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Belinda had lived with Darren for about a year. They were only flat mates, but she loved to masturbate in her room late at night because she knew he would listen in. The sexual tension between them was so strong. Belinda knew that Darren had seen her when she was doing nude cooking late at night. he had never mentioned it, but when she could feel his piercing eyes on her it made her pussy saturated.

She never actually slept with Darren until 3 months after they had gone their separate ways into new houses. It was a quick and easy fuck, which at the time Belinda needed. She couldn’t help but be horny 24 hours a day. They were good mates and so after that instance just went back to a plutonic relationship.

One day Belinda went over to his new house and met his cousin Alan who was just up from Melbourne after being transferred through his work. Straight away Belinda could feel Alan was attracted to her and it made her horny to think that Darren was slightly jealous.

The three hung out together from going to the movies, to going to clubs olgun porno to drinking at home together. One night someone come up with the idea that they should have a threesome. It was all a joke, but over the next couple of weeks it kept getting mentioned more and more. Belinda was an adventurous person and it exited her to try something new.

On the day in question they hung out all morning. At lunch time they went to get something to eat and later on came home to watch a movie. They all got mattresses out from the room so as to lay on the floor and be more comfortable.

Darren suggested to put a porno on and so the fun began. Alan volunteered to give Belinda a massage and she accepted. Every now and again she would feel Alan’s hand move further down her legs to the opening of her pussy. His strokes becoming more firm and lingering at her opening. Eventually he leaned down and kissed her on her back. Belinda started to feel another set of hands over her body.

She started to buzz with ecstasy as porno she realised she had two males giving her all the attention. Alan flipped her over and started to eat out her pussy. Darren moved up her body and was licking and sucking her nipples. She was moaning and groaning and trying to control herself as much as she could.

She buried Alan’s face into her cunt even further by pushing his head into it. Darren was kissing Belinda on the mouth and eventually unzipped his pants. He produced his cock and put it into her mouth, every now and again removing it and dangling it in front of her. Belinda was in heaven right at that moment. She had a tongue up her pussy and a cock in her hand. Hands were going every where and the attention was truly and honestly only on her. Alan came up from down under and stuck his tongue in her mouth. She started to suck all her pussy juice from his tongue. She tasted so sweet.

Darren went down to her pussy and started to finger her. Slowly and gently at first and then hard and fast. Belinda Porno 64 lost her breath for a second. She couldn’t understand as to how this situation had even come about, but she was pleased. Darren grabbed out a condom and placed it on his cock. He slowly eased himself into her every now and again thrusting hard. Belinda laid back and let Alan kiss her whole body while she got fucked by Darren. All of a sudden she felt him surge forward and with the look on his face sent her Cumming all over his cock. Alan was all the time moaning as well at seeing the pleasure she was having. Alan then got his condom out and Belinda helped to put it on.

Darren moved slightly up her side while Alan flipped Belinda over and fucked her doggy. She was leaning back on his cock and letting him dig deep into her pussy with his cock. All of a sudden she felt Darren’s fingers rubbing her clit and it sent her Cumming again. This time she could feel it dripping down her thighs. Alan began to cum also and he leant over her as he let it all out into the condom. All three of them continued kissing and playing the night out.

They were exhausted by morning, but that didn’t stop Belinda playing. This time though only her and Alan played alone. She had found which cousin was the best fuck and was going to stick with the top class shag.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32