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She arrived at his door five minutes early and contemplated when to ring the bell. She was unaccustomed with being on time for anything, let alone being early. Her heart beat heavy with excitement and the skin on her forearms dully ached. Finally one of her arms reached out and rang the bell.

He opened the door with a genuine expression of pleasure. What was she expecting? A somber intense glare? Maybe not quite that but he looked like a child opening a present, void of anything else except delight. She has never seen that expression on him before.

“Come in.” He says. There it is, she thinks, that depth of voice. It sooths her heightened nerves. “Please take off your shirt.” The door closes.

Already? She thinks. Her core clenches.

“What a beautiful form you have.” His fingers trace along her left breast on the outside of the bra. “Off with this too.” He grins and waits.

She worries he thinks her fat without any clothes. Her breasts too weighed down, not perky enough. Unable to resist him though, she overcomes her doubts.

Her flesh responds to the cool air and her nipples pucker. His hand reaches towards them and she sucks in a quick breath.

“It’s alright. The initial sensation might overwhelm but my touch will sooth it. All of you, in time.”


Hardened callused skin against her own over-sensitized flesh.

Her mouth opens in a small gasp, it’s the only way she can get enough air in. Raggedly she exhales.

“You feel magnificent. I am honored to possess you.” His fingers graze her cheek and lightly brush over her lower lip. “Let us begin.”

The thick black leather collar is padded on the inside with a fine grain leather in purple. The sound of the buckle being set, metal clinking against metal, effects them both. It is as if she does not know what comes next or what has ever happened before this moment. He can only stare at the contrast between her pale pink skin and the collar she let him claim her with.

“And now for the chain.” The clasp weighs heavily on the back of her neck. She is acutely aware of the cool metal running down the side of her naked kneeling body.

“I have someone to introduce you to. His name is Mr. Bovine.” He strokes her hair with great affection, loving the soft strands warmed from her heat. “He will be your caregiver. And you will treat him as your master.”

Had she agreed to this? Part of her feels confused and almost betrayed. Yet what did it matter anymore? Her master wanted her to be well taken care of and she thinks it best to view it as a sign of respect.

“Mr. Bovine is going to give you a gift. Show him and me how much it pleases you.”

Mr. Bovine had entered the room at his introduction and now stands in front of her. His hands go to his belt, then his zipper. He removes his semi erect penis and then pulls out his balls.

She looks up at her master with a hint of a smile and a pleading look. He nods.

She grins. Mr. Bovine has a beautiful uncut dick and she wants to feel it in her mouth. Leaning forward, she licks the tip of Mr. Bovine’s penis as he strokes his shaft. His hips rock forward and she takes his head into her eager wet mouth. He continues stroking at the base while she works her tongue under his length, sucking him in and out.

Her master encourages with pressure on the back of her head. Moaning, she forces herself to gag on his now fully-grown member. Viscous spit drips from the tip when she pulls back.

Her skin tingles and her neck stretches to receive Mr. Bovine’s cock fully in her mouth. She imagines what her master thinks of her tribute. Her nipples and pussy lips ache dully at the thought that she might be pleasing him. Humming with anticipation she squeezes her pussy again and again, rocking forward on her knees.

She takes the wet rod down again to the back of her throat. This time she suctions her lips as the head comes out, making a popping sound. Her master’s hand clamps in her hair.

She knows she has pleased him.

“Enough.” Mr. Bovine continues to stroke his shaft while she breathes heavily, staring up at her master. “You don’t have to do much to persuade me. I think it altyazı porno is time to sate my need for you.”

“Mr. Bovine, if you would… please get the room ready.”

He moves to stand in front of her then crouches down almost to eye level. Her eyes sparkle and her cheeks are flush with color. He strokes her shoulder, then down the side of her arm. Then his hand splays over her hanging breast, fingers circling around her nipple. Her nipple cries out in delight when he squeezes it and she gasps. He releases her nipple yet continues to rub over it with his thumb. She lowers her lids letting his attentions wash sensation over her.

He kisses her then, his tongue caressing hers. She bites down on it and his guttural response had her pussy throbbing.

In the room a cushioned matt lays before her and she is asked to get on all fours. Assuming the position she spreads her legs and flexes her back. She wants what they offer.

He slaps her ass in appreciation. One of his fingers hits her puffy pussy lips. She watches intently as he licks her juices off his finger.

Please fuck me master, she hopes.

“Thank you for presenting so nicely. What an excellent brood bitch you are.”

With a smile in her voice she says, “I’m glad I please you master.”

He attaches leather cuffs to her biceps and lower thighs. Bars follow, being hooked between the cuffs, allowing for only minimal movement.

He traces his hands along her inner thighs feeling the dew of her desire. He licks the flesh of her ass cheek and his teeth graze along her rump over to her sides.

She can’t contain the shudder that passes through her.

He whispers to her, “the spreader bars on your legs and your arms are to hobble you. And this strap around your waist is for me to hold on to while I ride you.”

As he leans back he sees her pussy visibly clench and he can’t help from slapping her ass once more before adjusting the strap. “Your pussy will be filled and sated soon. Be patience.”

Two thin chains run down from her collar to attach to the waist strap. One along her spine and the other between her breasts.

Heightened awareness of each item touching her skin floods her senses. She’s conscious of being here, in this moment, and giving herself to her master but nothing else seems to exist. There is no thought beyond each moment. She is consumed with lust and fulfillment.

“Mr. Bovine, please hand me the suctions.”

A humming noise begins as he places the cups against her hanging nipples. They immediately grab hold.

Her ragged sigh sends pulses straight to his cock.

Pulling her nipples in undulating waves, the machine milks her. Nothing comes from them yet. Her master has great plans for large breasts though. He wants to induce lactation and feed on her teats.

She rocks into the sensation of being milked, moaning even louder. Her mind goes completely blank, her body rewarding her with pleasure. She flexes her back deeper, forward and down, pushing her breasts into the pressure. From behind her she hears an oath and grunting.

He is overcome by her display of abandon. What fate has gifted him this divine treasure of a slut? Her cunt drips even more than what he felt moments earlier. Her passion fuels his own ardor.

She feels a large rough finger rub against her wet slit. It pops into her waiting warmth, pushing deep.

He plays with her passage, glorying in how freely her juices flow and the way she pushes back into his hand. He travels down to her sensitive nub and his butterfly caresses have her body quaking in response.

She feels him settling behind her. And then he’s pushing the tip of his cock inside

her. Pussy lips spread lusciously around his hard cock, glistening and coating him as he penetrates her.

Waves of clenching around his cock making him groan. Her core is almost too hot but the gratification of being enveloped by her moist fresh pushes him further in. Slight sensation at the tip of his cock has him wondering if he is bottoming out inside her. The idea stiffens his cock more and his hips began pounding into her lush ass.

She amatör porno feels bliss. Her aching core is being filled by her master. His forceful strokes hit his balls against her clit and moist smacking sounds echoed the pace of his thrusts.

“What a dutiful cunt. So eager and wet for her master.”

His hands grab hold of the belt and it digs into her sides.

“I can feel your pussy clenching down on my cock you hot bitch in heat.” One hand comes down hard on her ass to leave a red mark in its wake. “You want my cum inside you?”

Dry as her throat is she manages to get out, “yes, master. I want to feel your cock quake inside my pussy. Feel your cum dripping out of me.”

His thrusts grow faster and stronger. He grabs her hair hard, arching her back into him, the angle allowing his cock deeper.

She can feel herself beginning to fall off some precipice. The feeling of her master’s cock so far inside of her while her nipples are relentlessly tortured by the milking machine unravels her. Her vocalizations grow louder and more urgent.

“Yes, master! Please, master! I love your big hard cock fucking me!”

He laughs like an evil jester, “Cum for me cunt. Let me feel your pussy spasm around my cock.”

She obeys.

His insistent strokes into her pulsing pussy keeps her on a plateau and quickly another orgasm takes her. The sensation of rippling pressure around his cock engulfs him. He cums hard into her eager flesh. Riding out both of their pleasure, he continues to stroke.

The gentle rocking of his cock inside her has his cum dripping out of her hole, over her folds, and down her leg. She turns to look at her master and said, “thank you.”

“You are quite welcome… but you still have more to thank me for.”

Unable to fully comprehend his meaning and still enjoying the after shocks she rocks back into him.

“Ah yes. I can tell you like penetration the best. My brood bitch needs another cock while her milking continues.” He motions for Mr. Bovine to come over to him.

“Mr. Bovine, my bitch needs another hard cock inside her if you don’t mind.” He pulls out and away from her cunt, moving around to kneel in front of her.

She feels Mr. Bovine’s cock head breach her pussy lips as her master directs her mouth to his soaked soft cock. She is a brood bitch now. She will service her master and anyone else he asks her to. Her cunt will weep at the chance to be penetrated. And soon she will be producing milk for her master too. Her nipples wonderfully respond to her thoughts by sending pleasure straight to her core.

“It would be my pleasure Sir.” Mr. Bovine says already thrusting inside her pussy. The cum still leaking out of her each time he pushes in.

Her master caresses the sides of her face, holding her hair back as she cleans off their juices from his cock. She can’t resist pushing back into Mr. Bovine and she can tell both men enjoy seeing her do it. Mr. Bovine reciprocates with more vigor and her master coos to her saying, “yes, my good bitch. Push back on it. Feel that cock move inside your exquisite cunt.”

She loves pleasing him. The pleasure of being fucked from behind while her master’s soft cock rests in her mouth, listening to his enjoyment, sends her into another climax. As Mr. Bovine rides it out, continuing to stroke inside her, her breasts begin to tingle. The suction continues to stretch her nipples mercilessly.

“Did she cum around your cock Mr. Bovine?” He guesses from her writhing body and the firmer pressure around his cock in her mouth. Her noises too he notices had become more urgent and primal.

“The sensation is amazing sir. I almost popped off inside of her just then.” Mr. Bovine has slowed down his movements and rests fully penetrating her for a few seconds. “I can still feel her pussy pulsing sir.”

He chuckles knowing just the feeling, “I’d prefer, Mr. Bovine, if you’d trade places with me before you ejaculate. I want to be inside her cunt again and I’d love to watch her swallow your load.” As he speaks to Mr. Bovine he takes her chin into his palm and forces her head up so he can look at her.

She knows what animasyon porno he has asked of her. They both know he doesn’t have to demand anything, she has heard his preference and will strive to please him. Seeing the way he looked at her as he said the words acts like a drug. She gives him freely what she would never to anyone else. He is the only worthy one.

Again she feels her master settle behind her. His hands trace around her ass and thighs. The cum that has dripped out of her pussy rubs in like lotion. She can hear him inhaling deeply and knows he is taking in her scent.

Startling, she strains in her bonds. His tongue is licking her folds.

“How can you be so wet that your ass is smeared in your own juices? I have to taste that too.” And his tongue licks up her engorged slit to her puckered asshole. He flicks over it lightly then circles round and round, imagining breaching it with his cock greased from only the copious fluids of her pussy. More than enough, he thinks, to gain entry safely.

Her thoughts drift with the sensations of her master glorifying in her response. And her pussy still craves appeasement and more penetration, even after three orgasms, his administrations keep her body on edge.

“Master, I’m begging you to put your cock in my waiting, hungry, dripping pussy.”


“Ugh.” His renewed cock fills her to the brim. And the feeling of touching something at his tip is there again. Amazing to feel completely sheathed within her he thinks.

His thrusts quicken.

She knows how sore her nipples will be later but the combination of pleasure and pain drives her wild. The acute discomfort in her nipples acts as grounding to the heaven of his hard shaft moving within her. She feels used and objectified. She is restrained on all fours, hobbled to only inches of movement, being bred and milked like an animal in heat. And she loves it. She wonders if her body will ever be sated when her master is near. And then the slap of callused flesh on her ass opens her eyes to the glistening cock right in front of her.

“Mr. Bovine needs release. Let’s help him, shall we?” His voice is frayed, strained a little, she thinks.

He is trying to hold on. All he wants to do is jerk his seed deep within her warm wet walls again. But first, he will see her take it in her mouth from Mr. Bovine.

Her lush plump lips surround Mr. Bovine’s shaft. She eagerly takes him deep as his hips thrust towards her face.

“I’m already so close sir, do you want me to cum down her throat?”

Her master is caught up in the visual. He feels her soft wet folds clamping down as he pushes into them. Her head bobs back and forth partly from his thrusts and those of Mr. Bovine. She’s strapped down, restrained with his leather, a victim to his desire, yet it is he who is quickly succumbing to her. He leans forward, still pumping into her, grabs her hair in his fist and whispers, “take his cum. Swallow it while I watch and ride you.”

In a louder voice to Mr. Bovine, “Now.”

With little time wasted Mr. Bovine erupts into her waiting mouth. She’s gagging slightly from all that’s happening to her. The deluge of liquid slides down her throat except for a few strands that leak out the side. She swallows and gasps, then licks her lips. Mr. Bovine shoves his semi erect penis past her lips for one last indulgence. She takes him in gladly, licking the drop off his tip.

All around her, he overpowers her, still mounting her from behind. Long powerful strokes threaten to unravel her. An arm from either side moves underneath her, grabbing her breasts. The suction cups frustrate his attempts.

“Mr. Bovine, the machine!”

A minor reprieve for her nipples as the suction abates before his hands clamp down.

“Cum for your master” he franticly pleads into her ear. His head is up by her shoulders and his mouth ravages her sensitive skin. Teeth clamp down and she’s lost. Her hips roll back into his cock and she cries out.

“That’s right bitch, milk my cock.” He bites down harder, sure to leave a mark.

“Fuck me master, yes.” She keeps rolling her hips and pushing back into his. “I want your seed deep inside me. Use me for your pleasure.”

His thighs tighten and his back arcs, he’s holding on to her breasts with a steel grip. And then he’s groaning in release.

She can feel his cock twitch in her abused pussy. The base flexes at her lips. He licks and nibbles her ear and she clenches around him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32