Desires within Young Girls Ch. 12

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Chapter 11—A Love Pact Sealed in Cum

What had I done? Of all the things in my life that I’ve done wrong, this rises to the top of the list. Not only had I fucked my stepdaughter and took away her virginity, I have made a pact with her to continue our naughty affair, in secret, right under her mom’s nose, my wife!

I’m a cad! This can only end very, very badly. But what was my tortured soul to do? Brandi was right. I couldn’t continue to live in that house seeing her parade around half naked, wearing bikinis to the pool, panties to bed, and smelling that sweet teenage perfume that drives me crazy. I wanted her, and I wanted her badly.

I wished for the return of frumpy Brandi. The one who didn’t tease my cock and drive me one step closer to insanity.

I made up my mind. And I decided we needed to seal our love pact.

We were standing in the kitchen holding each other. I had made her a big breakfast. Finally, I stepped back. “Let me feed you some pancakes, and when we are done, I have something we are going to do.”

“Does it involve sex?”

“You’ll see. Eat up.”

After breakfast, I told Brandi to go upstairs and put on a pair of her cutest, clean panties and put them on and come downstairs. I went upstairs as well and found a clean pair of boxers. We were going to do something I have always fantasized about. We had to do it now, because her mom was due home this afternoon. It was Sunday morning, and this was going to be more fun than church!

I came down to the sofa in my boxers and t-shirt and waited for Brandi. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan She arrived wearing the cutest red panties and lacy bra from none other than, of course, Victoria’s Secret, her new favorite place.

I told her to sit beside me.

“Pull your panties all the way off and give them to me.” I pulled my fresh boxers all the way off and gave them to her.

Her pussy glistened. It was already wet and her moistness seeped through to her pubic hair. I took a sniff of her panties and moaned softly. She smelled so good.

“What are we going to do?” She asked coyly, already rubbing herself.

“We are going to make a pact. Take my boxers and put them between your legs.” I took her panties and began rubbing my cock with them. “Now, give me your hand. I want you to stroke my cock, nice and slow.” I squirted some lube on her hand that I had brought down from the top drawer of my bureau. “While you stroke me, I’m going to rub you. Leave my boxers there beside your pussy, baby.”

I slowly rubbed the mound of her pubis, moving my middle finger up and down between the soft folds of her pussy lips. I rubbed the hood of her clit and slowly slid my middle finger inside of her, curling it up in search of her little button—that little g-spot to drive her crazy. Her breath quickened when I entered her, and she started breathing heavily. She threw her head back and closed her eyes and quietly began to moan. I wanted to hear her coo.

Meanwhile, she was stroking my cock up and down, up and down. It was fully swollen Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan in her small, lean hands. “Rub the head, baby. Yeah, like that.” She cupped her hand around my mushroom head and stroked back down. I soon found her button—a little mound of tissue the size of a walnut inside her pussy. When I brushed over it with my finger, she moaned even louder. I started making small, light circles around her little spot, and she moaned faster and louder. And then the cooing started—short bursts of a high pitched moan over and over. I bent the palm of my hand over her mound and pressed lightly on her pussy while I stroked and circled her button with my middle finger. Her cunt lips rested between my index and ring finger, and every so often, I gently squeezed her lips while I circled her g-spot. She was stroking my cock faster and faster now and squeezing it. “Go all the way down to the base of my dick with your hand, Brandi.” And she did. All the way down and all the back way up. “That’s it, baby. Stroke my cock like a bad little girl.”

Her moans came quicker and quicker and louder and louder. I pushed my middle finger in a little farther, leaving her button, and then coming back to it, leaving and coming back. Suddenly, she tensed around my finger, took her other hand that wasn’t stroking my cock and pushed it on top of my hand that was pressed against her little cunt. She pressed down hard and let out a loud cooing moan. I felt the flood of her pussy juices all around my finger and hand. Her face was taut and serious, eyes closed. I grabbed my boxers that were beside her and began to soak up her juices with it. I pushed the fabric against her little hole and pushed them inside of her, pushing my boxers further and further up her little fuck hole. She was bucking and moaning against my hand and the boxers. “That’s it, baby. That’s it. Good girl.” She finally slowed writhing her hips and slowed her breathing.

“Keep stroking my cock, Brandi. I’m about to come all over your little hand. She finally opened her eyes and looked over at my cock in her hand. She stroked and stroked, and I could feel the jizz welling up in my balls. “That’s it, you bad girl. Jerk that cock off all over your hand.” She squeezed and stroked and I burst! I shot cum up like a fountain and it settled back down, dripping down the sides of her hand. I grabbed her red panties and rubbed them all over her hand and my cock, soaking up all my cum with the inside of her panties. She finally looked down at her own pussy and saw my boxers stuffed up inside of her.

“Oh my God! Wow. Your boxers are up my pussy!”

“Pull them out, baby, slowly, and hand them to me.” I took her cum-stained panties and pushed them up to her nose. “I want you to smell my cum on your panties, Brandi. Now, I want you to put those cum-stained panties back on and rub them against your pussy.”

She looked at me, startled! “Really? You want me to wear them?”

“Yes. And I’m going to put on my boxers covered in your cum. I took a long sniff of them before I put them back on. And we’re going to wear them today, my cock cradled in your juice, and your pussy cradled in mine. Instead of blood, we have made a pact with our cum. We have a secret to keep.”

I leaned in to her and kissed her on the mouth, tasting the musky scent of our own love juices.

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