Brother and Sister Sexcapades

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I was about to enter into my first year of College, having taken the summer off after graduation from High School. I’d spent some time looking for a small affordable place to live close to campus, and had lucked out in finding a place within walking distance. It was an older home that my soon to be Landlady and her husband who had a year ago passed away, refurbished for rental out to students. Part of the agreement, and which helped hold down the cost for me, was that I would take care of the yard and minor repairs that might be needed around the house.

She lived on the bottom floor of the home, but the upstairs had a separate outside entrance and three additional bedrooms, complete with my own kitchenette, bathroom and living room. Even with the costs cut for doing maintenance work, it was still a stretch for me to make the monthly rent payment, so I had immediately begun looking for a roommate to help share rent and expenses. I posted a notice on the bulletin board on campus, and within a week had several people call me or drop by to inquire about it. After screening out a number of people, I finally found a roommate who I thought I could become good friends with, and who wouldn’t leave me standing high and dry when it came to meeting the rent.

Gene and I got along famously, and even had one class at the College together. I learned shortly after he’d moved in that he had a twin sister that had been looking for a place to stay. And that if it was ok with me, if she could come move in with us until she was able to find some place more suitable to live in later on. I had no problem with this as we had three bedrooms anyway, and thought it might of course be interesting to have a woman living with us even if it was for a short period of time. The Land Lady had no problem with it either, provided that the rent was met, so Sheri soon moved in, taking the bedroom across the hall from mine.

When I first met her, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thought she and Gene were twins, they looked very little at all like one another. And though I know fraternal twins didn’t necessarily share the same physical attributes, Sheri was as different as night and day to her brother. She had long dark hair that she wore in a ponytail most of the time, with deep blue eyes and an olive complexion. Gene on the other hand had dirty blonde colored hair with a very fair skin coloring, which burned easily if he spent too much time out in the sun.

Things settled in pretty quickly for the three of us, and almost immediately we established a fairly workable routine for sharing the one bathroom, cooking, cleaning and even laundry. It was on the following weekend while doing my laundry that things looked like they could get fairly interesting. I had gone down to the basement where we had access to the washer and dryer to put in a load. I was standing there sorting things out into various piles when Sheri came in through the door carrying a basket of her own things that needed to be washed as well. It quickly appeared that the best solution so we both weren’t waiting on each other to finish up with our own laundry was to combine them together, so we then quickly resorted things into wash loads that would speed things up. It was during this process when we put ‘whites’ in to be washed first that Sheri suddenly removed the tank top she had been wearing, and promptly removed the bra she was wearing as well, and threw it in with the things to be washed. As her wonderfully full breasts sprang into view, I tried to remain as calm as possible and not make an issue out of staring at her as she nonchalantly went about adding soap and such to the washer. All the while standing there in front of me with her bare breasts showing. Obviously being semi nude from the waist up anyway was of no big deal to her, and we continued to talk and finish sorting through everything. Eventually she put her tank top back on, and we headed upstairs to finish straightening up the apartment.

That evening the three of us had ordered a pizza for dinner, and settled in to watch a movie that Gene had rented. I sat in the only single chair we had and Gene and his sister shared the couch. Seeing the two of them interact and tease one another during the evening reminded me of them being more like a boyfriend-girlfriend situation than as brother and sister. But I thought no more of it, even though there were times when the topics of conversation turned sexual in nature.

We’d finished off the only bottle of wine that we had, and rather than doing much for me than make me sleepy, I soon bid the two of them goodnight and headed off to bed. I don’t know how long I had been asleep, no more than a couple of hours when the urge to pee woke me. The single bathroom was down the far end of the hall next to Gene’s room and I passed by his bedroom along the way. All the lights were out at this point, but I saw that the light was still on in his room from underneath his door. As I went by, I heard giggling coming from Gene’s room, and knew almost immediately that Sheri was inside. I figured they were simply staying up together, esenyurt escort talking or something, though once again considering the fact that for a brother and sister, their relationship seemed a lot closer than most I had seen or experienced between siblings.

I opened the door to the bathroom, went in and took a pee. When I came out, I noticed immediately that the light had been turned off and I could no longer hear either of them talking. I knew that Sheri hadn’t left and gone back to her own room, as I would have heard Gene’s bedroom door open if she had. I made some noise of heading back to my own room, opened the door and closed it again, though still standing outside in the hallway. Moments later, I could hear them talking again, and padded silently down the hall back towards Gene’s room. I stood just outside the door listening, with my heart going a hundred miles an hour though I wasn’t really sure why it should be. The sounds I heard then confirmed my suspicions; whatever was going on wasn’t simply brother-sister chatting going on. They were doing far more than that. I returned to my own room shortly after, a bit confused as to how I felt about this, and decided that I would somehow raise the question about it with one or both of them in the very near future.

Sunday morning, Gene had already gone off to work at his part-time job. As was my responsibility, I’d already gone out to mow the lawn and do some basic yard work before it got too hot. Sheri left soon after with a list we’d made up the day before of some grocery’s we needed and I decided that it would provide the perfect opportunity to talk with her when she got back, and while helping her to put the grocery’s away.

When she did return, I had just finished putting away the mower, and helped her carry up the bags of grocery’s she’d purchased. Sheri was wearing a pair of very short cut-off jeans that exposed the well-rounded twin cheeks of her ass as she reached up to put things away in the cupboards. But this wasn’t the only show I was getting either. Sheri was also wearing a Tee shirt that she’d cut off baring her mid-rift entirely. As she reached up, it was also clearly evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra as I could easily see her breasts, her shirt rising up enough to uncover them entirely. Although I was having trouble concentrating with all this delectable girl-flesh being exposed to me, I was still determined to discuss what I now knew had been going on in Gene’s bedroom last night. Before I could do that however, Sheri beat me to the punch.

“David, there’s something I want to tell you while you’re here,” she began. I decided to wait with what I had to ask about until after she’d finished, not aware that she was about to bring up the same very subject that I was curious to ask her about.

“Gene and I have had a very ‘special’ relationship with one another ever since we were kids.”

The way she had emphasized the word ‘special’ I immediately knew that she was about to share with me right then and there what had been going on between them. I took a seat on one of the barstools, and settled in to listen to what it was she had to say.

“I think you know what I’m leading up to here,” she began. “I was in Gene’s bedroom with him last night. I also heard you get up and go into the bathroom. Gene thought we should keep things quiet until we had a chance to discuss this with you. But to be honest, I had even suggested inviting you in with us, though he wasn’t sure how comfortable you might have been with that, so we didn’t.”

I couldn’t believe what it was I was hearing. Not only had she admitted they’d been in Gene’s room fooling around, but had even considered inviting me in to join them! I wasn’t sure at all now how I felt about that, true I was certainly no angel, and Sheri was a very attractive and sexy woman. But getting involved with her and her brother was something I wasn’t entirely sure I could handle. However, I refrained from saying anything, content to continue to sit and listen as she spoke.

“I’ve certainly had boyfriends, and Gene in fact has a girlfriend now that we’re both very good friends with. But I’ve always felt more comfortable with him in certain ways that most men I’ve dated or been with. He treats me as not just a sister, but as a friend, and knows my wants and needs probably better than anyone. I know that most people would frown on our relationship, and maybe even you do as well, but I wanted to get this out in the open before it caused any problems in your relationship with Gene, as I won’t be staying here forever.” Sheri looked at me then, waiting for me to say something about what she’d just revealed.

“I’m not sure how I feel about it yet,” I replied honestly. And I told her that I did know what it was that was going on in the bedroom last night. I even told her that I found her attractive, and though I wasn’t currently seeing anyone myself, that as we’d already discussed, should any of us bring someone over to spend the night or whatever, that that wouldn’t be a problem istanbul escort as that was something I had already agreed to. I decided that whatever her relationship was with her brother, probably fell within that agreement too, and that they were free to pursue whatever interests or desires that they had with one another. That seemed to relax her somewhat, and she stepped over to give me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I’m glad your ok with that. But you still never answered my other question,” she said. I looked at her once again not sure how to respond, still struggling with my own feelings about it. But losing that fight as the vision of her cute ass poking beneath her shorts, and the outline of her exquisite breasts peeking below her shirt were still vividly etched in my mind.

“Sheri, I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m not attracted to you. I have been from the moment I first saw you, and that was before you ‘flashed’ those gorgeous boobs of yours at me in the laundry room. But…” I never finished my sentence. In the next instant, Sheri peeled off her skimpy top and flung it behind her once again revealing those twin mounds of perfection.

Sheri immediately crossed over to where I was sitting. She reached up, placed both hands on my cheeks and drew my head towards her bare breasts. I didn’t even hesitate or think twice about what I was doing at that point, and simply nuzzled her, began kissing and sucking her firm erect nipples, with all else we’d discussed suddenly flying out the window in being no longer important or of further concern to me.

All I had on at the moment was a pair of cut-off Levi’s. Sheri then stood me up, reached down unzipping them, and pulled them off, along with my shorts in one quick swift motion. I stepped out of the pile, which had dropped to the floor around my feet, and as Sheri then instructed me to do, hopped up onto the counter top. Standing between my legs, she began soft-stroking my already erect cock but ensuring that I was at full and complete arousal before she then bent over slightly and surrounded the velvety helmet of my prick with her lips. Sheri began to tease me with her lips, just lightly nibbling at me and chewing at the sensitive flesh with her teeth. Having now gotten my full and undivided attention, Sheri began licking with long languish strokes the underside of my cock, traveling down the length of it to my balls which she also sucked, nipped, licked and kissed in repeated patterns.

“Oh Sheri!” I moaned. It had been quite a while since I’d actually had a blow-job, and certainly longer still since I’d had one that was feeling this good. She continued to play with my shaft, stroking it as well as my balls, all the while sucking me and tonguing every square inch of my cock and balls. I knew if I allowed her to continue much longer that I would soon orgasm, and, as I had no intention of allowing her to have me do that yet, I reluctantly forced her head away from me.

“My turn!” Was all I said. I sat up from the counter, jumped off and immediately undid the button on her pair of shortened Levi’s as well. But as I had also suspected, she had not worn any panties, so the moment I unzipped hers, they fell away immediately revealing a very bare hairless pussy.

“Gene likes it when I shave it completely.” She offered by way of explanation. “Says that it’s more erotic to him to eat me when I’m shaved.” Hearing her say that still sent a weird little shiver through me. The thought of her own brother licking that delicate slit of hers was something that was going to take some getting used to.

I picked Sheri up, sitting her down on the counter where I’d been laying only moments before. She reached down, spreading those wonderfully pink lips apart exposing her hard swollen little clitoris. I attacked it like a man gone mad. I was surprised as well as aroused by Sheri’s total lack of any inhibitions. She was so open with her sexuality, her desire, and the freedom and joy that she expressed in all things sexual. I found it was more refreshing, arousing than anything I had ever experienced before. As she continued to hold her lips apart for me, sitting in an upright position so that she could watch, I tongued her, sliding the tip of my tongue up and down her extremely wet slit, and looked up into her face as I was doing it. It was incredibly erotic, watching her, as she watched me tonguing her.

That openness of hers continued to manifest itself in other delightful ways too.

“Yes… oh yes. That’s perfect David.” She began instructing me. “Lick it just like that for a few moments longer.” I was powerless to do anything else, and began to hunger for her dirty worded instructions as I followed them exactly as she commanded me to do.

“Now suck it. Suck my clit, softly…really softly. Just like that yes. Oh yes. Right there, that’s perfect!”

I don’t know how long we did this, it seemed like time stood still for us at that moment, but the only thing I cared about doing, or wanted to do for that matter was to pleasure her. beylikdüzü escort And if that meant following her directions, step by erotic step, then I would do so no matter how long it took, and no matter what it was she told me to do or how to do it.

“Hmmmm. I think I’m ready for you to fuck me now,” she said after a considerable amount of time. Sheri slid off the counter grabbing the stool, bending over it so that her wide-open slit presented itself to me. Stepping behind her, I slid easily into her, holding it there without moving so that I could enjoy the near overwhelming sensation of how her cunt felt wrapped around my cock. We began to rock back and forth together; I stood behind her slowly withdrawing my cock until it nearly reached the point of slipping out before once again slowly thrusting it back inside her. Sheri began to wiggle her ass, thrusting herself more forcefully against me. I took from this her signal to increase the tempo of our fucking, and began to increase the urgency and the power as I slid in and out of her clasping cunt.

“That’s it. That’s it!” She once again began telling me. “Now faster, fuck me faster, as hard as you fucking can!” She yelled.

I was so immersed in the pleasure of Sheri’s pussy that I hadn’t heard the door open or anyone come in. I was still unaware of another presence being there until from out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gene suddenly step around us, totally nude, and with a massive erection throbbing like a purple veined vibrator, which in a way it almost was. Sheri looked up as I did, seeing Gene, and without missing a beat, wrapped her mouth around his thick throbbing prick as he stood in front of her. I had slowed in my intensity of fuck strokes in Sheri’s cunt when I first saw Gene appear, almost immediately however, regaining my senses at the surprise of finding him now joining us, I once again picked up where I had left off. We continued in this erotic little newly formed threesome for a few minutes longer until I once again found myself getting too close to continue in this way without spilling my spunk inside Sheri’s pussy.

“Switch!” Sheri could hardly speak the words, near breathless and so lustfully delirious, but it was enough that Gene and I quickly traded places with one another. Sheri knew how close I had gotten, so her sweet tongue licking and sucking of my more than aroused shaft was intended not to get me closer, or even get me off finally. But to tantalizingly slow down the need in order to match it more closely to Gene’s rapidly growing one.

The pounding slap noises as Gene pummeled his prick into his sister were intoxicating to my ears. She fucked back against him nearly as forcefully as he was doing into her, the sweet sounding slap of his hips against her ass continuing to fill the room with heated passion and pleasures rapture.

“Don’t cum in me,” she told Gene, “When you’re ready, I want both of you to stand in front of me.” Sheri had been purposely holding me at bay, she seemed to know I was teetering on the edge, and kept me there, wonderfully so. The moment that Gene pulled out, and stepped around her one again, she quit sucking me and knelt down on the floor in front of the both of us.

She took us both in hand, stroking our cocks simultaneously, holding them against her breasts in the process. “Cover my tits with your cum…cum all over them for me.” She urged us both. That’s about all it took for me, and in one fantastic giant clench of my ass cheeks, I felt the sperm boil up from my balls and explode in a frothy white cascade of cum cream all over her targeted breast. Gene was only moments behind me, and I watched in abject fascination as his own prick began to shower her other breast in a bath of white-hot creamy nectar.

Sheri continued jacking us both off against her breasts until they were drenched in our cum, which ran in little rivulets atop them, over the curvature of each, and on down to her tummy as though heading for the wet sloppy slit between her legs. I could finally stand it no longer and stepped back, plopping myself to rest against the backside of the couch. Gene too had finally quit ejaculating, and sat down on one of the nearby barstools. Sheri however, had not as yet cum, and was about to do so for us while we watched.

She pulled herself atop the counter, one heel resting upon it, and the other one balanced on one of the barstools. Sitting there as she was, it was totally obscene, so vulgarly erotic looking that I felt my cock throb once again in renewed interest. Sheri began slapping her pussy with the full force of her hand that amazed and surprised me. I could not understand how she could sit there doing this without in someway actually injuring herself in the process. So it was that Gene and I sat there, watching Sheri spank slap her pussy towards orgasm. Only when she eventually reached that climatic plateau of ecstasy, did she finally embrace her exposed clitoris, twirling her fingers about it, tapping it with her fingers more gently until she finally came. I had once again risen to a rock hard erection in watching this, but looking at my watch, and in seeing the time, knew I was running late for my own part-time job. With a great deal of reluctance, I headed towards the bathroom for a quick shower, the heat and excitement still lingering in my mind long afterwards of the decadent images the three of us had shared together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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