The Summer of the Garden Boys Ch. 02

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Watching Brad fuck Lisa from behind was a tremendous turn on. Brad is a good enough looking guy, tan from the waist up, pale as snow from the waist down. Lisa is made-up good looking, though I was beginning to think that she would be even prettier without all the makeup. I didn’t really dwell on that thought, I was busy feeling growth of my now useful manhood as it pressed into the crack of Delinda’s ass. Delinda was transfixed by the sight of her older sister getting fucked in the standing position by my best friend, not five feet from where we lay on a sleeping bag in the middle of a ryegrass field outside of Garden, Oregon.

In a flash of clarity I could replay the last four hours of my life in a series of still photographs going by so quickly it was like a moving picture. First there was Delinda bringing down the wash in the summer evening. Then there was the four of us nearly skinny dipping in the nearby trout stream. Having a community dinner from the same frying pan. Losing my virginity under billions and billions of stars, and now watching two people I have known for the last eight years copulate, unashamed. Their passion was contagious. Even though Delinda and I had just completed our first sexual experience, I could feel a primal compulsion to do it again.

My cock was now fully engorged. It was pressed into the crack of her ass and I could feel her unconsciously rotating her hips to slide it along the crevice of her sex. I am excessively endowed, but Delinda is a good sport and very limber. She was able to accommodate my length and girth with just a little initial discomfort. Now she was rubbing her engorged clit along the last three inches of my cock that was protruding from between her clenched thighs. She grabbed the head of my newly used manhood and pressed it hard into her slit, separating her labia and pushing her clit even harder against my warm prick.

Her nails dug into the tender skin under my hood and I inhaled sharply. Delinda mistook this for a sign of pleasure and did it again.

“Ouch!” I said, reaching around her hip and grabbing her by the wrist. “That’s a little too tender for that!”

“I’m so sorry David,” she apologized. “Let me kiss it and make it better.”

She wasn’t being serious when she said that and I didn’t think she was actually insinuating that she would do it until she rolled me on my back and separated my knees to give her full access. While I watched Brad fucking Lisa, now Brad could watch Delinda licking my cock from tip to base. Lisa could have watched too if Brad hadn’t bent her over at the waist and caused her hair to fall around her face while he assaulted her from behind.

I was suddenly aware of the noises of the night. Crickets chirping, mosquitoes whining, frogs, bats softly fluttering, the sound of my best friend’s hips smacking my girlfriend’s sisters ass. I giggled. So did Brad. Pretty soon we were silently cracking each other up, each making phony fuck-faces for the amusement of the other. Brad had the whole porn star look, eyes lolling, lip frozen in a snarled animalistic Avrupalı porno passion, hair tossed in the breeze. I bit my lower lip and began to nod my head in time with Delinda’s mouth riding up and down on my shaft.

“Oh, yeah!” I mouthed at Brad.

This set us off again. It wasn’t that it was so funny, it was that we had never been laid before and now it didn’t seem like it was going to stop. Our laughter was just our exuberant expression of manhood. The girls either didn’t catch on or didn’t care. They never broke from their responsibilities of fuck toy and oral sex machine.

“I’m about to blow,” whispered Brad.

“Wait wait wait!” I whispered back.

I pulled Delinda’s mouth from my cock and pulled her on my chest. I kissed her deeply and pulled her thighs apart, allowing my cock to find it’s own way into her now stretched cunt. As I slid into her, she began to melt into my chest. It was awkward, but I managed to get to my knees and then to my feet without disengaging my cock from her pussy.

Brad and I faced each other from across the small grass clearing. He was still banging Lisa from behind, I was vertically engaged with Delinda, holding her tight to my chest as she clamped her long legs behind my waist. I moved my arms up and down and she moved up and down on my pole easily.

“Any time,” I mouthed at Brad.

He quickened his pace and so did I. I had never seen another man climax before, not even myself in a mirror. But I could tell he was ready to explode because I was too. He stopped screwing around and commenced to get on with real fucking. I was impaling Delinda over and over again, and my knees were buckling, a sure sign that an orgasm was building deep in my balls.

One final hard thrust and Brad locked Lisa’s ass to his groin. He was shivering with excitement as he pumped his seed deep into her womb.

I took a couple more upward stabs with my own cock and sweet release was my reward. I staggered and managed to fall in such a way that Delinda wasn’t hurt. She never left my cock. I rolled to my back and now she was back on my lap, fully engaged. I lifted my knees so she could rest.

She pulled her legs from under herself and lay back against my thighs. I could feel our secretions oozing past my shrinking shaft and into my pubic hair. So what, I could take a dip in the lake and get clean.

I looked over at Brad and Lisa. They had collapsed in a heap, also still engaged, him on top of her, on the sleeping bag next to us.

“That was really something,” said Delinda in a satiated dream voice.

“Ywam twa weally wath,” came a feminine response from under the pile of flesh next to us.

“Come again?” I asked.

“I said,” Lisa repeated after turning her head toward us and clearing the sleeping bag away so she could speak, “Yes, that really was.” And yes, I did too cum again.”

She giggled and wriggled until she could face Brad. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and began to kiss him deeply. Delinda and Video porno I watched, detached and aloof, only inches away.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I reached over and gave Brad’s ass cheeks a little cupping squeeze. It wasn’t a sexual gesture, more a recognition that our friendship had become more than close. Now we were intimate friends. He responded by reaching his hand over to the union of mine and Delinda’s crotches and wedging his hand into the intersection and giving me hand to cock contact, however slight.

Now the stakes had been raised. I couldn’t let him touch my cock and get away with it. I grabbed a handful of his testicles and gave a gentle squeeze. This brought an immediate reaction. He shoved his hand back between Delinda and I and fully circled my cock, giving it a quick jack.

I was getting aroused by this contact and it freaked me out. I pried Delinda off my dick and set her down gently next to me.

“I’m hot,” I declared standing up. “Anyone want to go for a swim?”

Brad stood up too, offering his hand to Lisa. I looked down and Delinda and I could tell by her smile that she knew I was embarrassed by what had transpired between Brad and myself. She slowly held out her hand to allow me to help her up as well. All the while she kept my gaze fixed in hers, silently assuring me that no lines had been crossed and that we were still very much a couple. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lead the way, Kimosabe” I said to Brad.

We all made our way down to the lake, two naked couples joined at the shoulders. At the water’s edge, Brad and I simply dove in. We had been here many times before. The lake wasn’t as clean as the trout stream, but it was much warmer. The girls picked their way into the water, slowly putting one foot in front of the other in the deep darkness.

We paddled about, splashing and laughing. Then Lisa said something about going to the bathroom and both she and Delinda slowly picked their way back out.

“Tree number one is closed for the summer,” I warned.

“Tree number two is for number one,” followed Brad.

“What about tree number three?” asked Lisa.

“Tree number three is for number two, but you’d better take a flashlight.” Brad and I both laughed. Lisa and Delinda did not. When they had walked far enough away, we both burst out laughing again.

“Dude,” Brad whispered, swimming close to me. “What’s up with cupping my ass?”

“Sorry, Bro,” I responded quietly. “I was just giving you an attaboy for, you know, the whole evening and shit. You didn’t have to touch my dick.”

“Yeah dude, sorry about that.”

“No problem.”

“No seriously, I didn’t mean to get carried away. I was just, you know, watching you fuck, and you know……”

Now he was swimming even closer.

“Bro, I know. Watching you fuck Lisa from behind was freaking hot as hell. I got wood harder than a beaver could bite.”

“I know dude, I saw it. It was a spectacle of nature.”

Now he was right in my face.

“Bro, are you going to grab my dick again?” I was treading water and I could feel his movements next to me, occasionally we touched thigh to thigh, legs spread as we kicked to stay afloat.

“I was thinking about that. Would you think I was queer?”

“After watching what you did to Lisa? No way.”

His legs snaked around my thighs and pulled me close to him. I could only sense how close our cocks were to touching underwater. I reached around him and pulled him even tighter until I could feel our two hard cocks rubbing. Even now I get hard remembering that skin on skin contact. We held that position until we nearly went under.

“Bro,” I whispered. “I ain’t gay. But you know I love you, right? If was any other night but tonight, I’d probably blow you or something, because we are best buds. But tonight we have these two incredible country girls. Let’s be cool.” (I’ll tell you the truth, I wasn’t nearly that coherent when I broke that first man on man sexual contact with Brad. But it’s my story and that’s the way I choose to remember it.)

“Yeah dude. We’ve got all summer.”

We broke apart and swam around until the girls finally came back.

“We aren’t getting back in,” Delinda explained. “You guys come out. Let’s have some more wine and watch for falling stars.”

Brad and I got out. We all walked back to the campsite, grabbed a couple more bottles of wine and made our way back to our sleeping bags. This time we laid them out in the same clearing. If there was going to be any more lovemaking, no one was going to be shy about it. We had left that barrier far behind.

Morning came and with it the dew. We let the girls sleep and I started the coffee. Brad and I went down to the trout stream and caught eight more trout. We were frying these with thick strips of country bacon and potatoes when the girls finally stirred. They came down from the ryegrass fields carrying all of our clothes and wearing the sleeping bags like royal robes. We split the fish, bacon and potatoes into the two pans, one for Brad and Lisa, one for Delinda and I. We drank coffee and ate like food had just been invented. By the time we were finished, it was time to get dressed. Even though we were crew bosses, we both had jobs to do. It was time to go to work.

“Do you girls want to stay here or head home?” Brad asked.

They opted for home. Brad drove Lisa and I took Delinda. We kissed them lightly and left them at their gate, making them each promise to meet us for lunch at the Garden Store & Tavern. Then Brad went north to the warehouse where his crew would assemble and I went west to the barns where my crew would arrive shortly.

It proved to be a long morning for the Garden Boys. It was going to be an even longer afternoon. But this wondrous and exciting summer would pass in a blink of an eye. I would never again feel that way about another three human beings that weren’t my flesh and blood. As I drove away, watching Delinda in my rearview mirror as she waved at me, I knew that I needed to lock that image in my mind forever. It was going to always be the moment that I knew I was in love for the first and last time.

But before we get to the marrying part, there was a whole summer of firsts to experience. I’ll tell you about some of those next time. Good night.

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