College Roommates Meet Ch. 04

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With nowhere else to turn, Devante dialed the only other person’s number he knew of this campus… Theo.

“Hello” said Theo a bit groggy

“Wassup dude, this is Devante. We met at the Rec Center.”

“Oh yeah! Hey dude wassup?”

“Nothing much, I just got sexiled and I was hoping I could crash at your place…”


Chapter 4:

“Uhm, you mean right now?”

“I mean yeah, if I can.”

“Well I’m a little busy at the moment!”

“You know what man never mind. I wasn’t expecting too much from you no way, I just figured after you gave that bullshit speech about trying to help a fellow brother out I would at least hit you up. But don’t even worry about it!”

“Naw naw man. It ain’t even like that” responded Theo defensively. “Listen, where are you at right now?”

“I’m at this sorority party at the A Chi O house.”

“Aight well I live like a block away on Oakland and Burley. I’m in the red house with the porch just ring the bell when you get here.”


“Ok, see you soon.”

In less than 5 minutes Devante found his way to Theo’s front door and rang the bell. Seconds later the front door opened with this beautiful girl brushing past Devante.

“Come on in dude.” said Theo

“Aww shit, was I interrupting?” asked Devante pointing at Theo’s obvious hardon in his pajama pants.

“I mean kinda, but once you gave me that guilt trip there was no way I could turn you down then. Want a beer or something?”

“Naw, I’m cool.”

“Come on man, you gon let me drink alone?”

“I mean I already had a couple, but what harm can one more do? Sure.”

Before he knew it, an hour had past and they were both already 3 beers in, well 7 for Devante.

“Well I’m getting kind tired. Do you have an extra bed or am I crashing on this couch.”

“This is my roommate’s couch so preferably not here, but I have a king sized bed which is more than big enough for the two Sakarya Escort of us and the floor is always an option for interrupting my…” Theo clears his throat.

“Ha ha real funny… Well I guess I’m taking the floor, I’m not into giving it up on the first night.” Devante said jokingly.

“That girl sure was about to.” They both laughed

“Sorry about that! Thanks again for letting me crash here”

“No problem youngin. But I couldn’t possibly let you sleep on the floor you can crash in the bed. I mean as long as that don’t weird you out or anything.”

“At this point I can probably fall asleep standing up.”

They both stood up and went into the bedroom and stripped down to their boxers and climbed into bed. Once in the bed Theo fell right to sleep, but Devante was having a harder time.

Every so often, Devante would feel something brush up against his leg or his lower back. Thinking that maybe the TV remote or Theo’s cell phone might have been in the bed too he started to feel around only to find that it was Theo’s hard dick that he was feeling.

Devante jabs Theo lightly to wake him up.

“Aye, you think you could do something about lil woody down there?” Devante asks.

“Oh shit, sorry about that! Once he gets hard he doesn’t go down until I bust.” Theo said as he readjusted himself. “Just wake me up if it happens again.”

“Naw dude,why don’t you just go in the bathroom and take care of that shit?”

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t just spank it for a few seconds and then bust, I have to… Actually, nevermind I was about to tell you way too much.”

“Shit, you already started now might as well finish.” “Basically, if I’m gonna come I need some sort of stimulation.”

“What like porn?”

“Typically like a blowjob or some pussy, but I mean if I was in a crunch I guess.”

“Shit well you need to do something cuz you poking the shit out of me.”

“You Adapazarı Escort mind if I put on a flick?”

“Like a porn?”


“It’s your house, shit if you wanna watch some porn in your living room then that’s up to you.”

“Naw dude, the DVD player is broke in there. I meant in here.”

“Theo, I’m not into that gay shit.”

“It’s not gay! I’m just finna put on a quick vid, beat off a little, and call it a day.”

“Wow, I can’t even believe this is happening! I’m so tired at this point I don’t even care anymore, just hurry up and get this shit over.”

Theo stood up and grabbed a dvd case from under his bed and popped it into the DVD player. Within minutes a blond girl was wide spread on the TV being penetrated by a huge black mandingo. The moaning was so loud.

“Can you at least turn that down a little?”

Theo complied and continued to jerk off. As the scene on the TV got more and more intense Devante decided to turn over to see what was happening on the screen.

To his amazement instead of seeing a girl being fucked mercilessly, the first thing he saw was Theo’s 9.5′ cock. It was glistening with all the precum that he had now smeared around his huge dick. The veins were thick and ran all the way around it. It was literally the most perfect thing ever and he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. All the while his own dick was getting harder and harder.

“Getting a good view over there?” Theo asked breaking Devante’s gaze.

“Oh… Uhm… You were making so much noise over there I wanted to see what all the fucking commotion was about.”

Without stopping his wank session, Theo asked “Is that why your fucking dick is tenting my sheets over there?”

“When you’re playing a porn what do you expect?”

“Dude, just pull your dick and get it over with.”

Hesitantly, Devante takes out his dick and begins jerking off. Still, for some reason he is unable to takes Serdivan Escort his eyes off of Theo’s dick. He glances up every few seconds to see if Theo has noticed.

“Dude, just touch it for fucks sake!”

“What? I already told you I’m not down with that gay shit!” Devante quickly shot back.

Before he could say anything else, Theo grabbed his hand and slid it on the base of his cock, then proceeded to pull it up and down. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the curiosity, maybe he was just scared but Devante did not fight it.

“See, it feels just like yours doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know about…”

Before he could finish his sentence Theo pulled Devante in for a kiss. He pressed his lips up, hard, against Devante’s and used his tounge to explore Devante’s mouth. Devante didn’t resist more did he kiss back. He just sat there stunned still jacking Theo’s dick.

Theo then grabs Devante’s dick and begins to slowly stroke it. Devante lets out a subtle moan, as his head falls back. Sensing Devante’s pleasure, Theo begins to suck on Devante’s nipple.

This whole experience was new to Devante and he was greatly enjoying it. As Theo continued to suck on his nipple and furiously jerk Devante off, Devante could stop himself and was moaning like he had never done before. This was hotter than any experience he had ever had with a girl.

“Oh, shit! I’m so close, don’t… don’t stop” Devante yelled.

With that Theo sped up the pace. He jerked Devante’s dick with no mercy paying close attention to his sensitive head. Knowing that Devante was close to cumming, Theo bites Devante’s nipple sending him over the edge shooting rope after rope of milky white cum all over his chest, Theo’s hand, and Theo’s sheets.

Devante looks over to see Theo smiling at him. He then looks down a little to see that his hand and Theo’s torso were also covered with cum that had now gotten cold.

Theo asked, “How was that?”

Shock was written all over Devante’s face.


I’m curious to know what you guys think should happen next.

This is chapter 4 of College Roommates Meet. I hope you enjoyed. Please email me with any comments, questions, critics, or suggestions and as always, stay tuned.

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