A Landscaper’s Debt Ch. 01

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Marie Colton watched her new landscaper/gardener, Brad Johnson, from the French doors of her large Tudor style house. A smile crossed her lips as she watched him trimming some bushes near the swimming pool patio. Opening the doors, she strolled out onto the stone paver patio wearing designer sunglasses that hid her staring eyes. The yellow bikini that she purposely picked out showed off her curvy 38 year old body, knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep his mind totally on his work. The skimpy yellow top barely covered her ample breasts which exposed a large crevice between the twin mounds of flesh. At 5′-5″ with long blonde hair hanging over her shoulders, it was evident to all that she took care of her body. Marie knew men liked to stare at her breasts but she also knew they enjoyed the view of her slim hips and ripe butt cheeks. The matching yellow thong barely covered her sex leaving her ass cheeks fully exposed. As she walked out onto the patio, she looked at Brad through her dark glasses, seeing her handsome employee glancing up from his work.

Trimming the bushes, Brad stood up to his full height of 6’1″ when he heard the doors open and then seeing his boss striding to a pool-side table, a drink in one hand and a large envelope in the other. Wiping some sweat from his brow, he took in her toned body, watching her stride across the patio and sit under the table umbrella. This was not the first time he watched her early morning routine of working by the pool but this was the first time she wore something rather skimpy. The other times she worked out on the patio, she wore a swim cover-up or business attire. He knew she was a well-to-do real estate attorney and after three weeks on the job, he was getting used to her strutting around half dressed while he worked on various landscape projects. As he worked, he had the distinct feeling she knew he was watching her and it seemed every time he looked up from his work, she was looking in his direction. Just seeing her in the skimpy outfit, elicited erotic daydreams of them, together, naked and making love. After a few moments, the realization hit that he wasn’t in her class and he was thankful she gave him a job.

He scoured the ads in the local newspaper and internet every day looking for anything in the landscaping field. His last place of employment ended in disaster when he was wrongfully accused of stealing from the owner. Brad knew the real culprit was the owner’s nephew, who stole money and jewelry, pawning them off to a local gang. He fought the accusations in court, testifying against the nephew but in the end the jury found him guilty. While he got a suspended sentence, he lost all of his savings along with his work truck and landscaping equipment, which were still owned by the bank. When he couldn’t make the payments, the bank repossessed all his equipment, leaving him with a pile of debt. Down on his luck and forced to move in with a longtime friend, he was encouraged when he saw the ad placed by Mrs. Colton. The job description piqued his interest and he researched her on the internet, finding articles and some videos of her when she handled very high profile real estate cases. The ad simply stated she was looking for someone to replace her long time landscaper who quit suddenly without notice. He smiled, thinking this could be a good opportunity to work for a well-known person. Thinking he had nothing to lose, he called the number and got an interview.

Brad was surprised at the size of her estate when he arrived for the interview. He took in the large expanse of land that included a number of gardens. During the interview he told her he was 32 years old and that his experience with his previous employer ended on a bad note. After the trial, he was in a financial bind and wanted nothing more than to get out of debt and start over again. “I’ll do anything to get back on my feet again,” he mentioned and then noted that she seemed to quietly dismiss his past, only nodding her head politely as he talked.

“You look like an honest man,” she said taking her time to look up and down his muscular frame.

He couldn’t help but notice her shining emerald eyes seemingly never wavering from his face except for an occasional glance down at his well-formed body, hidden by tan slacks, a thin blue shirt and red tie. The outfit highlighted his tanned face and arms from years of outdoor work. The landscaping work had also helped to sculpture his body, hidden by the pants and shirt. They talked about his past experiences and what she expected of him when he was at her home.

When the interview was finishing, Marie knew she was going to hire the young man. “I like you Brad and I think you’ll fit in very well. I would like you to start right away … say tomorrow.” Marie saw the look of surprise on his face and then added. “I will want you to sign a contract, have a physical, and there is some … hmmm additional training you will have to go through.” Sitting back she waited for his response.

Brad hatay escort was stunned for a moment when she offered him the position. The contract, physical, and training didn’t really register with him as he quickly thought of working for Marie Colton. Without so much of a hesitation and no thought of what the contract could contain, he told her he could start the next day.

Over the next few weeks, he tended the large gardens, weeding and mulching along with manicuring the huge expanse of lawn. He came to like the early mornings when she would appear on the pool patio with a newspaper and coffee. Some mornings she brought out an envelope that he assumed contained a case she was working on. She barely spoke to him, waving at him from a distance but never really speaking to him. He was happy with the work and soon he forgot about the contract and other things she mentioned at the interview.

Marie Colton had her eye on him since the day he started, watching and wondering if he would be a fit for something more personal. On this particular morning, she glanced up occasionally from her notepad, watching as he trimmed the bushes around the pool deck. Each time she glanced in his direction, she saw him looking at her but she didn’t make any attempt to wave or say anything. After a short time Marie stood, stretching her arms above her head, knowing that he was taking in every delicious inch of her body. She lowered her sunglasses, so he would see her eyes and then she gave him a big smile. Knowing she had his attention, she picked up the glass and envelope, casually turning to walk to the house. About half way to the house, she turned her head back to him giving him another soft sensual smile and then turned, walking into the house, knowing his eyes were on her naked ass cheeks that bounced a little with each step.

Brad wondered what the hell that was all about as he finished trimming the bushes and then left the pool area to begin working on bushes by the gazebo a few hundred feet from the pool. It was a hot muggy morning and soon he shed his sweat soaked t-shirt, his muscles rippling in the early morning light. He heard some movement and when he looked up, he saw his boss wearing dressed in a black leather dress that hugged her curves and turquoise stiletto heels along with large sunglasses walking toward him. He noticed how her breasts were bound inside, a drop of moisture at the top of the deep crevice, threatening to slide between them. Glancing down her body, he noticed the hem of her leather dress stopped at the top of her thighs, giving him thoughts of what she was wearing to cover her sex. It was not lost on him seeing her eyes roam up and down his body while she swayed sexily toward him. Putting on his best smile he wiped a bit of sweat from his forehead. “Morning ma’am.”

“Good morning Brad,” she cooed in a sweet voice. While her eyes took in his well sculptured body, she felt a twinge of lust inside. “Would you be a dear and drive me to a friend’s house? She called and said our contract is ready for you and me to sign. I thought it would be a good idea if we went together. I hope that is alright with you?” The look she gave Brad conveyed more than just a casual request, it was a directive.

“Sure thing Mrs. Colton. I’ll get cleaned up and get your car.”

“She is expecting us within the hour. Please use the shower in the bathhouse next to the pool.”

“Sure … sure thing Mrs. Colton.”

“I like a good competent employee who can take orders,” she said with a hint of authoritarianism and sexiness in her voice.

Brad picked up his shirt and turned, walking to the pool, feeling her eyes on his back. Walking past the pool, he made a mental note to clean it this afternoon when they returned from the meeting. The bath house was a large structure with one side for men and the other for women. Stripping his shorts off, he was glad he had just got started for the day otherwise they would be caked with dirt. The cool shower was welcomed on a hot morning where the temperature was going to soar along with the humidity. Cleaning himself quickly, he rinsed off and then turned to get a towel when he saw Mrs. Colton standing in the doorway watching him. A set of keys dangled from her fingers.

“You very well can’t get the car without these,” she said, her eyes widening as he gazed at the thickness of his manhood.

Brad’s hands quickly to cover his manhood. “Than … thanks Mrs. Colton,” he uttered feeling foolish.

“Oh no Brad the pleasure is all mine,” she cooed walking to him, her eyes on his hands trying to conceal his thick member as she approached him. “By the way Brad, very nice,” she chuckled, reaching out, pushing his hands away and then rubbing her hand over the soft member while she looked in his eyes, daring him to tell her to not touch him. Circling her fingers around the flaccid member, she felt it start to stiffen as she murmured, “Mmmm very nice indeed.” The thought of kneeling harshatayota.com in front of him, tasting his cock went through her mind but she knew, that shortly, there would be adequate time enjoy his growing member. Squeezing the muscle tighter, she chuckled. “Please be a dear boy and get the car. We don’t want to be late, do we?” Releasing his member, she turned and walked out the bathhouse door without so much as looking back at Brad, knowing his eyes were on her and knowing that soon he would be servicing her in a more erotic way.

Brad stood in the shower room, stunned by what just happened. Looking down at the keys to her Porsche, he smiled thinking of him and Mrs. Colton getting more intimate. ‘Didn’t she imply it by grabbing my cock?’ he thought while he quickly dried himself off. As he dried off his now semi-erect member he wondered what his boss had in mind. She had to know he watched her every time she came out of the house wearing some sexy outfit like the yellow bikini and thong she wore earlier. Was she trying to tease him or did she really want him in a more sensual sexual way.

Marie walked back to the house knowing she had his attention and knowing that later in the morning, she and her attorney friend, Jacqueline would have the pleasure of sampling him in a more intimate way. As she waited for Brad to dress and bring the car around, she thought of her ultimate plan, to make Brad her lover and her slave. Hearing her phone buzz, she saw a text from Jacqueline asking if they were going to be on time for their meeting. She chuckled and then texted her friend, “Yes we are on time and I don’t think you are going to be disappointed.” Letting out another chuckle, Marie hit the send button and then wondered what Brad would think if he knew what lay ahead for him. Today would be fun and games but soon he would need to learn his place of obedience. A warm feeling filled her belly, as she stood on the front stoop waiting patiently for Brad.

Dressing quickly, Brad walked out into the sweltering summer morning looking for his boss but she was nowhere to be found. In the four car garage, he saw an assortment of vehicles, an SUV, a Lexis, motorcycle, and the sleek Porsche Boxer. The car roared to life and Brad chuckled, thinking how he would be the envy of his friends if they saw him driving the sporty car. Pulling up to the front of the large house, he saw his employer standing at the edge of the drive, an envelope in her arm and a smile on her face.

‘If only he knew what he was getting himself into,” she thought as she opened the door, sliding into the bucket seat next to Brad. The hem of her leather dress rode up further on her thighs and she knew Brad could see her red thong. But she didn’t attempt to adjust it, wanting to give him a nice view and something to think about as they traveled to Jacqueline’s house.

“Where are we headed,” he asked glancing down at her silky thighs.

“To Jacqueline Bookers house. Just drive and I’ll give you directions.” Marie put her hand on his thigh, squeezing it slightly and then added, “She is my legal attorney and she has the contract ready for us to sign.”

Driving down the long winding tree lined drive Brad thought about the interview, remembering she had mentioned a contract. “Don’t I get a chance to review the contract?”

Marie laughed squeezing his thigh tighter. “Of course you’ll get a chance to review it Brad. But I’m sure you’ll find everything in order,” Turning her head, Marie looked out the window as they passed large homes, smiling at the thought of Brad being of service to her in so many ways. She felt a familiar tingle between her thighs thinking of the delicious ways Brad would be required to serve her and her friends.

The feel of her fingers slightly squeezing and rubbing his thigh sent his mind drifting back to the scene in the bathhouse shower. The image of her sparkling emerald eyes gazing at his cock and her sensual smile caused a slight thickening in his manhood. Shifting in his seat, he glanced at his boss, seeing her looking at the houses while her hand stayed put on his thigh. Looking at her creamy thighs, he wondered what it would feel like to have them wrapped around his head, flicking his tongue on hover her sensitive clit. Did she really like what she saw? What chance would he, a landscaper, have with a well-respected high powered lawyer? It was as if she was reading his mind when he felt the pressure of her fingers on his inner thigh, telling him to turn down a road and go to the last house on the right.

Jacqueline Bolivar’s house looked like a castle sitting back off the road surrounded by large oak and maple trees. Turrets rose from each corner of the house, giving one the sense of stepping back in time, to a time of kings and knights. The sandstone façade gave it a medieval appearance and as Brad drove up the long drive, he knew his mouth was open. “Wow,” he whispered. His boss lived in a big house but this was something different, something you only saw on television program such as the rich and famous.

Marie chuckled seeing Brad’s surprised expression. She and Jacqueline had gone to law school together and while she took an interest in real estate law, Jacqueline specialized in corporate law. But they both had one thing in common, men and women who became their lovers and slaves. Marie smirked, thinking about some of the rooms that Jacqueline had built into the house to make it more medieval-like and she was sure Brad would get acquainted with them, that is, if he signed the contract. Glancing over at him, she smiled and squeezed his thigh harder. “Yes Brad it is quite imposing and I’m sure you’ll like it.” Marie was pretty sure he would soon be under contract and soon after he would find out that some of the rooms were for pain and pleasure.

Jacqueline Bolivar met them at the front door with a bright smile and her long red hair cascading over her shoulders. She wore a black satin choker on her neck that was highlighted by a yellow leather top with a zipper down the front, a pink leather mini-skit that accentuated her long legs and black stiletto platform heels. At 38 and 5′-9″ tall she seemed to tower over her friend, Marie Colton and in her platform shoes, she was almost the same height as Brad.

After formal introductions, Jacqueline led them into the house pointing out the living and dining areas, the kitchen, telling them they would work on the pool deck. Brad thought the two women were dressed more for a night out on the town then a business meeting. Following them, he couldn’t help but notice the fancy expensive furnishings and paintings on the wall, some of which bordered on erotic. One in the dining area showed a nude man and woman kissing in a shroud of mist. Another showed two women kneeling in the grass in front of a woman who was seated on a stone bench, holding what looked like a ruler. He thought the paintings were a bit odd for a dining room as they walked out of the house and onto a large patio area with tables and several chaise lounges scattered about. He wondered how many people could fit on the large patio area as he surveyed the pool which was much larger than Marie’s pool.

“Let’s have a seat over here,” Jacqueline said pointing to a table by the pool. Once they were seated under the bright red umbrella, Jacqueline picked up a bell, ringing it a few times. “I think we should have some refreshments while we discuss business.”

Brad smiled, thinking it was just like in the movies. The rich woman ringing a bell for her servants to come running. He saw a young woman walk out of the French doors clad in a see through negligee. His mouth dropped open a little as he noticed that she wore no underwear and for all intents and purpose she could have come out totally nude. Her eyes went from Brad to Marie and then to Jacqueline.

“I hope this doesn’t disturb you Mr. Johnson.” Turning to the young woman, she instructed her. “Anna please bring us some lemonade.”

“Yes Mis … Yes ma’am,” she said turning around and heading back to the house.

“She is one of my most trusted employees,” Jacqueline said watching the young woman walk toward the house. Then turning her attention to her Brad and Marie, she ignored Brad for a moment, making small talk with Marie until the young woman reappeared with the drinks.

When the young woman set the glass in front of Brad, he thought her breasts were going to fall out of the thin wrap-around negligee. Her nipples were hard, pressing against the flimsy material and he noticed her soft smile. After serving them, Anna backed away from the table, standing a few feet from the table as if awaiting instructions.

Jacqueline smiled at her. “That will be all for now Anna. We will let you know if we need you.” Jacqueline glanced back at Brad and Marie, knowing she would not need her services until Brad was gone.

To Brad it was a simple dismissal of a rich woman telling her servant she was free leave them. What struck Brad was the way she was dressed. Normally servants wear certain styles of clothing not a skimpy negligee. Brad watched her ass cheeks jiggling slightly with each step and when she disappeared into the house, he turned his attention to the two women who were watching him closely.

“Do you like my trusted servant Mr. Johnson?”

Brad looked at the redhead wondering how to answer her question. “She has some attributes I find appealing.”

Both women laughed and then Jacqueline eyed Marie’s new employee, appreciating the taste she had in picking men. She thought of Marie’s previous employee, a strapping man who learned the discipline of the two women and was now happily working for one of their acquaintances. Looking at Brad, she hoped he would fit the mold of what they were looking for because he certainly seem fit for what they had planned for him. She shot him a soft smile as she pulled papers from a manila envelope, spreading them out on the table in front of her. “I understand that part of your work agreement you are to have a contract with Ms. Colton for our services to get you out of debt. Is that right Mr. Johnson?”

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