Close Friends

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Just a little background on where this story comes from. My boyfriend and I like to tell each other stories about fantasies and experiences from our lives and masturbate together. This was his turn. I had asked him to recount his first experience with guy; something that we had never discussed. We sat at opposite ends of the sofa, facing one another and got started.

It was the in last few months of highschool. Jeff had just turned eighteen and was working at his first job real job. He would be going of to college after that summer and was saving up some money to cover expenses. Some weeks earlier a new guy had started there and he and Jeff had become good friends. Jerry was the other boy’s name and they were both the same ages. Their girlfriends both went to the same school and knew each other from a few classes together. Both couples hung out together on the weekends and usually wound up at Jerry’s for make-out sessions, since his mom worked odd hours and was rarely ever home.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened during these sessions. Each couple stayed strictly to themselves, but as time went on the usual adolescent inhibitions faded away until neither couple hid their actions from the other. Jerry and Jennifer, his girlfriend took the initiative on this with their brazen acts of oral sex right next to Jeff and his girlfriend, Kelly. After a while it became routine and they began to treat it like a perverse game. They would have “cumming contests” to see which couple could get off first. Deep inside Jeff began to like seeing his friend naked next to him. He tried not to make it too obvious that he was staring at the other boy’s nakedness.

One Saturday while they were all together and each boy was screwing his respective girlfriend, Jeff looked up to see that Jerry and Jennifer were both watching intently. Jeff was fucking Kelly from behind and felt his already rigid cock, swell more. Kelly felt the added pressure inside her and began clawing at the sofa cushion as her pussy locked Jeff’s dick in orgasm. Jerry and Jennifer followed shortly after.

The next day after work, Jeff and Jerry were changing in the locker room. It was up to Jeff to lock up and Jerry had stayed behind to help him with some last minute details. As both teens stripped out of their work clothes, Jeff couldn’t help but discretely look at Jerry behind him through the mirror on his locker door. He admired Jerry’s thin, athletic body and tight ass as Jerry dropped his underwear facing way from Jeff. Jeff’s penis began to swell uncontrollably, as he grew more excited from the view. Jerry turned slightly and his long, thin penis was just visible; dangling between his legs. He turned and walked to the sink, completely naked. Jeff tried to hide his cock which was now pointing straight ahead and forming a small wet spot on his underwear.

He quickly tried to change without Jerry noticing his obvious arousal. Jerry asked from across the room if Jeff wanted do anything after work.

“Jennifer is going out with her parents and mom’s working a double, so I was going to watch some videos. We can pick up Kelly if you want.” he said.

“She’s grounded for coming home late last night. I was gonna go to the City with some guys from school.” Jeff answered.

He could see that Jerry was looked a little disappointed and added, “…but what the hell, we’d probably get into another fight with a bunch of skin-heads on the PATH again.”

The sexual tension broken by the brief exchange, Jeff’s pole began to soften and they both finished dressing and left for Jerry’s. They arrived a few minutes later. Jerry’s family lived in a high-rise apartment near the Hudson River, right across from downtown Manhattan. The City’s lights shimmered across the water in the early April night.

In the apartment’s kitchen there was a note from Jerry’s brother saying he went to Atlantic City with friends and wouldn’t be back until the next day and not to tell mom. He had left some money for dinner. They used the money to buy pizza. They ate and watched a movie Sakarya Escort and talked for a while.

After the movie finished, Jerry spoke up,” You gotta see what my mom found in Tommy’s room last week. She almost killed him.” He ran from the room and quickly returned with a video tape. Jeff had a good idea of what it was. Jerry punched the tape into the VCR and hit play. Sure enough it was a porno. The video started with a lesbian scene.

“I thought mom threw this out after she yelled at Tommy about it, but I found it in her room last night. It’s nothing but sex scenes.”

Both boys watched the screen intently as the scene unfolded. It wasn’t long before they were both hard. Jeff had a visible lump in his jeans. Jerry’s shorts were propped up like a tent. The two of them were squirming in their seats as their young cocks strained for release from their confines.

Jerry was first to make a move, reaching under the waste band of his shorts and stroking himself. Jeff alternated views between the TV and his friend next to him. Then he loosened his jeans and reached into his underwear. Precum had stained the front of his underwear and dripped down his length to his balls. From the corner of his eye he saw that Jerry was watching him purposefully now and Jeff began to feel uncomfortable. Despite the fact of all they had seen of each other, they had always been with their girlfriends. This time it was just the two of them. Jerry shifted himself a bit and then slid his shorts to his ankles. He was fully exposed to Jeff, who tried not to look too much.

“It’s OK. I don’t mind if you look.” Jerry said.

Jeff stuttered out, “Huh?!” and acted as if he were only watching the video.

“Jen and me like it when you look. We get excited.”

“Yeah, but this is different. Jen’s not here.”

“So, how it’s not that different. We’ve seen each other before, and doing worse than this.” Was Jerry’s rebuttal.

Jeff furrowed his brow and look down to his feet, ” I just don’t want people to think…you know…that we’re gay.”

“We’re not doing anything gay! Nothing will leave this room. No matter what.”

Jeff looked at his friend for a moment thought. He knew he could trust him and also knew that he couldn’t hold back his urges. He stood up, slid his pants down around his ankles and then sat back down next to Jerry. They resumed where they left off; stroking their young cocks. Jeff studied Jerry’s cock now and the way he handled it. He took special notice how Jerry’s body was totally proportioned.

He was a little over six feet tall and athletically built, with blonde hair and fair skin. His body was smooth and almost hairless, except for light hair on his chest and legs. A thin patch of pubic hair covered the base of his dick. Jeff saw that Jerry’s penis was much different from his own. It seemed almost backward to Jeff. It was fat at the tip, crowned by a bulbous purple head that pointed down somewhat. It was longer than Jeff’s but the shaft was thin and tapered at the base. Jeff had always admired the 7-½ inch length and secretly wondered what it would be like to feel in his hand and mouth. He and Kelly would exchange fantasies and she would say that she’d like to see Jerry fuck Jeff. That slowly began to create the desire in Jeff and he would fantasize about it when he jerked off. Sometimes he would finger himself in the ass or use small vibrator that he bought for Kelly and kept in his room.

Jeff slowly stroked his seven inch dick. Even as a teen, he shaved his pubic hair. His own cock was fat and the top of the shaft was dominated by a large vein running the length. His pole pointed straight from his body. Precum glistened over the whole rod and ran down onto his scrotum. Losing himself in his ever growing sexual stupor, he licked some of the precum from his hand. Jeff closed his eye and concentrated on the feeling between his legs.

He felt Jerry move closer and he opened his eyes. When he brought his hand up to his face again, Jerry reached for Jeff’s Adapazarı Escort dick and began stroking. Jeff felt unable to protest, completely captive to the perfect grip Jerry had on him. Jerry masterfully massaged Jeff’s tool. Jeff felt obligated and returned the favor to Jerry. Jerry hissed out. “Yesssss” as Jeff pulled at his friend’s thin, rigid pole.

Jeff noticed that aside from the girth, it didn’t feel all that different from his own cock. Just the same, the sheer act of jerking his friend off was about all that Jeff could stand. He suddenly lurched forward shooting cum into the air. It landed on his stomach and Jerry’s hand, then oozed down over his balls. It was one of the strongest orgasms he could remember. However, Jerry did not stop. He continued to jerk Jeff’s hyper sensitive dick. Jeff’s body remained rigid and he held his breath, certain he was about to cum again. Then came the unexpected. Jerry dropped his head into Jeff’s lap and took the head of his dick into his mouth. Jeff felt a more intense orgasm rack his body and a stream of cum shot into Jerry’s mouth. Jerry sucked hard at the head moving his hand and mouth simultaneously, squeezing out what he could and slurping it up.

Jerry sat up after a few seconds, licking his lips for the cum that covered them. His eye lids where heavy. Jeff had stopped jerking Jerry, but started again when he regained control of his muscles. Jerry intimated with his eyes that he would like Jeff to suck him. Although it was a fantasy, he hesitated. Jerry reached around the back of Jeff’s head and coaxed it into position. Jeff offered little resistance then and licked his lips. Jerry’s fat cock head passed Jeff’s lips and slid along his tongue. It felt soft and spongy. There was a sharp salty taste of Jerry’s precum filling his mouth. Then Jeff stuck his tongue down along the topmost part of the shaft. Unable to bend down enough from his position. He popped the dick from his mouth to get a better angle. His hand stroked up and down the entire cock. Before he could take the young dick back into his mouth, Jerry grunted and Jeff was hit on the cheek with a blast of hot cum, the next landed in his eye. He continued to jerk at Jerry’s dick and quickly took the head into his mouth in time to catch the last of his load. He imitated Jerry’s movement with his head and hand in unison.

The first taste was bitter and almost made Jeff gag, but soon was a mix of sweet and salty. Jeff took as much as he could, then swallowed. That first swallow was the hardest, but it got much easier the more he sucked out. He found himself liking both the taste and the feeling of a hard dick in his mouth. He could feel that his own cock had become hard again.

Jerry pleaded with Jeff to keep sucking, but took over rubbing his dick. His hand flew up and down from the base, nearly hitting Jeff in the face. In less than a minute he was cumming again, filling Jeff’s now eager mouth with hot jizz. He took most of it, but some did leak out of the sides of his mouth. When he was sure Jerry was done, he lifted his head and sat up. They sat breathing heavily for a moment and watch the last of the video.

Jerry stood holding his dripping cock and took out the tape.

“I’ve gotta put this back and clean up. Why don’t we go in my room for a while.”

Jeff followed him down the hall, his eyes fixed on Jerry’s ass. Remarkably he was still hard and even hornier. Jerry left Jeff in his bedroom as he went to get a towel and put the tape away. Jeff, stripped completely then stood there rubbing himself again. He had remarkable stamina and wasn’t done yet. Jerry entered the room and stopped short after seeing Jeff totally naked. Jeff’s libido had taken over and disregarding any other thought brazenly walked forward and dropped to his knees. He grabbed Jerry’s dangling cock and wrapped his lips around it. His hands reached behind and squeezed the other teen’s ass. Jerry ran his hands through Jeff’s hair and guided his head as it bobbed back and forth on the hardening rod.

As Serdivan Escort soon as it was back to full glory, Jeff stood and they both kissed. Jeff was as surprised as Jerry. It just seemed natural at the time. They made out standing there for a few minutes. Precum dripping from their dicks had made a small puddle on the floor. Jeff broke the kiss suddenly, “Can we take a shower?” Jerry seemed puzzled.

” I want to do something, but we need to take clean up first.”

“Sure, we can use my mom’s it can fit two people.”

Once in the master bathroom, they set the water temperature. Jerry was right. The shower was pretty big. The shower flanked a large bathtub, taking up the entire corner of the large bathroom. There was a bench fashioned off the wall in the shower and several heads all converged in the center. The boys entered the torrent and started kissing and fondling one another. They took turns soaping each other up and then rinsed off. Jerry’s dick was throbbing in Jeff’s hand. Jeff looked up and asked point blankly, “Will you to fuck me? You can say no if you want to.” After a moment of silent contemplation Jerry said “OK” in a deep voice.

They dried off and went back to Jerry’s room. Jerry grabbed a small jar of Vaseline before they left the bathroom. Jeff sat on the bed and sucked his friend to ensure his stiffness, hen he turned around and positioned himself on his hands and knees. He rested his head and the bed and arched his back as Kelly does when he takes her from behind. He reached behind himself and spread his ass to give Jerry access.

Jerry spread the Vaseline around the outside of Jeff’s tight ring. Goose bumps went up over his body and his dick twitched. Then he felt the puffy helmet of his friend’s cock press against his rosebud. Jeff took a deep breath as it passed into him. The initial penetration was the toughest part. There was some discomfort with each bit of Jerry’s dick filling the void, but it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. In the back of his head he thought how he’d had larger toys in there before. The length was another story. The hard penis pushed deeper into him until Jerry was almost to the hilt. There was an indescribable feeling of uncomfortable, stinging pressure, but also dizzying pleasure. Jeff was slowly becoming accustomed to having Jerry filling his tight ass and pushed back just a little more and that’s when he felt it. There’s no way to put it into words, but the sensation shot through his bowels and into his raging hard-on. Jerry’s dick had touched something in him that made him swoon.

Jerry gripped Jeff’s hips tightly. He’d never ever thought he would ever do anything like this, especially with his friend. Once he was in though, he wanted to fuck his friend hard. Jerry slowly eased himself as far as he could. Looking down on the young teen in front of him, he could see Jeff clenching the sheets in his fists tightly and he was wincing. Jeff didn’t breath so much as gasp. Every time he did, Jerry could feel it as it caused his asshole to contract around his rod. Jeff pushed back onto him and Jerry felt the tip of his cock rub against something and his fuck buddy shivered then loosened up.

“Are you OK?’ Jerry asked.

” Yeah I’m good. You can do more now, I’ll tell you if it bothers me.” He answered unsteadily.

Jerry withdrew, leaving only his head, then he started the rhythmic process of sliding in an out. Jeff stayed as still as he could. The pain was just bearable, but he took it like a man so to speak. Although the discomfort did not completely subside, it did slowly diminish until it was tolerable. Before long, the pleasure had overridden any suffering. Jeff met Jerry’s thrusts with his own swaying. With a ragged breath low moans escaped from deep inside Jeff. Jerry grunted each time he hammered into the other boy’s tight ass. He fought the urge to cum too soon, but couldn’t ignore the overwhelming excitement.

He yelled out, ” I’m cumming!” and tired to pull out. His friend reached back, grabbing his thigh. “No, cum in me.” Those words added to his intensity; his cock throbbed and let loose a torrent into the teen’s dark hole. Still planted firmly in Jeff, he bent over and grabbed at Jeff’s stiff dick. Jeff shot off his own load at Jerry’s first touch.

The two boys collapsed, finally spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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