An Achievement To Be Proud Of

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*** This story is based on REAL events – I’m a lucky guy! ***

An achievement to be proud of

He had been in one of ‘those’ moods all week – pestering her about making another video for him – dropping not-so-subtle hints here and there, and attempting to put her in the mood by helping out around the house more than usual. By the weekend, her patience and resistance had both been worn down enough for her to give in, and she mentioned that a bottle of wine would be required to ensure she was suitably uninhibited to perform in front of the camera.

You’d have thought his Christmas had come early – he was like a little puppy eagerly wagging his tail – and he set about making ‘preparations.’ Having resigned herself to a night of hard dildo-fucking (after all, that was definitely his thing as far as fetishes went) she slowly sank into the hot bath he’d run for her earlier.

As the steamy water rolled around her shoulders, she felt the tensions of the day start to ease away and, closing her eyes, she tried to relax. She could hear rummaging noises coming from the bedroom and knew that he would be selecting his favourites from the toybox, placing them onto the warming mat with the pot of lube. He was so predictable – not that she was getting bored of him – just that after nearly 20yrs together she knew him almost better than he knew himself. In her mind’s eye she could see him picking up the largest toy and weighing it with his hand, a greedy look passing across his face as he imagined it plunging inside her. She started to warm to the idea a little more as she remembered how passionate he tended to get when she allowed him to really go to town with their large collection of dildos. He became almost primal in his lust – the quiet, intelligent, thoughtful man disappearing behind a mask of animal instincts. Her body started to work it’s own little magic as thoughts of passionate sex began to filter past the stresses of day-to-day life, and she began to feel a stirring deep in her stomach.

She sipped at the wine he’d strategically placed on the side of the bath, allowing the warm liquid to swirl across her tongue, savouring the full bodied flavour of the red as she swallowed it down. Her cheeks had started to flush a little, the effects of the alcohol adding to the heat from the bath giving her a ruddy glow. Well….maybe she would enjoy it; just a little bit……I mean, he did normally put a lot of effort into ensuring that she had lots of orgasms. The hardest part was that really, she just wanted a good fucking with a hot hard REAL cock – not for her the false rubber ‘supposedly’ realistic phalluses – despite the varying shapes and sizes she’d still not found one that hit the magic spot which his dick could. Not that it was the largest dick in the world, but the curve and thickness seemed to mean he was often rubbing her G-Spot which always resulted in floods of juice when she came. So, while not averse to a bit of toy-play, given the choice, she was definitely a hot hard cock girl.

He stuck his head round the door, and made a noise of appreciation. Despite having three children, she still had a great body and he savoured the view of her languishing in the bath. Her dark nipples were sticking up proud of the surface of the water, her neatly trimmed pubes just visible through the milky water. He could even make out the silhouette of her lips – outlined against the bright white of the bath beneath her – now darkened and engorged as a result of her rude thoughts. Feeling his eyes upon her, she stretched her arms above her head, turning one thigh slightly to obscure her pussy, looking like a glamour model draped across the bonnet of some muscle car.

“Ready when you are…..” he smiled, ducking back out the bathroom, “….I’ve left a couple of bits for you!” his voice trailed off as he disappeared into the bedroom.

It wasn’t often she’d been surprised by the ‘bits’ he’s left out for her in the past – normally a skimpy g-string, sometimes stockings and suspenders, occasionally a vibrating egg for her to wear while she sucked him off – there was only one time when he really took her unawares. She certainly hadn’t expected to see a bright yellow pair of industrial ear-defenders sitting outside the bedroom door! He had used them to block out external noise and keep her in auditory silence whilst he massaged and stroked her, before licking her pussy to an amazingly intense orgasm. Tonight, as she stepped up to the bedroom door, there was simply an eyemask laying on the floor – the easy alternative to a blindfold that enabled both of them the choice as to when to take it off. Smiling to herself she lifted them to her eyes and reached behind to do up the velcro strap. The video was a definite then; he knew that she felt self-conscious in front of the camera, and this was one way (alongside the wine) of helping her to forget it was there recording every moment.

She stepped gingerly into the room, making shuffling steps forward to ensure that she gerçek porno didn’t trip over anything on the floor in her blindness. Suddenly, she felt firm hands grab her arms and force her backwards against the wall. The coldness of the surface against her bath-warmed skin made her gasp, a sound repeated as she felt his body push up against her and his hot breath upon her neck. His hands roamed around over her skin and she felt him bite gently around her throat, his firm erection prodding her stomach as his hips thrust forwards against her.

“I’ve been waiting for you…..” he breathed into her ear before cupping her chin and kissing her soundly on the lips. She found herself opening her mouth allowing their tongues to dance together, taking it in turns to force their way into the other’s mouth. It sounded basic, but she really loved the feeling when he literally shoved his tongue into her as hard and far as he could. Perhaps it reminded her of sucking him – he’d never asked – but either way, he knew that her knees would buckle a little and an involuntary moan would escape her lips; he wasn’t disappointed. Turning her around gently, he continued to kiss and nibble at her neck, sending shivers down her spine and making goosebumps appear on her creamy skin. He admired her beauty in the mirror as he allowed his hands to slide across her waist, up towards her firm breasts, before sharply down across her stomach until his open hands met on either side of her pussy. His index fingers formed a ‘V’ mirroring the shape of her sex, his warm fingers gently rubbing on the sensitive skin between her pussy and the tops of her legs. The firmness of his movements pulled at her lips as he stroked her and she could feel the coolness of the air against her own delicate warmth as they were forced apart exposing the ruddy pinkness inside.

He murmured approvingly as his trailing fingers dipped between her lips, feeling the slick wetness of her arousal, before drawing a line back up through her pubes and across her hips. He nibbled at her neck again before gently leading her towards the bed. Holding both hands he lowered her backwards onto the crisp sheets and helped her shuffle back towards the centre of the bed. Stepping back he stopped to admire her firm body once more before springing onto the bed, straddling her in a single movement. She flinched and giggled as the weight of his body landed across her and he lowered himself down like a press-up on top of her, once again kissing her neck. His kisses continued down across her chest, stopping temporarily for his tongue to swirl around her stiffening nipples. She murmured contentedly as he gently sucked one nipple into his mouth, whilst the other was rubbed softly between thumb and forefinger of his hand. Suddenly, he roughly grabbed a handful of flesh before raking his fingers down across her stomach towards her pussy; only to guide his hand onto her inside leg, completely avoiding touching her sensitive lips. She gave a little sigh as he continued to run his hands down the inside of her leg, before suddenly gasping as his hands grabbed both legs and pushed them up towards her head.

Her pussy now jutted obscenely out from between her thighs, her legs forced apart by his firm grip as he bent his head towards her glistening lips. Expecting to feel his tongue across her slit she was surprised to feel only cool breath as he blew gently across her cunt. A small shiver ran down her spine as the force of the air tickled her clit and her stomach did a little flip inside. His tongue poked out and he teased her lips, caressing the tiny hairs on either side of her pussy, alternating between long strokes along the length and delicate butterfly kisses directly on her clit. Pushing harder with his hands on her legs he forced her thighs further apart and the pull on her skin forced her pussy lips open, revealing a dark red hole, glistening wet and inviting.

She moaned in earnest as he suddenly forced his tongue deeply into her cunt, worming around so that she could feel the roughness of his tongue against her smooth insides. As suddenly as he’d started, he was back to gentle lapping caresses of the outside of her pussy and she could feel his saliva starting to warm her lips as he lavished attention to each one in turn. Once again he darted his tongue into her, bringing another moan; quickly followed by another as he dragged his tongue up along her slit and pushed it against her clit. With the eyemask in place she couldn’t see what he was up to, so every change of direction took her by surprise – causing both stimulation and frustration; she could feel an imminent orgasm building, but each time he alternated his pattern it would send her back a little. The build-up was like a ‘two-steps-forward-one-step-back’ kind of thing; it was definitely getting closer and she could feel her chest flushing and her insides doing backflips each time his tongue plunged inside her, but he was teasing her – and they both knew it.

His gay porno weight shifted on the bed and, despite his ongoing licking, she was aware that his concentration was now elsewhere – typical man – can’t multitask! Sure enough, she felt him lean across her (pausing to briefly suck a nipple on the way past) to where she knew the toy collection would be placed by the side of the bed. She’d forgotten about the warming mat which they’d recently started using to bring the toys up to body temperature and “Wow – That’s hot!” She exclaimed in surprise as he gently nudged her pussy with the head of the toy. “Mmmmm, feels nice…” She encouraged, sensing his hesitation in case he was causing her pain.

She couldn’t tell which toy he’d picked up yet, but it didn’t feel too big; certainly the head was smaller than his thick cock, but the warmth made it feel like an actual cock was pushing slowly into her and she moved her hips downwards to welcome it inside. She moaned as he leant forwards once again to suck on her clitoris, the sudden pressure shooting sparks up her spine and she felt the heat of the toy pushing further into her cunt. She realised with a glow that he’d chosen her ‘favourite’ dildo – well, if she was pushed to choose one! Since the children had been born she didn’t get much spare time to herself for anything, let alone messing around over which toy to pleasure herself with, If she did ever find the time for a solo session. To be fair, although she had quite a high sex drive, her husband’s was even higher, so it was very rare for her to be left alone long enough to feel the need for a sexual release. Mostly, she would take advantage of the powerful jets on the shower head if she managed to squeeze a shower in before rushing off to Yoga, bringing herself to a juddering, knee-trembling, powerful (but achingly short) orgasm standing in the cubicle.

However, on the rare occasion she found herself alone, in the mood and up to date with all the jobs she felt needed doing, she would reach for her buzzing orange friend and her ‘favourite’ dildo. The vibrator was a soft rubber tipped toy that was perfect for one thing – direct and powerful stimulation of her sensitive clitoris. The dildo was a flesh coloured dong, exactly 10″ long, slightly tapered from a narrow head down to a fat base. There were no balls at the bottom, the smooth shaft just went all the way from end to end, so there was nothing to get in the way of the full length being worked right into her. She’d had countless orgasms being doubly penetrated by her husband and this toy – both wedged firmly together into her tight pussy, the base of the dildo pushed up against his pubic bone so that, in effect, she was getting royally fucked by a massively fat 10″ cock. She knew that she could take the full length of the huge toy, because she always got incredibly turned on by the feel of his balls slapping up against her and his trimmed pubes pushing up against hers – the feeling of having that massive cock inside her was indescribable, and they both came hard whenever he fucked her this way.

So, her ‘favourite’ toy, heated to a pussy-pleasingly hot-cock temperature, was being pushed slowly into her welcoming cunt, whilst his tongue worked hard on her swollen clitoris. It wasn’t going to take long. As if her body were hearing her thoughts, she could feel it starting the unstoppable journey towards her first climax of the evening; she could tell it was going to be a good one, and usually her first ones tended to be the most powerful. He sped up the movement of the toy, starting to pump it back and forth into her like a piston, matching the movements with the quick flicks of his tongue on her clit. Her orgasm was boiling inside, her chest flushed, back arched and loud moans escaping her lips. She felt like her pussy was on fire and told him so – it fuelled his tonguing and pumping – and her moans deepened as she felt the first spasms of her pussy trying to clamp down on the large dick punishing her insides. Fireworks started to explode in her mind as she cried out, the orgasm ripping through her body; senses overloaded as nerve endings fired pleasure signals to her brain over and over. He continued licking and fucking her as her orgasms started to subside, gradually slowing down to match her mood, until together they came to rest with her breathing finally returning to normal.

“So, that was for starters…” he smiled, soliciting a throaty chuckle from her as she rolled to her knees in front of him, reaching blindly with her hands to find his shoulders. Making purchase, she pulled him towards her and passionately kissed him – being rewarded with an equally rampant returning kiss. His hands found their way to either side of her face, cupping her chin, fingers entwined in her short hair, nails raking the back of her neck as he continued to kiss her forcefully. She pulled away from him, the sudden urge to return her pleasure taking over as she leant downwards towards his crotch. evli porno An angry growl escaped her lips as her face brushed the fabric of his trousers and she realised he was still clothed from the waist down.

“You’ll have to wait” he said, “there’s something else I need you to do first….”

He helped her to move towards the edge of the bed, until she was sitting with her bottom perched on the edge and her feet on the floor. “Don’t move a muscle!” he joked before jumping off the bed and she heard him returning to the warming mat; the sound of lube from the pump bottle followed by the distinctive click whirr and beep of the camera being switched on. Her heart sank, why did he insist on filming stuff? Didn’t he know she was much less inhibited when there was just the two of them? She knew the real reason, but despite playing along with his requests, had never really managed to get her head around the idea of videoing stuff to post on the internet. To be fair, he couldn’t really explain it either. Although the videos were primarily made for his own personal enjoyment, he liked to share them online. She didn’t really care, as long as they were unidentifiable, and if he wanted to post them, then so be it – but sometimes he would tell her about how many thousands of people had jacked themselves off watching her being fucked. Literally thousands. Secretly she was amazed, pleased and a little turned on by the idea, but she also felt a little sullied and used – a bit like a sort of virtual prostitute!

He had returned to the bed, and was sitting behind her, legs wrapped around either side of hers and hands resting gently on her shoulders. He kissed her neck, working his way up to her right ear, he knew how much she enjoyed him talking dirty and tonight he was going to tell her exactly what he wanted. “Reach forwards, I want you to feel the big cock that you’re going to ride for me…” He breathed, and she visibly shivered. Leaning down, her hands found the tip of a toy standing skywards from the box she could feel resting on the floor between her feet. Her first sensation was the heat radiating from the rubber, the second the slimy wetness of lube coating the surface. Then, (her eyebrows raised and her stomach did a jolt) as she realised she couldn’t even close her thumb and forefinger around the thick toy. That thing was huge! She slid her hand down the length, nearly toppling forwards as she found that it just kept on going and going downwards towards the floor.

“I want you to sit on that huge dick…” he murmured in her ear “…you’re going to take it deep, as deep as you can.” He started to tell her hurriedly about his fantasy, words tumbling over each other as if his brain wasn’t connected, just sentences coming straight from his deepest desires direct to his mouth. “I want you to imagine that it’s me fucking you with my dick and another toy together. You know that I won’t stop until it’s all inside you, until you feel my balls up against your cunt and feel me pressing onto you. You know that I won’t stop – because I know how much cock you can handle and you’ve had this much inside you before – it might be fat, but you’ve had longer than this fucking you….” All the while, his hands were roaming across her body, roughly caressing her breasts as his mouth poured his filthy thoughts over her neck and shoulders.

Still blinded by the eyemask, she gingerly knelt forwards, both hands clasping the shaft of the massive toy and knees on either side of the box upon which the dildo was sitting. It didn’t have a suction base or anything, but the sheer size and weight of the toy was enough to keep it in place, perfectly centred in the viewfinder of the camera – so that pretty much the toy filled up the screen. She had worked out by now that it was the newest toy in their collection, a huge dildo as thick and as long as his forearm – a full 13″ inches from base to tip, with a fat pair of balls at the bottom, meaning that at full depth it was an astonishing 11″ of ‘usable’ length. The shaft was thick; really thick – and with both hands together she managed to grasp around it with her fingers just overlapping a little. She began to ask herself what she’d let herself in for – there was no way she could ride this thing!

“I want you to ride it right down to the balls, I want you to fuck yourself as deep as you can handle, imagining all those blokes jerking their cocks as they watch your pussy slide up and down that monster. When you’re as deep as you can go, I want you to reach up and feel your stomach, feel that toy pushing into you and show me how deep it really is….” Her pussy flooded with juice at these words, he’d never been this direct and well, dirty before! He was baring his darkest desires to her, opening up in a way that exposed him to her rejection and repulsion – and the vulnerability in his voice pushed emotional buttons in her that seemed directly connected to her cunt. She could sense that animal instinct thing again – he couldn’t help himself, he was so overtaken that his cock was controlling his brain, he wanted her so badly that he was physically shaking – and the sheer primal nature of his desire was making her insides do somersaults as her pussy started to prepare itself for the mother of all fuckings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32