Extended Family Pt. 01

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I briefly reintroduce the characters so new readers can jump onboard but the full backstory is in Characters parts 1-3 .

Jonah put his keys and cover on the counter before walking to the refrigerator to grab a soda. His dress shoes made a heavy sound on the kitchen floor and he wanted his uniform off and hung up so he could skip the hassle of taking it to the dry cleaners. His first drill weekend was pretty lame but it was nice to meet more people in his new unit since he was still new in town. He’d been in Brunswick, Georgia for a month and half since completing basic training and life wasn’t at all what he expected. Popping the soda open he walked down the hallway towards his mother’s room, or as everyone thought, his Aunt Brooke’s room, to see if she was up for a few Sunday night drinks at the Tiki Bar but she stopped him as he passed the open bathroom.

“What’s a fancy looking Airman doing in my house? Aren’t there laws against quartering soldiers or some such?”

“I think that context is important but I can ravage you like a war prize if you like.” His mom was getting ready to go out. Her blond hair was slightly turned at the bottom with light pink streaks falling into the curls just below her shoulders. She kept a slight tan from living on the beach and standing there in nothing more than her panties meant he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He stood behind her and kissed her neck before she turned and met him with a deeper kiss as he pushed her against the counter.

“No sex right now, baby. I have a stupid ass dinner meeting with a TV director.”

“I was under the impression that you were my free use toy, mom?”

“I am, but even sex toys have a life in today’s world. I’m hoping this director is trying to offer me a short gig since he works on that police drama series, but we’ll see. She turned back towards the mirror. “Play with my nipples though, that puts me in a good mood.”

Her tits always put him in a good mood. She was 20 years older and beautiful at 38. Her tits were soft in his hands and her large nipples responded to his fingers immediately as he pulled them.

“Fuck, that feels so good. Make them hard and squeeze, baby. Take care of your mother.”

His cock was hard against his dress blues and her eraser size nipples pointed at him through the mirror as he moved a hand down her stomach, approaching the top of her panties.

“Enough. I’ll fuck you on this counter and then I’ll be late so we need to stop. Kiss mommy, go have a beer and get out of that stuffy uniform. I want to talk to you before I leave.”

He popped her ass, making it jiggle under her panties before he walked out laughing.

“Bad boy!” She threw something at him, hitting the hallway wall but he didn’t stick around to see what it was.

An hour or so later, Brooke emerged from her room in a long tight black halter top dress. She didn’t wear a bra and Jonah admired her nipples pressed hard against the thin, dark, almost see through, fabric.

“Stunning, mom.”

“Please, this old thing? Who am I kidding, I do look pretty hot in this. Who knew that the long black see through would take over the little black dress. Are the nipples too much?”

“Depends on what he wants to hire you for, but I want to do really bad things to you with that dress pulled up around your waist.”

“Later, but I hope this sexy ensemble convinces him I can be a MILF sexpot without losing 20 lbs. to be super skinny; I hate diets and 120 lbs. isn’t fun for me anymore.” She moved to the kitchen and poured a glass of red before sitting at the countertop stool. Her last movie was enormously successful, so she only took short jobs to keep boredom away. Money wasn’t an issue anymore.

“You wanted to talk. What’s up?” Jonah asked.

“How’s things with Ainsley?”

“Great! She’s coming over tomorrow.” He and Ainsley started seeing each other shortly after he came to live with Brooke, so about a month. They’d really hit off and the relationship was getting more serious. Her and Brooke were becoming friends as well.

“Good. So, she and I text a lot and I love having my little 18 year old friend. We can go shopping together and she is a lot of fun for an old woman like me.”

“Not old, mom.”

“Stay with me. Here’s the thing – she’s really flirty and may be the cuddliest person I’ve ever met. She is in constant physical contact with you or me; it’s sweet and cute but I don’t know if she has a fangirl crush on me or if she is exploring being close to women, as in, really close, or what, so I wanted to talk to you about it before I lose control one night and attack her.”

“Are you asking permission to steal my girlfriend, mom? We do need to talk.” He walked over to her and kissed her shoulder before he grabbed another beer.

“Stop it! No. I don’t want to mess things up for you or scare her away from me. She is madly in love with you and may just be infatuated with me, so we need to be careful. We don’t know her completely and she’s young bursa escort so she may not know herself either.”

Brooke had explained to Jonah that everyone has three lives: public, private, and secret. They now shared a secret life but Ainsley was only part of their private one. Most people thought she was Aunt Brooke still, but she was his mother and they weren’t sure how to spread the news, if at all.

“Okay, I don’t mind if y’all attack each other.”

“Of course you don’t and that doesn’t mean a threesome; to her, I’m still your aunt so that is layer for us to peel off. She may really like me and feel guilty over it or scared if she’s never been with a girl, but I have a feeling she has. There is a lot there, so I want you to feel her out.”

“I do that, anyway.”

“I said, feel her out, not feel her up and I don’t blame you. She’s too cute, all 100 lbs. of her little body.” She finished the wine and stood up to leave.

“What about you, mom? What kind of relationship do you want to have with her?”

She stopped at the table to put her keys in a small black purse. Her eyes lost focus as she thought. Gone was the sad distant look though; she hadn’t done that since he discovered she was his mother and accepted it. This was a thoughtful, but happy look.

“I will never love anyone like I do you, Jonah. No man or woman. I don’t want another man in my life; you’re what I want, and only you.” She looked directly at him as she put the thin purse strap over her shoulder. “I enjoy playing with Lindsay but that is just fucking and we are both fine with it. I like the thought of a young girl loving me and letting me be her mentor or mother figure, yes. I like how that sounds and I like her but nothing is more important than you so, again, feel her out and let’s see, but I wouldn’t mind if things work in both of our favors and we need to think about when we let her and Lindsay in on our secret.”

“Which secret? That you’re my mother, the great sex or the butt stuff?”

“We’ll start with the first one, smart ass.”

Jonah loved her so much. The way she talked to him – blunt and caring. How she went from wanting him as a son then a lover then to asking his permission. Her complexity amazed and excited him.

“I’ll see what’s up with Ainsley and Lindsay is your responsibility. I love you, mom. Try to have fun. You look amazing.”

“Thank you. I will, baby. Love you. Oh, Jonah, I’m telling you this as I’m leaving because I don’t want to discuss it which is pretty cowardly but I can’t help that. I left a sealed envelope on your desk. You’ll have some time to yourself tonight to look over it, but I’m not ready yet to know what you find. That envelope is over 10 years old and I never opened it. I got it for you. It’s about your father. You can read it or burn it and I’m fine with either baby. I’m sorry.

“Don’t be. We have each other and that never changes. Remember that.”

“You’re a good man, Jonah. Mom loves you. Sleep in my bed tonight so I can crawl in there with you when I get home.”


Jonah finished his fourth beer. Ainsley was hanging out with her parents and he didn’t want to interrupt her so it was just him and the envelope. He could burn it and be done with it. He’d made it 18 years without knowing him; he could make it 18 more. He drank his beer and heard the story in his head again. Mom met him in college. Him and two friends and they were all four close. They went everywhere together and she fantasized about them secretly, but they took advantage of her before she could voluntarily act on it. A cabin in the mountain, just the four of them. She woke up the next morning with her dress pulled up, covered in their semen. They took turns with her and claimed she was on board with it. She had no memory of it, and none of them admitted to putting anything in her drinks.

She found out after she was pregnant. None of them took responsibility. Fuck them. Fuck him. She quit school. Quit him. He left the envelope and went outside to hear the ocean while he thought of all the conversations they’d had over the last month. She really didn’t have a choice and he knew that. He had to let it go. Brooke was the greatest thing to ever happen to him; he just wished it had happened 18 years ago. He left the envelope on the counter and walked down the beach to the bar.


The Tiki Bar wasn’t fancy and it made up for the lack of culture with all the cliches needed for a beach bar. Aunt Brooke knew everyone so he could drink without questions. It was Wednesday so the band didn’t play until late and the trivia game was in full force when he sat at the bar, lost in his thoughts; he smiled when he smelled a cigarette next to him.

“You’re too young to brood at a bar. Where’s that little girl that hangs all over you?”

Laci pulled up a stool next to him; he was inadvertently sitting near her spot. She rarely talked to people and spent most of bursa escort bayan her time watching baseball and taking shots. He’d met her on the beach where she acknowledged him but not much more than that. Over the last month, she would say hello back when he came in with Aunt Brooke or Ainsley but they weren’t chatty.

“Well, if there is an expert at bar brooding then I’m talking to her. What’s up, Laci?” She looked to be in her early thirties Brooke told him and she was a bit of an enigma having only started showing up a few weeks before Jonah moved down. Brooke didn’t know her. They all thought she was pretty. Her hair wasn’t just dark, it was black and went the middle of her back. She had vivid green eyes and a dark tan. He’d seen her in a bikini and her leg was covered with a calf to hip panther tattoo that added to her mystique.

“I’m not brooding; I’m thinking and I keep this sour look on my face to keep men away but it doesn’t seem to work on you.”

“Yea, ignoring social cues and red flags are parts of my charm. My first ex wife can attest to it.”

She laughed as she blew smoke from her cigarette.

“You’re quick and I’m not sure if you’re old enough to even have a real ex girlfriend, forget the wife. So, again, why are you brooding? I’ll break my rule and chat with you but don’t let it go to your head – either one of them.”

“Fair enough. I’m wondering if it’s better to bury a person than seek them out. I mean some people can do unforgivable things. Should we really try to find them?”

Laci lit her cigarette off the last one and ordered another shot. Whiskey it looked like. She looked so young to smoke and drink the way she did and his question hit a nerve, or something deeper.

“I don’t know if some people deserve to be forgiven, even if they could be, Jonah.” Her face said she was talking to someone other than him – herself maybe. She did the shot and didn’t flinch.

“Is this some kid from high school or something?” she asked.

“My dad. He doesn’t even know me.”

“Look, Jonah, I’m not the best person so maybe someone other than the me, the beach drunk, will have good answers.”

“Stop it. You’re a good person, Laci. I know it because I’m attracted to good people. At least that is what my Aunt Brooke says.”

“Aunt Brooke? Is that the pretty woman that hangs out with you and your little girlfriend?”

“She’s one of them.”

“One of them? You hang out with other pretty women?”

“I am tonight.” He grinned at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. Smiles looked good on her and this may have been the first one he’d seen.

“Good one. Fine. Here goes, find your dad. I don’t care what he did. He’ll remember you. God forgives but a daddy doesn’t forget and stop flirting so much with older ladies. You’ll bite off more than you can chew, one day.”

“Is that a warning or an invitation, Laci Morgan?”

“Both. Now, let me watch the ballgame and thanks.”

“For what?”

“Talking to me even though I don’t deserve it.”

Jonah sat with Laci for about an hour watching the Braves before he came home. He was a bit tipsy but he felt good about the envelope. He would open it, just not tonight. Stripping naked he lowered himself into the outdoor hot tub and let the salty night air soothe his mind.


“Baby, will you fuck me before Ainsley gets here?” Brooke was on his cock already. He saw her dress over the chair so it looked like she took it off and fell into bed last night. He was hard already from her riding him in his sleep but seeing her topless was enough for him to be completely ready. She rubbed her pussy against his boxers and leaned down to kiss him, letting her nipples brush against his chest.

“Good morning, mom.”

“Morning, baby. I’m so horny. All those men last night staring at my tits. I wanted to fuck you when I came home but you were out cold and I didn’t want my toy; I wanted your cock so I waited.”

“Good girl.”

“Tell me, again.”

“Good girl.” She smiled and bit her lip, pulling his dick free.

“I was a bad girl when I went out. Acting slutty in front of those men, thinking of you. I need to be punished.”

He smacked her ass, making it shake under his hand and she let out a small whimper.

“I promise I’ll be good.”

He smacked her again, harder.

“Fuck, smack it again. Smack mommy’s ass.”

He popped her hard and she tensed her body in response, digging her hands into his chest.

“Sorry, baby, no nail marks. I forgot. Goddamn, I want you to hurt me and fuck my ass like last time. Bad girls need their assess pounded.” She was already wet when she lowered herself on him, filling her pussy. She tightened her ass as he squeezed her cheeks and he popped her bottom again.

“Oh that’s so good. Don’t pull it out. You can fuck my ass next time. Don’t take it out of mommy’s pussy.” She braced her hands on his chest as she slammed into him, fucking him hard. Her pussy escort bursa was soaked and her tits swayed in his face as she released all her tension from last night. She was on fire right now and it was all he could do to last so she could cum.

“I love fucking you, Jonah. You’re so fucking hot with your big cock. Cum in me. Cum in me.”

Shit, she was horny. He grabbed her hips and met her thrusts with his own as her ass slapped against his thighs filling the room with the sound of their passion as he pushed harder inside of her wetness.

“I’m cumming, baby. Fuck.” Brooke’s tits were bouncing in his face when he pushed all the way in and held her hips against his. She shook with a violent orgasm that spread from her curled toes to her clenched teeth. He felt his cock swell and put his head in her tits as he pumped inside of her, feeling the warm cum run down his length as he filled her.

She collapsed on top of him.

“Shit Jonah, this has been the best sex of my life. I love you. Jesus, Mary and Joseph that felt amazing.”

“Give me 10 minutes, mom and I’ll fill you up again. You’re amazing.”

“Lindsay’s coming so we have to get up. Take off your bed sheets so she can wash them in case Ainsley comes up here. Are y’all having sex yet?”

“Almost, but not quite.”

“Well, if you do to her what you do to me then she may not keep crushing on me anymore. Damn.”

“I don’t want to compare y’all.”

“What do you mean?” She raised up to look at him but kept his softening erection inside of her.

“I mean that I’m going to enjoy how different y’all are and not think about who’s better or anything like that. It isn’t a contest to me.” His dick was completely limp now but he loved her soft body, the way her thighs felt around his when she rode him and her soft belly that turned him on so much. She flashed a knowing smile looking at him.

“I wish we could have all day naked day, but we can’t keep playing. Let’s get showers and spend the day at the beach with our friends. Give mommy a kiss before I’m Aunt Brooke again.” She leaned down and moved her tongue in his mouth and his cock twitched when her nipples rubbed his chest.

“Down boy. Showers. Now. Before we can’t stop ourselves.”

He took his time in the shower, letting the hot water fall on him. Today would be a great day and he was ready for it when he walked downstairs in his swim trucks to see Ainsley coming in the front door. She ran to his mom (Aunt Brooke) and hugged her before hopping over to Lindsay for a side hug while she made brunch.

“Man, all these hugs and I’m over here alone?”

“Well, I didn’t realize you were going to be here. I guess girls day is out of the question now.”

“Ouch! I’ll go to the bar and wallow in self pity. You girls have fun.”

“Oh! Bring back tacos. The spicy shrimp ones.” Ainsley ran back to Aunt Brooke who squeezed her tight in another hug.

“Don’t worry Aunt Brooke, we’ll have girls time and tacos for lunch and horror movies tonight. Win/win/win.”

She was beyond cute. He met her at Pizzarina’s in the mall and he had no idea how different she was in real life. She wore various hair styles from double ponytails or buns but she’d prefer purple or green instead of her natural light brown color. She was little but preferred the term “smol” and he wasn’t sure where that came from but they all went with it; his favorite was her witty comebacks and she had these shoulder shaking contagious belly laughs the made rooms brighter and offset her goth girl appearance.

“Stop pouting and kiss me!” She ran over and jumped at him. He caught her small frame easily, kissing her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She always smelled like flowers and her body felt good against his.

“All my piercings match again today,” she whispered just before biting his earlobe. “I’ll show you later.”

She hopped down and ran back the kitchen with her panda bear backpack still on. It’s arms and legs flopped around as she floated from Lindsay and Brooke. They both adored her and appreciated the energy she brought to a room. Jonah saw she had an extra bag near the door.

“Did you bring two bags? Moving in?” He walked over to carry the bag to the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m staying the night.” He wasn’t expecting that. “Aunt Brooke said I could.” She smiled and rubbed Aunt Brooke’s arm while Brooke cut a small grin at him.

“Aunt Brooke said you could, huh? Well, where am I sleeping, the couch?”

“Nope, I’ve got the couch. You’re on the deck chairs,” Lindsay chimed in.

“I really am going to the bar now. I’ll put your bag in my room.”

“I’ll help!” Ainsley walked behind him, holding one finger on the bag as he carried it upstairs to his room.

She tossed her panda backpack on the bed and immediately embraced him as he sat the bag by his door.

“Big kiss now that we’re alone?” She pressed her body against him as her tongue found his in a deep kiss that made him hard instantly. Her tongue ring shocked him the first time but now it was a welcome feeling in his mouth like her pierced nipples were in his hands. He grabbed her little waist and pushed against her, his cock hardening.

“I really want to take care of that for you.” She pushed back into him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32