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I was a hard day at work for both of us. I got home fed the kids and got them ready for bed. You had to work somewhat late and you called and told me you were on your way home. I waited to put the kids to sleep until you came home to say good night. You came home and I kissed you intensely and ground my hips into your cock so you would know that I love you and wanted more than just dinner tonight. You said good night to the kids and I told you I had a glass of wine ready for you in the kitchen to help you relax. You grinned at me and went up stairs to get comfortable and than headed down stairs while I put the kids to bed.

You took your glass of wine sat to the couch and kicked your legs up. You were so comfortable. Once you walked through the door and saw me all the stress and outside stuff just melted away. For the first time in your life you were so content and happy to be home. No worries about conflict or yelling about things that don’t matter. Now you had the women you love more than you could possibly explain greet you lovingly and erotically at the door. You thought to yourself, well I did get a blow-job this morning and I fucked her in the shower. She wants more. You grinned and started day dreaming about me and you could feel an erection emerging under your robe. You thought why did I settle for less. I deserve this happiness and level of love. To feel that someone finds me sexy, trusts me, wants me and loves me to a level of this intensity is what I have longed for since I was a boy.

Your mind kept wandering to that point where the first time you completed surrendered to her. The grin turned into a complete smile and the erection was throbbing. It was the most gentle and loving action I ever felt, he thought. He knew that after he surrendered to her and allowed her to fuck him that he was bound to her forever. You thought that taking her virginity anally was like nothing you ever felt before but having her make love to me, well that tops it all. For a moment you were there. The hotel room in which you lost your self to the woman you loved and your virginity. Her body was completely naked and glowing from the first time we made love when we got there. She was content, so aroused from the many orgasms I gave her. I was lying on my back. She ran her fingers down my neck, through my torso and down to my toes. She was now at the foot of the bed massaging my feet and sucking my toes. She slowly worked herself up to my cock.

She spread my legs apart and started lightly touching my balls. I could feel the shots of pleasure flowing through my body. She lowered her head, allowing her soft curly bahis firmaları hair rest on my cock. As she started licking and sucking my balls I felt her hair tickle me. It felt so good. I could feel that tongue just lap up my balls and make them tighten with every stroke. My cock started to get hard and after a few moments I felt like I was ready to explode and she knew it. She placed one hand on my anus bud and began lightly touching me, smiling at my reaction as she watched me squirm. I just loved it when she watched me. She took control of the moment, which pleased me greatly. She placed my hard cock into that warm loving mouth and tightened her lips. I felt her take my cock so deep inside her mouth that I felt as though she had swallowed me completed. With her mouth pumping on my cock quickly, than one hand holding tightly my cock, and the other hand slowly entering my anus. Wow, what pleasure and excitement I was having. I could feel the love and desire she had for me. She wanted to please me, make me feel like I have never felt before. And she didn’t know it but every time they were together was like nothing I ever felt.

As she was sucking my cock, she stuck one finger in at first and started fucking me. I pushed into it with the need and the want of more. Than it was two fingers, oh, how wonderful that felt. I could feel the beginning of this warming sensation starting at my toes. I wanted her to fuck me, to surrender to her and give someone controls for the first time ever. By surrendering my soul to her would bring me one step closer to making our relationship a permanent union that could never be broken. I started to moan and grab her hair as I rocked back and forth with the motion of her fingers inside me. I whispered to her as pre-cum was released into her mouth. My baby, please fuck me, show me what it is to be totally loved by you.

Without hesitation she got up and got the two-headed toy that would do the trick. First she kissed me for a while. Our tongues darting out of each other’s mouth forcefully. When she was done with that she asked me to watch. At first she took my hand so that I could feel just how her clitoris was throbbing and that the wetness between her legs was slick. I could tell that the actions she was performing on me really excited her. After I touched her she put my fingers in my mouth so I could taste her. She than kneeled, opened her self to me and started touching herself while I watched. My cock had never felt this hard. It was incredible just how far she could take me. She was in my mind. She knew what to do and what I wanted. She started to moan and I talked dirty kaçak iddaa to her as she was ready to climax. She screamed with pleasure. I saw her cum. There was such an explosion that it was dripping down her leg. She took her finger and wiped it from her leg and than stuck it in her mouth. She was just getting started.

She placed one end of the double-headed toy into herself and started pumping it in order to lubricate it. Before she pulled it out she put lubricant on my anus and stuck her finger in to make sure the pressure would not cause me any pain or discomfort. She pulled the end of the toy out from inside her and slowly started entering it into me. I could feel that warming sensation again but this time it was different, because this time it was my entire being. I could feel this cock inside of me and it was coming from the women I totally trust and adore. I was allowing myself to be made love to and surrendering all that I am to her. To know what it feels like to have someone who loves you give you the most instance pleasure that you just can’t explain.

I was watching her next move with intense anticipation. First she leaned over and put her tits in my mouth, one at time. She commanded me to suck them hard and bite them. She was moaning with pleasure. Her wetness was still dripping as she straddled my leg and I sucked hard on her tits. One of her hands was supporting her while the other on grabbed the toy and began to fuck me. Oh, I had never felt such pleasure and it was incredible. I was not only getting pleasure from me sucking her tits but I was being fucked too. I could feel the enormous amount of ecstasy running through my entire body. She demanded that I stop sucking her tits and told me to watch what was next. My cock let out pre-cum and stiffened with anticipation.

She placed my legs on her shoulders so that my body was on an angle. She took the other end of the double dildo and slid it deep inside her. She gasped with excitement as we both could hear the sound we hear when she is really wet and I plunged my cock hard into her. Immediately she started the rhythm of rocking back and forth, allowing the dildo to fuck her at the same time she was fucking me and I watched.

I watched her amazing waif like slender body took control. Her nipples erect. Her flat stomach and slender hips were perfect. Her hips and wet pussy were hitting my balls as I also couldn’t help but want more. I was excited beyond recognition. Surrendering was more than I ever imagined. She commanded me to masturbate while she was fucking me. I told her I would if only she would fuck me harder. We both obliged. As kaçak bahis I stroked my cock steadily watching this angel I adored fucking me and allowing her self to completely let go of every inhibition. Just watching this act of amazement made my cock grow even harder. The faster I pumped on my cock the faster she screwed the toy into both of us. A sudden waft of chills and numbness raced through every inch of my body and soul. I could see in her eyes that she felt the same sensation I was feeling.

We moaned and gasped, as we both were about to explode. But before I had a chance to explode she removed the dildo from herself. Slide my stiff, hard cock inside her with her back to me. She used her hand to continue to fuck me with the dildo. In turn I stuck my finger up that beautifully firm ass of hers and butt fucked her too. She screamed and came on top of me. There was the start of a puddle that would be a river of my lovers cum.

Oh, my God, I screamed and I kept saying ride me baby, that’s my girl. The numbness increased as I felt her clench down on my cock tightly. I could feel her orgasms one after another and boy did that excite me even more. The pleasure was just to overwhelming to bare and I came once with such force that I thought it was impossible for me to feel this good. My eyes closed, my body stiffened and I followed up this several more slots of cum deep inside her. I must of died and gone to heaven I thought. I opened my eyes and there she sat with that great ass facing me. Not only did I explode but also she was trembling from her orgasms. I could feel her moisture just trickling down the sides of my hips. I sighed and told her how much I loved her. She was right this did bring us even closer and there was no turning back on a future together. The mixture of love and sex could not be separated between to two actions. They were combined together and allowed us to join so completely and freely. What great thoughts I was thinking about. I started to smile and I could feel a very hard cock and desire to be fucked once more.

Once I put the boys to bed, I came down the stairs and saw that content look on your face that makes me warm and tingly. I could see you totally relaxing with your eyes closed and I noticed a tent starting to form under your robe. I took off all my clothes in the entryway and tip toed down to the couch. I opened your robe and laid on top of you. I could feel the desire and need to satisfy both of us. I asked you, what is your desire? You expressed a desire to get out your favorite toy and have me fuck you hard and deep. I said I love you so much and it would be my pleasure and let’s not be as loud like the last time. We definitely don’t want to be interrupted if we wake up the kids. We both smiled and headed upstairs to make love to each other the complete way we have always dreamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32