Zipper Sex

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“It’s your turn, Cheryl,” Jill said, turning to me with a devilish grin. Amy and Lisa looked on with anticipation. Lisa already had a serious case of bedroom eyes. I looked into my wine glass and took a sip, keeping my eyes down. I could feel myself blushing.

“Come on,” Jill cajoled, “we’ve all done ours!”

I took a deep breath. “OK, but this has to stay in this room,” I said.*

“This stuff better fuckin’ stay in this room after what I just told you!” Amy snorted.

“In this room,” Jill agreed, “And maybe on spring break!” she winked.

I could feel myself blush again.

“OK,” I began, taking another sip, “Do any of you know what zipper sex is?”

“Isn’t that like sex with a total stranger or something?” Jill volunteered. Amy’s eyes bugged out at the idea.

“Yeah, its something like that. I’m not really sure what the real definition is,” I continued.

“You want to do it with a stranger?” Lisa asked.

“Hush, let Cheryl tell it at her own pace,” Jill said.

I took another deep breath.

“OK, so here is what happened. Do you remember that girl in my quad, Tina?”

“Yeah, she went to France?”

“Yeah, well she and I were hanging out for awhile. One night we were drinking a little, and she told me that her fantasy was to have some guy that she didn’t know walk into her room and do it with her. She admitted that it would have to be carefully arranged so she wouldn’t try to kill the guy, but she thought it would be super hot. I found myself agreeing to set it up for her.” I paused to collect my thoughts.

“The next evening we hung out again. I was sure those ideas were just drunk talk, but later that night just before she left, she brought it up again. Our other two quad mates would be gone the weekend after next, and she thought that would be the perfect time to do it. I didn’t know what to think. I really didn’t have anyone in mind, but she clearly expected me to produce someone. I consented to give it the ‘old college try’. I thought about it a little and then forgot about it. The very next day I had it—the guy should be from another school so things wouldn’t get too weird—and I knew just the guy.

“My ex went to a university in the next state. While hanging out with him, I had become acquainted with one of his buddies, a nice and handsome guy named Brett. I don’t know why I settled on him, but he seemed like a good fit for Tina’s stranger. I called him up. I introduced myself, and he seemed to remember me.”

I giggled as I recalled the phone conversation.

“So I say to him, ‘Do you wanna get laid?'”

Jill laughed out loud. “Yah,” she said mockingly, “he’s a guy.”

“That was pretty much Brett’s reply too,” I laughed. “Anyway, I broke his heart and told him it wasn’t me he was going to get with, but he still had to keep it absolutely secret. He asked if it was a really ugly girl. ‘Does it matter?’ I replied. He hemmed a little before I told him she was pretty good looking. I also told him he would get a chance to see her beforehand and that he had to find his own place to stay. Naturally, he agreed. I asked some probing questions to make sure he hadn’t put on like a hundred pounds or gone granola on me, but he seemed to be the cute guy I remembered. I gave him my number and told him to call from the interstate when he got to town so we could work out a rendezvous. I was tingling when I hung up the phone. I didn’t want to tell Tina in case it fell through, but she pried it out of me. I decided to tease her and told her not to masturbate at all before the big night. Apparently she followed my suggestion, and as the big night approached she whined to me about how worked up she was. ‘You’ll get your release soon enough,’ I told her.”

I looked around the room. I had their complete attention.

“Lisa, you’re drooling.”

Lisa quickly wiped her mouth without blinking, and I continued.

“The day arrived and my phone rang at 10am. bursa eskort bayan Brett must have been pretty eager to get here that early. I arranged to meet him at a diner near the highway. I had been expecting his call, but I was practically trembling with excitement as I hung up the phone. Even though this episode wasn’t for me, I still had a knot in my stomach. He was already seated when I arrived. We spent the first few minutes in idle chit-chat, the unspoken reason of his being here hanging over our conversation like a Damoclean Sword.” I could tell Lisa had no idea what that meant. I guess I had spent too much time as an English Lit major. I continued.

“The waitress took our order and left us alone. I laid out the situation for him. I told him I would be going to lunch with Tina, the girl he was here for, so he would have a chance to see her. If he still was game, I’d meet him in the student union to finalize the event. He couldn’t be seen with me, nor could he stick around afterwards. He seemed ready to go. We finished our coffees and left.

“We drove to the housing area where I positioned him in the stairwell of an adjoining complex. I knew he would have a good look at her as we were passing by to lunch, and I was sure he wouldn’t be disappointed. On the way back from lunch I did a double take as I saw Brett walking up the path to us. He casually strolled by, taking a good look at Tina. She didn’t seem to notice. I left her and went to the student union to meet Brett. I made sure I wasn’t being followed. Brett acknowledged that Tina was attractive, and he was ready to ‘do his duty.’ I told him to be at my door at exactly 10:30 that night, and we would get things started. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Tina and I went to dinner, and I could tell she was really nervous and excited. I played coy, saying I wasn’t really sure what time he would arrive. I sat with her as she brushed her teeth at 9:00 like she always does. She went to bed to wait, and I returned to my room. I figured that she would be waiting for nearly 2 hours before her stranger showed up, plenty of time to get her hot and bothered. I was really worked up also, staring at the clock as it moved agonizingly slowly. At 10:29 I opened my door a sliver. A moment later Brett arrived. I quickly brought him in and closed the door. He was wearing gym shorts and a tee, easy on and off. I looked him over and produced some cologne for him. I knew what scent Tina liked. He said this was the craziest thing he had ever done. I could imagine Tina, lying alone in her bed, waiting for her mystery lover to enter. I explained to Brett that my room and Tina’s were laid out in opposite fashion on either side of the shared bathroom. I turned off the lights and put on a night light so we could see a little and wait until our eyes adjusted to the darkness. I stood him by the bathroom door and made him walk to my bed without the lights on so that he would get a feel for his entrance. He left his wallet and keys in my room as he prepared, planning to exit through my room at the end of his experience. I asked Brett one last time if he was ready and then led him into the dark bathroom. I shut off the night light in the bathroom so that Tina wouldn’t even see his silhouette. ‘Go get her, tiger,’ I whispered, and he opened her door and disappeared into the darkness. The door closed behind him, and I couldn’t resist pressing my ear against it to listen to the events. Before I could hear anything, the damn air conditioning system kicked on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hear over that, so I returned to my room and got ready for bed. Who knew how long this encounter would last.

“Try as I might, I couldn’t get the thoughts of what was going on just next door out of my head. Tina had hooked up before, of course, but this was totally different for me. Further there was the practical matter of Brett returning to my room when finished, who knew how long bursa merkez escort he would last? I lit a few candles and put on my sleep music. I put on my flannel night shirt and laid in bed, staring up into the darkness. I started to touch myself. I heard the air conditioner stop and I looked over to the door—if I went in the bathroom I could probably hear something, but I refused to be a voyeur. Then I wondered if I had brushed my teeth—and that was all the excuse I needed.”

I paused for a moment, allowing Lisa and Amy to catch their breaths, and smiled at the memory of what had happened, taking another sip of my wine before continuing.

“I grabbed my toothbrush and padded silently into the bathroom. I left my door open for a little light since the night-light was still off in the bathroom. I could hear someone moaning, it sounded like Brett. I suppressed a giggle, ran a trickle of water and started softly brushing my teeth. I could hear them having a good time, and it was making me hot. My mind raced, envisioning the two of them in bed. I noticed it got quiet, but I was too distracted to make the connection. Suddenly, Tina’s door opened, and she walked into the bathroom, nude. We both squeaked in surprise. She closed the door and bent over the sink and spat before rinsing with mouthwash. I knew immediately what had happened, but it didn’t revolt me—I stared at the sink realizing his cum was being washed down.”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect to find you here!” Tina said, disappearing into the bathroom stall.

“I had to brush my teeth,” I offered, blushing furiously, hoping she wouldn’t think I was listening to them. I continued to brush my teeth.

“Tina emerged and washed her hands.”

“He’s a stud, Cheryl!” she beamed, “You did great! I’m going to try and get one more out of him—then he’ll be totally spent. I’ll fuck him dry!”

“I grunted a reply as she re-entered her room. For some reason I didn’t like her last comment—like she was going to drain the life from Brett. I was jealous. Brett was better than that. I quickly finished my brushing and returned to my room. It was about 12:30. I fell into a fitful sleep until a soft knock on the bathroom door woke me at 1:30. I let Brett in, turning on a light. We both blinked at the brightness. Brett collapsed in my chair, looking contented. ‘I’m spent!’ he said happily. I let him recover for a little while and saw him out at around 2:00. Tina was very happy with the whole thing, and I must admit, it does seem pretty erotic—making love to an unseen stranger. And that’s it,” I finished.

“Wow,” Lisa finally said. “My life is way too dull.”

“Wow,” Amy agreed.

“Pretty sexy, Cheryl,” Jill said, “But why do I think this story had a different ending?”

I stared into my glass, biting my lower lip to suppress an embarrassed grin. Jill was wicked like that—she could read people like a book and could needle all the gory details out of you.

“She’s grinning,” Amy caught on. There was no going back.

“Why? What else happened?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, Cheryl, what else happened? Did you do a three-way?” Jill asked.

“No,” I snapped back, “Nothing like that.”

“Then what?” Jill smirked lasciviously. She knew she had trapped me.

I smiled and looked away hesitantly. The three girls ganged up on me and pressed me for the details. Finally, I relented. I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I had been dying to tell someone since last semester.

“Well, remember how I said I didn’t like what Tina had said about fucking Brett dry? I went back to my room and stewed, irritated and aroused. I started to touch myself again. I slipped off my panties but was concerned about Brett coming in, so I lit some incense and tried to fall asleep. I couldn’t, just thinking about what was going on there. I continued to touch myself, but was always too worried about Brett returning that I wouldn’t go bursa sınırsız escort bayan all the way. I slept fitfully, having erotic dreams. Around 1:30, as I was touching myself again, Brett knocked quietly on the bathroom door. I straightened myself out and let him in. Just like I said I turned on a light and we both blinked at the brightness. Brett collapsed into my chair, looking contented. ‘I’m spent!’ he said happily. ‘Really?’ I asked. ‘Oh, yeah, incredible, I need get to Steve’s room and crash.'”

I paused again, taking another sip. The three girls were staring at me gape-jawed.

“Go on,” Jill said breathlessly.

I smiled and then stared into the bottom of my glass and started talking again. I was now talking more for me than for them. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. The words came easily, as I had rehearsed the scene thousands of time in my fantasies since that night.

“I turned my back to him. ‘You sure?’ I asked. ‘Yeah,’ he replied, stretching out. I slipped my night shirt off my bare shoulder and looked back at him. ‘You sure you don’t want a night cap?’ He stopped and stared at me. I slipped the other shoulder off and looked back at him again. ‘Or are you totally spent?’ I had his total attention and I even ran my tongue across my lips for him in case my intentions weren’t clear.

‘Drop your shirt,’ he said.

My back still to him, I dropped it to my elbows.

‘Are you sure you’re up to the task?’ I mocked.

‘Does it matter?’

I knew it didn’t, I was just dying to get off. My shirt fell in a pile around my ankles and I savored the lust my body aroused in the eyes of even well-fucked man.

‘Get on you knees and finger yourself,’ he commanded with smoldering eyes.

I smiled and did what he asked. I knelt on my bed, my ass facing him. I spread my legs for him and bent over, placing my head on a pillow. I started to finger myself with one hand while I twisted my nipple with the other. I couldn’t see or hear him at all, but I was sure he could see everything. I stroked myself while showing him everything. Finally I felt him place his hands on hips, and he started stroking my back and ass. I moaned in excitement. ‘Keep on fingering yourself,’ he ordered. I was getting really close to cumming. Suddenly his cock brushed my hand, hard as a rock, still wet from his previous engagement. I eagerly guided him into me, ecstatic that I could arouse him again. I positioned my hands over my head anticipating his thrusts, but he didn’t. ‘Keep fingering yourself,’ he ordered again, standing motionless inside me, his hands reaching forward to cup my breasts.

“I did as I was told and in mere minutes I started to cum around him, one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had. He started to fuck me as I came, holding onto my hips for leverage. I was in heaven, totally helpless, my senses stripped. He pulled out and flipped me over in one swift motion, placing my knees on his shoulders as he mounted me again. I watched his eyes rake my naked body, and I reveled in my sexual power. His hands caressed my breasts as I surrendered to his thrusts. He leaned forward, folding me in half, and kissed me. I could taste Tina on him, but he was here for me. I was the one who would fuck him dry. His trusts got more erratic, and he pushed himself up, staring into my eyes for a few sweet seconds before he came, long and hard. He collapsed on top of me, finally spent. He left just after 2:00, I guess with just enough energy to make it to Steve’s. After that, sometimes Tina would talk about that night and how she ‘fucked him dry’ and he ‘probably didn’t get a boner for a week’. I would just smile to myself, knowing that it was me, not her, that finished him that night. I haven’t talked to him since. And that’s the rest of the story.” I looked up from my glass.

“Damn,” they all said in unison.

“I’m going to go see if Ted is up,” Lisa said, rising unstable. We all giggled and she blushed as she realized we all knew what she had in mind.

“I’m just going to go back to the room,” Amy said with a tinge of disappointment. I left also, and Jill winked at us as we went out the door.

“There’s always spring break!”

I shook my head. Some fantasies are better left unfulfilled.

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