A Cougar’s Story Ch. 04

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Jim, as I knew he would be, was fine with Beth and I having time together. He became very turned on when I told him of Beth’s visit to our house, to our bed, and after my very willing mouth took care of his ‘problem’, we talked some more about it.

He realized that I was having a resurgence of my sex drive, and he encouraged me to pursue my newly-found obsession with Beth, to explore with her if I wanted to. When I told him of thinking about visiting her for a couple of days when he was away on business, he was fine with it, just asking that I share the details with him.

The first night of my stay with Beth, that following week, was all about her and me, just the two of us, that night.

After a light dinner at a grille near her house, we returned to her home, fixed ourselves a couple of strong drinks and at her suggestion, we slipped on a couple of simple tee shirts, and leaving just our panties on.

Taking me by the hand, we went into her bedroom, where we lounged in her bed, finishing our drinks, and trading touches and kisses as we did so. We finished our drinks, and she told me to take off her panties, that she needed to feel my mouth on her pussy.

She pushed my head, gently but firmly, between her legs and I went very willingly with my mouth and tongue to her sweet-smelling pussy, trying my very best to devour her love-box.

My own pussy was on fire with a need to orgasm as I brought her to repeated climaxes with my mouth. I held on to her breasts, under her tee shirt, loving their feel in my hands as I eagerly filled my mouth with her pussy and clit; like mine, her clit was very pronounced and large, and felt simply wonderful between my lips as I sucked her to orgasm after orgasm.

We took a break so that I could give my mouth a rest, and when she returned to bed after fixing us a couple of more drinks, she had me take off my tee and panties, so that she could freely play with me as we sipped our drinks and touched each other.

Her hands brought me to the brink several times but wouldn’t let me cross over the line, and I so needed to cross over the line to reach orgasm. She reached into her nightstand drawer, and retrieving a couple of silk scarves, she held them up to me, and asked xhamster porno if she could tie me with them. My answer was to put my drink on the bedside nightstand on my side of the bed and to hold out my wrists to her.

She teased my nipples with her mouth as she tied my arms above my head, by my wrists, to her bedposts; once secured, she knelt over my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth, telling me to get her off just one more time, and then it would be my turn.

I can’t describe the incredible turn-on it was for me, to be restrained, and to have her pussy forced on me; it really wasn’t forced-sex, not at all, I was fully into the whole scene, relishing the new role of a submissive.

She did indeed reward my submissiveness by bringing me to climax, and quickly at that, after I had serviced her. My orgasm was incredible, her abilities with her tongue astonishing to me.

And she knew it, she knew that she had me ‘under her spell’, under her control.

After letting me catch a bit of breath, and with my arms still restrained above me, she retrieved a large, thick dildo and teased me for a long time, slipping it in and out of me slippery, wet pussy very easily as she nibbled on my clit; again she brought me to the brink but wouldn’t let me cross over, not just yet.

After making sure the thick dildo was totally lubricated with my own juices, she took my clit between her teeth, biting and nibbling, driving me mad with desire; finally begging her to get me off, she just smiled and gently slipped the head of the toy into my ass, slowly moving it in and out, and with each stroke, going deeper until she had my ass impaled.

It was then that she got me off repeatedly with her mouth to my pussy and the toy fucking me in the ass.

It was incredible, and I begged for more of the same afterwards; she happily complied, much to my joy.

Leaving me at home, the next morning she said she be home after lunch, since she had no afternoon classes, and that I should feel free to make myself at home. I showered, dressed simply in shorts and a tee, leaving my panties and bra, in my overnight bag.

When Beth did return home, she had Steph with her, and Steph wasted yaşlı porno no time in getting me on the couch and into her arms, while Beth watched from an armchair; Beth had her hand under her skirt, masturbating as she watch me make love with this teenaged girl. Steph was legal, don’t get me wrong, but that afternoon, it wouldn’t have stopped me had she not been, and they both knew it.

Having reached our climaxes, all of us, we shared a bottle of wine, Steph and I remaining naked. Steph left us after servicing the both of us, in Beth’s bed, but Beth informed me that the fun wasn’t over quite yet.

Throwing me a short wrap to put on when her doorbell rang, she told me to stay in bed, that she’d be right back, walking to answer her door with a similar wrap over her nakedness.

When Beth returned, she had a young man with her, leading him into the bedroom by the hand. I panicked for a moment because this attractive boy couldn’t be more than eighteen I quickly guessed and felt somewhat fearful because of the age difference was so large.

Remember now, that Beth was an admitted bisexual, comfortable with both sexes in bed; I could relate to that because of the romps I had had with couples when we were more active in the lifestyle.

His name was Rob, and he was a student of Beth’s from the community college, and a frequent visitor to Beth’s bed, loving the young man’s virility, not to mention his 7″ cock.

Because she wanted me to, I took Rob’s clothes off of him, while both Beth and I kissed with each other as she took off my wrap.

Because she told me to, I willingly dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth, and had a mini-orgasm when he climaxed, his cum spilling from the corners of my sucking mouth.

Beth licked the spillage from my lips, her tongue lapping it from my lips hungrily.

Putting Rob on the bed between us, he played with us as we played with him, and with each other. Tying him to the bedposts as she had done with me, the night before, we took turns pleasuring ourselves on his young, hard dick, each of us riding him to climax a couple of times before she sucked the climax from his needy, throbbing dick, while I watched and masturbated.

She aldatma porno untied Rob and we took turns cleaning up in her shower, separately, resting in the process so that we could, I hoped, start all over again. Rob was unfazed by the age difference between all of us; he had two women more than willing to take advantage of his virility, what was there not to like?

After we had cleaned up, Beth had me get on my hands and knees to service her, again, telling me to stay on my knees so that Rob could fuck me in the ass. My answer was to lower my mouth to her pussy, and kneeling as she commanded, spreading my legs a bit, exposing my ass to him.

I thought my insides would burst when he pushed his cock deep into my ass, but my moans were of contentment, not of pain. Rob fucked me as hard as I had ever been fucked in my life, that night, repeatedly, and I fucking loved every minute of it, I can’t lie.

He left around ten that night, both of my pussy and ass being pleasantly sore from Beth’s mouth and his cock. After he had showered again, after a couple of hours of fucking us, I wouldn’t let him leave until I sucked his young cock once more; taking my time, he finally climaxed in my mouth and I immediately shared it with Beth when I kissed her, opening my mouth to share Rob’s cum with her, which she greedily sucked from my tongue and lips.

The next morning, as we kissed goodbye before I left to return home, and she to her classes, she surprised me with a DVD she had recorded, unknown to me, of our romp with Rob, “to share with Jim, when he came home,” she said.

I was both upset and turned on; how’s that for conflict.

When Jim came home that night, I told him of the surprise that awaited him; finishing dinner, and showering together, we stayed naked as I inserted the DVD into the bedroom TV/player, joining him in bed afterwards, to watch along with him.

He was silent but aroused as his cock grew longer and harder while watching Beth and I fuck and suck Rob. While he watched young Rob fuck his wife in the ass, I took Jim’s hardness into my mouth, bringing him to climax shortly thereafter.

Afterwards, he pleasured me as well, orally, getting me off as he is always able to do and savoring the taste of his own cum on my mouth when he kissed me before going down on me.

And after that, as we lay in each other’s arms, I told him of Beth’s suggestion to come and visit for the weekend, so that the three of us could play.

His answer was to hand me the phone.

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