The Senior Trip Ch. 06

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However, despite her enjoyment of the camaraderie and the sexual excitement, she had enough sense remaining to ?nally call a halt before things went even further. She said that she hated to break up the impromptu party, but it was getting late and that they were going to the National Gallery tomorrow. Reluctantly, still on a high, the girls gave in and got ready to go to their own rooms, but, just before leaving, Judy remembered Mrs. Kramer’s comment that she couldn’t get out of her dress without help. Accompanied by the girls, Linda went into her room, leaving Kenny in the common room, of course, and turned her back, saying, “See, the zipper tab is hard to get to, and l can’t reach far enough to get it down all the way.” Judy took the tab and pulled it down to the bottom, exposing Linda’s bare back all the way to her hips. As the gap widened, the dress just naturally fell off of her shoulders, and, suddenly, those nipples that had beguiled them all evening were unveiled. Hard as rocks, mounted on the cone-like breasts that a much younger woman could envy, they were stared at with utter fascination and envy by the four girls. Then, as Judy let go of the zipper tab, the entire dress fell at her feet, leaving her completely nude except for her lacey-topped dark hose.

Their ?rst reaction had been complete, stunned silence, as their eyes ran over the totally unexpected voluptuousness of her body. They had been aware, of course, that her breasts were big and that her nipples were prominent, but they weren’t prepared for seeing them bare. C-cup with virtually no sag, they stuck out as if she wore an invisible bra. The aureoles were pink and about one-half dollar in diameter, centered by those erect nipples, a half inch across, three- quarters of an inch high. While breasts of that size usually jiggle and wobble if unsupported, hers merely quivered enticingly as she moved. From them, their eyes just naturally went downward over her slightly rounded, very feminine, stomach to the triangle of curly cunt hair at its base. Unlike the girls, who shaved much of their pubic hair to wear brief bathing suits, hers was a neat mound in its natural shape. Beneath that, no more than an inch below, four inches of frilly elastic lace held up long dark thigh-high stockings. As she turned part way in a futile attempt to shield herself, her hips came into view. Like her breasts, these were plump mounds, curvy and full, and a bit oversized for her height. This merely made her bottom more attractive and, as revealed in her thin dress, the natural sway and bobble as she walked was very sensuous.

Linda stood there, naked, for a moment and, before she could even think of what to do, the silence suddenly ended with everyone talking at once, the comments all overlapped each other, a commingling of ?attering observations: “Oh, my god, Mrs. Kramer, you’re beautiful!” “God, what a body!” “Will you look at those tits!” “Man, both of mine wouldn’t be a big as one of those!” She was totally ?ustered, not knowing how to respond, absorbing the obviously sincere admiration and ?attery, but, at the same time, feeling unbelievably exposed. However, while she had stopped the situation from, as she feared, from going too far in the sitting room, she was still very aroused and high from the evening and the unending compliments ?owing from the girls. Suddenly, without consciously making any decisions, she just quit worrying, almost as if a switch marked “modesty” had been turned off in her head. The sexual “high” that had permitted her to pose in a somewhat licentious way in the other room returned and, displaying herself like a model, she made a pirouette, feeling very bold and daring.

Then, to her utter consternation, Angela cried out, “KENNY, come in here and bring your camera! Hurry!” Now, Linda obviously had no problem with Kenny seeing her naked — but not with anyone else present! The fear of another kind of exposure, her illicit sexual activities, momentarily dampened her high. She quickly tried to cover herself, but the girls would have none of it. As Kenny ran in, carrying his camera, to see what was going on, he found her standing naked, surrounded by laughing excited girls, still high themselves from the evening’s entertainment. “Oh, please, Kenny, go back out! Don’t take any pictures! Oh, good heavens! Come on, girls, let me get my robe.” The modesty switch was back on and, for what probably was the hundredth time that evening, she blushed — this time from head to toe.

Needless to say, her pleas fell on deaf ears. They were relatively mature Maltepe Escort young women, all very intelligent, all nice, stable and considerate — but, as said before, they were all teenagers! They had enjoyed an evening of high excitement, become sexually aroused (although perhaps they didn’t even recognize that), and now, feeding on each other’s energy, they were really beyond reasonable thought. Early in the evening, stripping Mrs. Kramer would never have

crossed their minds. Now that it had happened naturally and without premeditation, they were thrilled with the results. The idea that she really would mind, that she really would be embarrassed beyond belief, just never occurred to them — they were just having fun! In fact, Linda’s mind was ?lled with a weird mixture of thoughts: on one hand, she was both morti?ed and humiliated, standing naked before them and Kenny, the center of their staring eyes; on the other, she was so excited and aroused, that she wanted to parade around, display herself to those eyes.

In any case, it was too late to hide anything as Kenny came in and, despite being shocked and aroused (as shown by what appeared to be a spear in his pants), began snapping pictures as fast as he could. Finally giving up, bereft of any thoughts of propriety or limits, she just stood there, posing with the girls and, even, while feeling alluring and seductive, with Kenny. Whatever pose they came up with, she went along, her mind in a state of sexual overload, so aroused that she never even thought of stopping as the poses became more and more suggestive and risqué. The girls took turns in arranging her, each trying to outdo the others in putting her in salacious poses. Several, which she didn’t even recall (fortunately) until she saw the pictures, featured her in “Penthouse” types of positions which left literally nothing to the imagination.

The last pose, scripted by Angela (naturally), had Linda sitting on Kenny’s lap again, only this time she had nothing on but the lacey topped hose. As directed, she was leaning back, one leg completely across his knees, the other pointing outward, exposing most of her cunt. She had one hand resting on each thigh, not hiding any of the crucial areas. In that position, the projection in Kenny’s pants, which was painfully obvious, was actually right against her nearer leg and showing above it. His left arm was around her, his hand placed just below her breast, the other hand on her inner thigh within an inch of her cunt hair. At this point, Linda was just doing whatever she was told, in an erotic daze, not thinking at all. Kenny, of course, was in a different kind of daze, sexually aroused and relishing the increasingly carnal atmosphere in the room.

The picture was taken, and Angela said, “Come on, now, one really sexy picture to ?nish it off! Just stay still and let me arrange you.” Following instructions, the two held their pose and, looking to the other girls for approval, Angela took Kenny’s left hand and moved it directly onto Linda’s breast and, slid his right hand directly between her legs onto her cunt. Just reacting, not thinking, Kenny cupped the breast and tightened his hand against the cunt, obviously feeling her. Linda, not capable of thinking at that point, just automatically spread her legs wider, exposing herself completely and giving him complete access to her cunt. Unexpectedly, as, she opened her legs, her hand on her thigh slid off, directly onto Kenny’s rampant cock — and stayed there, grasping it! The tableau held, Linda leaning back, legs wide open, Kenny clutching her tit while actively fondling her cunt, her ?ngers around his cock, neither of them conscious for the moment that they had an audience. Judy, who was operating the camera, took three quick pictures, the girls gaping at the unbelievably lurid sight before them.

The pose held for thirty seconds or more, both Linda and Kenny carried away by the unexpected contact, lost in a real sexual act as his ?ngers found her cunt hole while her hand was actually working on his cock. The room was deathly quiet as the girls were mesmerized by the lewd activity before them. Whether it was the silence or something else that caused it, suddenly some measure of sanity returned to Linda and, pulling away and getting up, blushing more furiously than ever, she cried, “Good heavens, what are we doing? We’ve got to stop this….I can’t believe this!” With that, she hid her head in her hands, gasping out, “You’d better go girls….we…we have a long day tomorrow!” The girls, sobered İstanbul Escort at last, muttered their “goodnights” and left, leaving a very aroused Kenny alone with a naked Mrs. Kenny.

It had been like a dash of cold water on the girls, suddenly realizing that they had gone way too far, recognizing at last that Mrs. Kramer unquestionably was embarrassed and morti?ed beyond belief by those last acts and that they were responsible. Still, while more composed and rational as they left the suite, they were still irrepressible teenage girls, and when they returned to their room their sobriety vanished and they couldn’t help but talk in risqué and bawdy terms about what they had seen, and giggling as they boisterously babbled to each other about Kenny’s very obvious physical arousal. They couldn’t talk enough about the actual sexual contact just before they left, how Kenny had actually felt Mrs. Kramer’s pussy and tit and she had her hand on his cock. The general consensus was that something had to be going on in Mrs. Kramer’s room. The speculation and language about that “something” was certainly ribald and, perhaps, obscene.

“Did you see how he squeezed her tit? Gods that must have felt good. I can’t believe how ?rm they look! I’d have liked to have felt it myself!”

“Hell, he had his ?nger all the way up her pussy! If we hadn’t been there, I’ll bet his cock would have been in next!”

“Speaking of his cock…wasn’t it big! Boy, she was really feeling it, too!”

“She was so open and wet that any size cock could have gotten in!”

“I hope he does get into her. It would be good for both of them, the way they’ve stopped arguing!” The only real question was whether or not Kenny would fuck her and the obvious belief was that he would.

Needless to say, their speculations, and hopes, were right on the money. Linda, as said before, had been on a cloud all evening: she had gone out revealingly dressed, been fulsomely admired by the girls, appeared celebrity-like at the performance, and, ?nally, sexually exposed in the suite. A woman who had rarely been seen nude even by her family had now been displayed, nakedly and erotically, by ?ve students. More, one of those students, her young lover, had actually felt her in front of the others! And, while she had not intended, at first, to touch Kenny’s cock, she certainly had not let go once she did! More, the girls had watched the whole thing! Nothing remotely like this had ever happened to her before, and she never would have believed that it could have appealed to her — but it had and it did! Hard as it would be to admit, having the girls see them really spurred her on, and if sanity hadn’t returned exactly when it had, she might actually have been fucked right in front of them!

Kenny, of course, had seen and been part of all this, too, and he was more than ready for relief. Of course, he had seen everything she had before, but it was packaged differently. All evening he was faced with this enticing woman, tits out, skirt revealing almost as much as it hid, and he couldn’t touch her. What’s more, he had to act as if he were as ignorant of what the dress hid as he would have been not long ago. When the girls lifted Linda’s skirt and deliberately exposed her cunt to him, his cock actually hurt it was so hard in his pants. Seeing all ?ve females lifting their skirts and deliberately showing their cunts to him, was almost enough to cause him to go off prematurely. The ?nal step of seeing Linda naked, posing with her, actually feeling her with the girls watching and, then, having them leave him alone with her — well, that was almost too much.

Kenny followed the girls out into the sitting room, but turned back into Linda’s room as they pulled the door shut behind them. Still, before he could return to the room, Linda was already spread out on the bed, not even having taken time to remove her hose. He frantically stripped himself, having a dif?cult time getting his rigid cock out of the sweat pants, and joined her. Actually, if the girls had sneaked back in instead of going out, they would have seen the fucking. They hadn’t even reached the elevator before he was inside of her, and long before they got to their own rooms, the action was well under way. There was no talking, no foreplay, for neither needed or wanted it. As he came to her, her legs rose and spread wide, welcoming his entrance. He plunged deeply into her in one surge, her well-lubricated cunt opening wide as he sank in. The fucking was very rapid and vigorous, both close Anadolu Yakası Escort to orgasm before they started. As he drove inward, she rose to meet him, their bodies meeting forcefully, coming together as if they actually were going to merge. She lowered her hips as he withdrew, only to surge up, harder than ever, as he came in. The whole act took only about three minutes, with her reaching climax ?rst, jerking and twisting so hard that it almost dislodged him for a moment. Her orgasm just went on and on, ?nally triggering his, sending waves of semen deep into her inter recesses.

Unlike normal times, even ejaculation did not mean satisfaction, and his cock never really lost its rigidity. There was no letdown, no slumping. The in-and-out motion still felt almost compulsive, impossible to stop. The smooth, slipperiness of her cunt walls massaged his cock, stimulating him to greater endeavors. The same continuing desire controlled Linda too, and, rather than cooling off, her sexual heat actually seemed to mount. She welcomed the uninterrupted pounding between her legs, gasping out, breathlessly, “Fuck me, oh god, fuck me! Oh, it feels so good!” The screwing mounted to a crescendo, both totally out of control of their feelings, both completely lost in the pleasure of fucking and being fucked. Ultimately, of course, the climax was reached, Kenny discharging a second ?ood of cum into her as she surged up against him. This time, they did slump down, exhausted, both from the sexual release and from the easing of the tension that had built up through the evening.

They lay there quietly, sexual urges satis?ed for the moment, but only temporarily! Linda was still on a rosy cloud, savoring the evening’s excitement and her own unexpected role as beauty queen. It had been, almost certainly, the most exciting evening of her life and she had relished every minute. “Boy, I’m certainly glad I forgot that body stocking! Oh, that felt good, going out like that! I’ve never done anything like that before and,” hugging him, “I’d never have done it this time without you and the girls! I really shouldn’t have let you take those pictures of me afterwards, though! Gods, I can’t believe that I posed holding my skirt up without panties… what am I saying… with or without panties! And then, letting them pose me completely nude…..I still can’t believe I did that!”

Kenny’s replies were, as might be expected, highly complimentary and explicit, “You looked wonderful, and everyone at the Kennedy Center admired you and we certainly did! The way your tits stuck out through your dress would excite anyone! You even got the girls going… they actually showed their cunts off! I can’t wait until I can download those pictures and see them full size! Five cunts lined up, with you in the middle! Too bad we didn’t get their tits out too, but they probably didn’t want to show theirs next to yours.”

However, as they talked, niggling worries began and she asked, “Do you think that the girls have any idea of what we’re doing? After seeing me showing myself last night, letting them strip me, and then you doing that, they have every reason to think that something might have happened after they left! I certainly would in their place! They left us together with me completely naked and,” giggling a bit even though she was increasingly worried, “you obviously were ready! I can’t believe that they had you feel me! I think that they wanted us to do something — and, good heavens, you and I were really lost in it for a short time there. I was so hot that I think I would have done anything they told me to do! I think that part of me really wanted to do something in front of them! I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I knew what I was doing when I let my hand fall onto your cock. I…I wanted them to see me do it! It seemed like an exciting idea then, but now I wonder.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they believe that we are doing something, but l don’t know if they think that you would go all the way. If they say anything, though, I’ll tell them that you just went to bed and that we didn’t do anything, but I doubt that they would believe it! Look, Linda, after everything we all did yesterday, you have nothing to worry about. You’ve been so nice to everyone….taking us all to the concert, treating us like adults, not kids….they wouldn’t care what you did. In any case, they enjoyed everything as much as you, or I, did, and they encouraged you to do everything you did last night. Remember, they stripped you and posed you! I’ll bet they hope that I fuck you! They certainly did everything but tell us to! Now, quit worrying!” All this time he was fondling her breasts and stroking her cunt, and shortly afterwards, they ?nished the evening with a last, milder and relaxing screwing. Sleep followed quickly after a long, very pleasant day

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