Awakenings Ch. 02

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I found an old notebook as I was cleaning out the attic of the house we recently bought. It was handwritten by a girl named Jenny. I couldn’t believe the story that unfolded as I read those old and worn pages written in ink. I decided it was too good and needed to be shared with the world. Here is the second part, unedited.

The next morning I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes after mom and dad went to work. I was wearing a white blouse over a short red pleated skirt and a pair of blue silk underpants that mom didn’t know I had. My hair was in a ponytail, which hung down my back all the way to my butt. I was thinking of Mr. Kelty’s cock in my mouth yesterday when a pair of hands reached around me and tweaked my sensitive nipples.

“Hey, sis, how about a quickie before school,” John suggested while pressing the bulge of his hardening cock between my ass cheeks.

Without replying I tilted my ass back into him and cupped his hands. I could feel myself getting wet. John lowered a hand to my pussy and slipped a finger under the elastic of my panties. He buried it up my cunt. He worked my pussy and clit until it was ready for his cock. With his other hand he quickly unsnapped his jeans. I leaned forward on the kitchen counter and spread my legs. John pulled my panties to the side and slid his cock into my open cunt lips.

“Don’t worry, sis. I won’t cum inside you.”

I didn’t really care. I kind of liked the feeling when he came in me that first time. Besides, mom had put me on the pill last year. She said it would help regulate me, whatever that means. But I guess John didn’t know that. I was too out of control to explain it to him at the moment.

John was hammering me hard and deep, and I could tell by his grunts he was getting close. I reached down to rub my clit and felt John’s cock sliding over my fingertips as it repeatedly stabbed into my juicy cunt. I slid my fingers lower so his cock would slide between them on each stroke. It was really hot and I could feel myself working up to a good cum.

“Oh god, sis, here it comes. I’m pulling out.”

“NOOOooooo…!” I screamed grabbing his cock hard to keep it in me. I felt it swell and cum surge through its length. He managed to get the tip right to my opening. The first powerful blast of his hot seed sprayed directly against my sensitive clit. This sent me over the edge, and I let go as I screamed out with pleasure. John’s cock got caught up in the crotch of my panties, and he filled them up with cum which continued gushing from him. I could feel it leaking out from under the elastic and streaming down my legs.

We were really late for school and didn’t have time to clean up. I pulled off my panties, which were a real mess, and stuffed them in my purse. That’s how I got in big trouble. I have a bad habit of slumping in my chair when I’m bored. Miss Carter, our English teacher, was babbling on and on when I started daydreaming about Mr. Kelty’s cock. I not only slid down in my chair, but I spread my legs without thinking. Although I was sitting near the back, my cunt was fully exposed.

“Jenny, sit up,” Miss Carter ordered, startling me from my trance, “and see me after class. I want to talk to you about appropriate dress at school.”

Busted. I turned about four shades of red. I don’t think anyone else noticed, but I wasn’t sure. I crawled up to Miss Carter after the room had cleared.

“Jenny, you’re not wearing any panties. There’d better be a good explanation.”

There was, but I wasn’t about to tell Miss Carter. I made up something on the spot.

“Um, well, you see, Miss Carter, I had a little accident. I was so late I ran to school before I went to the bathroom. I tried to hold it in, but it kept coming out in little bits. I ran to the bathroom when I got here, but my panties were soaked. I’m really sorry.”

“So what did you do with them?”

This time I hesitated too long, stuttering a few times before finally saying I had thrown them in the trash. She looked at me with this “I just caught you in a lie” look.

“Let’s go to the office and explain it to Mr. Hayes. He keeps extra panties for girls who have accidents. IF that’s what really happened.”

Mr. Hayes was the assistant principal and the main disciplinarian. He was also the football coach. He never smiled and kids lived in fear of being sent to see him. Miss Carter took me into the office and closed the door.

“Jenny has something she wants to tell you. Jenny.”

“Um. you see, I wet my panties and so I took them off and threw them away.”

He just stared at me. Miss Carter spoke up.

“She’s not wearing any panties and was flashing her privates for anyone to see. And I don’t believe her story. I think she did it on purpose.”

Mr. Hayes got up from behind his desk, picked up my purse and pulled out my cum-stained blue silk panties. He spent some time examining them, including sniffing them under his nose, then handed them to Miss Carter. After a similar examination she dropped the panties casino şirketleri on his desk.

“Well, Mr. Hayes, it seems as if Jenny has been participating in extracurricular activities. Her panties are covered with semen. Our little Jenny is a slut. Isn’t that right, Jenny?”

I nodded, afraid to disagree. Mr. Hayes walked around his desk and leaned over on the chair where I was sitting. He lifted my skirt and looked down at my naked cunt.

“Miss Carter, would you excuse us please? I need to talk to Jenny alone.”

Now I was really scared. With Miss Carter in the room I didn’t think he would do anything too bad, but I had heard about him from other kids. Who were terrified of him.

“Bend over the desk, Jenny, and lift your skirt. A little spanking might teach you a lesson about proper behavior a school.”

“No, please Mr. Hayes. I won’t do it again. I promise.”


I did as he said and pulled up the back of my skirt. I was not only scared but I was a little embarrassed that I was showing him my naked ass. I was sure he could see my pussy as well. His bare hand smacked across my cheeks so hard that I yelped. The pain was almost unbearable. His hand hit me again practically lifting me off the ground. Tears were running down my cheeks. The something weird happed. As he continued to spank me I could feel my pussy getting all wet even though the pain was unbearable.

On the fifth blow he kept his hand on me right above my pussy. I wanted him to touch me so badly that I tilted my ass in the air. His fingers slid down between my cheeks and brushed against the sensitive folds of my cunt. He pushed one finger into me and twisted it around. I moaned and pushed back against him.

“You are a slut, Jenny. I’ll show you how we treat sluts around here.”

Mr. Hayes stepped up behind me. He pulled out his finger. I could feel the swollen head of his cock press against my opening. I gasped when he pushed it inside me. He was bigger than my brother and I could feel my cunt stretch as he slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper inside my steamy hole. He fucked me faster and harder, driving himself deeper and deeper into my belly. Gasps and moans escaped from my throat.

“Talk dirty to me, Jenny. Tell me what I’m doing to you. Tell me what you want, slut.”

“You’re fucking me, Mr. Hayes. You’re fucking me with your great big cock. Oh god, it feels good. Yes… fuck me harder. Shove your cock deep in my cunt. My pussy is on fire. Fuck me, Mr. Hayes.”

Trash kept spewing from my mouth as Mr. Hayes continued to hammer me. He reached down and pressed a finger against my butt hole. I couldn’t believe how good that felt, even after he slipped it into my ass. I was just about to lose it.

“Oh, Mr. Hayes, I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, shove it in me… aaaaahhhhh… here it comes… Oooohhhh… harder… yes… AAAAAAHHHHH… UUUNNNGGGHHHH.”

I was on fire. My body was thrashing about and I was gasping for air. Juices gushed from my cunt. I desperately wanted Mr. Hayes to cum inside me, but was afraid he would pull out. I caught my breath enough to tell him.

“Cum in me, Mr. Hayes… oh god… Please… I want your cum in my pussy… aaaaahhhhh… shoot it in me… oh my god, fuck me… oooohhhh… fill up my cunt… fuck me harder. Uuunnngggghhhhh… oh shit. Please cum in my cunt, Mr. Hayes.”

Apparently that did the trick. I heard him grunt and felt his cock swell inside me. This was followed by a long powerful blast of hot cum which splashed against my cunt walls. He kept squirting stream after stream of cum into me until it was leaking out. He finally finished, then pulled out. I could feel cum continue leaking from my cunt and streaming down my legs.

“Get down on your knees, slut, and suck my cock,” Mr. Hayes ordered.

His cum coated cock had become semi-limp, but quickly grew as I licked and sucked his it back to life. When he was fully erect I worked him over with my lips and tongue, concentrating mostly on his large, bulbous head. I could tell he was getting into it. My pussy was oozing from the sensations I was feeling as his cock pressed into my mouth.

Once he was hard Mr. Hayes grabbed my head and fucked my face hard and rough. He crammed his cock into the back of my throat causing me to gag. He pulled it out and slapped me with it before cramming it back into my throat. It was hard to keep up with him. I was having trouble breathing but he held my head in place and wouldn’t let me pull away. Spit and drool were running down my chin. Tears were running down my face.

Just when I thought I was going to pass out he pulled away. I coughed and drooled spit all down the front of my blouse. He grabbed my hair, pulled me to my feet and threw me against the wall. He lifted my skirt and rammed his back cock up my cunt in a single thrust. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks. He lifted me up off the ground and slammed his cock up into my pussy again and again driving me up the side of the wall. casino firmaları I was screaming and clawing at him from the pleasure surging through my cunt. One orgasm after another ripped through my body. The pleasure was so intense I could barely stand it.

Mr. Hayes lowered my limp body to the floor and crammed his dripping cock between my lips. I was helpless to do anything. He grabbed my head and fucked my face, slamming his cock deep in my mouth on each powerful thrust. I tried to open my throat to take the large head of his cock, but it was too big and I thought I was going to choke. I felt him swell, stretching my lips which around his massive shaft. A powerful stream of cum splashed against the back of my throat. His cum acted as a lubricant and I felt his cock burrow into my throat where he dumped the rest of his load. When he pulled out I was coughing cum. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and I sucked the last few drops as he slowly went limp.

“Now you know how we deal with sluts. Get out of here and take your cum stained panties with you.”

Everyone in the front office was staring at me as I left. I was sure I had a “just been fucked” look. My blouse was a mess and streaks of cum stained my legs. I just looked down and walked out. Despite the humiliation I was never so turned on. I wanted more. After school I went by Mr. Kelty’s room hoping he would let me suck his cock and maybe even fuck me. The door was locked and the shades were drawn. I thought he had gone home and was about to leave when I heard voices coming from inside. I put my ear to the door and was surprised to hear my best friend Cindy. I was even more surprised by what she was saying.

“Oh god, Mr. Kelty, it’s sooo BIG! I can feel it all the way up in my belly. Jesus, it feels good sliding in and out of my pussy. I really like being on top.”

At first I was pissed. Mr. Kelty had his cock in Cindy’s cunt and I wanted it in mine. I looked up and down the hall to make sure no one was coming, and then I slipped my hand in my panties. As Cindy rode Mr. Kelty to her first orgasm my fingers massaged the slippery folds of my cunt. Then he took her from behind and quickly brought her to a second orgasm. I rolled my clit between my thumb and forefinger and came with her in a surging gush. I straightened up to catch my breath and heard Mr. Kelty order Cindy to suck his cock. A few moments later I heard him grunt and knew Cindy was tasting cum just like I did yesterday. I wondered if it was the first time she had tasted his cum and decided it wasn’t.

I ran home to see if my brother was there, but the house was empty. I took a long bath, and then put on an oversized T-shirt belonging to my brother with nothing underneath. I went into the kitchen to fix a snack when I heard the front door open. I thought it was John so I hopped up on the counter with my legs apart far enough so he would be able to see my naked pussy. When dad walked in I froze. He stood in the doorway staring right at my bare cunt. I quickly pulled my legs together and tried pulling down the T-shirt, but it was too short.

“Hello, sugar. You’re getting to be a grown up young lady – and a sexy one at that! How about a little kiss for daddy?”

My face was about six shades of red as I hopped off the counter and walked over to him with my eyes down. He bent over for my kiss, then put his large hand on my back and pulled me to him as I pecked him on the cheek. I put my arms around his neck for our traditional welcome home hug. I felt dad slide his hand down towards my ass, pulling me to him. Normally, I wouldn’t have thought of it as more than a friendly gesture, but my increased sexuality immediately caused my pussy to tingle with excitement.

“Well, now,” dad said still holding me close, “I bet you have lots of boys paying attention to you. Have you ever been kissed?”

“Yeah,” I said smiling coyly, “and other stuff.”

I regretted that as soon as I said it.

“Really,” dad replied sliding his hands to my ass, “does it feel good when boys do other stuff to you. Do you do stuff to them, too?”

He was massaging my ass cheeks through my T-shirt. He stood straight causing me to stand on my tiptoes. I tried to keep my arms around his neck but they slipped to his shoulders. I could feel my tits pressing against his stomach and my pussy rubbing against his muscular thigh. I was desperately horny.

“Yes, daddy. I like it when they pinch my tiny nipples. But I go really crazy when they put their fingers inside – you know – my, um, pussy.”

I slowly humped his leg. His hands moved under the T-shirt and massaged the naked cheeks of my ass.

“And, daddy, boys really like it when I touch their, um, cocks. When I rub their cocks white sticky stuff comes out. Sometimes I do it with my mouth and swallow it… you know, their, um. cum.”

I don’t know what made me do it, bit I moved a hand down from dad’s shoulder and rubbed the baseball bat growing in his trousers. Dad worked two fingers under my ass until güvenilir casino they found my moist pussy. I tilted my ass back until he could work the tips inside me.

“But most of all I like it when a cock is in my pussy. I go really crazy and one time I even passed out. I like it best when I feel cum shooting in me.”

Dad helped me unbuckle his trousers, which dropped to the floor. When his cock popped out of his boxers my mouth fell open. It had to be a foot long. I tried wrapping my hand around it but couldn’t completely encircle it. Dad had two fingers most of the way up my cunt and was pressing his thumb into my asshole. I was losing control.

“Oh, daddy, would you let me suck your cock. I want to put it in my mouth and make you cum. Please, daddy.”

“Of course, sugar, I’d be honored to have you suck my cock. But let’s go to the bedroom so I can eat your sweet little pussy while you suck me.”

On the way to the bedroom he explained that mom and John were at a school function until later that night so he had come home early to take care of me. I doubt if this is what mom had in mind when she asked him to do it.

I pulled off my T-shirt and stood naked in front of dad. He reached out and tweaked my nipples sending jolts of pleasure through me. Then he shoved two fingers deep into my cunt moving them all around inside me. He leaned over and kissed me shoving his tongue deep into my mouth. I put my arms around his neck, kissing him recklessly and humping my pussy against his fingers. Suddenly I got dizzy and felt my pussy gush all over his hand as I had a small orgasm.

Dad stripped and climbed up on the bed. He motioned me up with him then proceeded to pull my legs over his head and plunge his tongue into my steamy gash. I leaned forward and placed the tip of his cock between my lips. I wasn’t able to get much more than the head in my mouth, and even with that my lips were stretched as far as they would go. I bobbed my head up and down the best I could and worked the shaft with my hands. He seemed to like it, but I really wanted more of him in my mouth.

Dad was frantically munching away on my pussy. He kissed it, licked it, tongued it and sucked it until my juices were flowing steadily. He even ran his nose and head over my slimy gash before devouring it again with his mouth. Then he started fingering me and licking me at the same time. I knew a big orgasm was building, but I tried to keep my concentration on his engorged cock. When he worked a finger into my asshole and sucked my clit I lost it. My body stiffened. I let out a muffled groan just as my pussy tightened and then gushed. Dad clamped his mouth over my pussy and drank down my juices as they flowed from my cunt.

When I finished with my orgasm I went back to work on dad’s cock. I worked it with my tongue and lips while stroking him with both hands. I tried bobbing up and down with my mouth letting him press against my throat until it opened wide enough for the head to enter. I was choking and had to pull away, then tried it again. Eventually I was able to work several inches into my throat. I fucked him repeatedly with my mouth and throat, using my tongue on his sensitive head. I couldn’t help but drool all over his cock making it slick in my fingers. I knew I had found the right rhythm and could tell he was getting close to filling my mouth with his hot cum. “Oh god, baby, that’s it… suck it hard… yea… I’m getting ready to cum, sugar… here it cums… oh baby… aaaaaahhhhhhh…”

His cock swelled stretching my lips to their limit. With my two hands wrapped around his meat, I could actually feel cum surge through his shaft before it exploded into my mouth. Thick, warm liquid splashed against the back of my throat and then again and again. I was unable to swallow and could feel his cum overflow, leaking from my lips, back down his cock and over my fingers. I pulled away to catch my breath and received a blast up my nose and into my eye. When he was finally drained I swallowed what was in my mouth and then proceeded to lick him clean as his cock went limp.

“That was great, baby. When daddy gets hard again, he’ll put his cock in your sweet little pussy if you want. Would you like that, sweetheart?”

“Oh daddy would you. Would you fuck me? Would you fill my cunt with your great big cock? I want to feel your cum squirt inside me. Oh daddy, I can’t wait.”

“Okay, sugar. In a bit. First, why don’t you get your dad a beer.”

I got daddy a beer and went to clean the cum caked on my face. I looked in the mirror and studied the smallish swells of my breasts wondering if they would ever look like mom’s. My nipples were a half-inch across with an eraser sized tip, which tilted upward. I looked down at my pussy and could definitely see my gash through the hair growing over my puffy mound. I turned and looked at my ass, which was firm and nicely rounded. My legs were thin but muscular. When I stood with them together there was a small gap at the crotch and I could see the open lips of my pussy hanging down between my legs. I put my finger there and rubbed it back and forth across my gash until it was slippery with juices flowing from my cunt. I licked my finger to taste myself and decided that it tasted okay.

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