A Girl Called Sami Ch. 24

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The anniversary of Bonnie’s death came upon Sami very quickly, and that day, she spent it alone, walking the campus with her camera, shooting tons of film to keep herself busy, and, to keep the demons at bay.

Her insides were absolutely crawling with nervousness, sadness, lonesomeness, and aching with hurt that day. Returning to her suite, she ignored the knocks that disturbed her self-imposed solitude, not even bothering to look at the notes and crap that had been slipped through her door’s mail slot.

Retrieving the bottle of Tequila that she had purchased a few days ago, Sami-girl got totally and blissfully drunk late that afternoon, her mind no longer able to deal with the sadness that she felt; and thankfully, she drank herself into a stupor, falling asleep early in the evening.

Falling asleep, or passing out; call it what you will, it brought Sami to where she needed to go.


Nursing the worse hangover of her young life, Sami muddled through the Fourth of July holiday, immersing herself in her work at The Grille, and her modeling for Lynn. They talked of the gallery that she and Ali were almost ready to open, the three of them finding more agreement, than differences, in personal views of how a gallery should be structured.

Sami may have been arm-candy for both Nikki and Su at the art events she had attended, but Sami-girl paid attention to detail and picked up on the dos and don’ts of running galleries, listening closely, as the movers and shakers of the Art Scene in the City expressed opinions.

The off-handed and informal discussions among the three of them had served a purpose; it started Lynn and Ali thinking about Sami-girl in a different way, thinking about her as more than a hot-looking model with an incredibly sexy body that Lynn’s camera liked, and liked a lot.

Late-night visits to Sami’s room still continued by a few of the dorm residents, and the resulting sexual romps were one of the worse kept secrets of their dorm. By this time, Sami really didn’t care what others said or thought of her behind her back; she was use to it, and it didn’t bother her at all.

After all, they kept coming to her for sexual gratification, didn’t they? They always came back, just like in high school. One of the newer residents, a girl named Brenda, had become the most frequent visitor to Sami’s room of delights recently and she gave as good as she got, seemingly happy to kneel between Sami’s legs and make love to Sami’s pussy.

Brenda had approached Sami one day, outside of their dorm, and in a most frank manner, had let Sami know that she, Brenda, would love to come and visit some night to play, should Sami ever want to.

The frankness of Brenda touched a nerve inside of Sami and just as frankly, she had invited Brenda to come and visit that very night, after she got off of work. Sami had found Brenda waiting for her on the steps of her dorm after she returned from work and they walked up to Sami’s room, together.

When Sami had emerged from her shower that night, she found Brenda lying on her bed, waiting and totally naked; unlike the other girls that came to Sami for some girl-love, Brenda was the one who insisted on satisfying Sami first. Most of the other girls returned Sami’s loving but none, except Brenda, wanted to do Sami first.

What Sami didn’t know, and wouldn’t learn, was that Brenda had been servicing other girls since she was thirteen, the desire to do so inside of her since she couldn’t remember when.

Her ‘public’ story was that she began playing with girls when she was sixteen or so, and that she had a boyfriend back home, and that she liked both guys and gals. Of course, that was a flat-out lie; she’d never had a cock, nor ever had the desire to do so.

By the time she had graduated high school, Brenda was known as a full-blown lez and Brenda flat-out didn’t give a fuck who knew it, as long as she got her share of pussy.

It has been said that God doesn’t slam a door in one’s face without opening a window. The truthfulness of that adage revealed itself to Sami on the afternoon that The Grille had burned to the ground.

Sami, with tears streaming down her cheeks, stood with hundreds of students across the street from The Grille, watching as the fire department fought to contain the blaze and allowed the building to consume itself.

Sami’s entire college life was intertwined with The Grille and she just couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing. Seeing her manager Ray, just a ways from her, she and Ray hugged and cried with each other, crying at the loss of what was a fun place of work for them both.

It was later that same afternoon, when Lynn was finishing that session’s shooting that both Ali and Lynn approached Sami about working for them, with them, at their new gallery. Neither Ali nor Lynn knew of the fire, yet, and their proposal to Sami was a result of the fondness both had developed for Sami over the past few weeks; indeed, bursa escort it was Sami’s common-sense approach to the business side of running a gallery that had impressed them both.

The three of them celebrated Sami’s acceptance of their offer to work for them with dinner at Commander’s Palace that evening, staying until almost closing discussing ideas and the like.

The three of them walked away that evening feeling that a different phase of their relationship had been reached, though none of them fully understood how the three of them became so simpatico with each other; they didn’t understand it then, and wouldn’t for a while yet, but they all knew that it had become so.

For her part, Sami was fighting off the feelings she was developing for these two women, fighting off the carnal urges that churned inside of her whenever she was with them.

The Grille was no longer a part of Sami’s life, sadly, she thought, but the sadness of that day that she had felt earlier, had given way to a new gladness that made her smile.

Shut a door, open a window; indeed, it was a life-truth, wasn’t it?


As the summer semester wound down, Sami was terribly busy with her modeling for Lynn, as well as being a part of the planning for the gallery’s opening, which was a few weeks away.

At Ali’s request, Sami had procured another coed for a part-time position at the gallery; she had spoken to Justine, a class-mate who was looking for such a position. Justine was one of Sami’s very few ‘close’ acquaintances whom she had not had in her bed. They were friends, but not lovers, neither of them thinking to be anything else. Whether Justine knew of Sami’s whispered reputation, Sami didn’t know or care; Justine accepted and liked Sami for her persona, not her sexual prowess.

Sami continued to fuck both Su and Nikki, loving her time with these mentors; indeed, that was how she thought of them both, while they, at the truth of the matter, regarded Sami as one of the best pieces of young ass that either had ever had.

Whatever the reason, it worked for the three of them, both of the older women seemingly content to share Sami’s loving with the other. They, the three of them, no longer had threesomes among themselves, but with each, Sami enjoyed many couplings that had included various others as playmates, several of which were part of the Art Scene in the City.

Sami no longer had any doubt, if she ever did, that she was a full-blown lesbian and you know what? She was very much okay with that bit of truth about herself. Oh, she had lied to others when she spoke of having tried sex with ‘guys’, always indicating or intimating that she had been with several males before surrendering to the truth of her Sapphic nature; but the truth of having sex only once with a boy would remain within her, for whatever reasons.

At twenty-one and with her last semester of undergraduate work at college in front of her, Sami had reached stability and acceptance of herself, and for that, she was pleased in too many ways to count.

Jena left New Orleans at the end of the summer to rejoin her husband in D.C. and their last night of love-making for Sami and Jena was one of the hottest and satisfying that they had ever shared. No threesome, no kink; just the sensuousness of the two of them pleasuring each other for the last time.


The Fall semester started and Sami had scheduled herself for just 12 credit hours, the last twelve credit hours of her undergraduate career, which freed her up to work at the gallery and to continue to pose for Lynn, and now Ali, who had started a pen and ink series using Sami as her body-model.

Before they realized it, it was opening night at Lynn’s Alley and the ensuing throngs of patrons spilled out into the street. Sami had worked her butt off within the contacts she had made through Su and Nikki to guarantee a good turn out, and it paid off.

Between Sami and Ali, they had milked the Art Scene in the City for support with the opening, and the Art Scene didn’t disappoint.

Her ‘girls’, for that’s how she thought of Ali and Lynn, were blissfully happy with the turn out; and after the opening had closed that night, as she, Justine, and the girls shared the last of the Champagne, they, the girls, let her know how much they appreciated her hard work.

It made Sami glad on the inside, and for that she was even happier.

It was afterwards that she thought she might have screwed the pooch with both Lynn and Ali.

Justine had gone to a pep rally for the football team and let Sami borrow her car to run some errands. Sami ran her errands, finishing the doobie she had rolled, between stops at stores, the last one, to fill up Justine’s tank.

Driving back to campus and more than a little buzzed, Sami noticed a light on above the gallery. Giving in to an impulse, she pulled to the curb, parked, and let herself in to bursa escort bayan the darkened gallery with her key.

Hearing noises from above, Sami called out to Lynn and Ali, hoping it was one of them upstairs. Not getting an answer, Sami’s first impulse was to go back out the door and call the cops. It was then she noticed Lynn’s car parked across the street. Relaxing, she climbed the stairs to the studio/workspace and scared the living shit out of Lynn, who had not heard Sami calling her name.

“Damn, girl, you scared the crap out of me,” Lynn said with relief when she saw it was Sami.

Sami’s heart did flip-flops at the sight of Lynn; nothing new, it had been happening now for a few weeks when she posed for Lynn and Ali. These two women were definitely on Sam’s personal radar, now. They probably shouldn’t have been, but there it is; the heart knows what it wants.

It was when Sami leaned over to see what Lynn was working on and saw the joint in the ashtray that Sami girl smiled to herself. After apologizing, Lynn acquiesced and shared the remaining joint with Sami, not that she needed any more smoke.

Leaning back over Lynn’s shoulder, Lynn’s scent rose to reach Sami’s nostrils and just that quickly, her horny motor kicked on. Sami fought her impulses, oh she did, but failed miserably; she would say, if asked, that it was the weed’s fault, but that really wasn’t true, was it?

Purposefully, Sami pressed a boob into Lynn’s shoulder as she looked to the computer screen, which caused Lynn a bit of a start. Pressing on within her stoned state, she gave in to the sudden impulse to nibble at Lynn’s ear and the side of her face.

Lynn questioned what Sami was doing, but did nothing to stop it; and when Sami turned Lynn’s face to kiss her, Lynn didn’t stop that either. When their lips found each other, their hands quickly followed with touches and fondling to the other’s breasts, Sami damned near melting on the spot from excitement.

Lynn broke their kiss, berating herself that she had allowed it to happen, taking as much, if not more, blame than Sami that it had, indeed, happened. Sami was shaken by what she had allowed herself to do, and thought, for damn sure, that she had just lusted herself out of a job that she was falling in love with. They talked it out, did she and Lynn, but yet when Sami left the gallery that evening, she was wishing that it had gone further with Lynn; no doubt about it, Sami was lustful of this good-looking Yankee woman.

Returning to campus, Sami placed a welcomed booty call to Sondra, who dropped her studying in a flash, and literally ran up to Sami’s room for some serious fucking with Sami.

Once again, had you passed Sondra in the hall that night, after she had left Sami’s room, the glazed eyes and smile on her face gave away the fact that once again, Sami-girl had fucked her royally; but, there wasn’t a complaint to be heard from Sondra, of that you can be sure.


Steeling herself for her firing, sure that it was going to happen, Sami put on a brave face when she showed up to work her shift on Friday afternoon. But, much to her pleasant surprise, not only was she not fired, she was invited to spend Saturday night with Lynn and Ali at the big house, Lynn making it absolutely clear that it was as a friend that she was being invited, not as an employee.

The rest of Friday and the next day, Saturday, couldn’t end quickly enough for Sami. She was soooo ready to have some personal, private time with Lynn and Ali that she even had to quickly masturbate in the privacy of their bathroom at the gallery during the afternoon.

Well, it did take a bit of pressure off, Sami used as an excuse, not that she ever needed an excuse to masturbate.

That night, Ali took away any thoughts of her being angry at what had ‘almost’ happened between Sami and Lynn, a few nights earlier. When Ali kissed Sami, before dinner and before the sex-games that were to come for the three of them, there was no mistaking Ali’s feelings about Sami, about wanting to bed this daughter of Mississippi.

For Sami’s part that night, she couldn’t get enough of either woman’s pussy, or of the thick, black strap-on that they took turns using on her pussy, fucking her as she ate the other. She felt mixed emotions when they used the strap-on on her; she was both fearful and hopeful that one of them would fuck her ass with it, but that didn’t happen, and later, Sami was thankful that it didn’t; it probably would have split her wide open, and who needs that?

Funny thing is, thought Sami as she watched Lynn and Ali drive away after bringing her back to campus the next day, she ‘knew’, somehow, she ‘knew’ that the three of them had become a triad, of sorts, and that made Sami-girl happy in ways too numerous to count.


Her last semester of college was moving incredibly fast, and the relationship bursa sınırsız escort between the three continued to deepen, and not just sexually, though, for sure, the sex between the three was incredible.

Sami attended a Halloween party with them at their friend, Sharon’s, place; Sami was Xena, the Warrior Princess, while Ali and Lynn costumed as two of Xena’s warrior gals. She had a fucking blast, dancing with their male friends, teasing a bit, and even fending off a few flirtations from some of their married gal-pals.

Well, almost fending off all of the flirtations.

There was the quickie she had in an upstairs bathroom with one of their married friends, who was a bit past being sloshed, though not too sloshed to give Sami girl a good tongue lashing from her knees, as Sami leaned against the vanity. The thing is, Sami would’ve returned the favor to the woman, but she didn’t want that; she had gotten what she wanted and that was a taste of the tall blonde’s pussy.

Always good to be of service, Sami thought as she caught up with Lynn and Ali at the bar, but not telling them of her quickie. The funniest part of that evening was when the three of them found Sharon fucking and sucking three guys in the pool house of Sharon’s estate; well, her parents’ estate, really, as it turned out.

The three of them stood on tiptoes, jostling each other for the best vantage point as they peeked in on Sharon’s sex-fest with her three studs, through a crack in the curtain of the pool house window.

Sharon’s sex-show had provided the three of them with fuel for their own sex-fest back at the big house, not that the three of them needed any help with the lust they felt for each other, ever.

Sami had even introduced them to Brenda for a fun-night of sharing between the four of them. Brenda was more than willing to be a part of that night of fucking and sucking, to be sure; Brenda was always ready for pussy, even more so than Sami and that’s saying a lot.

All in all, Sami felt that her life couldn’t get better as she closed in to her graduation that was just a few weeks away. Her parents came to the City to watch their babygirl graduate college, and the three of them spent a wonderful two days with Sami as their tour guide.

No, life couldn’t get any better, Sami thought, but she was so wrong, on so many levels.


It was like being sucker-punched when Lynn and Ali hit Sami-girl with a one-two-three punch that she didn’t see coming.

First was the offer of a full-time position as the manager of the gallery which had become a thriving business, mostly because of Sami’s hard work within the Art Scene of the City, bringing about a lot of attention to the works that they featured.

Then, there was the car, the car they had given her as a graduation present; who the fuck could’ve seen that coming, Sami thought, as her tears of gratitude and appreciation rolled down her cheeks that night.

As if that wasn’t enough, they were sending her to Hawaii, for God’s sake, for a week of fun in the sun with Lynn, before Ali would come out to join Lynn for her final week.

Oh, Sami-girl showed her appreciation to Lynn and Ali that night that they gave her the car, to be sure, but not just for the largesse of the girls; no, it was more because of the love she knew that she had in her heart for them both, and if there was ever a time that Sami felt the love she had felt with Bonnie, it was when she was with Lynn and Ali; indeed, if pressed, Sami would’ve admitted that she had, indeed, fallen in love with them both.

She didn’t know how that would work out, in the long view, but she knew that she was in love with them, and for that she was clearly happy.

As she drove home for the holidays, in her brand new car, Sami was on top of the world, looking forward to sharing her good fortune with her parents, and at seeing Charlene again, who was also coming home for the holidays.

That was to change on New Year’s Eve, the situation between her and Charlene.

Sami didn’t know that Charlene and Debbie had broken up, how could she? Charlene hadn’t said anything about it to her.

Sami didn’t know that Charlene was out to conquer new pussy that night, how could she, Charlene hadn’t said anything to her.

Sami didn’t know that the girl she was in bed with when Charlene found them at the party that night was the same one that Charlene had set her sights on; how could she? Charlene had said nothing about it.

“Over a fucking girl, Charlene, over a fucking piece of ass, you call me these things?” Sami was screaming at Charlene as they argued outside of the party house.

“Yes, over a fucking girl, Sami; just like you and Debbie, you had to get between me and Debbie didn’t you?” Charlene screamed back to Sami.

“Debbie? Debbie? You introduced me to Debbie and insisted that the three of us fuck, or don’t you remember that, Charlene? Sami screamed back, their argument viewed by a few bystanders on the porch of the party house.

“Fuck you, Sami, just…fuck you; you can’t be satisfied unless you fuck with my life, can you?”

“Charlene, what the hell is wrong with you?” Sami begged Charlene for an answer as she struggled to understand this Charlene, a Charlene she had never seen before.

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