Your Dream Girl

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This is for a very special man in my life. I have very special feelings for this man.

I’m at home getting ready right now. I’m going to visit you in your dream.

I’m stepping out of the shower and drying off. I dust myself with scented powder.

I plan on wearing nylons, (Not pantyhose. Men love nylons.) red thong panties, a red lacy bra, red spike heels and my new red dress. I guess I’ll look like a Valentine for my sweetheart, all wrapped in red.

Only two men have seen me in this dress, Elvis. Now, you’re going to be number three.

You greet me at the door and invite me in. We walk into the living room and I ask you to sit in the center of the couch. You do.

There’s no need for idle talk or preliminaries. You know why I’m here and I know what you want. No need to talk about it.

I tell you not to talk to me or touch me unless told to. Unless, I allow you to.

I’m standing about five feet in front of you and unbutton my dress. I let it fall to the floor. I like the slight grin you have on your face. You approve of my tiny body. I sit on the edge of the coffee table and cross my leg over my knee and remove my heel. Then I do the same for the other heel.

I stand up and walk over to you and ask you to stand up. I pull your t-shirt over your head and toss it aside. Very nice upper body. Nice wide shoulders, you are very thick through your chest and arms. I like a powerful man. You reach out to touch me and I slap your hand. “NO touching, Elvis.” Then I kneel down in front of you and unbuckle your belt and pants, pull your zipper down and slide your pants down to the floor. You automatically step out of them. I like the bulging thigh and calf muscles. You retain nearly all of the muscle definition you had as a football player. You are very impressive.

You only have your boxer shorts on. A slight tent is developing. I’m having some effect on you.

I ask you to sit back down and scootch your butt forward a bit.

I stand up on the couch, straddling you and slowly lower myself onto your lap. Your hand starts to carress my thigh and I slap your face. Not hard, but firmly. You are very surprised. “NO touching, Elvis.” I ask you to unsnap my bra. You reach around behind me to unsnap it but, surprise, the single hook is in front. You get the hook undone and open the cups very slowly. You want to enjoy the view of these two tasty looking morsels. My nipples are still soft, I’m not aroused yet.

You set my bra aside.

I ask you if you might care to taste the nipple. You smile and nod your head. I offer you a quick taste of each nipple, stand up and step off of the couch.

I stand to one side of the coffee table and raise my right foot onto it. I slowly peal my stocking down, much the same as a man would peel a condom from his penis. Only a small portion of the stocking bursa escort bayan remains and I walk over to you and put my foot on your leg and tell you to remove it the rest of the way. I walk back to the coffee table and repeat this again with my left leg. Once again you remove my stocking.

Now I step up on the coffee table. I’m wearing only my panties. I turn slowly, my back to you, spread my legs slightly and bend over just a bit. I grasp my side strings and slowly shimmy the panties over my butt and down my legs, letting them drop to the table. I spread my legs more and bend over completely. Your boxers are fully tented now. I know you want to rub yourself. You need to rub yourself to get some pleasure from the tormenting that you’re receiving.

I start running my hands up and down the inside of my legs, from my knees to my pussy. I run my finger around my anus ring and up to my pussy entrance. My finger dives into my honey pot to the first knuckle. I pull it out and taste it.

“Elvis, my finger tastes so good. Would you like a taste?” You get that silly grin on your face once again and nod your head. “Elvis, stand up and drop your boxers… OH, very nice Elvis. Very impressive.” You are rock hard. A very nice, thick rod. I hope your not to big for my little pussy hole. I ask you to sit back down.

I step off the table and get up on the couch straddling you once again. “Do you want a taste Elvis?” I lean into you putting my pussy right up to your face. You start licking the front of my pussy.

“Elvis, that feels very good. Oh, that feels so good.”

You cup my butt cheeks with your hands to pull me in tighter so that you can bury your tongue deeper. I slap your face once again. Hard this time. Now you have fire in your eyes. I really stung your face and you didn’t like it one bit. “Elvis, no touching unless I tell you to.” The fire is still in your eyes. I like that.

I pull away and stand down to the floor and kneel between your legs. You open your knees, allowing me access to your privates. I rub the inside of your legs from your knees to your crotch. I know you want me to touch your cock. I grab your scrotum with my finger nails and gently tug. A bit harder. Now harder. You’re showing some discomfort. I let go. You relax.

Now I run my finger nails up and down the shaft of your cock, concentrating on the very tender head. You’re experiencing discomfort once again. I stop and lower my mouth over the shaft. Aawww. You like that.

I raise my mouth off the shaft and attack your scrotum again, digging in with my nails and pulling hard. This time it really hurts. There’s that fire in your eyes again. You’re getting angry.

“Elvis, you’ll get your chance soon enough.”

I start running my nails up and down the shaft again. Same scenario. I concentrate on the gorukle escort sensitive head. Pain. Once again I suck your cock for your pleasure.

Once again I get back up on the couch straddling you. Now I lower myself down onto your cock head. Slowly lowering myself all the way down.

“Elvis, your cock is so big right now. When you finally get on top of me, please be gentle. I don’t want you to hurt me.” I smile at you.

Oh, what a devil smile you have on your face. You want to hurt me a little bit now. A small payback for my slapping you.

I bob up and down a few times on your shaft. You can’t take your eyes off my titties. Those firm little morsels bounce just the way you like them to. Oh, they are so beautiful, you think to youself. I reach around behind me and tug and massage your scrotum. You seem to like that and also the way my reaching behind me arches my back and points my boobs out. You want a taste of some titty, but you know better than to try.

I climb off and take your hand and lead you into your bedroom. The very same room you share with your wife.

“Elvis, do you think Debbie is doing any of the same things with another man that I’m doing to you right now? Would you be jealous if she was? Would Debbie be jealous of you if she knew what we were doing?”

“Elvis, I’m yours now, do whatever you please.”

You lay me down on my back and lay between my legs. We kiss very deeply, caressing one anothers face. You kiss my neck. Then move down to my breasts. Oh, that feels great. You are doing just the right things. Massaging with your strong hands and softly suckling the meat of my breast, moving onto the nipple. Swirling your tongue around and around the nipple and softlly sucking it. You increase the amount of sucking on my nipple to the point of pain. It is burning. Oh God that feels good.

“Oh Elvis don’t stop.” But you do as you move down my tummy towards my little slit.

I trimmed my pubic hair especially for you tonight, for this very moment. A very narrow patch of hair is remaining. Almost like an arrow pointing the way to where I want you to land.

You work the very top of my mound, teasing my clit with short stabs of your tongue. Swirling it around and around. Short dives into my passage and then back to the top. This entire time you are using your thumb to circle the pucker of my anus.

“Elvis, come up here and fuck me.” You continue teasing me with your tongue. I reach down and grab your hair and try to pull you up. “Elvis, I need it now, please” You only ignore me. Your tongue is still working, doing its job on my pussy. I grab your ears and pull hard. You have a devilish look on your face. I guess that was a payback for slapping you earlier.

You slowly kiss my tummy on the way up. I’m burning inside. I need you now. bursa merkez escort bayan You move up to my tits and kiss them briefly. We kiss again and you park your cock at my entrance. “Please Elvis, fuck me.” You only smile. “Elvis please, please fuck me.”

My wish is granted. You start pushing your way in. It’s tight because you are so big. I know you are excited, I only hope you can last until I’m done.

I guess you’re in about half way. You suddenly plunge it in hard. Our pelvic bones hit hard. OW. “Elvis that hurt.” You smile. You start pulling out and plunging in. Not as hard as the first one, but hard enough my tits are jiggling. You like watching them jiggle. I’m beginning to enjoy this slightly rough sex. I’m starting to feel an orgasm cumming on because of the rough fuck.

“Elvis, stop pumping and just hold all the way in and up against me. Grind your pelvis into me, Elvis. Just grind. Oh my, I’m cumming. OOHHH Godddd. mmmm. That was very nice. Very nice.”

“I hope you have some more left, Big Guy, cause I’m far from done.”

After three more outstanding orgasms, I’m done.

“Elvis, you are a very good lover. You are very considerate to think of me and my fun.”

You roll off me and easily pull me on top of you.You are very strong. We deep kiss some more. I slide down to your penis and stroke it slowly and softly. I very gently scratch your sac and cock. I start sucking you again. Running my tongue up and down the entire length of the shaft. I look up at you and you are watching me. I take your cock in my mouth and smile at you and continue sucking. I work my way up your body and kiss you on your lips. I line your cock up with my slit and push down on it, joining us as one. I bring my knees up so that I’m squatting on you and start humping up and down. My titties are jiggling again. I stop humping and take a nipple in each hand and start rolling them between my fingers. You like watching me play with myself.

I lean back, supporting myself on your leg and you rub my tummy and tits. You start rolling my nipples and I have another small orgasm.

You put me on my back and get between my legs. You are very ready. You enter me and raise up slightly on your toes and ask me to close my legs, thus gripping your testicles between my thighs and your cock tightly in my pussy. I start dirty talking in your ear and you begin picking up the pace. You won’t last long now. I can feel you swelling and now the spasms start. You are pumping your hot cum into my little hole. The spasms have subsided and your cock is shrinking. I roll you off of me and softly suck on the cockhead. It’s very sensitive now so I dare not be to rough with it. Another small amount of cum leaks out and onto my tongue. I haven’t tasted very many men, but yours is just fine.

We continue to cuddle for awhile and you fall asleep. I get up, dress and leave.

When you awake you’re not sure if I was a dream or for real. You go out to the living room and there is a tiny, lacy red bra on the couch. You pick it up and hold it to your nose. You can smell the scented powder that I had applied earlier.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32