Living a Lifelong Fantasy

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Big Tits

A single, intense experience with another man in my early 20’s fueled 40 plus years of lush fantasy’s and countless orgasms, and with my 60th birthday just behind me, I had the perfect opportunity to have sex with another guy. Terry lived in Mesa, although we met in Tucson AZ at a classic car rally. He was selling his older but gorgeous Harley-Davidson, I was looking for a bike, and after chatting about the scoot for awhile and the show in general we exchanged email addresses.

Terry was a nice looking man, about my age and in good shape. He was what we called ‘stocky’ in the old days – a bear-like body but with no real fat, he looked like he could handle himself in a fix.

His head was shaved and he sported a dashing, devilish goatee that suited him well. He was also quite outgoing – and very flirty, which I would find out soon enough.

We stayed in email contact, and over the next few months got to know one another across the ethernet. I soon learned that he and his wife were long time swingers, but that they had separated for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the ‘Lifestyle’.

He confided that his wife loved to eat pussy as much as he loved to suck men off, and soon I was telling him of my desire to explore sex with guys. We had phone sex once (while I walked in the desert) and it was an incredible turn on to talk to him about his bisexual adventures – and his desire to have me in his bed.

Of course we made plans to meet, and did so on a lovely warm Beylikdüzü escort morning at his townhouse in Mesa. I was there for sex, pure & simple, and the thought was almost overwhelming as I stood at his door, heart pounding, palms sweating, and my dick half-hard and begging for attention between my legs…

He answered the door wearing nothing but loose cotton gym shorts, and I was thrilled to see that he looked as good pretty much naked as he did with all his clothes on! One never knows.

He gave me a nice hug, and we sat on his sofa where we talked again about what we wanted as sex partners, what the limits were,

etc. He knew about my 1st time with a guy decades before, about how I’d jerked-off hundreds of times recalling that tryst. Id never touched the guy that sucked me off way back when, and Terry knew well how much I wanted to touch a hard cock, and to bring a man to climax. He assured me again that it was my time, and that we could do as much or as little as we liked in bed together.

He stood, pulled me to my feet, and suggested we undress and head for the bedroom. I slipped out of my clothes as he watched, leaving just my underwear on, and walked into his cool, dark bedroom. It was perfect – a cozy king bed, with a ‘Oriental’ lamp burning softly across the room. The curtains were drawn tight, but the light was vey nice for making out. We hugged again as we stood next to his bed, and he asked me how I wanted to start? I told him I really wanted to touch Beylikdüzü escort him, and he smiled and suggested I go ahead. And so I did! Standing close, I slipped my hand slowly down to the waistband of his shorts, and then eased it down lower, to touch his perfectly hard (and very large!) cock.

He whispered that it was good as I slowly stroked his erection, and I moaned aloud to share his pleasure, my own penis now achingly hard in my briefs. After a moment I sat on the edge of his bed, and gently pulled his shorts down. He kicked them off as his hard-on swayed just in front of my face, and I sighed in delight as I felt the heat of him in my hand again, pumping his 7 inches of man-meat slowly, watching with impossible lust as his balls moved between his legs…Terry was shaved, and his penis had a very dramatic upward bend. I delighted in the clear drop of per-cum that oozed from his dick, and after a moment stood to get out of my undies -which now had a large wet spot in front. We hugged again, now with our naked hard-ons pressing & playing together like baby dolphins, and he suggested we get more comfortable and starch out on the bed. And we did. We lay side by side, legs gently touching, and I told him I wanted to watch him jack-off for awhile.

I did the same and we watched each other stroke as the heat between us built…I’d told him that I liked a bit of lube when I jacked and he offered me some from the bottle on his nightstand – I love the feel (and the sound!) of Escort Beylikdüzü a slick cock in my hand, although Terry declined the K-Y, preferring to jack-off dry. We stroked for awhile before I turned gently onto my side and slipped my hand between his legs, telling him how much I wanted to do it for him – first touching his balls before gently replacing his hand with mine. After a moment he did the same, and we masturbated one another to my joy with little moans of pleasure – especially from me; I’m quite vocal’ during sex. I’m also very visual, and moved slowly down his body till my head was below his chest for a better ‘view’. I could scarcely believe the pleasure I felt from giving him pleasure, or that such a experienced man could respond so to my simple touch.

I almost forgot (but did stay perfectly hard!) his hand on me as I watched his erection pump through my hot hand; the way the soft pink skin stretched and pulled back & forth, the shiny drop at the end of his dick…and I imagined what it would feel (and taste) like in my mouth, driving in & out, his sack bumping my chin – I had the wild idea that I could deep-throat him! And with those erotic thoughts in mind I asked if I could taking him in my mouth, and of course he said yes. Terry knew I was a married man, and that I was very concerned about keeping our sex-play safe. He assured me (in our emails) that giving oral was as safe as it could be, but agreed that if I was still concerned he would happily slip on a condom – and now he did, making quite a show of it as I moaned and whispered my desires to him – and he’d barely pulled the rubber down to the base of his penis when I was on him with a growl, sucking him as deep into my hungry mouth as I could. To be continued, of course…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32