College Experience Ch. 04

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Suddenly Ryan rammed it all the way into me one more time and held me tight against him as his body tensed. His balls then started to pump his cum deep into me. I could feel the warm cum deep in my bowels, and I just loved it.

When he had finished pumping me full with his cum I felt him pull out and say, “be careful, Drew, I think I just knocked you up.”

His cock was gone and I felt some spasms on my abused butt hole. Some of his cum started to ooze from me, and he slapped me on the ass and said “if you can take a fucking like that, you are gay Drew. And you like it in the ass, don’t you?”

I turned and stared him right in the eyes while I contemplated what I had just done.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“I….I am not…I’m not gay, Ryan”, I stuttered. I slowly lowered my body down onto the bed, turning on my side and pulling my legs up into a fetal position.

“Really?” he responded. Ryan reached for me and started massaging my legs and ass. He had a bright smile on his face. “Everything is going to be okay. I know this is all new to you, Drew. But it’s going to be all right. I’ll take the lead but I’ll stop whenever you want me to. If you’re uncomfortable with anything, just say so. Just relax and enjoy it.”

“Lay back and relax,” he said softly. “I’d like to admire your body for a little while.”

I slowly complied. Propped up on one elbow beside me, he began to run his hand over my chest, not so lightly that it would tickle, not so forcefully that it could be called a massage, but with just enough pressure to be pleasant … and arousing. I found, not surprisingly, that I enjoyed what he was doing.

He nibbled on my ear. I felt a charge go directly to my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned. He gave me a gentle kiss on a cheek. When I opened my eyes, Ryan swooped in and engaged me in a passionate kiss. A thought passed very briefly through my mind: this is a man I’m kissing! The thought was quickly dispelled by an overpowering sense of pleasurable stimulation. I could feel his whiskers brushing against my face. His lips were thin and strong. Ryan pushed his tongue into my mouth and I received him. He liked the role of the aggressor. Ryan’s eyes bored into mine the entire time.

Ryan broke the kiss, looked at me intently, and smiled. I took that to mean that he both enjoyed it and was pleased that I also enjoyed it.

While toying with my nipples, he said, “A man’s nipples are one of his erogenous zones. Doesn’t it feel good when I touch them?”

With that, he leaned over and began licking, sucking, and stimulating one nipple and then the other.

I groaned under my breath at the sensation.

As he continued to suckle me, his hand moved lower towards my groin. My cock responded quickly, going from semi-hard to fully erect in a very short time.

“Your cock is beautiful. Well proportioned. Not too big and not too small — just right. Great shaped head. You can be proud of what you have, Drew. But they come in all different shapes and sizes — something you will enjoy.”

He grabbed my hand and moved it to his cock. It was sticky with cum and my juices. I found myself staring at it. It was warm and I could detect a faint throbbing as more blood rushed in to bring it a full erection.

“Our cocks are about the same size, buddy.” Ryan climbed up on top of me and settled his ass on my upper thighs. Our cocks rubbed together. Ryan grabbed both of them together and jacked us slowly. “I’m guessing we are the same size — about 6 inches. My head is more spear shaped, yours is more blunt.”

His jacking continued for a while. One major difference between us was the amount of precum that oozed out of his cock. It covered his cockhead and trickled down his cock…and onto mine.

Ryan smiled, “I do leak a ton of juice, huh? I never have to use lube, guess I am a natural.”

I nodded in agreement.

He lay down beside me once again. With no further conversation, he kissed and licked his way from my chest down to my crotch. At the same time, he was fondling my balls and cock, which sent bursts of pleasure radiating through my body. doeda By the time his mouth reached my cock, it was so hard it felt as though it would burst out of its skin. When his warm, moist lips encircled the head of my cock, I couldn’t hold back a moan of pure pleasure.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“God Yes! Don’t stop!”

As much as I wanted the overpowering pleasure to continue, I felt the urgent need to cum and was powerless to hold it back. I was clenching the sheet on the bed and moaning deliriously when I felt the first of several blasts of cum erupt into his mouth. Following the debilitating orgasm, I collapsed on the bed hoping to regain my breath, consciousness, and normal heart beat.

The next thing I was aware off, Ryan was lying beside me, again propped up on one elbow and a hand toying with one of my nipples. “That was yummy! Not like a coke, but tasty nonetheless. Are you okay?” he asked.

I turned toward Ryan and pulled him to his side. We wrapped our arms around each other and pressed our naked bodies together in a long hug. I was amazed at how wonderful it felt and no longer concerned about doing it with a man. I gave Ryan another kiss and said, “Fuck yeah, it was great.”

He smiled and said, “Now I want you to go down on me.” It was more of a command than a request. Ryan used the sheets on my bed to clean off his cock. He laid back and put his arms up behind is head and looked down at me.

I hesitated for a minute, that thing had just been in my ass. Ryan pulled my head down to his crotch. The taste wasn’t as bad as I expected, Ryan was leaking so much precum that it overwhelmed all the other tastes. His precum was salty and tangy. I pulled up from his cock and put my tongue on his balls. They were covered in hair. As I looked up his body I admired the view. Ryan was covered with hair. His chest was very hairy with light brown curly hair. It went all the way down to his stomach and down to his crotch. His groin hair was longer and a bit more straight and covered everything. As Ryan spread his legs wider, I looked down and saw the hair go all the way down to his asshole.

As I continued licking his sack, Ryan’s moans told me that he enjoyed it. That was enough to encourage me to complete the task. I moved back up to his cock and started going down on him. I didn’t try the novice approach this time and duplicated the stroking and sucking Ryan had shown me.

“You are a natural cocksucker, Drew!” he gasped.

Ryan approached orgasm within a seemingly short time. He didn’t warn me at all, but I felt his cock grown and his body stiffen. I was kneading his nuts in one hand and felt them tight up. He didn’t moan as loudly as I had but he stiffened and I felt several blasts of hot cum hit the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat.

The force of it surprised me. I momentarily gagged and let some of the salty cream spill out over the base of his cock and into his thick bush of hair. After the first bursts, the cum seemed to continue dribbling out so I sucked and licked until he pushed my head away saying that his cock was getting too sensitive.

I snuggled up beside him and found that I enjoyed the contact between our naked bodies. His chest hair felt great against my body. After a few minutes, Ryan turned to me and said, “That was good. Very good. So, you still don’t think your gay, huh?”

“I don’t think I’m gay, Ryan. I like having sex with you, but I like girls. I don’t know, maybe I’m bi.” “It doesn’t bother you to be a cocksucker?”

“I’m not a cocksucker!”

“Careful, Drew. You just sucked my cock and ate my cum. You’re a cocksucker.

I lay there for a while and looked at the ceiling. I didn’t like all the baggage that come with the title of cocksucker, fag or gay. I didn’t like those titles at all.

“Drew, I am kind of like you. I have had sex with both men and women. I occasionally will fuck a girl, but really prefer boys. How would you compare gay sex with straight sex? You’ve experienced both now. Which do you really prefer?”

“I love having sex with girls. I like having sex with you. That doesn’t eş değiştirmeli porno make me gay, Ryan,” I said more to myself than to him.

We lay together on the bed for a while longer. He continued to lightly trace his fingers up and down my leg. His other hand played with my nipples.

“Are you going to grow back your hair or keep it shaved?”

The conversation interrupted my train of thought and my anger rising toward Ryan.

“I will probably keep shaving through swim season and then let it grow again. Why?”

“It’s hot. You have a nice body. Very muscular. Your chest looks more defined and I can see the start of a six pack,” he said. Ryan was rubbing my stomach.

“But you need to clean up your dick hair, dude. It is pretty uneven and you missed some spots. Did you do this yourself?” he asked.

“Tommy did it.” The words came out of my mouth before I even thought of what I had said. Ryan grinned like a Cheshire cat at this piece of news.

“Really!” he said excitedly. He was now caressing my nuts and my cock was getting a bit chubby again. “Have you two been messing around?”

“No, just helping each other out with some shaving,” I replied — trying to minimize what we had done together. By now I was almost fully hard, as Ryan had started sucking on one of my nipples while stroking my dick.

Ryan swung himself up and threw one leg over my body. He took his dick in his hand and sat down on my upper thighs again. He put our cocks together and started rubbing them up and down. Precum as pouring out of his slit and down both of our cocks. I closed my eyes as the sensations streaked through my body.

“Tommy has a hot body and a nice cock. I caught him beating off one time during freshman year. He’s gotta be at least 8 inches and thick like a beer can. Have you seen it hard?” he said almost panting.

“No, just soft”, I lied.

“I would love a chance with him. So you shaved him, too, huh? How much did you take off?”

Again, I spoke without thinking. “He wanted it all off.”

“Holy shit, I bet that is hot!” he said under his breath.

Ryan moved a bit as he positioned himself up on his knees. He scooted up a bit, then slowly lined up my cock with his backdoor. My eyes opened like a flash and I saw a big smile on his face as he lined my cockhead up with his hole. I was expecting a bit more resistance, but my cockhead slide right in and my cock went about half way into his searing ass.

We both groaned in unison. He raised himself up a bit, then sank down all the way. His ass as like liquid fire. I just lay there for a moment, feeling the tight sensation from his chute. Before I could do anything, Ryan began thrusting up and down. My cock was sawing in and out. Ryan’s ring was gripping my cock like a vice, he was flexing his sphincter, which added significantly to the sensations that were enveloping me. Ryan’s cock was slapping my stomach as he road me. Not a word was spoken between us, the only sounds were the slapping of flesh and groans. My balls started churning and before the sensation even registered in my brain, I blasted volley after volley of cum deep inside Ryan.

“Ughh, ohh God, Ryan! God it feels so good!” I moaned. My seed flew out of me into his bowels.

“Tommy, fuck me harder! Fuck me Tommy!” he hissed.

I looked up at Ryan. His head was thrown back. His cock was bouncing up and down on my stomach, which was covered in precum.

“Don’t you mean Drew?” I asked.

“Sweetie, you can have your fantasy of fucking women. I have a fantasy of fucking Tommy, ok?” he said matter-of-factly.

I laughed and told him that I thought he was crazy. My cock was deflating rapidly and started sneaking out of his ass. Some of my load leaked down onto my spent cock and balls. Ryan climbed off and sat near the bottom of the bed. I put my arms up over my head and exhaled deeply. God did I feel relaxed.

I wanted to ask him questions about his first time and why and all that. I just was like a kid in school listening to a very passionate teacher. I was hooked. After, about ten minutes genç porno of talking, Ryan crawled up on top of me, resting he chest to mine. His hairy body tickled my chest and crotch. He started kissing me deeply. I got lost in the kiss as his tongue pushed into my mouth. This guy was messing with my head. He pushed his legs between mine and started spreading mine apart. He started kissing down my body. I was getting hard again, but he ignored my growing cock and lifted my legs up and proceeded to finger hole. It had already been used tonight and was a bit sore. Ryan scooted up on his knees and docked his cock at my hole. His cock was wet with precum and I could feel the head of his cock poised at my hole. He poked at me slowly and my asshole spasmed in anticipation.

He precum lubed cock pushed at my ass. I was breathing heavily and he just told me to push down on his cock. I did as I was told and his cockhead slipped in. I gasped at the invasion.

He twisted his cockhead around at the entrance to my chute forever. Every time I tried pushing him in deeper, he would retreat. I was so horny and getting more and more frustrated.

“Come on, Ryan…further — PLEASE!” I begged.

“Tell me you like it, Drew” he demanded.

“I like it, now come one — push it in!” I said between pants of deep breaths.

Ryan pushed the head back in again and jabbed it in and out slowly. My ass was on fire, it felt so good.

“Tell me you’re gay and that you love cock, and I will give you a bit more,” Ryan said.

“I’m not gay!” I said in bated breaths. My frustration grew as his cock left my body. My cock was rock hard again and my balls were up against my body.

Ryan pushed all the way in at once and my eyes bugged out. I lost my breath and felt light headed. I could feel his pubes and balls up against my ass. He pulled me up and we kissed with our tongues exploring the others mouth. It felt like an hour that we just kissed with his cock just resting in my ass. Then he pushed me back started to fuck me. He pulled his cock out of my hole and shoved it right back in, pulling the entire length from me and shoving it back in.

“Fuck me,” I begged.

“Who is a cum loving fag who loves gay cock? You are so gay, Drew” he said.

“I am not gay, I just love your cock.” I said it and moaned deeply.

He pulled his cock out of my hole again and shoved it right back in, deep dicking me. He went faster and built up to an orgasm and then pulled back and let the feeling subside. Then harder again. We fucked forever.

He had incredible staying power. We sweated and fucked. He produced so much precum it kept us lubed up. He kissed me deeply and said we are lovers. I kissed him back soulfully and he jammed his hips forward, cumming like a bull. I swear I felt that first volley as his cock expanded in my hot ass with my legs pulling him in as close as he could get to me.

We kissed and his wet hot mouth explored my body as his deflating cock slipped from my ass. I looked up at the clock and it was going on 11pm. We had started around 6pm — so we had been fucking around for about 5 hours. I just barely remember closing my eyes when I woke up at 3am with Ryan spooned behind me. I enjoyed the warmth of his body and the roughness of his body hair on my back and ass. I could still feel the warmth of his cum deep inside me. My ass was a bit sore and cum slowly leaked out of me onto the bed. I gingerly made my way down my ladder and grabbed a robe, heading to the bathroom.

I opened the door just as Tommy was coming up the stairs. He was completely hammered and smiled at me drunkenly as he navigated the hallway. He fell into the doorway and right into my arms. My robe which had been tied loosely fell open and Tommy’s right accidentally brushed against my cock and balls. He leaned forward and fell into me. I grabbed him quickly and pulled him into our room. He mumbled something incoherent and his entire weight fell upon me. I grabbed him around his back and pulled him into the room. I gently moved him over towards the couch and lay him down.

He was out like a light. I bent down and started pulling off his shoes, one by one. Before I could think of what to do next, I felt Ryan behind me. I turned and he was still naked and his cock was swinging heavy between his legs. “Let me help you with him,” he said with a shit eating grin on his face. “This is going to be so hot.”

To be continued…

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