How Can I Trust Him

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From the first day I met Jim, I swore I would never cheat on him. Well, we are both married and are cheating on our partners. After getting caught, Jim confessed it all to his wife and she asked him for a divorce. He tried to talk to her and I offered to talk to her, but she didn’t want any part of either of us.

My husband only found out by mistake about our on going affair and gave me my walking papers. After Jim’s wife and he split, my friends kept telling me that he doesn’t want me now because I got him into trouble and he no longer has what he had before. I told them they were wrong and I was right. He came to me and asked me to help him find a place where the two of us can meet. I found him a great townhouse which was in between both our jobs so we could meet there on our lunch hour if we had to. I left a picture of the townhouse on my PC and my husband was looking at the picture when I got home from work.

He said he was looking at how nice the set up was and it would be a great place to have instead of a house because they handle all the maintenance and it was a nice space and property. He asked me why I was looking at them and I said I was helping a friend find a place to stay. He clicked on the next set of pictures and it was the living room with the fireplace and two wine glasses on the table and it looked cozy. The next picture was the kitchen/dining room and it was all decorated the way I liked it and said that the person has my taste and explained the features that stood out. He glanced at the bathroom, extra spare rooms (two of them) and then came Bostancı Anal Escort to the bedroom. On the bed was what got me in trouble – it was my black lover and I laying naked.

Needless to say that I had to try and come up with something quick and I couldn’t. He asked me why I was cheating on him and with of all guys a black one. I told him that I didn’t mean for it to happen but it did but that is an old picture. I tried to get out of it – the picture was only for the week before. I had just recently changed my hair style and he picked up on that right away.

Stormed out of the house with what clothes he was wearing and his cell phone. I begged him to stay and he told me to shut my fucking lying mouth and get my things out by the end of the month and he was keeping our house.

My ex-husband was an abuser and he took all his bull shit out on me. He had a bad day at work, I got shoved to the ground and kicked. I would ask what was wrong, he just got out the booze and drank and told me I was no good. He couldn’t “get it up” anymore and when he was limp, he told me I didn’t know how to give good head and slapped me across the face. I left him a few times to stay with a friend, but I forgave him the day after all the time. I don’t know why I took his shit. I guess I was scared to be alone.

Jim and I met one night in a bar when I was with the girls and we both scoped each other out. I end up talking to him and giving him my cell number and he did the same. We talked every day and would go out nights when my husband either bowled or Bostancı Yaşlı Escort went out with the guys. I planned my days with my friends the same day he did so he wouldn’t be around to bother me.

One night we were having wonderful sex and my cell rang and it was my ex. He told me that the guys wanted to join us at the bar tonight and I told him that I would be heading home in ten minutes because I wasn’t feeling too good. I quickly had to dress and race home to beat him there and I did. I took off all my clothes and showered and jumped into bed. I got away with it that night and several other nights.

After I got divorced and moved in with Jim, we really and truly began to get to know each other – likes and dislikes, favorite music, foods, sports, etc. and it was getting really hot and heavy and I was loving it. After working three months without any time off, we decided to go for a long weekend. I got a few new outfits for myself and for Jim and we were off to Atlantic City. We checked in on Friday and would drive back to work on Monday straight from there.

Saturday night we were going to go to a show after a day of gambling and a wonderful dinner. We both were lucky at the casinos; he plays black jack and I only play the slots. We both won enough to cover the trip and the entire weekend of dinners, etc. I wore this purple and turquoise outfit that I just bought and Jim loved me in it. I have a nice set of “titties” as he loves to call my boobs. I also refer to them as “the twins” or his “girls”. He was in a white pair of slacks Bostancı Zenci Escort with a purple shirt and a white blazer.

After we had a nice seafood/steak dinner with all the trimmings, we ordered dessert. On my plate, was a little box that I thought was part of the decor of the plate. Jim lifted it off the plate and opened it and took out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. He lifted my left hand to my ring finger and asked me to marry him. I was so surprised and stunned, I couldn’t speak!! He told me how much he loved me and needs me in his life and I just shook my head and was still surprised. The ring was beautiful and we kissed and we left for the show. The show was great and instead of hitting the casino on the way back, we just went back to our suite.

I was very quite and he asked me what was wrong. I told him that I loved him too and I was so glad that we met, etc.. He went to the bathroom and it it me. When Jim and I marry and he says he’s going out with this friends, will he be going out with them or meeting another woman? I was that “other woman” and so now I worry. Do I bring this up to him now or just think about telling him. He came back out and he was completely naked and ready for a blow job and some 69 and then the mind blowing sex we always have.

Sucking his black cock and making him hard and eating my pussy took my mind of the question I had. We had sex for a few hours until we both came and we fell fast asleep. I woke up that morning but I let him sleep. The question came back to me again and I was scare to bring it up to him.

Waited almost a month and then when we both had plans to go out one night with our friends, I asked him and he that I could trust him because he doesn’t want anything else because he already had the best. Should I have to worry?? I know I’m going to behave – will he??

To be continued…

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