Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 05

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After setting a date for Sarah and Sandy to bring Princess Tina to see for herself that the photos and videos had not be tampered with, my attention turned to tonight with Sylvia and Reece. I was surprised at how nervous and anxious I was as I crossed the backyard from the hot tub in my towel. My timing was good. Sylvia was just putting the food on the dining room table when I walked in. Reece said, “The towel isn’t necessary,” and she snatched it away. My dick was dangling between my thighs but I could feel that familiar sensation building. Reece just ignored my dick and guided me to the table and sat me down in a chair on the back side of the table. Reece and Sylvia were dressed like before and they snickered to each other as they sat down across from me and looked at my bare chest. I flexed my pectorals and they both giggled. The meal was steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans. I don’t like green beans but the steak and potatoes looked good even though they came out of a box.

While we were eating, Reece’s and Sylvia’s bare feet were in a battle to rub on my hard-on. I caught a heel in the balls and I faked that it was worse than it was by doubling over my plate and forcing out a groan. I expected at least a ‘sorry’ but they both giggled and Reece said, “OOOPS.” When we finished eating, Sylvia put both hands in her lap and then her arms raised up over her head. Her hands had clutched the bottom of her tee shirt and it came up over her head too. I had already read the sexual tension as her nipples had been pressing hard on the thin cotton material. I looked from her grinning face to her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and she ran her palms down over them after she tossed the tee shirt to the floor. She moaned from the contact and my cock hardened even more.

My cock was being blocked by the edge of the table as it tried to flop onto my stomach. I reached down and maneuvered it so it could complete its travels. Sylvia and Reece knew what I was doing but they couldn’t see it.

Reece removed her tee shirt the same was a Sylvia had and she palmed her own nipples and moaned. Sylvia watched her sister and licked her lips in anticipation and then she looked at me and in a pinched guttural voice said, “I couldn’t find anything for dessert, so you’ll have to provide that.” I grinned back at her and nodded. The sexual tension was palpable.

The dinner plates didn’t make it into the kitchen before Reece and Sylvia were under the table gobbling on my cock. They shared back and forth for a few minutes but it was obvious they were being careful not to make me cum.

I was doubled over my dinner plate from their choreographed attacks but I finally was able to suggest that we adjourn to the bedroom for dessert. They both came out from under the table on my side and practically lifted me from my chair with one arm while jointly jacking on my cock with the other. Before I came up, I turned and sucked on Sylvia’s closest nipple. Sylvia let out a moan. I released her and did the same to Reece. She let go of my arm and curled her hand around my head to hold me on her tit until Sylvia whined that Reece needed to help her.

I had wondered all day whether they would want to tie me to my bed like that first night that I met Reece. I wasn’t crazy about the idea but, if they insisted, I’d go along with it. I was glad when the idea never came up.

I sat down on the foot of the bed as Reece and Sylvia backed up a few paces and stripped off their remaining clothes. My cock was a stiff as a steel rod from the anticipation. I curled my fingers around my shaft and had barely started jacking on it when Sylvia yelled, much louder than necessary, “Don’t you fucking dare touch that.” I instantly released my cock as Reece turned to look at her sister. She was as surprised by Sylvia’s outburst as I was. I leaned back with my arms braced on the bed behind me as my cock pointed at the ceiling.

Sylvia’s face reddened with embarrassment and she said, “UUUmmm… I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about this for days now, ever since Reece suggested that we pay you a visit. I’ve had a vision of how this would go and you jerking yourself off wasn’t in it.” Reece snickered and moved in behind Sylvia.

I watched as Reece’ hands moved across Sylvia’s slender waist and then up to her breasts. Sylvia seethed a lungful of air through her teeth and her head rolled to her left as Reece kissed her behind her right ear. Sylvia moaned hard and let the air expel through her open mouth. I could have joined them but I just watched and struggled to keep my hand off my pulsing cock. They were incredibly sensuous together.

Reece’s right hand released Sylvia’s tit and she traced her fingers down to her hips and then disappeared behind Sylvia’s trembling body. Then Sylvia adjusted her stance with her legs separated and I saw Reece’s fingers appear over Sylvia’s sex as she lurched her hips back as her chest lurched forward. Moments later, I heard the unmistakable sound of fingers squishing Esenyurt Escort in and out of a wet pussy. Sylvia’s body spasmed again and she muttered, “Oh Jesus. Reece. I’m so wet.”

Reece whispered into Sylvia’s ear, “You sure are.” Sylvia was seething air through her clenched teeth and she motioned with her hand for me to come to her. I wanted so bad to get in on this and I was off the bed in a split second. She reached down for my cock as it pressed into her stomach. She just took a strong grip with one hand and then both and just held it like a handshake while I kissed her passionately. She gave the same and then her body quaked and her eyes went vacant with her mouth opened to form an “O”. Then her body heaved hard against Reece’s hand. Her orgasm was powerful and Reece and I together had all we could handle to keep her upright.

We held her and kissed her until her breathing came back to normal and her body stopped shuddering. Finally, she giggled and said, “Wow, that wasn’t how I envisioned this, but I’ll take it.” I kissed her again and she sucked my tongue into her mouth and lashed it with hers. She had never released my cock and now she started slowly stroking it.

Reece maneuvered Sylvia toward the bed and I pulled back to help her. Together we got Sylvia on her back. She was still not fully present. Reece guided me between Sylvia’s raised knees and I didn’t hesitate to get into position. I started to let myself drop to my hands when Reece stopped me. She kissed my lips and then made her ways kissing down my body and then stretched her lips over my knob and started a blow job. I groaned hard as she descended. I was so aroused from the anticipation that I could have unloaded right there. Every nerve in my body was electrified. I was hypersensitive. I could feel the warm air cascading down from the vent in the ceiling. I was disappointed when Reece pulled off my cock and pulled it down to her sister’s pussy.

Sylvia’s hands went to her sex as I moved closer and she fingered her labia to either side exposing her gushing pink inner folds. She was watching me and whispering a chant, “I need you Dex. I need you Dex.”

I looked down in her sultry eyes and whispered, “You have me. You’ve always had me.” She didn’t react to my words but she sure did when my knob pressed past her fingers into her pussy. Her initial reaction was to arch her back and drive her hips upward in search of more cock. She screamed, “AAAHHHHH,” until the air was forced from her lungs and then she let her hips drop as she loudly inhaled as though there was no room for air in her lungs when my cock was buried in her pussy.

Sylvia’s eyes cleared and she smiled sensuously at me as I peered down at her. Fuck, she was so incredibly sexy at that very moment and my cock involuntarily flexed hard. She groaned and writhed under me. I had no weight on her as I took it all with my extended arms. Our only point of bodily contact was my pubic bone on hers.

Reece let me know she was still there by fondling my balls and letting her fingers graze my cock as I slowly moved in and out of Sylvia’s pussy. I started out slow and gentle reading her face and body movements. I knew this was how she wanted it. Then everything changed and I knew she wanted it hard and raw. I gave her what she wanted and was thankful that the electric charge in every nerve had dissipated.

Sylvia’s hands went around my neck and she pulled herself up to kiss me. She arched her back upward to press her chest against mine. Only her ass remained on the bed as her feet curled over my legs launching herself hard onto my cock. She was flailing her pussy on my cock and I was driving down into her. She screamed, “Oh my gggawwwdd, Dex. I’m gonna cum. Give it to me. Oh Jessssussss.”

Her body went rigid under me and she had to let herself drop back to the bed and then drove her hips up at me. I was close to my orgasm and I hurried to pull it forward to join Sylvia’s orgasm. I kept up my pace and Sylvia’s face scrunched up tight in a weird grimace along with her body and then she released with a loud, “GGGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.” Her eyes were wild as her head lashed from side to side. Her pussy grabbed my cock and I felt my orgasm roll over the top and her pussy spasms milked my cock of more than a half-dozen explosive jolts of cum.

I joined her “gggaahhs” with my own, “UUUNNNGGGGGG”. Reece was applying pressure to my balls as if she thought she could squeeze them to force more cum out. I dropped to my elbows and kissed Sylvia on the neck, which is her most erogenous zone. She groaned as my tongue traced below her ear.

I thought she was done but the neck thing brought her back and she started humping on my cock again. As usual, I didn’t deflate after cumming and with her renewed interest, we were off to the races again. Reece wasn’t too pleased with this turn of events. She was already trying to pull me off Sylvia to my back. I was pumping my hips and resisted Reece’s efforts.

I came back up on my hands Avcılar Escort and started jackhammering my cock deep in her pussy and she was flailing her head like before as she chanted, “Oh my God. Oh my God,” over and over again. I was certain that Sylvia was only moments away from another orgasm. It would be a while for me though.

Reece stood up on the bed and I thought she would place her pussy on Sylvia’s lips but she surprised me as she pushed her pubic mound to my face. My head was moving relatively little compared to my hips which drove my cock in and out of Sylvia. Her fingernails were dug deep in my lower back as she hung on. Reece reached down and spread her outer folds to reveal her pink bubbling cauldron. She ran her index finger over her engorged clitoris and her hips launched at my face. I thought maybe my nose was broken from the collision with her mound. She grabbed my head and held me in place as she grinded her sex on anything she could find that gave her pleasure. Nose, chin, lips, tongue, she used them all. Reece began chanting along with her sister except hers was “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.”

I felt Sylvia’s muscles tense under me and moments later she exploded into her second orgasm. Her pussy was rapidly grabbing at my cock as I pumped the knob in and out of her spasming pussy. That action got her going as she trashed her entire body.

As Sylvia settled down, I started concentrating on Reece. I grabbed her perfect ass and pulled her hard to my face and jammed my tongue deep. She squealed and almost went over backwards. I had a good grip on her and held her up. Sylvia let herself slide off my cock and it sprang upward and dragged across her hypersensitive clitoris causing her to groan and writhe under me.

Sylvia grabbed my erection and slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft as she cooed her contentment. She saw Reece straddling her body and she giggled as she raised her other hand and pushed a finger into Reece’s anus. Reece let out a loud screech and slammed her pubic mound into my face again as she tried to escape Sylvia’s finger.

After the initial shock, Reece relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. Moments later she gripped my head and screamed, “Oh baby. Here I go.” Did she ever. I was furiously jamming my tongue into her and completely unaware of her ‘squirt’ until it was too late. I was soaked. Sylvia was soaked, my bed was soaked, again. I had to gag, there was so much in my mouth and I let it just drain down over my chin to Sylvia’s stomach.

Sylvia started laughing and then said, “Good for you baby sister. It’s your turn.” Reece wanted to fall. Her legs were like rubber but I held her in place as she writhed and gyrated her body. She launched two solid streams of juice and then two more much shorter shots before her squirt was done. Her pussy kept on clenching on air for a while after that.

I was still sputtering as I guided her off to the side and helped her get down without falling. She just sprawled out beside Sylvia as she gasped for air. Sylvia pulled her leg past me and rolled onto her side to comfort Reece. She cuddled in close and they kissed around Reece’s gasping breaths.

Sylvia whispered, “You aren’t done yet, little sister. He’s still up and ready for you. You’ll be pissed if you go home without a ‘Dex-fuck’.” She looked at me and said, “That’s what we call it. There’s getting fucked and then there’s getting ‘Dex-fucked’. I grinned hard. It had to be the best compliment I had ever received.

Reece’s breathing became normal and then she looked past Sylvia at my bobbing cock and said, “I want you on your back like the night I met you in Sylvia’s apartment. Pretend you’re tied to the bedpost.” She smiled at Sylvia as she started to get up. I grinned and moved onto my back with my hands raised toward the ends of the headboard. The new bedspread was cold from Reece’s squirt but I didn’t care.

My hard-on flopped up and dropped to my stomach with the tip of the knob landing half-way between my navel and my sternum. It bobbed up and stayed up. It was that hard.

Reece struggled up off her back, kissed Sylvia and then got on her hands and knees and slinked her way up my body. I had a vision of a tiger on the hunt. She had the most lascivious look on her face like I was her next meal. I smiled down at her as she seemed to slither up my body. She lifted her knees over my thighs and tucked them into my waist. She leaned forward and offered me her tits and I lashed her nipples with my tongue. She tensed with the contact and whispered, “Fuck. Dex, suck my tits.” I did as she commanded. I’d do anything she asked of me. I wanted so bad to molest those gorgeous breasts but I was pretending to be tied-up so I stopped myself and was content dragging my tongue and lips over every inch that I could reach. Sylvia got involved by jerking on my cock which was slapping Reece on the lower back.

After a lot of moaning as I tongue lashed her nipples, Reece pulled herself lower and kissed me and sucked my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue entwined with mine and then she pulled back and smacked her tongue around her lips. She sat up straight and lifted her tits as she bent down to meet them. She suckled her own nipples and said, “Yumm. Your tongue tastes like my tits.” Sylvia giggled as she slowly jerked me off.

Reece slithered down my body and Sylvia guided my cock to her pussy. She pushed onto the velvety crown and stopped. We both groaned as my fat knob pushed into her sopping wet pussy. Reece’s face contorted through several visages as she savored the sensation. I was amused by her facial contortions and I was sure she was amused by mine. Reece held her position on my knob and then she pulled off and let it slip back in. She groaned and then repeated her movement several times, adding in some twisting motion as she turned her hips on it. The sensation of that initial penetration being repeated got me going and she knew it. She smiled down at me. She knew she was driving me crazy.

I started going through the procedure for operating the washing machine to get control of my pending orgasm. Reece was trying hard to pull my orgasm up and I was desperately trying to tamp it down. A thought ran through my mind, ‘Grocery shopping, cooking, washing my own clothes; I was becoming quite domesticated.’

Reece flexed her vaginal muscles and she grinned down at me. She was playing with me. I flexed my cock as hard as I could and Reece groaned as her body writhed like a snake. I couldn’t control my arms any longer and my hands went to her breasts. She placed her hands over mine as I fingered her nipples.

I wasn’t sure if she just got tired holding herself up on the tip of my cock or it was just time to fuck. Either way, she let herself slowly drop down my shaft and ground her hips around when she hit bottom. She muttered, “Fuck. Yes. I’ve dreamed of this. Finally, a ‘Dex-fuck’.

Sylvia giggled and cradled my balls as Reece started fucking me. She steadied herself by grabbing my arms that were outstretched to molest her tits. Her eyes were wild with lust. She was doing a good job fucking my cock but she had tired herself out hovering on my knob. Her motion was slowing, so I pulled her up about half-way off my cock and held her there as I took over control and began jackhammering my cock into her. She screamed from my attack and began chanting a steady stream of, “YES … YES … YES.” She leaned forward a little and her mouth dropped open as she started gasping for breath. The chant changed to, “RIGHT THERE … RIGHT THERE … OH MY GGGAAAWWD … YES … RIGHT FUCKING THERE.”

She didn’t move. Her back was arched. Her chest was up and thrust forward. Her stomach was low and pressed against mine. Her head was back as she stared open mouthed at the picture on the wall behind the bed.

A long stream of, “OOOOOHHHHHHH,” came from her throat and I gave my pumping hips everything I had. She was going to blow. I could feel the tension in her body building steadily. Her only body movement was driven by my momentum as I furiously pounded my cock into her.

Reece suddenly let herself drop to my chest and she screamed all the way through a massive orgasm. I could have slowed way down and enjoyed the pulsing sensation on my cock or I could keep going to enhance her orgasm. Either way, my climax was on the way and it seemed like it was circling up from my toes.

Just as Reece stopped screaming, I blew my load in her. She came up off my chest like a shot and her scream morphed into a high-pitched screech as I poured my load. With each shot, I fired my cock into her and I pulled back out as I reloaded for the next shot. This repeated for so many shots. I lost count.

When I had launched my last shot, I stopped fucking her. She lowered her chest back to mine. We were both searching for air. I held her to me and she snuggled in deeper. Sylvia snuggled up beside me and leaned in and kissed me and then her sister. We laid there like that until my dick softened and dropped out of Reece’s vagina. She giggled as she felt it coming out. Sylvia reached down and gripped my sloppy cock and said, “Hey look at this Reece. It does get soft after all.”

Reece giggled again and muttered, “I prefer it hard, but it is awfully cute when it’s soft.” Sylvia giggled and let my cock flop back to my left thigh.

I drifted off to sleep and I assume Reece and Sylvia did too because when I woke to the sound of a car in the driveway, Reece was still laying on my chest and Sylvia was still cuddled up beside me with her head on my shoulder. The slamming car doors woke Sylvia. Reece didn’t move as she snored softly and drooled on my chest. The car in the driveway left as the front door opened. Sylvia nudged Reece and whispered, “Be quiet. Dex’s sisters are home from their date.” Reece wiped saliva from her face and rolled off me. They got up and went to the master bathroom and closed the door.

I was just getting out of bed when there was a soft knock on my bedroom door and then the door opened. Both June and Julie came into my room and looked down at my naked body and limp dick. Julie said, “Is that Sylvia’s little mini in the driveway?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32