Barking at the Right Tree

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Sarah stares upwards at the leafy, green tree. She can still make out its beautiful colours even in the diminishing light. It is dusk and the sun is setting; the birds are singing their good-night songs. They may be going home safe to their little nests, but Sarah wonders how much longer she will be out tonight.

A sudden gust of wind begins to stir the leaves above her. Sarah shivers as the chilly wind touches her exposed breasts, like a remote, vetoed animal. She grins at the insistence of the winds embrace; it makes her feel wanted, even though she also feels vulnerable.

The numbness of her fingers brings Sarah back from her musings. She can feel the course texture of the bark against her back, digging in to her bare arse thighs and arms. The rope digs in further as she endeavours to wiggle her numb fingers back to life. It does not help that she cannot see them, because they are presently tied around the slim tree trunk behind her. Her legs are spread wide and are bound separately around the thighs and ankles forcing her sex to be open and exposed.

Her breasts stick out in front of her like two large melons as they are also bound with a shorter length of rope wrapped around them several times. Another length of rope finishes off the job and is tied around her middle. She may be bound naked in the middle of an apparently desolate wood, but Sarah feels safe; she feels strangely free in her bonds: free from the normal constraints of her active life.

A snap of a twig nearby brings her round from her musings; her heart beat quickens at the thought of some stranger walking in the woods coming across her. Suddenly her hair is grabbed roughly from behind, pulling her head back. A hot breath enters her ear. Is it him? She asks herself. Oh god what if it is some stranger, someone who could truly hurt her? But, she knows deep in her heavily beating heart that he wouldn’t leave her, she trusts him and that is enough.

The hand holding her hair lets go; she drops her head down and tries to compose herself, slowing her breathing down until she feels calmer. What she sees when she lifts her head back up brings a smile to her face. He stands in front of her; the man who she loves and trusts enough to do these things to her.

She so wants to be cheeky, lots of quips that she could throw at him are in her head. You took your time, off for a quick wank were you? Sarah nearly giggles at the thought. Urrmm giggling at this urfa escort precise moment would probably not be a wise decision she realises. She sees him frowning, shit, she thinks, it’s like he can read my mind!

He reaches out and gently strokes the hair away from Sarah’s face. Sarah drops her head into his cupped hand; she so desperately wants the touch of his hand upon her skin and the warmth and tenderness of his touch. Sarah’s wish is granted but in a manner that he decrees. The sting from the sudden, hard slap across her face makes her ears ring and her eyes water. All cheekiness is swept hastily out of Sarah’s mind!

Again Sarah feels the touch of his hand, but this time it is a pain-induced twist of her right nipple which causes her to gasp and then hold her breath. Just as Sarah thinks that she cannot take anymore of the excruciating pain, he lets go. Sarah’s breath quickens and at the same time she can feel her already wet cunt respond.

He whispers into her ear, ‘Oh look how my little slut reacts,’ and thrusts two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Sarah moans with hunger. He knows her so well; knows what she yearns for, but he won’t let her release it just yet. Sarah’s head spins. She tries to calm down by steadying her breathing and unsuccessfully ignoring the throb of her clitoris. She begins to feel more relaxed when suddenly a sharp cold object is pushed against her throat. Sarah’s body automatically tenses, she doesn’t dare breath as she can feel that this knife is so sharp that any sudden movement by her would cause cutting. Her mind empties – all she can feel is the physical; the coldness of the blade, the sharp sting as it is drawn across her body. He traces a line with the cold steel from her throat and around her large, white breasts, leaving red welts behind on her fragile skin.

Sarah shivers causing the fine hair that covers her body to stand on end. She raises her head, making her herself look him in the eyes. He can read her emotions and her silent plea for release is ignored. The knife is substituted by a short, wicked, rubber flogger and he proceeds to flog Sarah’s bound, sensitive tits. Sarah groans at the pain when the stingy flogger is continuously whacked against her engorged nipples. Her nipples feel as if they are on fire and the skin tearing, ripping off them. She conceives that this obviously cannot be true, but it does not stop the raging agony balıkesir escort from being real.

‘No please, no more,’ she shouts in her head, but the words don’t come out of her mouth. She weakly shakes her head and manages to utter one word, ‘Please.’

He shouts in her face, ‘Is that a safeword, cunt?’ You are going to be a good girl aren’t you, and you know you love to take what your Master gives you?’

Again Sarah’s ears ring when her Master slaps her brutally not just once but several times across both her cheeks. Sarah’s eyes fill with tears, she can’t stop herself and tries to again breathe deeply and evenly, but her sobs overwhelm her and her nose and eyes continue to stream until her eyes are distorted by tears.

‘You are a slut and you deserve to be crying!’ ‘Look at you standing there begging to come, you are nothing but a whore who wants my cock aren’t you?’ , he roars.

He slaps her again across her already reddened face.

‘What are you?’

Sarah realises that she has to answer him, or he will just continue with the punishment and she doesn’t think she can endure anymore, she is still sobbing and sniffing and she wants to be safe in his arms again while he tenderly and lovingly strokes her.

‘A whore Sir,’ she stammers.

‘Yes, you are a whore, but my whore, there to do what I want too.’

He once again grabs a handful of her long, silky, red hair and yanks her head back until she is forced to stare into his eyes. He leans forward, fastens his lips upon hers and shoves his tongue into her mouth, pushing her lips apart. The kiss is passionate and Sarah can feel her sex again responding. When he grabs her sore left nipple with his free hand and cruelly twists it her clit jumps and throbs uncontrollable. He lets go and steps back one step. Sarah’s breathing is heavy again, but her tears have stopped.

Without any other words he thrusts three fingers into her, making her gasp in surprise and glee. Oh this is what she has wished for, for the past few hours. He has teased her and hurt her and please let that end now, she thinks. It doesn’t take long for her release; a minute of stimulation and he commands her to come. A smile spreads across her tear-streaked face as her body responds, she tenses, her vagina spasms and she gushes onto his hand. The orgasm rages through her body and she emits a cacophony of sounds; she whimpers, trabzon escort grunts and growls with a wild abandon.

Her head reels and if she wasn’t tied so securely to the tree she knows she would sway and fall. She opens her eyes and he is gone! She sighs with relief when she realises that he is behind the tree and undoing her bounds. The rope burns her skin as it is pulled and when her breasts are freed the pain when the blood returns to them is just as excruciating as the beating that they had endured. Sarah holds her breath and tries to remain composed. At last she is free. Can she now get the warmth she needs, she wonders.

‘I haven’t finished with you yet!’ He snarls, puts a hand on her shoulder and pushes her firmly to her knees.

Sarah knows her job, she doesn’t complain. She loves to suck her Master’s cock, to make him come and please him. However, she is tired and sore and cannot help a small sigh escape from her mouth.

He has already undone his trousers and his cock is waiting for her attention when he hears her, albeit small, complaint.

‘I was going to treat you kindly, but it seems that you want more, eh, slut!’

Sarah’s Master grabs hold of her head by her hair, pulls her towards him and pushes his large, erect penis at her mouth. Sarah knows better than to do anything else but open her mouth to receive it. However she isn’t ready and gags. He pushes her deep onto it until her chin is resting on his balls.

He starts to move her head in a steady rhythm, but after only a short while he abruptly lets go of head with one hand and pinches her nose so that she cannot breathe. She tries to breathe through her mouth, without success as his cock is rammed deep in her throat and he grabs onto her tighter, pulling her hair hard and thrusting deeply. She panics and tries to pull back, but he easily overcomes her with his strength.

Still panicking she feels something warm and wet dripping down her thigh. Shit, she thinks, she has wet herself! She blushes with embarrassment and again starts to struggle.

He lets go of her nose and she hurriedly sniffs up the air through her nose; he still has his cock deep in her throat and continues to fuck her mouth taking no notice of her. She knows that he enjoys seeing her suffer at his hands and this is proved by his shoving stopping, her head being held still and his cum being ejaculated deep into her throat. Sarah swallows every drop and when his hand releases her head she licks his cock, making sure that it is thoroughly clean, as she has been taught.

Sarah looks up at her Master and smiles tentatively. She doesn’t know if he has indeed finished with her just yet, but she would carry on to please this man; this man she loves with all her body and mind.

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