CFNM Randy Summers Blackmailed

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Most of the time I really enjoy CFNM, after all, I am a bit of an exhibitionist and I enjoy nudity. Plus, there have been quite a few gigs that have paid me well for exposing my physical attributes. I never thought in my worst nightmare that I would find myself in a CFNM situation that is extremely non-consensual and not at all in my control.

This leads me to a modeling gig that I did not want at all, but had to take.

My ads for my CFNM services had not been pulling in any business, and although my scholarship was paying for essentials, my cash for any ‘extras’ was pretty low. I had taken a part time job bar-backing at night for one of the local clubs off campus and there was one early class that I just hadn’t been making it to.

In short, I had not been able to put in the full amount of class hours and had not completed all of the assignments. I was only an hour or two short, and the assignment was actually a rather simple one that I should have been able to complete, but I hadn’t.

The problem was that I needed the class certification to verify that I had learned the software program as it was a required course for my degree and graduation. I really had learned it, but was in danger of not getting a ‘pass’ because of the shortage of hours logged in.

Mind you, I found all this out on what was actually the last day of that class.

The teacher was an older woman, and not to be insulting, was not some hot, fun, BBW…she was almost morbidly obese and not very pleasant. I think that her weight, and the way very heavy people are treated by the world had made her bitter. While I didn’t get the feeling that she was a lesbian or anything like that, I did get the feeling that she did not particularly like men. I couldn’t picture her ever having a boyfriend, or even having sex for that matter. No wonder her personality was almost hostile. I secretly called her Ms. Big.

Ms. Big had me stay after class to discuss the matter of my completing the course work. She signaled me to gather my stuff and come up to the front of the class so I could use the computer on her desk. That way I could complete the required software exercise and she could verify that I wasn’t cheating.

I was tired and not in a particularly good mood myself, and as I rose from my seat, I dropped several folders that I had with me. One of them was the presentation binder that I use for all my CFNM events. It scooted along the floor and came to a stop at her feet under the desk.

“Mr. Summers, what is that?”

“It’s nothing ma’am. Just some information about a small party planning business I run on the side, nothing to do with class.”

“Maybe this is why you haven’t been able to complete the required hours. Let me see it please.”

“Really ma’am it has nothing to do with why I’ve missed a few hours. I’m sure it wouldn’t interest you.”

“Mr. Summers, I have to verify that you are not cheating when you do the remaining exercises. Please bring it to me. In fact give me all the materials you brought with you. Then sit here at my computer and do the remaining drills. I will sit behind you and make sure you are not cheating. This would not have been necessary if these had been completed on time.”

I did as instructed and as I worked at the computer I could tell that Ms. Big was looking through my CFNM binder. There were rules of behavior for CFNM parties, games and services offered, and a few pictures of me, naked while waitering, bartending and performing some of the games. Probably unwisely I had included a few shots of me sexually aroused that might be considered pornographic.

She seemed to be examining the CFNM materials very closely, and I could feel her eyes focused on the back of my head. I was getting a very weird vibe from her which was making it difficult to do the software drills.

It seemed like eternity, although it was hardly an hour. As I said, I had done almost all of the class work except for a few small things.

When I had finished the assignments I turned around in the chair to let her know. She was staring right at me, and I did not like the look on her face.

She had me move to another chair while she evaluated my work.

“Very well, Mr. Summers, I supposed you have completed the course work satisfactorily.”

“Great, then I can have my certification?”

“Well…although you have completed the assignments, you have not put in the required number of class hours. I don’t feel that it’s fair to all the others in the class to let you slide when they all put in the full amount of hours. Do you think that just because you are considered to be an extremely attractive man that you are entitled to special treatment?”

I know perfectly well that my looks have gotten me special treatment in clubs, restaurants and other places and truthfully was used to it. I was concerned that she was mentioning it now.

“No, ma’am I’m absolutely not. I would be glad to stay later if that would help. I’ll be glad to do what ever it takes to make up the time missed.”

She seemed to almost glare mersin escort at me, all the while drumming her fingers on my CFNM folder.

“You know that you need this course to graduate. I have a proposal. If you are willing to put in some extra-curricular time on a different kind of assignment I might see my way to verifying that you put in the full class time.”

“I’m not sure I understand…”

“I teach a self affirmation workshop for women struggling with various addictions and emotional issues at the community center. It’s very private and they allow me to use some of the meeting rooms in off hours when the center is closed to the rest of the public. Call it a perk for being one of the chief fund raisers for the center.”

“And you would like me to help with some workshop?’

“As a therapy exercise I am bringing in an art instructor to teach a life drawing class.”

I knew just where this was heading.

“If you model for the workshop, I will give you the remaining hours and your certification.”

If she had been some hottie I would have jumped at the chance. The thought of being naked in front of Ms. Big did not appeal to me at all.

“Ma’am, I’m not sure that is an appropriate request…”

“What isn’t appropriate, Mr. Summers is giving me a folder with pictures of you naked and sexually aroused. This could be construed as sexual harassment and a way to get a passing grade. If I brought this to the attention of the Dean and the rest of the faculty you would likely be expelled. I’m not sure what the punishment is for a man-whore.”

I was not in the mood to fight this. She was holding naked pictures of me hostage, and I was never going to be able to explain it. I’d been very careful in my ads and website to use a fake name and never show my face. Unfortunately, some of the pictures in my folder showed all of me, including my face. If this got out I could be in a lot of trouble. After all, why would anyone attempt to seduce a woman like her except to avoid a failing grade? I was trapped and I knew it. And so did she.

“Get up and go over to the classroom door and lock it.”

I was in a daze and figured I had better do as instructed.

“Now come over here and take off all your clothes.”

“Ma’am, I’m really sorry…”

“Mr. Summers, if you do not remove every stitch of clothing this instant I will call campus security. I will tell them that you brought these pornographic pictures of yourself to class in order to seduce me into giving you a completion.”

I was in total shock. Certainly no one would believe that I brought those materials by accident. I have gladly taken my clothes off in any number of situations, but never under such duress.


I kicked off my sneakers and removed my polo shirt. I was wearing button-fly jeans and had gone ‘commando’ without any briefs. I stood there in front of Ms. Big totally naked. It was humiliating.

“Humph, you aren’t wearing underwear, how typical. You think you’re such a hot stud don’t you?”

She rose from behind her desk and walked toward me.

“Women like me have been ignored or ridiculed by men like you my whole life. You have handed me a golden opportunity for some payback. For the time being I control you. You do realize that?”

All I could do was gulp. Her tone was becoming increasingly sarcastic.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and began running them up and down my torso.

“I should call security right now and show them the pervert that locked the classroom door and stripped naked in front of me because he was failing a class. I wonder if they would handcuff you while you’re naked? That might almost be worth seeing. But I have something else in mind and you will do it.”

I quietly nodded.

“I congratulate you for being sensible. After all, this is the sort of thing your literature says you do. It should be an easy way for you to make up the time. And you may be helping others. Several of the women are dealing with rejection issues involving men. I want to show them that men are not always in control of every social situation. My bringing an extremely fit, virile and attractive young man to class will help their self esteem issues. The fact that you are very well endowed, as these photos attest, is a bonus.”

She wrote something down on a piece of copy paper. “Here is the address and time I need you to be there.”

I hung my head. “Is there anything you need me to bring?’

“Just yourself. I will talk with the art instructor and we will supply whatever props or things she deems necessary. You may get dressed.”

I started to gather up my school books and saw that Ms. Big was still holding my CFNM folder.

“May I have my folder back ma’am?”

“No. I think it would be best for me to hang on to it for now. I will return it to you after you complete the workshop.”

It was my fault. I never dreamed my party services could leave me vulnerable to blackmail. I arrived at the center kocaeli escort at the appointed time. It was a Sunday, late in the morning and the place was deserted. I was in a very foul temper, I felt frustrated and not in any mood to be naked in front of strangers. Ms. Big met me at the door, ushered me in and locked the door behind me. Obviously I was not getting out of there until she was satisfied.

“I see you are right on time Mr. Summers, or perhaps I shall now call you Randy.”

“Yes ma’am, I always keep my word.”

“Very good, my class is assembled and waiting for you. This won’t take more than an hour or two. We will take a break between sessions. It won’t be any more difficult than some of your other experiences. You see, I read your blog. If you are as co-operative and professional as your blog leads me to believe, you will be very helpful to my group. There is one thing I must ask, and that is that you don’t do anything that would make you seem hostile or threatening. You must be submissive. Please remember at all times that your purpose in being here is to be on display for the enjoyment of these women, as it says in your CFNM literature.”

I considered refusing, but I needed that damn class completion and she was holding my CFNM materials hostage. I would never be able to explain pictures of myself nude and hard to the Dean or faculty.

She handed me a bottle of water and a blue pill. I recognized it as Viagra.

“Take this. I realize that a young man used to entertaining more attractive women may not find our group stimulating, and I do want you to be sexually aroused whether you like it or not.”

We walked down the corridor to a large meeting room. I could see a group of about two dozen women over at the other end. Even from a distance I could tell it was not an attractive group. Most were overweight, and not exactly beauty queens. There were drafting tables set in a circle around a slightly raised platform in the center with what looked like a portable theater spotlight aimed toward it.

“Ladies!” called Ms. Big. “This is Randy and he has agreed to help us with our life drawing session. I know the abuse issues that some of you have had with men. Randy will demonstrate that you all are allowed to look upon men and treat them as sex objects and that their bodies can be for your aesthetic pleasure and amusement without fear of rejection or refusal.”

Rejection or refusal of what? What the hell had I gotten myself into?

Ms. Big indicated to me that I should stay put while she walked to the far end of the room to join the class.

Someone turned out the overhead lights. I heard murmuring across the room. Then the portable spotlight was turned on and aimed at me. It was bright enough that I couldn’t quite see the group of women across the room.

“Now Randy will disrobe for you” said Ms. Big. “When Randy has shed his clothes he will come over here to the platform to be displayed for you.”

I did as instructed. I was feeling particularly vulnerable, like a prison inmate being watched by female guards. I was feeling nervous and when I had stripped completely got up on the platform facing the class. I felt the urge to cover my crotch with my hands, but Ms. Big had been very emphatic when she said the word ‘displayed’, so I figured I had better be on display.

To my chagrin, I had a pretty good tan at the time and my butt and the area around my crotch were very white. There was no missing the area.

I sensed something in the crowd as I stood there. It seemed to be somewhere between discomfort, hostility and excitement.

“Now I know that some of you ladies are uncomfortable right now, not being used to men displaying their sexual equipment so brazenly. Let us start out slowly. Randy will wear this posing strap to begin.”

She handed me a small blue posing strap, which is basically a pouch to cover the cock and balls and a bit of narrow elastic to keep it on. The spotlight was already making me feel warm, and my cock and balls were hanging long and low. I pulled on the posing strap and got up on the platform. The pouch was not very roomy. It didn’t even cover my pubic bush. I knew I would have trouble staying in it if I got aroused and I knew that the Viagra would succeed in getting me hard.

There was a cube to sit on and she directed me to sit with one leg tucked up and the other dangling off the platform. Sitting there with the spotlight on me I felt particularly exposed. I felt as though the posing strap was causing even more attention to be paid to my crotch area than if I had been totally naked.

After a while of doing some quick sketches this way, Ms. Big came up and exchanged the cube for a metal arm chair and went back to the class area. I was starting to think that this wasn’t going to be so bad.

One of the women, I think she was the art teacher, as I hadn’t seen her sitting at any of the drawing tables, called out “We need a little something to help the light catch the contours of his body, it’s looking samsun escort a little flat and washed out.” With that she came up on the platform with me.

She was easily 300 lbs, and a bit taller than I. She had bushy eyebrows and hair pulled back in a tight bun. She could have been a bouncer in a lesbian bar. She was holding a large bottle of baby oil, something I didn’t want to see at that minute. Baby oil is one of my favorite things and usually tends to get me aroused. As the whole class looked like the teacher I was not in the mood to be aroused, call me shallow and a chauvinist but I can’t help it. I guess I’m vain enough to only want to display myself to attractive women.

She came around behind me, brought the bottle of oil around in front of me and proceeded to squirt oil on my chest and arms. She allowed it to slowly run down my body. I could feel the whole class watching as the oil slowly flowed down my Pecs and the contours of my abs. In other circumstances I would have considered this extremely erotic. I felt a stirring in my cock. All I could think of was how much I needed that damn class completion and how I had been ordered to ‘be on display’. I was afraid to move.

The art teacher than poured oil down my thighs, letting it run down. After what felt like eternity she put her hands on my shoulders and began coating me with oil. Her hands were rough and very large and very strong. She seemed to be kneading and groping my body unnecessarily as she rubbed and spread the oil. She came around to the side of me to work the oil into my thighs and calves. I sensed she wanted to make sure that the class had a good view. As she rubbed her hands over me, she was staring very intently at my crotch. The Viagra was doing its job. I could feel my cock swelling and pushing against the posing strap.

I can’t help it. I’m a healthy 21-year old with a high sex drive. Being almost naked in a room full of people with a woman’s hands all over me gets me aroused, even if I don’t find her particularly attractive. She stood up and rather roughly pushed me into the chair, placing my arms on the arms of the chair and spreading my legs wide which put my crotch fully on display for the whole class.

I could hear the sounds of pencils moving furiously on paper. Knowing that my crotch was the center of attention only served to make me horny, and it wasn’t long before I was pitching a tent in the posing strap. The pouch was so small and the waist elastic so thin that it was pushed away from my body far enough for my balls to fall out.

I heard a buzz of conversation around the room. I noticed that the spotlight was being narrowed and focused until only my crotch area was lit. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard. The pouch actually seemed to pulse as my cock throbbed.

I don’t know why I was so horny. It’s not like the class was full of hotties. Maybe it was my exhibitionistic streak powered by the Viagra. I knew that everyone was staring at my cock, and I am always turned on by that.

It seemed an eternity, but finally Ms. Big called out that it was time for a break. The spotlight was switched off and the room lights were flipped on. The teacher appeared with a bottle of water. I was thirsty. Being under the hot spotlight left me feeling a bit dehydrated.

Ms. Big began taking me around the room to meet the class members. My cock was standing straight out from my body and my balls had fallen out of the pouch. I made an effort to stuff them back in, but Ms. Big grabbed me by the arms to lead me from student to student so I couldn’t cover myself. I guess these gals were not used to having men naked or nearly naked in front of them. Every member of the class found some excuse to touch my chest or my thighs or butt. Being the center of so much attention managed to keep me rock hard.

The teacher called out that the break was over. I headed back to the platform. I must have looked a bit dry again, because she came at me with the baby oil again. As she coated me with oil she spoke to the class.

“Ladies, I have seen your work tonight and you have all done some very nice things. So far we have only dealt with bowls of fruit and plastic figure dolls. I am very impressed at your results with our first live model. You can see how empowering it is to admire the male form when it is stripped of masculine trappings and vulnerable. The first part of our class was somewhat tamer, and tailored to the shyer and more reserved among you. That is why Randy was wearing a posing strap. For the second part of our class Randy will be completely naked and fully on display for you. Those who will feel intimidated by that are free to leave and I’ll see you at the next class.”

I could only remember Ms. Big’s words about remembering that in the truest sense of my CFNM fetish I was there to be on display. I cursed myself for not completing that software class properly. There was a bit of rustling among the class, but none of the gals left. My cock often gets me into trouble, and they all wanted a good look. I must have been very distracted trying to look at the class looking at me because the next thing I realized was that the teacher had stripped me of the posing strap and was calmly oiling and stroking my cock as she spoke to the class. I was so surprised by this maneuver that I hadn’t been aware that she was practically giving me a hand job in front of everyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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