Brastead Township

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Brastead township

Ok Rose which way are we heading girl.”

“Well there are two way’s we can go, do you want the long or short route.” Rose said with a little chuckle.

“I guess the shorter way this time.” Kevin replied.

“Yeah maybe, the girls will be waiting to eat. Mind you they have each other hm, chuckle chuckle”

“Oh sharp you bad girl. But I like it.” Kevin said as he drove out of the driveway.

“Well its true. I know you enjoyed watching them make love to each other earlier.”

“Yes it was exciting. Karen has opened up a lot. She was so shy, it wasn’t fair.” Kevin said.

“Turn right here sweetie.

Yes she has, did she have any boy friends back home?” Rose enquired as Kevin turned right.

“No not that I’m aware of. Mum and dad were kind of old school strict, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes I do I think. That kind of explains her shyness.

What I want to know is, how many young mares you have shown the ways of the world, hhmmm.” Rose said as she put her hand down onto his shorts, gently squeezing the slight bulge.

“Oh if that were the case, to answer your question. None, not a one. Yes I know its sad I guess.” Kevin said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Oh sweetie, you mean I was your first conquest.” Rose said excitedly, her hand squeezed him a bit harder as she continued.

“Oh how I wish that I was a virgin for you to break, I let you down hon.”

“How did you let me down. Making love to you was the most exciting experience of my life. I don’t call that a let down.” Kevin said as he pulled over and stopped.

“You were fantastic Rose. I wish I would have lasted longer, a lot longer, in so much I let you down for sure.”

Reaching over he took her head in his hands an gently pulled it to his and kissed her passionately. Their tongues playing with each others, their saliva mingling and melding.

“Oh sweetie bless your heart, you were fantastic. Your youthful energy was something I have’nt felt for all too long.

What you missed in staying power you made up for in your lustful energy, and hot oh my, it was delightful.

KFC is up ahead on thr left sweetie, you will see it shortly.” Rose said.

“Ok I see it, lets do the drive thru. It’s on me.” Kevin said.

He drove into th drive in lane and they placed their order, driving up behind the last of the three cars waiting before them.

“I just realized, was Karen watching us at the beach. I don’t know.” Kevin said, his face red with embarrassment. His prick becoming uncomfortably hard at the thought.

“Yes she was watching, it really aroused her as well, she was pleasuring herself with her fingers as she watched. she enjoyed it a lot I’m sure sweetie.” Rose said as she caressed his pretty much full erection.

“I was so excited it never occured to me that she might be watching.” Kevin said as he moved them up to the drive in window.

“I’d love you to fuck me again sweetie.” Rose said softly, her tone reflecting the desire in her.

They got their order and left.

“Thats it.” Rita said as she put glasses on the table.

We are all set, let go and relax till they get back shall we.” Rita said as she went into the living room.

“Come sit with me sweetie. You tasted beautiful earlier and you were so attentive. Like i said, I want to be with you, a lot.” Rita said as she slipped an arm around Karen’s shoulders.

“Me, you as well Rita. I felt so over the top. Very much the novice, and awkward. All the aroma’s and textures, it’s a wonder that I did’nt pee in your face.” Karen said, her voice breaking with nervous emotion.

“So you’ve never tasted a pussy before, I’m so lucky sweetie. To be your first, I’m so honoured. I could almost pee with joy. Rita said.

Getting down on her knees she lifted Karen’s skirt saying in a steamy voice, “Let me see that precious jewel for a moment.”

Karen separated her legs wide, her nostrils flared and her breath labored.

Rita very gently ran her fingers up and down Karen’s love lips as Karen trembled with anticipation.

Dipping her head to kiss the love bud hood, and run her tongue over it.

Then to suck it gently.

“Mmm” Karen murmured contentedly.

“Oh that feels incredible, I don’t know whether to poop or pee.” Karen gasped as she put a hand behind Rita’s head, pressing it against her twitching cunt.

Her eyes closed as her heart pounded in her chest, tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“O-o-o-h-h-h m-m-m-y-y g-o-o-o-d u-u-g-h-h-h” she shuddered and pushed her hips as far as she could as she came.

Her inner being released a stream of love juice, clear and slippery.

To be followed by her inner most thick opaque cream.

Rita pulled back and watched as Karen pumped the heavenly load out of her trembling swollen love lips.

“Sweetie you are woman.

No longer a girl but a fully fledged woman.” Rita said enthusiastically.

Holding up her fingers as the thick cum hung from them, very slowly dripping on to her other hand, forming a pool in its palm.

Karen Ataşehir Escort opened her eyes as Rita held up her hand.

“Not just a woman but a v-i-r-g-i-n woman.”

Rita sat by her and wiped the tears from her cheeks with slippery fingers. Leaving traces of cum on them.

She slipped her arm around Karen’s shoulders and hugged her.

Karen rested her head on Rita’s shoulder quietly, she was played out, both physically and emotional

After several silent minutes Karen put a hand down and into the pool of her cum on Rita’s hand.

Rubbing her fingers together feel how slippery and thick it was.

“Thats you sweetie, all you.”Rita said quietly, turning to kiss Karen’s hair.

“Oh Rita, I can’t describe how I felt, or even if I’m supposed to be able to.” Karen said in a quiet wavery voice.

“All that comes to mind is what was that.

Sweetie that was a full on orgasm.

What you just descried tells me that.”

Like I said you are a woman sweetie.”

“I guess.” Karen said, turning to kiss Rita on the cheek.

Rita turned and kissed Karen on the cheek before licking it playfully. “Hm, you taste so good.

Let get the rest off the other cheek.”

Karen licked her fingers as well, wondering what her own cum tasted like.

Rita lifted her hand and avidly sucked up the pool of cum and swished it around in her mouth.

“Kiss me sweetie you hungry attractive woman, come taste your nectar.”

Karen turned her head and tilted it as she slowly closed her eyes.

Feeling Rita’s lips touch hers she relaxed them.

As the tip of Rita’s tongue gently slid out to caress hers.

Pushing her tongue out to return the caresses, their mouths opened partially.

putting a hand up behind Karen’s head.

Rita pressed their heads together, dribbling some of the cum and saliva into Karen’s mouth.

heir tongues played and exchanged juices readily, avidly even wantonly. Their nostrils flared with sexually charged emotion.

It was only a few minutes before they ended their passionate kiss.

But the level of their arousal made it feel much more.

“Oh my, you are a beautiful kisser sweetie, I am quite wet already.

I would love to keep going but Rose and Kevin should be here before long.” Rita said.

“Thank you I did’nt think I knew how to really kiss someone.” karen said in a wavering voice.

“Like you I want to go on as well, fuck I don’t know me anymore.” Karen said as she ran a hand across her wet lips.

“Tomorrow I would like to Pam’s again, on th pretext that I want to be measured for a bra.” Rita said with a glint in her eyes.

“To tempt Pam you mean?” Karen queried softly and added. “I remember you saying that wondered if she is interested in girls.”

“I think she is and just maybe does’nt know how to approach it, lets maybe help her mm.” Rita said, her eyes glittering with anticipation.

“I think you could be right.

Ok.” Karen said softly, her emotions peeked as well.

“When she was measuring me she touched my nipples.

Kind of felt like a shy caress, you know what I mean.” Karen said.

“Yes I do indeed.” Rita said in a soft kind of dreamy tone.

“Hello anybody home.” Rose’s voice.

“Come on in babe.” Rita said as she got up and went into the kitchen, Karen followed her saying that the chicken smelt really good.

They sat around the table to have their supper.

“Oops I forgot the wine” Rita said.

She got up and went to a cupboard and got a bottle of red wine.

After opening it she returned to the table nd proceeded to pour it.

“Here’s to good friend’s and lovers.” She said in a toast.

“Here’s to lovers” Rose added.

“I gree here’s to lovers and friend’s’ Karen said softly.

Her foot found Rita’s under the table.

“I say here’s to lovers and more lovers.” Kevin said with a cheeky grin.

“There you go” Rose said as she tapped his glass with hers.

As the meal went on Karen became aware of a foot gently rubbing her leg just below the knee. Rubbing the inside of her leg.

Easing it away from her other leg as it played footsie with Karen’s.

From the position and shape of it Karen realized that it was Kevin’s foot.

She took a sip of wine, as she quietly looked at him through her upturned eye’s.

Kevin saw her looking at him.

He picked up his glass and took a drink and tilted it to her as unobtrusively as he could.

As he did he slid his foot a bit higher along Karen’s leg.

She edged forward in her chair.

As far as she could, Allowing his foot to edge higher still.

Karen slipped a hand down into her lap.

Stroking the top of Kevin’s foot affectionately.

Giving it a playful squeeze.

She was enjoying the attention now, not feeling awkward or really scared.

They finished there supper.

Rose offered to help clearing up before heading home.

She said that she should go and get laundry taken care of.

“We have got it Rose.” Rita said.

“Thats right no big thing.”Karen added as she gathered Anadolu Yakası Escort the plates up from the table.

“Ok then.” Rose said.

Looking at Kevin she asked. “Are you going the come with me or staying and helping here sweetie.”

“I should try and see what we can do about our courses for a bit.

So I’m coming back with you Rose.

I’ll help you fold the laundry if you want as well.” Kevin said

“There we go, all planned out.

Come on then sweetie.

See you tomorrow maybe then I guess.

That was nice wine by the way babe.” Rose said as she opened the front door.

“I’ll get you a bottle tomorrow babe.” Rita said as she got to the front door.

“Karen and I have to do an errand so we’ll pick up some wine then.

Don’t eat sweetie alive girl.” Rita quipped.

“I’ll try not to, who has dibs on him then?” Rose said with a glint in her eyes.

“Share and share alike girl, I might like to taste him. I can’t speak for Karen obviously but she might as well I don’t know.”

“Absolutely, see yah tomorrow then. Night night Karen” Rose said loud enough to be heard in the kitchen.

“Night Rose.” Karen shouted back.

“Lets get these things washed and relax shall we?”Rita suggested.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea” Karen agreed.

“Have you ever thought about trimming your love fur.

It could look really alluring and really sexy. It is real easy to do as well” Rita said as she washed the plates.

“No I hadn’t, it sounds kind of sexy though”

“It really is sweetie.” Rita said as she finished the washing up.

“Lets go and relax and chat shall we.”

“Ok. Did you trim yourself?” Karen said as she sat on the couch.

“You have just a small strip now as I remember.”

“Thats right sweetie, I understand that it’s called ‘the runway’.” Rita said as she stood in front of Karen and undressed. Standing in the nude, in front of Karen.

Edging forward so her pussy was quite close to Karen.

Reaching out Karen touched the trimmed dark furred strip.

“Yes its really sexy to see and touch.” karen said as she slowly moved her hand and gently rubbed the soft smooth skin that surrounded it and the rest of Rita’s pussy.

“I remember you being so soft and smooth, it felt lovely.” Karen said as she studied the folds of Rita’s love lips, and the hood that covered her love bud.

“We can do it for you sweetie, it only takes a little while.

You’ll be as smooth as a babies bum afterwards.

And really sexy. No pain, no muss no fuss.” Rita said as she sat by Karen on the couch.

She slipped her arm around Karen’s shoulders, draping her hand down over her breast.

“And if you want I can trim some fur for you or just remove it all.” Rita said as she stroked Karen’s bloused covered breast.

“Let me take a look at you and we can kind of decide what and if you want to at all hm.” Rita suggested.

Karen stood and slipped out of her skirt, turning to face Rita, no longer self conscious, and even a bit aroused.

Rita put her hand around Karen’s hips and eased her closer to her.

“You know with the nice thick fur you have, something like a small puff ball would look great. Not to big and really sexy.”Rita said as she ran her finger through the pubic hair above Kare’s pussy.

“It would draw attention to the treasure below it, maybe something like a diamond shape even”

“Now you have got me really excited. Karen said as she looked down at Rita.

I like the idea of a puff ball I think.”

“Let me snap a picture and transfer it to my laptop, then we should be able to play with different ideas.” Rita suggested.

Getting her phone Rita took several pictures of Karen’s pussy and sent them all to her laptop.

“Here we are, lets see what we can do here.”

“Do you have print shop, I think you can really edit stuff in it.” Karen said as she sat next to Rita.

After sometime they had experimented and edited the best picture and had agreed on a longer triangle design, that pointed down.

“Pointing the way to heavens gate so to speak.

Lets go upstairs and take care of you sweetie.” Rita said as she folded the computer and picked it up.

A short while later they were sitting back on the couch, Rita’s arm around Karen’s bare shoulders.

Karen rested her head on Rita’s bare shoulder, her head nestling up to Rita’s neck as she looked down at her trimmed fur that pointed down to her hot pussy.

The process had taken about ten minutes in all for Rita to complete.

“Want to watch a movie sweetie. I found a lesbian story that looks to be a really romantic story.” Rita said as she softly caressed Karen’s breast.”

“Really ehh why not, ok.” Karen said softly.

Rita reached for the remote and turned the TV on and set it ready to stream.

“Ok lets see if I can find it now.” Rita said as she picked up the laptop and searched for the movie.

“Here we are.”

Before starting the movie she got up and dimmed the lights really low.

“Ok, show time sweetie, you wanna Kartal Escort stretch out and put your head on my lap maybe.

Get nice and comfy, mm.” Rita said in a soft husky tone.

“Hm that sounds nice.”Karen replied softly as she settled down, her head resting on Rita’s thighs.

As the movie played Rita’s hand wandered endlessly over karen’s naked body. Her finger tips touching, teasing Karen’s soft skin, making her senses tingle with excitement.

Karen was becoming more and more relaxed, she felt warm and secure, in so much she slowly drifted into to a peaceful sleep.

“Come on sweetie, lets go to bed. It’s been a busy day.” Rita said as she took hold of Karen’s hand and kissed it affectionately.

“Yeah that sounds like a great idea, I’m played out I’m afraid.” Karen said as Rita turned the TV and her laptop off. They left the light on and went to bed.

Karen woke to find Rita’s arm laying across her chest, she twisted and turned on her side to face Rita.

Looking over to the window she saw that it was still dark out, and sensed that she needed to have a pee real bad.

She carefully slipt out of the bed and quietly crept out of the bedroom.

As she sat having her pee she slipped her hand down to touch the sculptured fur above her cunt.

Slipping a couple of fingers into the hot stream, she lifted them up to savor her taste and flavor.

She did this twice. Each time becoming a bit more aroused than before.

Her musky, tangy taste was intriguing and exciting her senses.

Going back and getting back into bed.

Karen cuddled Rita to her, her arm draped across Rita’s warm body.

She softly kissed Rita before closing her eyes.

She slid a hand down and softly stroked Rita’s trimmed fur, a single strip that ended right above her hood covered clit.

Lifting her hand Karen licked her fingers, one to savor Rita’s personal flavor. And two, to lubricate them before slipping them back.

Gingerly she slid them up and down along the wrinkled outer labia.

This was all done by feel alone. Giving her a more intimate feel for what she was doing, pretty much for only the second time.

Her wet warm finger found the slightly puffy hood and ringed it gently. “Mmm” Rita said in a breathing murmur. One leg bent ever so slightly at the same time.

She once again lifted her fingers and made them wet with saliva before slipping them back.

But this time she touched Rita’s thigh on the way down.

And Rita’s leg twitched at the contact, she gave a bit of a gasp without waking up.

She gave a long exhale as she relaxed back to sleep.

Rita’s leg relaxed back to were it was earlier.

Karen slowly edged her hand back to be able to gently touch the thin line of fur.

Gently moving her fingers down to the puffy wrinkled outer love lips, they felt soft and really warm to the touch.

The caresses were subconsciously exciting Rita as she bent a leg a bit again.

Karen continued to slide a finger tip up and down the warm soft flesh.

Moving the second finger to touch the area, pressing its wet surface against the them.

It pressed into the seam between them, slipping in between them further “mmm” Rita breathed with a little wriggle.

Karen very cautiously inserted her fingers into the hot dark confines of Rita’s cunt.

She could feel her nipples stiffening under Rita’s arm at the same time.

Wanting to move so as to be able to pleasure herself as well, but deciding not.

Her fingers were nearly half ways in between Rita’s love lip when she roused and realised what was happening.

“Mm what a lovely way to be woken up.” Rita murmured softly.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Karen said lamely.

“It’s ok sweetie, keep doing what you are doing for me, it’s delicious.

I couldn’t be happier other than cumming for you.” Rita whispered softly as she gently put a hand on Karen’s. upper leg.

“You feel so hot there.” Karen said softy as she gently pushed her fingers further into Rita’s cunt.

“Yes I am, and I’m beginning to get wet I feel, and that is lovely.” Rita whispered in a husky sexy tone.

Karen could feel Rita sucking her fingers and hugging them as they explored deeper and deeper. Till they were completely immersed in the hot now wet flexing love canal.

“Oh sweetie you are an incredible woman l love you.”Rita said as she pressed Karen’s hand against her aching cunt.

Karen began to slowly move her fingers in and out of the hot sucking channel, making it more and more aroused.

“Oh sweetie yes that feels so good, if you keep it up I’ll be cumming in no time urgh y-e-s, mm.” Rita stammered as she began to gyrate her hips with excitement, “m-m-m-m” she mumbled.

“O-o-h fuuuck sweetie, kiss my cunt and make me cum for you.” Rita said as she moved.

Quickly getting up and kneeling over Karen’s chin and held the head board to steady herself.

Her precum started to dribble down and out of her swollen and distended labia, dripping onto Karen’s chin.

Lowering down so that Karen would be close enough to kiss and suckle her love lips, bringing her to the climax she so longed for.

After several minutes of fervent eager licking and sucking Rita clasped her thighs to either side of Karen’s head “a-a-r-g-h e-e-e-i-i-k-k” she shrieked as she convulsed and shuddered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32