Fender Bender Ch. 07

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Author’s Note: The following is purely fiction and the property of the author. While I try to make each chapter capable of standing on its on merit, it is best to read the previous chapters to fully understand the story line. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

The main Characters are as followed:

My name is Robert, but when I am dressed I call myself Vicki. I am 5’9″ 160 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. I turned 18 a few months ago.

Gary is almost 6′, 185 pounds. He has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He has a nice tasty 7 1/2 inch cock.

Curt is my step dad. He is short and compact, 5’8″ 200 pounds. He has really short black hair with an average cock around 6 inches.


It had been a couple of weeks since the night of the orgy at Mark and Susan’s. Mom made it clear that nothing could ever happen between us again. She also said that she felt it was best that Curt never found out that I was the girl dressed in black and wearing a feathered mask.

I had been laying low and not going out as Vicki, but I did go over to Gary’s once in a while. Every time I did go to Gary’s I made sure to wear panties and pantyhose or stockings under my male clothes and to take either a lacy bra or a sexy nightgown in my back pack to model for him.

The first few times we made sure no one else would be there when I came over. One day I showed up to find that Susie, Gary’s Sister, was having a pool party with some of her friends from the cheerleader squad.

I was disappointed and Gary apologized saying he did not know she was going to be there. We went up to his room and played a few video games. After awhile we got thirsty and went down to the kitchen to get a drink.

You could see the pool through the kitchen window and we took a few minutes to gawk at the four girls laying by the pool. There were two hot blondes, a sexy Asian girl and a gorgeous red head that had long tan legs.

As I was looking out the window, Gary was standing behind me. I felt his crotch pushed against my butt. Gary reached around me and slipped his hand under my T-shirt to rub and pinch my nipples. I told him to stop and tried to push him away. He held me in place and whispered in my ear that they could not see us. I was not so sure of that and pleaded with Gary to stop.

One hand went down to unbutton my jeans and unzip them. Gary slid my pants down to expose the pink lace panties, pink garter belt and white stockings I was wearing. He slapped my ass and told me to kick my shoes off and to finish removing my jeans.

I was scared that one of the girls would look up and see us as Gary stepped back to undo his pants and slide them and his boxers down. Gary started rubbing the head of his now hard cock all over my butt. He pushed my panties down a little bit and started running the head of his cock between my ass cheeks.

I knew what he wanted and at this point I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me so bad that I didn’t care if anyone saw us. I started pushing my ass back against Gary’s cock.

We were near the sink and I reached over and squirted some soap into my hand from the dispenser. I reached back and started running my hand up and down his cock. When it was covered with soap I let go of Gary’s cock.

I was resting my upper body on the counter as I reached back and spread my ass cheeks. Gary put one hand on my hip and guided his cock into my ass with the other. I tried to be quiet but I could not help letting out a groan as the cock head entered my tight ass. It always hurt a little at first but I knew it would feel great before we were done.

Gary pushed slowly until he had the entire length of his cock inside of me. He started working his cock in and out at a steady rhythm. Soon a nice warm feeling started spreading though out my body as Gary started picking up the pace.

Soon he started fucking me hard and rough, when he slammed into me I would feel all 7 1/2 inches of his rock hard throbbing cock. As Gary started fucking me faster and faster I knew he was close to cumming. My own cock was throbbing and leaking pre cum. I was rolling my hips and pushing back to meet his thrusts.

Suddenly Susie got up from her lounge chair and started toward the house. She stopped and turn back to the other girls and we could hear her ask them what they wanted to drink. I was staring at her plump sexy ass when I shot my load all over the kitchen cabinet. When I came my ass started squeezing around Gary’s cock sending him over the edge.

He thrust deep and held it there filling my ass with his cum. Susie mardin escort was turning around again and heading for the back door as Gary pulled out and quickly started pulling up his pants and zipping up. I grabbed my clothes and wiped the cum from the cabinet with my T-shirt. Gary’s cum was running down my thighs as we both ran up to his room so I could get dressed.

I had to wear the cum stained T-shirt home but unless you looked close no one would know what it was but me.


I was excited when Gary told me that his parents were taking Susie to compete in a beauty contest in a neighboring city and they would be gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday some time.

When I went to get into my car on Friday to drive over to Gary’s it would not start again. I checked everything I could imagine and then called my step Dad out to look at it. Curt told me that the starter had finally gave out and that he would get to it some time over the weekend.

I asked him if he would give me a ride over to Gary’s house. Curt laughed at me and told me he could not drive me because he had already had to much to drink. Walking was not an option because Gary lived over 10 miles away.

I could not ask my Mom to give me a ride because she was working overtime and would not be home until late. I finally got up enough courage to ask Curt if I could drive his truck. He laughed really hard at me and then went back into the house.

I went to my room and called Gary, He did not have a drivers license yet so he could not pick me up. I told him I would think of something and hung up. I went and asked Curt again but he said NO again. I was fuming as I went back up stairs. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do when I seen the red wig hanging on the closet door.

I thought about it and decided that I was going to convince Curt to do what I wanted one way or another. I picked out a thin almost see through white dress and the matching white garter belt, panties and stockings. I decided not to wear a bra.

I put the adhesive onto my chest and fixed my fake 34 C breasts into place. As the glue dried I fixed the red wig onto my head and brushed it out. After I was dressed I noticed how my hard fake nipples showed through the thin white material. I did my makeup and found the feather mask that I had worn the night over at Mark and Susan’s.

I carried my 3 inch open toed white heels with me as I made my way quietly down stairs. I peeked around the corner to see Curt watching a ball game so it was easy to slip by the partially closed door and out the back.

I put my heels on and went around to the front porch and rang the door bell. I had to ring it three times before I heard Curt cursing and coming to answer the door. He was asking who was it as he opened the door and stopped in mid sentence as he recognized the mask and that I was the girl at the party.

I loved the shocked look on his face as I pushed my way past him and into the house. I turned on him.

In my strongest most feminine voice I told Curt to shut the door and follow me. We went into the living room and I sat on the couch, crossing my legs and letting the hem of my dress ride up to show my stocking tops.

“Now Curt, I know you are a weak pathetic excuse for a man but I am in a playful mood tonight, strip for me NOW!!!!!”

It was amusing to watch as Curt scrambled to undress as quick as he could. His 6 inch cock was already hard as he stood in front of me naked.

I smiled at him, “Now play with your sad little cock for me.”

Curt happily complied as he started stroking his cock. I stood up and walked over to him. Reaching out I roughly grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. He all but had tears in his eyes as I slapped him hard across the face.

I leaned close and kissed him on the lips, then whispered, “Cum for me little boy”

When I seen he was close I slapped his hand away. I took his cock in my right hand and started stroking it. When his cock throbbed and he started cumming, I caught most of it in my left hand.

When he was through I smear the handful of cum all over his face, then made him lick my fingers clean. He was sucking my fingers like they were little cocks.

That gave me an idea and I sat back down on the couch and told Curt to get onto his knees. When he was kneeling before me I made him crawl to me.

I pulled my dress up and spread my legs. I ordered him to suck my cock like he did over at Mark and Susan’s. Curt did not ever try to resist as he slide my panties down and engulfed my small van escort cock into his mouth.

As he sucked me I made him pull back and lick and clean my balls with his tongue. I made him suck me for several minutes when I put my hand under his chin and forced him to quit sucking my cock and to look at me.

“Curt, sweety, do you want to fuck me?”

He eagerly shook his head yes.

“Then Beg for it.”

“Please, uh….please Mistress may I fuck you?”

“I like that you called me Mistress, but you were not convincing, try again.”

“Please my beautiful Mistress I want to fuck you so bad, I will do anything my Goddess wants if you will let me fuck your sexy beautiful ass!!”


Yes anything, Please…..”

With that I got up and turned around. I bent over and told him to kiss my ass first. He eagerly started kissing my ass and licking the back of my thighs.

After he did as he was told I laid down on the couch and spread my legs, lifting them into the air. Curt got between my legs and roughly pushed his cock into me. Curt started fucking me like he had to pay by the hour. It was a quick rough fuck that resulted in him filling my ass with a small load of cum.

After he pulled his soft cock from my ass I rolled over and pushed my ass toward him. I ordered him to clean it. He only hesitated a second before I felt his tongue licking away at my ass.

All the anal stimulation had my cock hard and throbbing. When Curt had my ass nice and clean I rolled over again and started stroking my cock. I made Curt kneel close and watch. When I came I shot my load all over Curt’s face and chest.

After my cock started getting soft I stood up and pulled my panties back into place and smooth my dress down around my hips.

Curt was still on the couch watching me. “Now Curt, I think its time you paid up. You did say you would do anything for me if I let you fuck me.”

“Wha..what do you want?”

“Give me the keys to the mustang.”

“I can’t give you my car.”

“Silly boy you are not giving it to me, well not yet, but I am just going to borrow it for the weekend.”

Curt started to laugh, “There is no way you are getting my fucking car.”

I smacked him across the face and sneered, “If you do not, I am going to tell mom what you just forced me to do.”

With that I removed the feather mask and the red wig revealing to him who I really was.

The look of shock on Curt’s face was priceless. “Oh My God I just fucked my own stepson but I did not force you, you seduced me.”

“Do you think she will really believe that? Especially when I am crying telling her every terrible thing you made me do?”

“You can’t tell her please…”

“Then just give me the keys and we will keep it between ourselves.”

Curt went to his office and brought back the keys and handed them to me, “Please be careful.”

I was laughing as I went upstairs, if he only knew that the mustang is what started all the fun. After I cleaned up I decided to dress a little more casual. I still had my breast forms glued on so picked out a deep green halter top that would show off my “breasts”. Then I put on a light blue pair of panties and a pair of what shorts. I also chose a pair of open toe sandals. After putting the red wig back on I was ready to go.

Gary was standing on the curb dressed in Khaki Shorts and a blue polo shirt, he really was cute. As I pull up I rolled down the passenger side window and in my most feminine voice I said, “Hey big boy do you need a ride?”

It was the first time Gary had seen me with my fake breasts and the red wig. he told me how gorgeous I looked as he slid into the passenger seat. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

We drove around for a while just listening to music and talking. We decided to get something to ea so we went through the drive through at McDonalds. It was rather funny since the girl in the window had turned down Gary on at least two occasions when he asked her for a date.

She seemed to get a little jealous when she seen Gary was with a cute girl she did not know. She looked like she wanted to kill me when Gary put his hand on my thigh as he reached to take the food from her.

It was still early so we decided to stop at the park. We found a picnic table out of the way and ate our food. afterwards we went for a walk, holding hands like boyfriend and girlfriend.

We wandered into a secluded area and Gary took me into his arms and we started making out. Long deep passionate kisses. His hands ankara escort were roaming up and down my back, down to my butt where he would squeeze it. Gary is a couple of inches taller than me and I could feel his hard cock pushing into my tummy.

The sun was starting to set as we continued to kiss. I reached between us and slide his zipper down. Gary was kissing my neck as I worked his cock free. It felt so hard and warm as I moved my hand up and down the shaft.

Gary had told me just how much it had turned him on thinking about how we could have gotten caught in the kitchen by his sister or her friends. I pulled away from Gary and looked around, the park was all bet deserted this time of evening so I led Gary by the cock over to a grassy area and fell to my knees.

I was still holding Gary’s cock as I started kissing the tip. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and reached behind Gary grabbing his butt and started pulling him to me taking more and more of his cock into my mouth.

When I had his entire cock into my mouth I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose. All you could hear was the sounds of nature and the slurping sounds I was making as I worked my mouth up and down his cock.

I am not sure if it was me turning him on or the fact that we were in the open where someone could walk up on us at any time, probably some of both, but Gary only managed to last around ten minutes before I was swallowing a load of his cum.

I milked his cock with my lips until it went semi soft and I let it slip from my mouth and then I fixed his boxers and zipped up his shorts. We finished just in time as another couple came around the bend in the side walk. Gary hugged me close and kissed me until they passed then we headed back to the car.

I let Gary drive the mustang back to his house as I cuddled up against him resting my head on his shoulder and my hand on his thigh.

Once inside Gary quickly got my halter off and I stepped out of my shorts. He hugged me from behind as he kissed my neck. He was kissing my bare shoulders as he reached around and slowly rubbed my cock through the panties.

He whispered in my ear that it seemed like I was always making him cum but that he rarely returned the favor. Gary slipped his hand into my panties and started stroking my cock. I turned my head and he kissed me on the lips, His hand working up and down my cock had it throbbing. His tongue was exploring my mouth as I suddenly tensed up and I felt my orgasm building.

My whole body shuddered as I started to cum. String after string of cum shot from the tip of my cock. When I was done I collapsed into Gary’s arms and he held me as we continues to kiss. After I recovered my strength, I told Gary I wanted to feel him inside me, I wanted him to make love to me NOW.

We ran up to his bedroom and I climbed onto the bed. I buried my face in the pillows and lifted my butt into the air. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks invitingly. Gary got on the bed behind me and I felt his strong hands on my hips. He thrust into me without any foreplay. He was eager and ready to get off again. Gary was not being gentle.

He was fucking me hard and slapping my ass. He started making comments and calling me names.

“Fuck me you nasty whore!!!”

“Ride my cock you Filthy bitch!!!”

Gary suddenly thrust deep and held his cock there, “Take my load you kinky little cum slut!!!!”

When he had finished cumming Gary rolled off of me. He pulled me close and started to apologize for calling me names. I stopped him and told him that it made me hot when he did that.

Gary kissed me and then looked into my eyes, “You know I love you right?”

I just smiled and kissed him passionately for several minutes.

I decided to shower and change, I took my backpack into the bathroom with me. Gary was at his computer playing a game when I came out.

While I was in the bathroom I dressed in pink lingerie. A pink lace teddy that had a snap crotch and garters and pink stockings. I thought I looked hot and by the expression on Gary’s face he seemed to agree.

We played video games and watched Movies late into the night. We finally went to bed around 3 AM where Gary made love to me. We had all weekend together and Gary fucked me in every room in the house and even in the back yard while I was wearing one of his sisters bikini’s.

Gary seemed to like fucking me the best while we were in his parents bed. He fucked me twice without stopping the first time we did it in there. By Sunday afternoon I was well fucked and exhausted but I still hated having to go home.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway Curt came out to cheek his mustang. He was relieved to see that I brought it back in one piece.

It was a great weekend but school was going to start soon and I knew that it was going to really cut into my time as Vicki.



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