Amber’s Vengeance

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Amber Hayes was pissed. She had expected to get at least some of the money from her late grandfather’s estate, but her father clearly had other ideas in mind. He had told her that she was too young and not responsible enough to be trusted with a large sum of money, so he had decided to hold a portion for her in trust until her 25th birthday – nearly five long years away. Unfortunately there was not much she could do, the money had been left to her father, for him to dole out to the family as he saw fit. Still, her disappointment at the decision regarding her finances – and her inability to alter the fact, had left her seething with anger and resentment towards her father, and looking for a way to get back at him. Much to her surprise and delight, she did not have to wait long for the opportunity to extract some retribution towards her father…

Tom Hayes had been a firefighter for nearly 25 years, and shared a close bond with the men at his station. A deputy chief now, he was one of the most beloved and respected men among his peers. Amber had grown up around the fire hall and her father’s coworkers, always seeing them at the station or at her parent’s annual summer barbeque. It was this year’s annual gathering that seemed to offer the young lady a chance to get back at her father. She had not been at her parents annual barbeque in several years. Having went away to college, she had stayed near school the last couple of years to work – only occasionally making it home in the summer to visit.

Unlike the many summers of her youth, when she was Tom’s cute little mischievous daughter running around the yard at the barbeque, now she was a beautiful young woman, and for some of the men from her father’s station, she would be quite the surprising sight…

Amber came out of her parents’ house and into the blazing sun the drenched the huge back yard. Music, laughter, and the smell of hot dogs filled the air as she walked through the patio doors. She wore a tight white sleeveless linen blouse that buttoned down the front and stopped just above her navel, while she left several of the top buttons undone to show off her cleavage. A light flowery skirt came to just above her knees, and her golden brown hair was held in a small pony tail with a small tie.

She surveyed the scene in front of her. There had to be almost 100 people at the party and almost half of them were probably firefighters. As she made her way through the crowds of people, she was immediately aware of numerous pairs of eyes on her. Some of the guys from her father’s fire hall had not seen her in year’s and probably did not even recognize her. She smiled to herself as she imagined their dirty old minds racing as they looked her up and down, lusting after their friend’s daughter, staring at her shapely hips, firm ass and high round breasts.

From behind her sunglasses, Amber gazed in delight as many of the men who had watched her grow up now ogled her like a dancer at the local titty-bar. She amused herself by envisioning these old friends of her father picturing her lithe naked body on top of theirs, her skirt lifted up over her hips, her hands tugging on her nipples, her open pussy lips teasing the tip of their cocks.

Moving from social circle to circle, Amber started to focus in on some specific men who had not been able to take their eyes off of her. They watched her laughing with some of the guy’s wives. They saw her greet some guests and grab another beer out of the cooler. She knew whose eyes were following her. One of the sets of eyes glued to her every move belonged to Kurt Ankara escort Meyers. She had known him since she was a little girl and had overheard her father say that he and his wife had divorced about six months ago, no doubt leaving the forty-something year old firefighter aching for some sexual attention. Gradually, she started returning some of his glances, becoming increasingly aware of the growing bulge in his pants with every fleeting look.

As the party rolled on, Amber watched as Kurt excused herself from the group he was standing with and walked over to the house, presumably to get another beer or use the restroom. Sensing an opportunity, she nonchalantly made her way to the house not far behind him, her heart beating faster in anticipation of what was to come. She watched him walked through the back door and past some partygoers, and as they progressed in to the large house, she quickly caught up and passed him as he walked through the kitchen. Brushing by him she leaned in quickly and whispered, “Upstairs” as she motioned subtly to the stairs.

She continued walking into the dining room as Kurt stood in astonishment. He watched as she made her way to the staircase and quickly turned her head back and looked in his direction. She winked slyly and motioned up the stairs with a tilt of her neck, then headed up. Bewildered, he must have stood there for at least 10 to 15 seconds before the throbbing pressure in his groin snapped him back to reality. In a flash he was headed up the stairs, taking two at a time.

He made his way down the hallway and caught a glance of a moving figure in the guest bedroom at the end of the corridor. No one else was upstairs, since the party and a couple of restrooms were located on the ground floor, so he knew it was her. He moved to the bedroom door and reached for the doorknob, only to have it pulled away from his fingers and into the room. Amber quickly grabbed him by the hand and ushered him inside. He heard her close and lock the door behind him.

Kurt turned to face her and she was immediately pressed against him, her hands grabbing his shoulders, then her soft lips touching against his as her arms slid around his neck. She pushed her body tightly against his and he could feel her nipples through the thin material of her bra and blouse, as his hands slid around to the small of her back, pulling her into him.

Their lips danced and their tongues soon found each other. She moaned into his mouth as his hands moved down her back and grabbed at her firm ass. She clenched her tight cheeks together as he pulled her against his hardening crotch. Stumbling backwards, he felt the back of his legs touch the bed and happily fell backwards onto the comforter with her still pressed against his body.

Amber slowly broke their kiss and sat up, straddling across his pelvis. He could feel the blood rushing to his engorged cock in taboo arousal and could not even fight it.

“I know you want this as much as I do,” she breathed, her hands lingering on his chest, stoking him through his shirt as his heart pounded. “Tell me you want me.”

Kurt was speechless. The drop dead gorgeous 20 year old daughter of one of his oldest friends was sitting atop his raging hardon with lust in her eyes and practically begging him to fuck her. He knew it was wrong but also knew there was no way he could stop himself. He quickly sat up, pulled her face into his and kissed her soft lips.

“I want you so bad Amber.” he whispered as he broke the kiss.

He was so horny by now that he was almost violent as he ripped Ankara escort bayan into her top and exposed her heaving, bra covered bosom. She let out a moan as his lips trailed from her neck to the tops of her tits. He pulled her tight against him, desperate to be inside her now. With a ferocious tug, he pulled down her lacy white bra and uncovered her beautiful breasts. She gasped and ran her hands through his hair as he took one of her erect pink nipples into his mouth and ran his tongue over it again and again. Her back arched in ecstasy as he switched to her other tit and did the same. She could feel his dick straining against her and smiled to herself.

“You’re a dirty little boy Kurt,” she giggled as she pushed him back down onto the bed. “Whatever to you plan on doing with me?” she teased as her hands glided over her breasts, pinching her nipples, then proceeded to finish removing her blouse and bra.

“I am going to fuck you six ways from Sunday my dear,” he answered as he grabbed her hips and lifted her off of him. “Now get that fucking skirt off,” he ordered her as he stood and quickly removed his shirt.

He watched Amber unzip her skirt and drop it to the floor as he did the same with his shorts. She slid a hand across his bare chest as she breezed by him and lay back down on the bed, her legs spread in front of him. Her right hand quickly slid down her body and under the thin material of her thong. She groaned as she slipped a finger inside herself.

In an instant he was on top of her, his hands clenched and fingertips digging into the flesh of her chest as his lips once again found her nipples. His right hand swiftly made its way south and he hooked his thumb underneath her thong and pulled it up, pressing the damp material into her pussy lips. Her hips twitched as he ran his hand over her mound.

“Ohhh, Kurt…” she sighed as he slid down her body and aligned his hungry mouth with her aching cunt. She was completely soaked.

After a couple of gentle kisses through the moist material of her panties, he slowly pulled her thong off and ever so lightly parted her pussy lips, exposing her clit. Her body twitched and her breathing deepened as he pressed his lips against her tender bud.

“Oh God yes,” she moaned as his tongue dove inside her, tasting her hot cunt. He alternated between sucking her pussy lips, flicking her clit and driving his tongue into her hole as she writhed in pleasure beneath him.

“Oh yes Kurt!” she gasped, “Eat my slutty pussy. Make me come baby.” Her body convulsed as an orgasm rushed through her body and left her gasping for breath.

Slowly he moved from her dripping twat and stood, watching her squeeze her eyes shut as she came down from her climactic release. He slid his boxers off and climbed onto the bed, positioning himself near her head for what he hoped would come next.

Amber opened her eyes and saw his rock hard penis in front of her, desperate for her attention. Looking up and smiling slyly, she reached out and wrapped a hand around his erection, squeezing lightly until she felt it pulsate in against her palm.

“And what would you like now?” she teased.

“You know what I want…” he whispered as his left hand made it’s way to the back of her head and gently pushed her toward his dick. “Suck my dick slut.”

He let out a moan as he felt her hot lips close over the head of his cock. He placed his other hand on the back of her head and began guiding her rhythm, slowly increasing the pace until her was thrusting into her mouth. He struggled to tame his excitement, Escort Ankara not wanting to get too intense before he got a chance to get inside her hot pussy. After a few moments of enjoying her impressive blow job skills, he stopped her and moved around to position himself in between her legs. His penis was throbbing now and begging to get into her as he reached down and rubbed her clit.

She squeezed her tits and groaned in anticipation, “Fuck me Kurt.”

“You can do better than that…” he goaded. “What do you want?”

“Fuck me like the little whore I am” she begged.

“Such a slut Amber,” he said as he let the tip of his cock brush against her pussy lips. “You are a little whore aren’t you? Fucking one of your daddy’s friends?”

“I’m your slut…” she moaned as she squirmed against the touch of his prick. “Take me. Fuck me.”

With that he put the head of his cock right at her hot opening and pushed himself into her sopping wet pussy. She cried out in delight as he pushed her legs up so they were resting on his shoulders and he started rocking his dick in and out of her. As he watched her tits bounce back and forth with each plunge, he began thrusting harder, letting his dick come all the way out and slamming it back into her.

Knowing he would not be able to last too long at this pace, Kurt reached down and wrapped his arms around her hips and rolled the two of them on the bed so that she was now on top of him. She leaned forward, resting her hands on his chest and slowly began moving her hips up and down.

“Such a good little whore,” he groaned as his left hand slapped down hard on her ass, almost hard enough for her to lose her balance.

“Oh yes baby,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck your little slut.” She began bouncing up and down on his cock with increasing speed, her luscious tits slamming up and down with each repetition.

He dug his fingers into her hips as she whimpered in ecstasy. His hands held her flesh tightly, feeling her move back and forth, up and down. Her pace quickened as they fucked harder and harder.

“Yes!” she cried out, loud enough that Kurt began to worry that people downstairs would hear. “You love fucking Tom’s little girl, don’t you?” He could not believe how hot the words coming out of this young woman were.

Fucking even faster than before, he sat up and reached behind Amber and grabbed a handful of her ponytail and pulled back hard.

“I love fucking his slutty little daughter.” he spit out in between thrusts.

She leaned back and pumped her hips even faster. Her body started to shake from her knees and her breath quickened, her orgasm imminent. He could feel his balls ready to burst any second as well.

Sure enough, her hot pussy contracted around his cock and she cried out in pleasure. That was enough to finish him off as well. Kurt slammed into her tight cunt one more time as he exploded inside of her. Amber’s body slowed down gradually as she still gyrated on his softening manhood.

“Oh God,” she moaned, collapsing on top of him.

They kissed passionately, their collective breathing slowing with their lip lock. With a sigh, she broke their kiss and rolled off of him, his come dripping out of her cunt, his cock glistening with her juices.

As she turned to gather her clothing a put herself back together to get back to the party, Amber turned back and smiled wickedly at him.

“Thanks Kurt,” she said coolly, “We’ll have to do this again sometime. Oh, and be sure to tell the guys at the station how great a fuck the deputy’s slutty daughter is.”

With that, she got dressed and slipped out the bedroom door and back to the party, leaving Kurt both bewildered and satisfied. And leaving herself feeling closer to delivering some painful retribution towards her father.

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