The Talk of the Neighborhood Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

I hadn’t had a lot of accidental nudity back when I lived with my Mom and sister Paula. At least there hadn’t been a lot from my end at that point. I was 21, and home from school one last time before graduation that year. With my Mom and Paula around, my eyes were kept rather busy.

They were both my kind of women. Mom was the taller of the two, but Paula was fascinating in her own right. I’d done the usual checking out of their lingerie drawers at one point and found out they both had 36DD tits. Being a boob guy, that fascinated me of course.

Mom usually kept hers strapped down with a heavy duty bra, but Paula was another story. She was 18 at the time, and what Mom used to call “a free spirit.” I always thought that was a nice way to say slut, but maybe that was me projecting.

Paula had the typical teenager thing going, and usually left her bra in the drawer at home. That meant every time she’d walk into the room I had some serious eye candy.

Those big boys would be bouncing with every step, and her nipples were what caught my eye. They were slightly upturned and always hard. I couldn’t remember ever seeing her any other way, and I wasn’t complaining at all. Although I’d usually cross my legs at that point to hide a hard cock.

Mom got to me occasionally too. Usually it was when she had a day off and she’d be out by the pool working on her tan. Her favorite suit was a white bikini that she could still pull off at her age. I can’t tell you how many times I’d be in my room looking out at the pool as she laid out there. She always laid on her stomach with the top undone. I got the whole tan line thing, but the entire time she’d be leaning up on her elbows reading something or the other. I would sit there mentally willing her to lean up just a bit more, but it never happened. I could see most of her tits from there, but not the nipples and it made me crazy.

One days events changed things for me that summer. I was getting ready for a date with my old friend Linda that evening. I soaped up in the shower, and the one eyed monster came to life. At that point I was hoping that Linda would finally put out for me. We’d gotten close while parking out on the old dirt road. She was a busty thing too, and a few days earlier I’d gotten those tits of hers naked and in my hands for the first time.

That was what was running through my mind that day. Normally I would have just soaped up and jerked off, but that day I didn’t. Still the images in my mind got me good and hard. So I rinsed off and climbed out to dry off.

I’d just finished rubbing my body dry when it happened. I tossed the wet towel aside and turned to grab a dry one to wrap around my waist. Paula chose that exact moment to walk in on me in all my glory.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Chris.” Then silence. I looked up to see her eyes fixed on my hard cock. She was staring, plain and simple. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open. Since the damage was done, I didn’t hurry when I reached for the dry towel.

“Don’t worry about it Paula. It was bound to happen sometime. At least you didn’t catch me jerking off “

Her eyes came up to mine, and I could see by the look on her face that she was thinking about that right then. I smiled and wrapped the towel around my hips. As I squeezed past her at the door I told her, “It’s all yours.”

I meant the bathroom of course, but she took it differently. I found that out later though.

I’d gotten dressed and was ready to head out for what I hoped would be an exciting evening. I heard Paula’s voice in her room through the wall separating us. That wasn’t unusual; she was always yapping at one of her friends on her phone.

Her door was slightly open when I walked into the hallway that evening. It was open enough for me to hear her say, “You should have seen it. It was hard and that sucker was huge! I’ll bet it was 12 inches!”

I smiled to myself. Not quite, but I was close. I had 9 inches that was nice and thick when it was hard which was most of the time. Then I heard her say, “It’s even bigger than Mom’s vibrator. You remember seeing that don’t you?” She was silent and then told her friend, “He’s definitely bigger than that.”

Mom had a vibrator huh? That was interesting news. My cock stirred as I imagined Mom in her bedroom. It was dark naturally, and she picked up that buzzing toy. My imagination would have went farther right then if it hadn’t been for my sister’s next sentence.

“What do you mean would I do him?” She paused and then said, “I know I know. You fuck your brother. And Lori is doing her Dad. I get it. But who knows if Chris is even interested in me?”

That raised my eyebrows. As did what she said next.

“Ok, in that scenario? I’d do it in a heartbeat.” She listened and then sighed. “You’re such a horny little slut. You want to hear it? Fine. Yes, I’d let my big brother fuck me. I’d let him pound my pussy and he could cum anywhere he wants. Yes, even in my mouth.” She was silent for a moment and then laughed.

“Lisa, at least I don’t let my brother Girne Escort fuck my ass. I’d be walking funny for a week!”

Heading out was the thing to do then, so I slipped down the hall silently smiling to myself. I had to find out more about that phone call.

Linda and I gave her parents the usual story that night. We were going to get some pizza. As we got into my car I was grinning.

“What’s so funny Chris?”

“Pizza.” I smiled. “You could say I’m hoping to get a pizza.”

Linda just rolled her eyes at that. “You’re impossible Chris. Just impossible.”

She scooted over next to me, close enough that I could put an arm around her. She knew what was coming then of course. My hand was at the perfect level to play with her nice full C cups.

As I drove my hand was in her shirt and had slipped into her bra. I was playing with some nice hard nipples as we drove, and she surprised me that evening. Her hand usually rested on my thigh, but that evening it was sliding up and down it slowly as we drove slowly down the road. I don’t know if it was by accident or not, but her soft hand eventually found my lap and rubbed across my hard shaft.

I turned and whispered to her. “You have no idea how good that feels right now Linda.”

“You do seem a little extra horny today. What’s up with that?”

I was smart enough at least not to tell her the truth. “It’s the company tonight.”

I found the parking spot, and moments later we were kissing passionately. Her tongue was in my mouth as my fingers undid the buttons of her blouse. She’d worn my favorite front latch bra that night, so as her hand rubbed my shaft through my jeans, I finished things up and pulled her shirt apart.

She laid back on the seat giving me access to those tits. I kissed my way down her neck and across those tits to her hard little nipples. I sucked them into my mouth, listening to her gasp as I did. That was another first, and things looked good that night.

I decided to go for it, so I kissed lower and lower working my way down her body. My tongue was licking right above her jeans when I heard her say, “Chris, stop.”

I gritted my teeth and took a deep breath. “What’s wrong Linda?”

“You know I don’t want my first time to be in a car. Besides, there’s other things we can do you know.”

I sighed then. “No there aren’t Linda. You tried, remember?”

She’d tried giving me a blowjob one night. It was obviously her first, and between her gagging on my cock and her inexperience, I’d been amazed I’d cum at all. That was another problem of course. She’d swallowed the first shot simply from reflex and found she didn’t like the taste at all. So the rest she caught in her mouth, and after it was finished she spit right out the passenger door.

So that was off limits now. I leaned back against my driver door, frustrated again. Linda leaned over herself, rubbing the bulge in the front of my jeans again.

“What if I used my hands Chris? Would that do it?”

“I’ve never cum from a hand job Linda.” I reached down and unzipped, hauling out my hard cock. “Go ahead and try though.”

She eventually gave up after I wore her out. She looked sad as she started to get dressed. “You should take me home Chris.”

I did, and she rode looking out her window the entire way. When I pulled into her drive, she leaned over quickly and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Goodnight Chris.” She climbed out and headed for the house not looking back at all. I smiled sadly and said, “Goodbye Linda.”

I stopped at the only liquor store in town on the way home and picked up a 6 pack of beer. The way I drank that would last me a month. But that night I wanted a cold one.

I was swinging on the porch swing and was about halfway through my beer when the door opened. I looked over and saw Paula coming out.

She’d obviously been in bed. She had on the usual; an old t-shirt and panties. She’d found my beer though. She had one in her hand as she came out to swing with me.

“Is everything ok Chris?” She really looked concerned.

“Not really Paula. It was a really bad night tonight.”

“Linda again?”

“Yeah. It’s over I guess.”

“So what happened?”

I told her everything. When I’d finished she had a question.

“So you guys broke up just because she wouldn’t put out?”

“She was hot and ready the first night. At least according to her. Then she started putting me off again and again. I’m so tired of her favorite line.”

“What’s that?”

“Just think what you have to look forward to next time. It’s always next time.”

“I’m so sorry Chris.” She was too; I could hear that in her voice. We both took a drink and then I opened my big mouth.

“By the way, it’s 9 inches not 12.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I heard you talking to Lisa. My cock is 9 inches, not 12. Just in case she wants to know.”

Paula turned pale. “How much did you hear?”

“Let’s see. Lisa is fucking her brother, and someone is doing Magosa Escort their Dad.”

“Oh God. Is that all?”

“No. I heard you say you’d do me too. But you were agreeing to some scenario that I couldn’t hear. So what was that?”

I could see Paula blush even in the low light. “She asked me if I’d do it if there was no way I’d get caught.”

“And you said yes. So tell me, who would catch you? Mom?”

“I guess. That wouldn’t be good.”

I agreed. “But why would it have to happen at home? That’s why God invented dirt roads you know.”

The slight smile was all I needed right then. “So what do you think Paula? Want to go for a ride with your big brother right now?”

I saw her take a deep breath and then she nodded almost imperceptibly. “Then let’s go.”

We climbed into the car and I watched as she buckled in. That seat belt split those huge tits perfectly, making them stand out even more than usual. I smiled at the sight.

“What? What are you smiling at?”

“I was just imagining what you’d look like buckled in there, but without the shirt.”

Paula smiled at that too. “Well, you may find out yet.”

I started the car and headed out of the drive with my lights out. I turned them on halfway down the block just in case. Then I pointed the car toward the countryside.

I was heading for my favorite place. It was an old abandoned gravel pit, and I’d gotten laid there more times than I could count. Paula smiled when I backed in and shut off the car and lights.

I turned to her, taking in her body. “So……. here we are.”

“Yes we are.” She unbuckled and turned to face me. “So how do we do this Chris?”

“How would you do it with any other guy?”

“We’d make out first. But isn’t kissing my brother kind of weird?”

I laughed. “Paula, you’re going to be naked soon. And your brother is going to fuck you silly. And you think kissing me is strange?”

She laughed, seeing my point. “You’re right Chris.”

She scooted across the seat until she was right next to me. I leaned in before she could change her mind and our lips met for the first time. After several tentative kisses, her mouth opened and her tongue slipped into my mouth.

My sister could kiss, and after a few moments of enjoying her mouth, my hand started exploring. It was on her side at the time, and it slowly slid up until I was cupping one of those incredible tits.

I was teasing her nipple when her hand dropped to my thigh. I felt it start to slowly move then, stroking up and down my leg.

My hand slipped down and under her shirt finding one of those bare breasts just as her hand found my cock. She finally broke off the kiss and said, “Fuck Chris. That is bigger than Mom’s toy. And thick too!”

“Thank you.” I squeezed one of those big tits, making her gasp. “These are the most incredible tits I’ve ever laid hands on.”

She smiled and pulled back then. I got to watch as her shirt came up and off, revealing those tits for the first time. I took in the awesome sight. Big full tits topped with slightly upturned hard pink nipples.

I pulled my own shirt off then and watched as her panties slipped down her legs. I reached for my belt then, but she stopped me.

“Let me do that Chris.”

I turned toward her, leaning back against the door. I was watching again as my naked sister reached for my belt. The button and zipper were next, and Paula was pulling my jeans down my legs.

My rock hard 9 inches sprang free, almost hitting her in the nose. I heard her giggle and then say, “You might just get me hooked on this Chris. You know that don’t you?*

“We’ve got all summer to find out. Go ahead, play with it.”

Paula wrapped a small hand around me, stroking me gently. I’ve got to admit that was kind of hot. It helped of course that my sister was doing it.

She surprised me slightly by leaning forward and sucking my cock into her mouth. I had no real idea how much experience she’d had at that point, so she’d either done that a lot or she was a natural. She started slow, enjoying the feeling of my shaft sliding between her soft lips. She saw me watching her every move and let my shaft slip out of her mouth.

“So how’s that? Better than Linda?”

I nodded. It was plain to see that she was. “The question is, do you swallow?”

“Why don’t we find out?” She went back to work on me then, eventually taking about three quarters of my shaft. Her hand pumped the rest as she sucked for my cum that evening.

My eyes were everywhere that evening. I was watching her lips sliding down me. I could see and feel those tits on me too. Finally though I got to see exactly what I wanted right then.

Those soft lips slid down my shiny shaft and that’s all I could take. I pumped my load into my sister’s hot mouth. Her eyes opened wide as my sticky cum splashed over her tongue and coated her mouth.

I watched my sister gulp down my cum, answering my question right then and there. She took my huge load and happily Kıbrıs Escort swallowed it all for me. She was just about ready to pop up and let my cock escape her mouth when I told her, “Keep going. Give me a few minutes.”

She did until I finally stopped her. “That’s perfect. Now lay back.”

When she did I slowly slid up her body, pausing of course to play with those nipples under me. I finally continued up, leaning over her body and looking down at her face.

“So what now Chris?”

“That’s completely up to you kid.” I moved my hips slightly, bringing the head of my hard cock right to her pussy. When it touched her i felt her body jerk slightly.

“That was an incredible blowjob Paula. But now it’s time for the real thing. So I’m going to leave it up to you. If you’re not sure about going on down this road, just let me know. If you are though, just reach down and guide my cock right into that soaking wet pussy of yours. It’s your call. What do you want to do?”

She looked at me for a few moments, and her hand finally moved. I felt it wrap around my shaft, pulling me into her hot pussy.

When the head of my shaft popped into her, we both gasped in pleasure. My hips moved then, driving my length slowly into her tight little pussy. I figured she hadn’t done someone as big as me before, and I was right. She kept going though until she got every inch of my buried in her.

Balls deep in my sister I stopped and held still.

“So how’s that feel Paula?”

“Chris, you’ve touched places I’ve never had touched before. It feels incredible!”

“It gets better, believe me.” I slid slowly out, then back in deep again making her moan. We soon fell into a rhythm, her body thrashing under mine.

Her tits were pressed against my chest the first time she came all over my cock. She buried her fingernails in my ass as her body shook, holding me in place. She gasped for air, finally catching her breath. When she was ready to go again I decided to tease her again.

My shaft was buried in her and her hips started moving again slowly under me. I was still though, then I looked down at her.

“Tell me exactly what you want Paula. I want to hear that little mouth say it.”

Her mouth was by my ear when she whispered, “I want just what you’re doing Chris. I want you to fuck your little sister. I want that big thick cock to make me cum again and again. And I want you to fill me up with your cum.”

She looked up at me and smiled. “Make my pussy yours big brother. Fuck me hard, just like you’ve always wanted to.”

So I did, slamming that pussy so hard her huge tits were shaking. She reached up to hold them, then realized that playing with them would turn me on even more. I watched her under me as she pinched her nipples for me, smiling the entire time.

“Here it comes little sister.”

A few deep hard thrusts later, I shot my load into her for the first time. It was even better than her mouth. I could just picture all that creamy cum filling that hot tight pussy, and that made things even more intense.

When I’d finished, I laid there on top of her, savoring that pussy wrapped around my shaft. Paula looked up at me and said, “Chris, that felt like a fire hose going off. Damn you cum a lot!”

“Present company inspired me.” I slid slowly out of her, and we sat there checking each other out. I finally smiled and said, “I should get you home now. Otherwise we’re going to be here all night.”

“I wouldn’t complain, although that might be hard to explain to Mom.” I nodded. That was exactly my thought behind it. As I got dressed I laughed and said, “Hey. Now you’ve got a story for Lisa anyway.”

“That I do. You know once she hears about it she’s probably going to want to fuck you too.”

“She’s not really my type you know, but that might be fun. Does she really let her brother fuck her ass?”

Paula nodded. “The most interesting thing about that is she apparently loves it.”

I’d met a few women in my life that enjoyed it, but most didn’t. “Bet she’d have fun taking mine that way.”

“I can’t even imagine that. With one that size that is.”

“It just takes patience and a lot of lube of course.”

We headed home then. As I pulled into the driveway I told Paula, “We’ve got to find places closer to home to do this.”

She arched an eyebrow and asked, “What makes you think we will again?”

I was at a loss for words. I stammered for a moment and saw her laugh.

“I’m kidding Chris.” She snuggled against me in the dark driveway and said, “Of course we’re doing this again. All summer long.”

The next few days were amazing. We found places around the house for fun, especially during the day when Mom was gone. One memorable night she even snuck into my room and rode me. I remember that plain as day. Those huge tits bouncing in front of me as she took my cum again.

Then came my surprise. Paula didn’t even warn me about it. I came home one afternoon after hanging out with friends to find she wasn’t alone. I found her hanging out with her friend Lisa.

Lisa was the typical 18 year old on our block. She was taller and thin, with nice B cup tits. I preferred larger of course, but they worked on her.

Paula gave me the cat that swallowed the canary smile then. “Chris, you remember Lisa don’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32