us from behind the counter with a broad smile as we entered. They both looked like they could easily have been Gypsies.

In perfect English, the young woman smiled and said, “Enjoy yourselves and let us know if you need any help.”

“Well, I guess my Gypsy daydream was busted,” I thought to myself.

We nodded and smiled back, mesmerized by all the myriad of sexy clothing and devices in the place. There were aisles filled with books, videos, dolls, and a plethora of assorted sex toys. Sandy’s attention was immediately drawn to the vibrators and life-like dildos that literally sprung from the walls and display racks.

“Oh Jeff, this one looks just like you. I’ll bet you modeled for it,” she said laughing as she made the rubbery appendage quiver in her hand? And then excitedly, “Oh my God, look at this one, it’s a monster. I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t know any woman who could take this.” I just laughed, taking joy her surprise and delight in the surroundings.

“And this looks like you”, I said, holding up Kartal Escort a very real looking silicone vagina, “sweet and tight”, Sandy giggled and moved on. Inspecting items, many of which, neither of us could identify.

We spent the better part of an hour browsing, laughing and teasing each other with the merchandise. Turning down the last aisle at the back of the shop, I saw a doorway labeled “Theater”. We browsed our way to the door and passed through the beaded curtain. Inside we found ourselves in a long darkened hallway with six to eight doors spaced on either side. There were signs on each door that read like, 2 on 1, Gay Blade, Fit to be Tied, Ebony and Ivory, and others. We snickered at the names and tried a door signed, “For the Glory of It”. An occupied sign on the door said ‘open’ so we entered.

The room was dark, cramped and empty saved for a bench seat that ran the width of the small closet-sized room. The bench was upholstered in a dark vinyl fabric and the air had a faint smell of bleach. At first, the darkened room felt oppressive until our eyes slowly adjusted to the subdued light. In the dim lighting, we could see a flat panel monitor across from the bench with a slot to the side for money or tokens. Since I had a bunch of quarters in my pocket from our gambling adventure, I deposited the requested amount to see what it was all about. The screen flickered to life instantly, exposing a room full of mostly naked people engaged in all manner of sexual activity. Some of the actors were receiving oral as they treated another to the same delicious act. Several women had multiple partners taking them from both ends as other men looked on, stroking themselves, anxiously waiting their turn. Every position in the Kama Sutra was on display somewhere in the scene before us.

“Oh My! Sandy said, now isn’t this interesting?” We made ourselves comfortable on the bench and were spellbound as the actors performed their debauchery for us. It’s not like we hadn’t seen x-rated videos before but being in this strange, enclosed and pheromone-laced ‘closet’ had an instant and overpowering effect on us both. I reached over to touched Sandy’s leg, her smooth skin warm and inviting to my touch. I was thrilled that I had insisted she wear the short skirt she had packed for the trip. Pushing the light material up, I lazily played my fingers along the inside of her thigh. Her legs spread involuntarily to allow access as I brushed across her hot damp panties with my little finger. Sandy’s breath caught as my finger grazed that unmistakeable bump between her swelling lips.

The actors before us writhed and moaned and gyrated in ecstasy as we watched in rapt fascination. Cameras moved from extreme close-ups to room-wide Pendik Escort shots. From a couple performing graphic oral sex on each other 69 style to another woman being taken from behind, the man’s long, thick manhood plunging slowly deep within her very exposed wet pussy. I had become so hard beneath my shorts that I needed to shift myself for comfort. As I moved to do just that, Sandy whispered, “Why don’t you let yourself free, it’s just us and I want to touch you?”

Nothing more needed to be said. As I unzipped, Sandy slipped her thong off and stuffed it into her purse. Relieving my constricted cock, it virtually jumped from between my legs, landing against my stomach with a heavy slap. Sandy squealed with delight and took a firm hold of me as my own hand once again found her crotch. She was wet now, her lips and clit slippery and swollen in anticipation, now plainly visible in the dim light. We both relaxed back and watched the changing erotic scenes before us as we unconsciously fondled each other in the subdued light, our eyes intent upon the ever changing vision before us.

“Mmmm, Jeff”, Sandy cooed. “You feel so hard in my hand. I want you inside me.”

Before I could answer, we heard a sound from the booth next to us as someone came in and closed the door gently. Coins rattled down the slot and a dim light shot from a hole in the wall. At first, it panicked us as we had not known the hole existed. We became quiet, holding our breath as our video ended without feeding the machine more change. Sandy, being impulsive and inquisitive, bent down to peer through the hole into the faint light of the room beyond. In the dim flickering light, a man was already stroking his shaft to a sex show playing out before him. My curious partner couldn’t take her eyes off his lurid display of masturbation. I could feel her clit throbbing rhythmically under my fingers as she watched, her breath quickening. Barely able to hold my excitement, I whispered, “Would you like me inside you while you watch?”

Without a word or turning away from the scene playing out through the opening, Sandy raised her short skirt presenting her lovely ass to me. I slid the head of my erect cock between her ass cheeks and onward across her hot, wet sex, momentarily teasing her clit before she impatiently pushed back against me, consuming my hardness. She suppressed a moan of joy as my shaft filled her and pushed deep within her warm, inviting darkness. Sandy wriggled against me as I slowly and quietly began to thrust into her. Rotating her hips, she pulled on me with her tight pelvic muscles in perfect time to my measured strokes. We dissolved into the moment, there in the close, darkness of that fetid booth.

Sandy’s breath caught as Göztepe Escort we saw our neighbor’s swollen cock head suddenly penetrate the hole in the wall into our cubicle. In shock, Sandy recoiled and looked back at me, her eyes large and questioning. What were we to do? I was so intoxicated by my overwhelming sexual excitement that I nodded for her to “Go for it”. I wanted to watch live what we had been watching on the now darkened screen. I wanted her to have that anonymous cock in her mouth as I continued to plunge into her. No further coaxing was necessary. She immediately began to tease the isolated appendage, pulling the skin back and forth as more of the shaft came through the hole in the wall. I continued to pump deep into her wetness with my slow deliberate strokes. The anonymous cock was thick and long enough to penetrate well into our cubicle. Sandy moved closer and wet the bulbous head with her saliva and his pre-cum as she began to work the glistening shaft with her hand. As I again pushed into her she took the head and directed it into her mouth. A low groan of pleasure came from beyond the wall which only encouraged Sandy to intensify her movements. Long moments passed as the three of us lost ourselves in wanton and indulgent pleasure. Suddenly, Sandy and the unseen man simultaneously began to make guttural sounds in time with my accelerating thrusts. She cried out in a muffled orgasm as she pulled the cock from her mouth. With one long groan, he was cumming in great spurts as Sandy pulled on him directing the flood away from her. Sandy was in orgasm too. Her pelvic muscles squeezing and clutching at my member, literally milking the sperm from deep within me. She swallowed me with her body.

I couldn’t hold back any longer as my climax burst out to bathe Sandy’s insides in a pulsing white-hot torrent. Surge after surge boiled out of me until I at last returned to consciousness, my legs weak and my energy spent. I slipped from within her and we both collapsed back on the bench, breathing hard and fast.

We never noticed when the stranger left his cubicle and we didn’t really care. He was obviously satisfied and we were both shocked and ecstatic with what we had done. We had shared a common fantasy similar to this just the week before while making love. Now, to actually have it a reality was mind-blowing. Sandy took a packet of tissues from her purse to clean us both before we straightened our clothes and left the booth.

The man and woman that ran the shop barely had time to ask if we enjoyed ourselves as we hurriedly made for the exit. We never did get a look at the man in the booth next to us and we wondered if it may have been the gypsy-looking man in the shop. We really didn’t want to know. We just knew that we were too embarrassed to talk with them right then. We burst through the exit with a “Thank you and goodbye.”

If we share more of what we have fantasied about so often in bed, we will have a lot of exciting episodes to explore together; this was only number one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32