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It’s a dark alley. Summer. We stand close, smelling each other, feeling heat

off of each other’s skin, waiting for the first one to make a move.

I grab his skin and pull it tight, one hand already plunging into his crotch to hold his cock from the base and squeeze, the other crawling through his chest hair towards his neck.

He can feel a wave of warmth covering his body; knees get weaker. My hand is pressing into his neck — the harder I push, the softer his upper body resistance.

He has moved around by directing his pelvis, keeping his body in line with my motion, bending him over, running nails across his back — soft at first, but increasing until your

They drag along his back, leaving scattered red marks.

He fights the urge to call me off as his back reddens.

And still, with one hand gripping his base with a closed fist, I feel him shake and squirm under my paw.

As he shakes, my impatience grows. A quick smack across the back lets all the air out of his lungs, but instead of pulling away, he moves back into me. Knowing he can feel me up against his warmed back. Grinding back, into my hand, his hot flesh waiting for the next slap that doesn’t come.

The longer I wait, the more he trembles. My hand drifts across his open mouth, sticking my fingers slowly into his wetness, gripping the jaw and pulling back till I hear a groan

escape his lips, and the drool begins to drift down my wrist.

Suddenly, with a closed fist pounding on the top of his pelvis, his legs buckle as I hold him up with my hand in his mouth. He is stabilizing himself against my pelvis.

Noticing his hands clenching, I take them each one by one, bringing them behind his back slowly. Testing his limits and range of movement, noticing his flinches and cringes.

With arms fastened in a belt behind him, I lift them to the middle of his back.

Groaning again, I can feel I have reached as far as he will go. I hold the belt over his shoulder and press him closer to the brick wall.

My hand returns to his cock, gripping it hard. It swells, and the heat on his back increases with every touch on the bricks. Pulling up on his arms and down toward the floor with his cock.

Drooling as he is stretched in both directions. Turning him around, I stare at him directly in the eyes and suddenly leave him free.

Commanding: “Lay on the floor!”, I stand above him, spitting down on his chest, rubbing it in with my foot. I move it up to and lightly step on his neck. With my toe, I draw a line down back across the chest towards his cock, pressing it hard into the pelvis. He nods as if to tell me to go harder, more pressure, tighter. Without being able to use his arms, now, he has to fight back.

His back fills with tiny red dots as the blood starts to creep out from my scratches; He can feel it stinging against the floor. He struggles against me. My foot digs deeper into his chest, giving small shocks and forcing the breaths out.

Well, maybe rope is an excellent way to restrain him a bit more since he struggles so much against my foot. He fights along the way, the whole way.

I wind my belt around his arms and chest. His eyes take a distant, milky gaze, as he urges Betturkey me on. He can see the small glint of a blade out of the corner of his eye (I know, it is his thing). I bring the edge in front of his face; he nods as it drifts back down, lightly across his chest, briefly over his nipple, and finding a spot to rest on his hip.

I am swimming in my panties. Digging slowly into the skin, he flinches as it lightly splits the skin. I drag it slowly downwards, picking it up briefly and placing it against him again. I roll him onto his front. His face digs into the floor, and my hand with the blade moves onto his back.

When before I used slow short strokes on his back, I now take advantage of the long spine, dragging the blade lightly down from shoulder to tail. Never quite re-tracing the lines, but each line just millimeters away from the last. I trace the module with my tongue.

My knee is pressing on the top of his shoulders. He struggles against the stinging ropes.

My elbow is pressing down right below his wing-blades. He can smell my dripping pussy.

I lay the blade on the last spine bone. His cock is throbbing as he feels my pussy against his neck.

I stop.

His ass arches up against the blade. Craving that last push. Squirming against my hand at the base of his spine. (I bless my light hold. I am scared and excited.)

I lick the blood. Spit it back in his face. I breathe. His heat hurts.

His asshole is just underneath my chin. I wait.

My body heat is stinging against his back.

He can’t move, but I feel him shaking under me.

He can feel my breath on his asshole.

I blow and take a thick broad lick. His ass arches up as my wet tongue pressed against it.

My hand is grabbing at the base of his cock. I twist it up, cock up between his legs backward. I spit on my palm. It’s throbbing. I run a wet finger on the crown. His knees are holding our weight, but if he collapses.

My finger teases around the top of his cock. The fingers that were grabbing the shaft are moving- my thumb over the top of his urethra, pressing down.

I slide on his back, with my face; starting in his ass, through the base

Never going more than a few strokes before stopping, squeezing, Milking, upward.

I smack his cock once to keep it in line. Now, his cock is just in front of my face.

But he can’t reach my mouth. He groans loudly. I feel his tip getting wet but with nowhere to go, straining towards my mouth. My thumb is at the base of my cock, breathing heavily against it.

I put his cock in my mouth all the way through.

He can feel the back of my throat open for him. Just slime. Endless.

I slide my body underneath him and squeeze the base tight while he is rooted in my mouth.

Groaning, he can feel my throat close around the top of his cock.

I slide a finger in his ass while keeping the base with the rest.

He is trying to move his head to get a glimpse of my mouth’s dripping slime.

I move away. I lift him to standing with the harness. He can hardly stand up, cock dripping

with my spit, back radiating heat, and a bit of trickling blood, sweat, and slime. I whisper to Betturkey Giriş him: “You still have to fuck me, and you may not cum till the floor is flooded with my squirt. I want your fluids in my throat, stuck in my beard, flushing my eyes out.”

I lift my left leg and split on the wall behind him. He is on his knees. With his head just in front of my pussy. He slides a tongue on my thigh. His tongue remains out, his face cranes as it moves closer and closer to the smell. He is drinking our mutual juice of sweat blood

drip mix from my legs. I hold the back of his head (so lucky the wall is supporting him at his back). A nod from him begging to be forced in there. “Bury me deep in your pussy!”

He is forced.

Cut off his air with my juice.

He is let out when he starts shivering.

Just for a gasp.

Not a second before it’s obvious his tongue is slowing down.

As I cum, my split on the wall deepens, I leave his head, that is now pressed to the wall only with my spread pussy and leg. He can feel my juices flow down my chin.

He is shaking, but only because he wants more, to be completely soaked. I loosen the belt. He fingers me, and I gush. He is soaked. I put my leg down; he smiles and shakes. I turn my butt to him and press my ass on to his fabulous cock. The wall scratches his back.

I squirt on him again

And again

And again

He is trembling as I squirt all over his cock.

I move his cock to my ass and squirt on him again. Just from how hard I pounded him

against the wall and into me.

His back is sliding against the wall as it’s scratching him.

I pull out. My hands are on the floor, and I can already see the cum leaking. I squeeze his cock, his milky white cum slowly. Squeezing his balls and my shaft I see the head already red cock turn purple.

” You are leaking bitch.”

I leave him there shaking on his own, one hand gripping his cock as he trembles.

He is trying to force his cock through my hand. I let go. Every time he gets close, I giggle.

He can hardly hold his head up, so weak from my pounding and his aching cock that now hangs down, purple and red all over. His arms are straining to break free to get himself off.

I hold my mouth open just in front as his cock strains towards my mouth. He can’t reach.

“Can I hear you beg?”

“Yes, please, please. Let me cum, let me cum. I need to let go of you.”

I take my hand to the floor and spray old squirt on him.

“Beg more.”

” My cock is shaking. I’m shaking as I see your tongue. I can hardly stand. Please let me cum, please let me go.”

I stand up and look him in the eyes. He presses his cock on my skin from the pelvis to my belly, straining. I meet his gaze, but he is not able to concentrate.

I push him to the wall and release; from the impact, he creates space. I release the belt of his hands swiftly, throw it aside, and kiss him.

His arms collapse, wanting to Immediately stroke his cock, but they are too weak.

Back to the wall, finally feeling a bit more energy coming back to his arms and legs.

Instead, his arms move towards me, grabbing my pelvis and upper Betturkey Güncel Giriş arms, holding them tight and pulling me back into him.

I feel his fingers digging deep into my skin.

Forcing them behind my back, his cock still dripping with spit and squirt. My arms behind with one hand, another between my legs. I am placing his palm over my pussy, fingering until my knees buckle.

And as they begin to bend, forcing me slowly down, until he can’t reach anymore, and his hand moves up to my mouth. He is sticking his hand in one finger at a time.

Feeling how deep it goes, Feeling my drool on his hand, when he enters his fist deep. Wiping it off on my face. Grabbing my jaw with his hand and keeping it open, the other hand grabbing my hair and pulling it tight against my scalp.

“Do you want to feel my cum coat that throat of yours?”

“Ppppllleeeeeeassseeee (drool)!”

My eyes redden, but I keep my gaze.

His hand grips my scalp, forcing my mouth up the cock.

But he doesn’t enter. He holds my head still and brings his cock up to my cheek, slapping my face with it. It smells like blood and sweat and all of my holes—his wet, thick, and purple cock hitting.

His crotch moves over to my face and quickly stuffs it. My mouth is pressed up against the shaft of his massive cock, his thighs tightening around my head. He doesn’t let go.

He can feel my tongue aching to lick, but there’s no room. His thighs squeeze tighter and tighter. His hand is at the back of my head, forcing me further.

I am smelling the blood and sweat on his pubic hair in my nose.

He let’s me out, I gasp for air.

Before I take a full breath, his hand forces my mouth open and cock slides in, slowly at first. The grip at the back of my head, easing it forward, and forward.

“I want to see that spit again.”

The cock slides in deep and out immediately, letting the spit drip down my chin.

“I want to see your thick spit dripping off my cock onto my thighs. Stings and strings of inner drool.”

I am tearing up. He enters faster and faster.

My legs are bathed with my squirt, tears collecting, and drool coming out of my mouth.

He pauses with his cock deep inside me- flexing it as it fills my throat. He is shaking hard, beyond ready to cum. I can taste my pussy and ass deep in my throat. Drip.

“Hold me in your throat while I cum. I want your mouth closed around me so you can taste every drop. Not a single drop should escape!”

Gasping. He moves my head and throat across it faster and faster. I look up. He is hearing me struggle as I gasp for air.

His blood drips on my feet.

He looks down and meets my eyes-ready to cum. Deep. He pushes as far as possible inside me. His cock throbbing as a string of cum shoots down my throat.



I choke.

A small pause and then another big string of cum.

I breathe some cum.

Tears are running down my chin.

Not a single drop out. He is trembling still as cum is trickling out. He holds my mouth firm against him, closed at the base.

Wrapping him completely, my nose is pinned into the upper pelvis. He keeps me there as long as possible. I am making sure that the rest of the cum stays in my mouth. He lets me lose, and I put both his balls in to make sure I didn’t miss a drop.

He watches and guides my head as I clean him up, licking all around balls, shaft, and down to my asshole to be 100% sure.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32