Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 05

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Amy awoke Sunday morning with a slight start, feeling that she was being rushed. She had been randomly dreaming, and just before she awoke, her dream had been that she was late to a meeting.

After a minute, realizing where she was, she calmed down. Steve was gone from the bed next to her, but she found a short note he had left, and read it aloud.

“Ames…Stores opened at regular time today, so went grocery shopping. Out of everything. Should be back by 10 or so. Make yourself at home of course. Still have some coffee and creamer.

Yesterday and last night was absolutely incredible. I hope it was for you. If you need me to pick you up anything special for today, just text me. Number is on the card I gave you. Be back soon.

Love you…


She smiled as she read the note, then noticed that it was already 9. She threw the comforter off of her naked body and stretched on the bed, loosening up her joints and getting the blood flowing. She idly ran her hands down her hips and across her abdomen, thinking back to the ride she had given him before sleep. Her womb felt fulfilled, and her body felt as if she had worked out for an hour at the gym.

She smiled to herself as the thoughts of the last 36 hours went by. The standing hand work on Friday night, his firm but gentle thrusts as the snow fell outside. She began to stir as these thoughts were replaced with his dominating 69 performance, holding her helpless while he ravaged her with his tongue. These thoughts awakened her senses further, and her mind turned to the session draped over his ottoman, where his entry from behind, slow, rhythmic and methodical had brought her the most powerful and long lasting climax of her life.

She was now aroused fully, and absently ran her fingers over her opening, yearning to be fulfilled again.

She wished she had her vibrator with her, as it had given her satisfaction during her marriage, after one of Ben’s pounding sessions, where he came and she didn’t. She did not have it with her, but in the back of her mind, she knew that even it would not replace the magic that Steve’s manhood and technique had produced.

She cleared her mind of the sexual thoughts, brought her body under control. She sighed as she finally stood. She grabbed her clothes, retrieved fresh underwear and took a quick shower. She cleansed herself of the sticky aftermath of their lovemaking, dried, dressed, and went into the bedroom. After she straightened and partially made the bed, her cell phone rang.

Thinking that it might be Steve, she retrieved the phone and without looking at the caller ID, answered it quickly. She expected it to be him, and was surprised to hear Maggie, her office manager in Chicago on the other end. After the initial greetings, Amy sat on the bed as Maggie told her of the things she had done to get her booked on a flight back to Chicago, and of a planned meeting in Phoenix late the next week with some parties that wanted to buy in to her consulting business.

Amy found her purse and pulled out the IPad within, turned it on and began taking notes of the names and titles of some of the Doctors and hospital executives. Maggie informed her she had taken the liberty to set tentative date and time meeting appointments with the interested parties. Amy listened intently, only briefly letting her mind wander when she saw the tube of KY on the nightstand. She smiled to herself at the sight of it, then typed out a few more notes onto the IPad.

She then heard Steve unlocking the front door, singing the chorus of “Drift Away” as he entered the front door. She told Maggie that room service was there and she would be right back. Putting the phone down on the bed, she went into the living room. Steve had put five bags of groceries on the kitchen counter, and had already went back onto the porch to retrieve more groceries.

She watched him come back in with another armload of bags. As he entered the door again, she said “My office manager is on the phone. I will finish up with her, then help you put this stuff away.”

“Ok.” He replied, then leaned down and gave her a full kiss. “By the way, Good Morning!” he said upon breaking the kiss. He then ran his hand over her butt as she turned toward the bedroom, and he went to his truck to retrieve the last bags of his groceries.

“Good morning to you too Big Guy!” she called back to him.

She went into the bedroom and picked up her phone.

“I’m back Maggie, Is there anything else I need to know before I get back there?” Then, added, “Oh I never got the time of my flight tomorrow, When is it?”

Maggie replied that the flight was this afternoon, leaving Richmond at 4 PM.

Amy wrinkled her face at this, as she expected the snow storm to afford her another day in Richmond.

Maggie informed her that while Chicago was still covered in snow, the airport was open, and the temperature was above freezing, and not expected to dip below freezing even after dark.

“OK, four Büyükçekmece escort o’clock it is then. I will see you tomorrow, and please make sure that Randolph is the driver that picks me up at O’Hare. I trust his driving on bad roads.”

Maggie assured her that she would arrange it, and they said goodbye. Amy placed her cellphone on the bed, looked at her notes on the IPad, then frowned and let out a deep sigh. She could hear Steve putting away groceries in the kitchen, now whistling “Drift Away.”

She went into the kitchen and helped him put away the remaining groceries, and assisted while he emptied the dishwasher. When they finished, he opened up the breakfasts he bought at McDonalds and they sat and ate.

After finishing the breakfast, Amy said, “I have some good news and bad news.”

He looked at her, wrinkling his face into a mock scowl. “Bad news first.”

“I am scheduled to fly out this afternoon at 4, thanks to my trusty assistant in Chicago.” Before he could reply, she added “Sorry, I was expecting another day here with you.”

“Well, it is what it is. It could not last forever I suppose.”

They looked at each other with a frown.

“Do you have anything you need to wash before you pack up?” he finally asked.

“Yes, if it’s possible.”

“No problem, gather your stuff up, and we will get it cleaned up.”

She gathered her dirty clothes, and spread her suitcase and suit bag out across the bed. He went and got out the vacuum and spent about thirty minutes giving the house a good sweeping. She began a short cycle of clothes in the machine as he ran the vacuum in the other bedrooms. She had her outfit to wear on the plane out and ready, and just before she started the machine, she stripped out of her morning clothes, including the fresh panties she had donned earlier, put them in the machine and started it. She found a large Redskins beach towel on the shelf above the washer, and wrapped it around her.

She could hear him in the spare bedroom across the living room, vacuuming. She walked to the doorway, and as she arrived, saw him switch the machine off and slide the nightstand to the side, mumbling to himself. With his back to her, he knelt down and started investigating the outlet.

“I gotta fix this dang thing.” She heard him mumble.

Taking advantage of the vacuum noise being off, she said “By the way, I forgot to tell you my good news.”

Without turning away from the wall socket, he replied, “no, you didn’t, what is it?”

“I have a couple of meetings next week in Phoenix to include some partners in my business, and that may help me get situated toward scaling my hours and travel back.”

“That sounds great.” He replied, standing finally, and turning to face her.

He noticed she was wearing the oversized Redskin towel. “I guess you washed everything.” He said with a smile. “I see you found that big beach towel. First time it’s been used in a while.”

She smiled at him. “We will have to get you a Bears towel.”

“Bah, I’d never wear a Bears towel.” He said, winking at her. “As a matter of fact, my Redskins towel should not be used to cover a Bears fan.” He added, stepping to her.

She looked up into his eyes, towering above her. “And just what should cover a bears fan?” she asked, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

“A Redskins fan.” He said as he took her into his arms and lifted her up to his face. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he supported her by using his left arm and hand under her butt.

They kissed deeply. His left hand squeezing her butt cheeks while she used her arms to pull his heavy shirt free from his pants.

After a few minutes of this, he gently sat her down on the edge of the full bed, removed his shirt, then his pants, dropping them to the floor. He then shimmied out of his underwear, his full erection pulsing with desire, and with his other hand grabbed the edge of the towel at her shoulders and pulled it free from her body, exposing her nudity to him. She slid up onto the bed as he removed his socks, and he then lay beside her, naked, with his erect member upon her thigh.

He began kissing her again, putting his left hand behind her head, probing her mouth with his tongue. She hungrily sucked on it as his right hand began fondling her breasts, tweaking and kneading each nipple in turn. She sighed into his mouth at the pleasure, and made a play to grasp his manhood. She could not reach it, and settled for rubbing her hand across his back.

They lay entwined like this for several minutes. His hand left her rock hard nipples and he worked it down her body, finding her trimmed mound and he began caressing the sides of her opening. He carefully avoided her clit, and worked his hand along her thighs, massaging gently.

After a few moments of this, he moved his head away from hers and kissed his way down to her breasts, suckling the sides of each, then sucking her nipples into his Çatalca escort bayan mouth, from left to right and back, taking his time. She would sigh and whisper “yes” each time his lips engulfed a nipple. Moments passed as he worked her breasts, massaging each of her thighs in rhythm with his movements between her breasts.

He finally ran his fingers over her opening and sensed the moisture buildup there. He then slowly swung his body away from hers, and worked his head down her abdomen. She did not protest, as she sensed he was about to go down on her, and let her fingers run through his hair as he worked his way down.

As his hungry mouth found her womanhood, and his tongue darted out to taster her clit, he deftly swung his left leg over her body, straddling her. She pulled her arms to the insides of his legs as he settled in the 69 position. His fully erect manhood was at attention, and pointed toward her breasts, so she grasped it, and began pulling it back to her waiting mouth.

He raised up slightly, then moaned into her pussy as his cock sank into her. He then increased his tongue movements upon her, then in her, tasting her juices. His strong hands worked down her legs, massaging them as his tongue worked her.

Soon, he felt her begin to spasm in orgasm. Her juices increased and he lapped at her. Her cries of pleasure were muffled by his manhood imprisoned in her mouth, and she tried not to bite his cock as she succumbed to the powerful orgasm. He pumped is cock, and she could feel it swell against her tongue. She thought he was about to explode, but he steeled his will. She was still in the throes of coming, when he brought his right hand up to her opening and began fingering her lips as his tongue probed inside her. Her orgasm strengthened, and he once again heard her gagged cries of pleasure.

He could feel himself building up to the point of no return, and began slowly pulling back and softly thrusting into her mouth.

She was still cumming to his finger and tongue probes, almost screaming with pleasure around the gag that was his cock, when she sensed he could not hold back. As he pulled his cock head to the entrance of her mouth, she pushed her head back into the bed, and his manhood came fully out and sprung back to its natural position, pointing toward her breasts. She gently grasped his hanging ball sac, and then sucked his left testicle into her mouth.

He had never felt this before, and immediately pulled his face from her womanhood and cried out, “Oh God!” As she sucked gently on his captured testicle, his will left him and his manhood erupted in orgasm. He had raised his mid-section up slightly, and his spurts of pleasure shot onto her tits and into her cleavage and down her abdomen. His cries of pleasure filled the room as he shot his load, and as he weakened and rested upon her body, he could feel her subsiding quivers of orgasm.

After a moment or two, he rolled off of her. His head beside her still spread out leg. Both of them breathing heavily from the exertion and the experience. As they came down to earth from the pleasure, the sound of the chiming washing machine could be heard, though neither one acknowledged it.

He finally moved his body around and lay with his head next to hers, on his side, with his head propped up on his hand.

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.” He finally said.

“What?” she asked.

“You taking my sac and sucking it. There is no description of that pleasure, and no way could I hold back. Sorry I made a mess on you.”

She laughed. “Oh, the pearl necklace? Always heard about that, but never tried one on. It’s not bad.”

He looked at her, admiring her beauty as she lay there looking back at him. His large load of cum beginning to dry on and between her breasts.

He knew they would have to get up soon and get everything ready to take her to the airport. He felt down about that, but looking in her eyes, then looking at his seed on her, he wanted to take her again.

He was not sure if his body could respond that quickly after such an explosion, but decided to try anyway.

He leaned down and kissed her deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue. She could taste herself on his mouth and tongue, and returned the kiss. He took his hand and worked his cum into the skin of her breasts, again using it to knead her nipples, tasting himself in her mouth.

They kissed for a few minutes, then he left her mouth. His mouth found her breasts again and he licked and sucked on them, peaking at her erect nipples. Tasting his own nectar upon her nipples excited his older body, and he smiled to himself as he realized his manhood was again fully erect, and pulsing with desire.

He pulled away from her, then pulled her body to the edge of the bed. His feet were on the floor as he positioned his cock at her opening. She spread her legs wide in anticipation, then grasped his tool and placed the head inside her. Escort Esenler He took her wrists in his hands and imprisoned them, just above her hips, holding her helpless and in position to receive his thrusts.

He pushed into her, and began thrusting with steady motion, savoring the feel of her walls against his manhood. He felt in control of not only her, with her wrists held by his powerful hands, but of himself. He felt he could fuck her like this for an extended period, make her cum again and again upon his cock before he would give her his seed again.

He did just that. He thrust into her again and again, with varying speeds, sometimes holding his manhood in her to the hilt, and pumping his cock within her before pulling back. She came once and he slowed his motion till she came down somewhat, then began again, retaining control of her wrists. She came again, pulling helplessly against his grip, crying out in long moans of pleasure. Again he slowed his action, allowing her to ease out of the pleasure, then began again to thrust vigorously.

She came a third time, pulling wildly against his hands, helpless to stop the pleasure he was inflicting upon her. She threw her head back, crying out again begging him to cum inside her. This time, he did not slow down, but increased the speed of his thrusts, rotating his hips when he was inside her to the hilt.

She felt her orgasm strengthen, and she had no control as her vaginal muscles squeezed his intruding manhood powerfully. She struggled to break his grip and free her hands, but the feeling of helplessness only made her cum stronger. She was lost in the pleasure, a pleasure he was holding her powerless to stop.

Finally she lifted her head off the bed, as another wave of orgasm seethed through her “I can’t take much more! You’re too much” she cried out to him, bucking her hips against his fully inserted cock, and again straining to break the grip he had on her wrists.

Seeing her fully lost in the pleasure, feeling her wild bucking and straining against him, and her seemingly increasing contractions upon his cock finally forced him over the edge, and he once again spilled himself into her, letting out his own cry of pleasure as he did.

He released her wrists and leaned down further upon her. Her hands, now free from his grip, went up to rub his chest. Both had a film of sweat upon them from the exertion, and as the last vestiges of her orgasm faded, they both began to catch their breath.

“I love you” he said, as he leaned further down and kissed her lips fully. He broke the kiss as he pulled his now soft member from her.

“I love you too.” She said. “And I love what you did there.”

“What was that?” he asked.

“Taking full control of me. I really like that. Never been so dominated in bed before. Mmmmm, loved it.”

He winked at her. “Maybe we should try some bondage at some time.”

She looked deep into his eyes. “Yes, I believe we should.”

He smiled at her. “We shall then, but we have to get your clothes dry and you to the airport. All this fun, and no work will cause you to miss a plane.”

She frowned at this. “I wish this would never end.”

“It won’t,” he replied, rising from the bed, feeling a weakness in his legs, and a slight ache in his back from his positioning during their lovemaking, “This is only the beginning of a better life I believe. But we have a lot planning, plotting, and work to do before we can make this permanent.”

She smiled at him. “True. And I guess we had better get started.”

Three hours later, after dropping off her rental, and saying their goodbyes before she entered the Security area of the airport, Steve watched her walk away from him in her business attire. He thought of her body under the black dress, and the pleasure he had received from, and given to that body. He felt a slight depression as she disappeared into the security area and into the waiting clutches of the TSA personnel.

He shook it off, then drove to the outdoor observation area, putting his truck into 4 wheel drive to get to it because it had not been plowed.

He got out and waited for thirty minutes, and then thought he saw her plane rise into the sky behind the terminals. He waved at it, and watched as it disappeared into the sky, turning North West before it faded from view.

She had seen him at the observation platform as the plane ascended. His black truck and the burgundy and yellow Redskins coat he wore standing out as he stood there alone, against the backdrop of white snow.

The weekend from heaven was over.

That first week after she was home, they called each other every day, sometimes two and three times a day. They both felt like teenagers trying to keep up with their crushes. Steve also started going back to the gym. He wanted to tone up and try to lose his little bit of pooch gut. He would ultimately be successful at it.

Things got off to a slow start for their plans, but by the time May arrived, the plan for their future was taking good shape. She turned 49 in mid may. He took a trip to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend to visit her, and they made passionate love in her bed. The same day he flew back to Richmond, she formally added partners and branches in four different cities to her consulting practice.

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