Friends, Sexcapades and Love Affairs Ch. 03

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Author’s note:

After receiving some nice messages from readers who told me they would be interested in reading this story, I decided to continue, reverting my previous decision. Thank you, all you kind souls, who took the time to encourage me.


Friends, Sexcapades, And Love Affairs

Chapter Three – Pretty Nerve-Racking

Maybe it was best if he told Edward that he had no sex toys whatsoever. Adrian had been amazed to realize that he had only one pair of handcuffs, fluffy and pink, ugh, and a Brent Corrigan Fleshjack, which had been a gift from Jared eons ago. He had enjoyed that particular piece a few times until he realized that it came with high maintenance, and the time invested in cleaning it was better used for hooking up with real guys with real assholes which he could pound.

But a promise was a promise, and Adrian was intrigued by Edward, so he wanted to see how he would get a scolding for having so few toys. If Edward wanted to educate him so much, Adrian didn’t mind it, mainly because there was a hot ass in it for him and equally hot lips, which he hoped to feel wrapped around his dick.

Yeah, he smiled to himself. Ah, he needed to welcome his visitor with a cold soda. That was something he could do, Adrian thought as he walked over to the fridge. He looked critically at the contents, and then an idea hit him. He could make a fresh drink. Usually, Adrian only had freshly squeezed juice for breakfast, but since his guest was close to royalty or something like that, it looked like he could put in the effort.

For one second, he hesitated. Was he playing to this guy’s tune, getting trained, as Jared had warned him? No, he reasoned to himself; that was just him being a gracious host, and nothing else.

He got to work without any other hesitations. Edward did deserve a glass of juice, after all. He would put his ass up for a pounding, and Adrian began to grin just thinking of it. A real Sunday treat, that was something to look forward to.

The knock on the door had him sprinting for it. Adrian opened the door wide. “You’re quite fast, Your Majesty.”

“It’s not like I had to beat the rush hour,” Edward replied. “My chauffeur also knows the city down to the latest shortcut between two points.”

Adrian guffawed. “Your chauffeur?”

Edward quirked an eyebrow.

Adrian hurried to school his feature into something neutral. “Oh, it wasn’t a joke.”

“Are you going to let me in, or we will spend precious time talking in the hallway, like this?”

“Please, come in. Is your chauffeur waiting for you or -“

“I’ll text him when I’m done,” Edward replied, and he seemed taller than Adrian as he walked inside.

That wasn’t the case. Edward was a bit shorter. His arrogant attitude added a few inches, though. Well, Adrian knew a lot about inches and about bringing guys to heel.

“I made you some juice,” Adrian said proudly.

“Thank you,” Edward said, as he sat on the sofa, but didn’t touch the glass.

Instead, he set his eyes on Adrian, measuring him up and down. Adrian smirked. “Do you want to take a picture? It will last longer.”

“So cliché,” Edward replied and leaned back, throwing one arm casually across the back of the sofa, and crossing his legs.

Adrian felt hot under that stare. Guys were usually so taken with him that they either stared at him in adoration or looked away since they couldn’t believe their luck. That wasn’t what was happening here.

He could be flippant and get to the point, but his curiosity was getting the better of him this time around. “Would you like me to undress? Maybe it won’t be that much of a cliché.”

Edward gestured with one arm. “Please. I would like to see you, and I suspect that you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to enjoy getting in the nude.”

Adrian shrugged. His cock was twitching, and the other guy was all dressed up, wasn’t sucking him, and wasn’t begging for a fuck, either.

This was new.

“Ah, ah. No. Please, do it slower,” Edward ordered from Adrian’s sofa that seemed to have been turned into a royal throne.

“Don’t you want me to put on some music, too?” Adrian asked.

“No. I don’t want you to display some boring routine which people frequenting striptease places find exciting only because they have never watched excessively tanned skin stretched over muscles created by steroids.”

“What do you want, then?” Adrian questioned.

Edward smiled, and there was something a bit cruel in how his lips curled up as if their owner was making a deliberate and conscious effort to do so. “I’m glad you asked. I am more than happy to give you directions. Think of it like this.” His voice dropped and began. “You’re home after a long day at work, you have just kicked your shoes at the door, and now you can barely wait to get out of your clothes.”

Adrian snorted, despite experiencing small eddies of pleasure coursing through his body as Edward’s voice caressed his sense of hearing. “Do you want me just to throw my clothes around and then hit the shower?” ataköy escort

“Don’t interrupt, Adrian.”

Damn, even his name sounded different in that mouth. That mouth. The thought of Edward putting his lips on him was enough to make him pliable with any request.

“You would start undressing, but your lover is home, and you know how much he likes it when you’re simply you. He’s in the door to the bedroom you two share and stares at you. His eyes on you make you hot, and you want, so much, to make him want you the way you want him.”

Adrian snuck one hand under his t-shirt and pushed it up only a couple of inches, showing a bit of skin, but not too much. He caressed his taut muscles and cocked his head, throwing Edward a look he hoped enough to convey how hot those words were making him.

He was rewarded with a smile, and this time, it was a genuine one. “You’re good at taking directions. It’s a fantastic start, Adrian.”

“Tell me more,” Adrian whispered.

It was barely mid-afternoon, and natural light was flooding the room, but Adrian felt like it was midnight, and he was putting on a show under soft dim lights the color of passion.

“Your lover licks his lips,” Edward continued his voice nothing but smooth silk. “He likes what he sees, but he also loves to play. It’s enough for you to notice that naughty glint in his eyes. He wants you, but you need to show him more. It is a game of play-pretend, and yet, you must be your truest self to win him over, to make him want to kneel in front of you and take you in his mouth.”

Adrian gulped. He pulled the t-shirt higher and used it to wipe his forehead. Now, his abs and pecs had to show pretty well. The temptation to flex them was strong, but he understood what Edward wanted. Something that seemed natural, genuine.

“Excellent, Adrian.”

His name in that perverted mouth now sounded low and sexy. He pretended to look elsewhere and pulled his t-shirt over his head. He threw it on the floor and then ran his fingers over his face and through his hair like he was tired after a day spent outside the house.

“Yes,” Edward encouraged him softly.

Adrian turned and fiddled with his belt. All this time, the thought of having Edward’s eyes on him was making him so hard that pulling down the zipper on his jeans was a feat of strength and determination.

Eventually, he pushed down his jeans and stepped out of them. Pretending he was undressing like any other day, he took off his socks, too. Then he turned and gave his cock a short tug, but without looking at Edward.

“Look at me,” Edward ordered.

Adrian did.

“You have a gorgeous body, Adrian.”

“Thanks,” Adrian replied, feeling good about himself, in charge even. “Is this the part where you come here, kneel, and take me in your mouth?”

Edward laughed. “I’m not your lover. And you hurried a bit there.”

Adrian frowned, as he mulled things over. What was that all about?

“Do you want me to suck you off, Adrian?” Edward asked.

Adrian hesitated. The question appeared so straightforward after the game of seduction from earlier.

“I prefer honesty in all my dealings,” Edward added.

“Yeah,” Adrian replied, although he wasn’t so sure anymore.

“You’re not in charge, Adrian.”

Maybe that was the problem.

“You’re not in charge, and the thought alone makes you a bit uncomfortable. Here you are, in your apartment, your very own fuckpad, naked, while your guest sits across from you, completely dressed and not at all aroused.”

“Seriously? You’re not hard? Not even a tiny little bit?” Adrian asked.

“I am a doctor. I see naked bodies all day long. Of course, yours is very aesthetically pleasing, but seeing a nude body is not enough to arouse me.”

“What does arouse you?” Adrian asked.

“Obedience,” Edward replied. “Absolute obedience.”

Adrian snorted. “You won’t get that from me.”

“I seem to have worked wonders so far, then,” Edward replied.

“Then how come you’re not aroused?”

“The game is just beginning.”

Adrian cocked his head to one side. “What game?”

“We’ll get to that. Now come here.” Edward patted the place next to him. “I do owe you a blowjob.”

“You make it sound so clinical; I don’t think I want it anymore,” Adrian replied.

“I believe I can make you change your mind,” Edward said.

The fucker wore a suit, something casual, but still a suit, and it wasn’t even a light color, but some deep metallic green that made his eyes appear even more magnetic. Adrian wanted to grab Edward, stick his tongue down his throat, undress him, and fuck him right there, on his throne, making him scream in pleasure until he couldn’t walk or talk anymore.

That didn’t even come from arousal. It felt like ambition, cold, and measured, and Adrian couldn’t recall one time he ever fucked someone because of ambition.

“Adrian,” Edward called for him. “Leave aside any thoughts you might have of fucking me in five minutes or less and avcılar escort throwing me out. This is not how we’re going to play this.”

“You’re hot and cold. It’s confusing,” Adrian replied, overly conscious of his nakedness.

“I know,” Edward said, and his voice was soothing and appeasing now. “It will all become clear as we progress, I promise. Now, come here. I do want to make you feel good.”

There were so many inflections in that voice. Adrian felt it like a physical caress, and then like a slap. His ego should have been bruised, but, instead, it was stimulated. With renewed confidence, he walked over to Edward and sat on the sofa, next to him, making sure to part his legs and offer a clear view of the snake between his legs.

That wasn’t lost on Edward. Adrian felt a firm hand resting on his thigh, then inching slower toward the groin area. Turning his head to the right, he met green eyes studying him. “Can I touch you, too, or -“

“Hush, Adrian, you’re ruining the moment.”

“Really? What moment?” Adrian protested. He was wrong. Being chastised like that all the time wasn’t fun.

As he chewed at the ugly thought, he missed how Edward moved his other hand to grab a handful of hair at the back of his head. Someone, in another life, had told him he looked handsome with his hair grown, not long or anything, but definitely enough to grab on. It seemed like Edward found that useful, too.

Still, he was about to protest against it, but Edward caught his lips, making him gasp. Usually, he was the guy with the initiative, but it looked like that was taken from him, and, as unnerving as that was, it also made his body hum with desire, something new, enough to make him surrender.

Edward kissed him, and Adrian let him. He wasn’t crazy about kissing, because it was something too honest in that, and it was just one of those things Adrian didn’t want to act artfully or too casual about because it would feel wrong.

Yet, right now, as Edward bit his lips and chew on them for a second, making him gasp in pleasure and open his mouth, Adrian felt it was different. Edward made love to his mouth, and maybe it was a bit artful, but it didn’t feel fake. He could taste Edward’s desire, and that was enough to have him going.

The temptation to take over or at least brush the back of his hand against the other’s crotch was high. But Adrian took great pleasure in allowing another man to be in charge for a change.

Edward caressed his jawline, and his hands were smooth, as smooth as his voice and his kisses. “You have excellent potential, Adrian.” He touched Adrian’s cock and caressed it slowly. “It looks like everything is in working order, right?”

“It always is,” Adrian replied.

“I am surprised you don’t push me at your feet so that I start sucking your cock.”

“Um, I don’t know,” Adrian teased, “it feels good like this.”

Edward’s eyes were sultry now. “I want to make you come, Adrian. Time and time again.”

“You don’t have to convince me. Let’s fuck.”

Edward smiled. “I need to test your stamina. But first, where is the toy collection?”

“It’s pretty lame,” Adrian said and cursed on the inside. Edward’s hand was moving lazily, up and down his cock. “It’s almost non-existent.”

“I still want to see it.”

“It’s just a pair of stupid handcuffs, and Brent Corrigan’s butthole.”

Edward chuckled, and his hand continued to move. “I thought you got enough of the real thing to forgo artificial replacements.”

“Just my friend Jared’s idea of a joke. I did use it a few times. It felt good.”

“Hmm, and did you abandon your toy for another?”

“No. I just found it too much hassle.”

“Good. You’ll have to throw that toy away.”

“It was a gift,” Adrian said and gasped as Edward changed the angle of rubbing his dick, making it even more pleasurable. He adjusted his position to buck a little into the other’s hand.

“I don’t condone cheating of any kind,” Edward warned. “And you could tell Jared the truth. I allow it.”

Adrian smirked. “Fuck, you’re into that master-slave thing?”

“It’s more than that. Trust me, Adrian, I have been looking for a perfect match for a long time, and quite painstakingly if I may say. You’re a promising candidate.”

“Wait, wait, wait, are you playing with others, just as you play with me now?”

The fingers in his hair began to rub his scalp, and Adrian shuddered at the small frisson of pleasure coursing through him.

“No. I have all my attention trained on you, and you alone.”

“Fuck, you’re torturing me,” Adrian complained.

“Maybe I am,” Edward teased, and his lips stretched in one of those winning smiles that made Adrian feel like his insides turned into a quivering mush.

When had it been the last time he had felt like this? Not in a while, that was for sure. Edward was seducing him, and Adrian had no intention to say ‘no’ to that.

“Please, hand me the handcuffs,” Edward said.

“What for?”

“I need a proof of surrender beylikdüzü escort on your part.”

Adrian got up and brought the pink handcuffs. “Yeah, I know. Please, don’t start.”

Edward just quirked an eyebrow. “I didn’t say anything.”

“But you were about to.”

“I’m glad that you’re anticipating my reactions. That will also be part of your training.”

“Training.” Adrian snorted and threw the cuffs at Edward, who caught them swiftly. “Are you going to put me into a pony getup and have me trot around?”

Edward laughed. And he was laughing with his eyes, too, which Adrian liked. “No. My pleasures are a bit more refined than such travesties.”

“Color me interested,” Adrian said and walked over to Edward, stopping with his cock inches from him.

“Sit down, Adrian, and turn. Next time I’ll bring some rope to make sure that you’re properly restrained.”

“Fuck me sideways,” Adrian murmured but obeyed.

Jared was right. He had always been a vanilla sex type of guy if he thought about it. Yet, right now, the thought of being introduced to bondage seemed quite arousing. Or maybe he was anticipating getting his dick sucked by this high-class asshole that the touch of a feather or a word was enough to make him hard.

He put his hands at his back, allowing Edward to put the handcuffs on him. As much as he hated them, they were pretty comfortable, with enough padding so that they didn’t rub against his wrists.

“I will bring proper handcuffs, too. A strong man like you, Adrian, shouldn’t be played with, using such toys.”

“Are you going to play with me?”

Edward blew hot air over his ear. “That is what I intend. But with proper toys, next time.”

Next time. Adrian knew now that Edward was fooling himself. For now, he was hard and interested, but as soon as he fucked Edward again, he would have his fill and then forget all about him.

“There will be a next time,” Edward promised, guessing again what he was thinking.

“What if it’s not?” Adrian asked.

“I would be disappointed, but it won’t be the first or the last time that happens.”

Adrian let Edward turn him again and press him with his back against the sofa. This guy was good. As Edward stood up, Adrian watched him and realized quickly that he was in a subservient position, something new for him. For a moment, he considered leaning forward and pushing his head into Edward’s groin. Maybe he even did that a little.

“Do you want to smell me, pup?” Edward’s voice was amused.

Pup? The idiotic things he sometimes did to get laid, Adrian thought. “Ah, so it’s that weird fetish with puppy masks you’re into?”

Edward laughed. “No. I just wanted to see your reaction. You’re easy to read as you are now, and don’t get me wrong, I love it. It is easier for me to get in touch with you, with what you want. But under my guidance, you’ll become something more than you are now, Adrian. You’ll know when to show no emotion, and when to drive mad with desire any man you touch or merely look at.”

“Why are you so mysterious?” Adrian asked.

“I love playing with you. It’s more fun than I imagined. Here, a small reward for you,” Edward said and slowly unbuckled his belt and reached inside his dress pants, taking out his cock.

To Adrian’s satisfaction, it was half hard. He could call bullshit on Edward’s so-called restraint. Edward took him by the back of the head and brought him closer.

“You can have your little sniffing routine.”

Now he could tell Edward was playing, but the clean but manly smell of the other’s groin made him reach closer. He inhaled and rubbed his nose across the length of Edward’s cock. Although he preferred having others blow him, he put out his tongue and gave the head a small lick.

Edward pushed him back, not forcefully, but firmly. He put his cock back, much to Adrian’s disappointment. “Don’t worry. You’ll get acquainted with my cock in the most intimate ways.”

“You like playing around so much. I think I’m going to get some serious blue balls.”

“Never under my watch. I do believe in delayed gratification, but not denial. I also believe in excess, when served in the right dosage.”

“I’ve never had anyone fucking me with words only, but you’re one of a kind, Your Majesty. Usually, when my dick is this hard, it lasts little until I have a pair of sweet lips wrapped around it, or I can sink it into a tight, beautiful asshole.”

Edward grabbed him by the hair ahead and pulled his head back. “We’ll get there. Now let me take care of you.”

Adrian watched Edward as he took something out of the breast pocket of his jacket. It appeared to be a leathery thing, and something jingled, too. He squinted, trying to make sense of what he was seeing.

Edward put the leathery string around his neck, fixing it in place, and caressing Adrian’s skin in passing. Adrian gasped when he realized what the jingly hardware was. Cold metal against one nipple made him wince.

“I apologize for this,” Edward said and knelt in front of him.

Adrian let out a small moan as Edward put his mouth on his nipple, sucking it, licking it, and making it hard. The nipple clamp followed, and Adrian felt the little pressure as a signal sent straight to his cock. Why hadn’t he ever tried this stuff? It was pretty freaking awesome.

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