As The Tracer Glides

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Anal Orgasm

Julie crouched between my legs hanging over the edge of our bed, with my left testicle in her mouth, her left hand stroking my shaft and her fingers flicking and rubbing my cock head. Her tongue flicked my left ball in her mouth sending streamers of almost irresistible pleasure through me. I shot a full load when she released my testicle, shifted position and took me between her lips and……..

Ever seen the movie ‘Apocalypse Now’? The first words after the opening are “Saigon. Shit. I was still only in Saigon”. Well, as I woke up I was still only in this shit hole, far, far away from Julie and her warm, soft, delicious body. What woke me? The bloody usual – we were under attack. I crawled out of the tent and made my way to my Stand To position, shoving a full magazine in my service rifle as I went and for two hours I helped return fire.

Thinking of Julie was what sustained me here, as I watched the tracer above and around me – red and green. Tracer looks innocuous but for every one of those pretty whizzing coloured lights there’s four or six black, unseen killers in between them.

I’m Tired, filthy, mentally weary, too bloody hot and I want to go HOME! Nine months here is torture. But my pal George ‘Daz’ White would say that’s what I get for being too much of a bloody specialist. God, I can hear him now, laughing with me. Wish we still could but he went home 3 months ago. Bugger. Off now to try and finish my dream

………Hi babe, how was your day? You’re lonely? Yeah, me to. No, I haven’t ravaged any of those nurses. A chance would be great ’cause I am as horny as a two-dicked tomcat but I’m nowhere near them. I just want you, babe. I want you to ravage me. I want to lie back and have you do dirty things to me. Yes, like that honey. Mmmmmm

WOKA WOKA WOKA WOKA was the next sound I heard, moving swiftly from the south in the early morning air, circling to the west and getting closer. A chopper. Re-supply. In it came, fast and low and taking some fire from the bastards but pouring down plenty of it’s own. Suddenly it was over the wall and dropping onto the dusty pad. The engines never stopped, the blades kept chopping the air. The ramp came down and the ground crew unloaded the supplies and loaded up some injured lads then off it went like the proverbial bat out of hell, firing flares to distract SAM’s and pouring machine gun fire down on the enemy positions. Our gunners provided covering fire to help keep the bastards heads down.

As it turned out, there was mail amongst the supplies and I had a small, soft, squishy package from Julie and a couple of letters from family and friends – including a postcard from Daz, on holiday in bloody Barbados! I made my way swiftly to my tent with Julie’s package held tight. Luckily I have a tent to myself. I closed the flap right down despite the heat, dropped my belt kit by gecelik escort my bed, lay my rifle on a clean ground sheet under my bed, beside ‘Victoria’, my special rifle. I’d clean it after I’d opened Julie – or at least her package.

The padded envelope contained a long, loving and quite sexy letter telling me about stuff at home, at work and that she still found it difficult to sleep alone and she missed me. Also in the package was a plastic zip-lock bag containing a pair of her panties; A silky red pair; the sort that I just loved to see her wearing. There was a separate note inside saying she had worn these all day at work; had played with herself while wearing them in her lunch break and later when she got home ’cause she was horny and. She knew how much I loved the taste and smell of her so she sent them. I lay back, held them to my face and breathed the scent of home, our bed, and my woman and remembered the last time I saw Julie wearing these very knickers. It was at a formal dinner……

Julie is 5’8” with hazel eyes, raven black hair which she keeps short and styled spiky with gel, with a fair complexion and she wore her beautiful black satin evening dress on this occasion. It was strapless with an integrated bodice that supported her breasts without a bra, had a red sash around the waist, flared out from just below this and came down to just above her knees. With it she wore black high heels that accentuated her quite naturally shapely legs, black shimmer effect garter top stockings and her favourite pearl necklace, which I loved her to wear in bed as I found the sight of it against her naked body a tremendous turn on.

The dinner event finished at midnight and we got a taxi home, continuing the teasing of each other we had kept up (hopefully discreetly) all evening. Once home, I put on some music and soft lights and we danced some more, kissing and caressing each other. I gripped her gorgeous ass and pulled her against me and she felt just how hard and excited I was. She leaned back from me slightly, looked at me with her moon-pool eyes and said ‘I know what you need just about now’. She then lay face down on the rug and lifted her hips and ass up towards me. Julie knows that when I am this excited I need a quick, but satisfying, solution and ‘doggie’ was just the answer right now. She also knew that, after this relief, my second erection would last much longer and she had plans for it, as usual! I got down behind her, raised her dress over her ass and gazed at her bum clad in those red silk knickers, getting harder at the prospect of entering her hot, moist love pool. I threw off my jacket, opened my trousers, shoved them and my boxers down to my knees and eagerly guided myself into her as deep as I could go. Julie purred and pushed her hips back onto me to make sure I was right in to istanbul eskort the hilt. My full-length thrusts quickly became urgent. There is something about loving Julie this way that makes it impossible for me to do it for long before the pressure and pleasure combine in an explosion. Julie rarely orgasm’s with me this way but she knows she’ll be adequately compensated in a little while.

I exploded and cried out in sweet release. It really felt like I had totally emptied myself into her, and she kept pushing her hips back on me as if to be sure she got it all as deeply as possible. I collapsed onto her, panting, telling her I loved her and caressing her bum cheeks and tummy. After I recovered my breath I slipped slowly out and fixed her dress back down over her, already thinking of what happens next; of getting her spread-eagled on the bed, legs wide, kissing her from mouth to tits to belly and then up the insides of each thigh to her now very moist, sweet, smooth pussy and…………… SHIT! I heard my name being called. It was my mate Tonto shouting for me with new orders. He slapped the side of my tent and excused himself as he stuck his head in (the closed flaps warned him I wanted a bit of privacy). Our next operation had us well busy with preparations the rest of the day.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Julie and about eating her gorgeous pussy. She usually kept it nice and neatly trimmed and shaved her lips, occasionally letting her garden grow wild just for a change. But sometimes, oh sometimes, she’d surprise me with a fully shaved and lusciously smooth mound and lips. That REALLY gets me goin’, and she knows it. I love to kiss and lick that shaven haven. That’s when I love to get her at the side of the bed (or the sofa or the table!!), kneeling between her thighs with her feet on my shoulders and my mouth, like a limpet, on her pussy licking and sucking her clitty and pushing one or two fingers inside massaging her. This always gave her a body-quaking orgasm that I adore watching. Sometimes I reached up and stroked her nipples and massaged her breasts as I ate her. Then as she would be coming down from her orgasms, I’d slip myself into her and we’d slow-fuck to a ‘second coming’. I always enjoyed that. Right now, though, time to get fed, get the water and the rest of the kit finalised and head out before sunset.

Looking through night vision goggles for long periods can play tricks on your eyes. That eerie, high contrast green & black world has no beauty and in it. I was watching six of those fuckers skilfully making their way toward the main road. They knew what technology we had and worked hard to make it difficult for us but it’s almost impossible to completely hide from night vision kit. They were just over 500 metres away and had to cross a piece of open ground to get to the road to lay their booby-traps. otele gelen escort They scanned and moved with extreme caution but I saw them clearly. I had a good line of sight and chose the second one. I waited for him to move out of cover, finalized my aim and squeezed the trigger. ‘Victoria’ jumped, her high velocity bullet covering the distance in less than half a second. He dropped, then quietness again.

My mind went back to Julie and I fished out her panties from inside my combat smock and inhaled her scent again. Oh, how I longed to be home and sleeping with her by my side. Well, not long now. In a month, if none of the buggers got me, I’d be there, with her, on her, in her, tasting her and satisfying my hunger for her. One of the ways we liked to love each other was me on my back, Julie’s head in my lap with my cock in her mouth and a hand on my balls; she’d position herself so I could reach down and get two fingers into her and my thumb just slightly into her ass, pushing in with just a little pressure. This seemed to aid her orgasm. She sometimes also liked a finger just into her ass when she would straddle me for a ‘girl on top’ session. Loved that. “Tired Soldier” position we called it! She often rode my cock really hard and would cum before me in several waves, her juice soaking me. But she’d keep riding until I came and then continue lying on top of me as I deflated, kissing and cuddling. It wasn’t unusual for us to fall asleep that way.

I got a two-word message in my earpiece. I checked the ground ahead and saw what I had been warned of, what we had expected, more of them coming in a convoy of small trucks. I spoke quietly into my radio, brought my rifle down beside me and shuffled myself lower into the hole in the ground I was in. Tonto, to my left, fired three rounds from the long range, 12.7mm calibre rifle. One of those bullets would cripple a helicopter. Two of his shots went into the lead truck, 800m away, and it’s front end disintegrated. The convoy stopped, confused. All as planned, so far.

The next sound I heard was the angry chatter of our machine guns, then the staccato hammering of our heavy machine guns 300 metres behind us followed by the ‘thunk-whistle’ of heavy mortars and in the distance I began to hear the drone and buzz of the heavily armed helicopters. I had 5 minutes before my team had to move and hell on earth was visited upon those poor sods. I rolled over on my back and stared up into the sky to watch the deadly tracer light show playing across the tranquillity of the awesome starry night. As I did I thought of my Julie again and the words of one of my favourite songs came to me…

‘As the tracer glides, in it’s graceful arc, send a little prayer out to ya ‘cross the fallin’ dark…….’

With 2 minutes to go before we moved I just lay and pictured Julie, naked, waiting for me. Lying on our bed, her make-up done to perfection; pussy shaved, teasing herself with her fingers and saying “come home, fuck me hard, I love you.” And I would. I would go home and do just that and when I got back to camp I’d dream of it but now it was time to MOVE, MOVE, GO!!…………….

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