Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen!

I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

‘Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol’ is the fourth story in the Cursed: Idol of Lesbos saga.

Chapter 3


Robert Hitch grumbled as he left for work, frustrated as ever with his wife. It had been almost two weeks since they last had sex and the excuses were growing thin. Her lack of sexual drive was the reason why he cheated on Margaret years ago – an affair that thankfully he was able to break off before his wife ever found out. But this wasn’t like it was before. Lately Margaret had been acting strangely, distracted almost. The last time they made love she closed her eyes the whole time and clearly wasn’t with him mentally. What she was envisioning she wouldn’t say, but whatever (or whoever) it was in her fantasy was not enough to get her off… Not with him anyhow. Robert came inside of her and watched his wife quickly disappear into the bathroom to wash up. He could have sworn he heard her in the bathroom masturbating, stifling her moans as her fingers pushed in and out of her body.

After that, Margaret claimed it was her ‘lady time’. It was a lie and he knew it, but she stuck to her story anyway. Then she told him she was tired, and sick, and not in the mood. Not even bringing Margaret her favorite chocolates worked. Now in his early fifties, Robert was seriously considering rekindling his affair with Tatiana from the office. She married briefly and divorced and he knew she wasn’t seeing anyone right now. They could be fuck-buddies again, he reasoned. And with Margaret and the twins going off to his sister-in-law’s second wedding, he would have a week to play. These were his thoughts as he drove down the neighborhood street and out onto the highway, joining the other cars in the hot July sun. It was going to be a long day at work.

It was around this time that Margaret was getting dressed for the day. Lisa and Leslie, her daughters, walked into the master bedroom to find their mother sitting motionless on the end of the king sized bed wearing everything they had purchased for her. Black fishnet stockings covered her legs and terminated at her thighs. Wrapped around her thighs were dildos that strapped to her legs instead of to her crotch the way the other toys would. She also wore a dildo that strapped to her face – its appearance was almost as if the toy was protruding right from her mouth. A matching black bra held up Margaret’s ample breasts with her nipples barely poking out of the top. In each hand she held a vibrator, already slicked up with lubricating jelly. They all were of course; the face-dildo dripped the clear goo onto Margaret’s bare upper thigh and trickled down toward her pussy.

The twins walked in bare naked holding the Idol of Lesbos between them, it’s new copper form a stark contrast from the wooden vessel that held the power within before. They ogled their mother lustily, marveling at how much fun the day was going to be. Setting the idol on their father’s nightstand, the twins climbed the bed and began kissing their mother on her neck and ears mirror image to each other. Margaret breathed excitedly at their touch, barely able to contain herself from worshiping their bodies. They were such perfection, her daughters! To think that she birthed such incredible beauties made her heart skip and made her want to reward them for being so sexy. They deserved as much gratification as she could give them – that’s what the idol was telling her anyway.

‘Worship them.’—-‘Pleasure them.’

‘Your daughters.’—-‘Lesbian mistresses.’





The twins suckled her breasts as they slowly eased down on her thigh mounted strap-ons. They moaned simultaneously and the stereo sound of their cunts hungrily devouring the lengths of the toys made Margaret shiver in delight.

“Ooh, look! Mommy is nothing but a big dildo now,” Leslie teased.

Lisa chucked, “That’s what you are there for, aren’t you mommy? Are you our fuck toy mommy? Our sexy mommy-dildo?”

Margaret closed her eyes, dropping the greased up toys on the bed so that she could cup her daughters’ asses. Unable to speak, she nodded the dildo mounted on her face up and down in agreement. Days of twisted sexual activity with her daughters had passed and the fortyish woman still couldn’t believe how crazy it had all been. After her daughters assaulted her bursa eve gelen escort that first day, the idol switched something on in her. Neither Lisa nor Leslie would tell her how it worked but Margaret couldn’t stop thinking about woman sexually. Not that her girls gave her a chance to; they still hadn’t landed jobs yet and she was a stay-at-home mom. That meant the morning and afternoon was a near constant blur of lesbianism. Her pussy was sore at first from the pummeling they gave her, but after the fifth day the pain subsided and her body grew accustomed to the new amount of activity.

Lisa and Leslie seemed extraordinarily in tune with each other and with the idol, as if they communicated telepathically, at least on a small level. As they straddled her dildo equipped legs, they both bounced in synchronization, moaned in stereo, and orgasmed near simultaneously. Even when they weren’t performing identical tasks, one seemed to know what the other was doing and Margaret was convinced it was the idol.

There was one day when the girls left her alone for several hours and she found herself worshipping at the idol’s base, masturbating to it inexplicably, the words gushing forth from it like the juices from her own pussy.

“I’m a lesbian slut…”

“I love pussy…”

“I need to lick cunt…”

She spouted the words back out, reveling in the dirty delight they made her feel. After her orgasm Margaret had a moment of clarity where she tried to speak to the idol, to ask it what it wanted, how it worked. No answer came back to her though. As she stroked its form however she was shocked by the electrical power that came from it and found herself rubbing her cunt all over again. It was then that her daughter’s returned with two teenage girls and the four of them were gawking at her as she uncontrollably masturbated.

“Mom,” Lisa sang out, “We have some guests for you to attend to.”

She recognized the girls from the neighborhood but didn’t know their names. One was no more than a year older than the other and they were probably sisters or cousins. Pretty, young, perky breasts; Margaret felt a guilty pleasure stirring in her as she contemplated what her daughters had planned.

“You do it with your mom too?” the younger one asked in surprise.

Leslie nodded, “Don’t be so surprised, Megan.”

Lisa added, “In fact, why don’t we show you?”

And so every day went like that, where Margaret’s twins would use her as an example, or pleasure a soccer mom they picked up along the way, or simply fuck her silly while Robert was at work. As for her husband, Margaret was convinced he knew something was up. They had had intimacy problems in the past, but nothing ever like this. She tried at first to accommodate him, but the Idol of Lesbos had ruined heterosexual intercourse for her. It was as much an anathema to her as lesbian sex was before her transformation. Robert’s penis was not only a vulgar thing to her but it couldn’t even provide her pleasure through its size. The strap-ons her daughters used on her were thicker, longer, harder, and they never went soft. The women and girls Leslie and Lisa brought home were insatiable, addicted to pussy, and tired only after hours of mind blowing orgasms. Sex with her husband was a hollow feeling and an empty memory, a mistake she made where the only consolation was the birth of her gorgeous daughters. Her owners. Her mistresses. Her teachers.

Leslie was grabbing her hair now, bouncing her hips downward as she forcefully fucked the dildo on her mother’s mouth. The black toy split her daughter’s pussy open and Margaret delighted in watching Leslie’s cunt wrap around it close up. Her scent was strong and her pussy juice was dripping down the length of the toy and all over her face. Lisa was snaking her tongue up Margaret’s pussy, driving her mother mad with the expertly movements inside her. Lisa’s cunt was being fingered by her sister as the twisted trio pulsed with lust. They were both on the verge of orgasming again and this time Margaret felt the wave too. It was more than just physical – it was spiritual, a harnessing of their sexual energies that exploded together. Leslie fell off the toy and back onto the bed. Lisa rolled over moaning. Margaret glanced quickly at the clock that read 10:45am, happy to know so much of the day remain ahead of them. She dove forward in between Lisa’s legs and shoved her face-strap dildo into Lisa’s exposed hole, satisfied that she was doing her duty.

“Oooh, mommy…” Lisa moaned.



A few days after 4th of July, the twins waved goodbye to their dad from the backseat of their mom’s SUV. Margaret watched Robert disappear in the rear view mirror as they began their four hour drive to Margaret’s sister’s house the next State over. Charlotte was getting remarried and Margaret was going to be her maid of honor… Again. After one failed marriage and a string of terrible bursa escort relationships, Margaret’s ‘little’ sister was trying again at forty years old, her new boyfriend in his mid-fifties and reasonably wealthy.

The twins were dressed identically in black short-shorts and tank tops that read “Sisters Do It Better”. Their dad ignorantly thought they were merely bonding, not realizing how deep and twisted their relationship truly was. The Idol of Lesbos was securely hidden in their suitcase in the trunk.

Margaret glanced back at them, “Well, your aunt Charlotte is very excited about us coming up for her wedding.”

Leslie rolled her eyes, “Yeah, her second wedding.”

Lisa added in, “And this guy seems like an even bigger loser than the last one.”

“Yeah, it was a relief to get rid of ‘Hey, just call me Uncle Mack.'”Leslie mocked her old uncle who would ogle them when they were younger. Nothing ever happened but clearly the guy was a crime waiting to happen.

Margaret shook her head, “Bradley is very sweet. He makes Charlotte very happy.”

Leslie grinned, “Not as happy as we can make her.”

“Girls, promise you won’t cause any problems.”

Lisa put on an innocent face, “We promise to be polite.”

Margaret frowned, “You know what I mean. We can’t let them know what we’ve been doing.”

Leslie looked over at her sister and eyed her body. She answered her mother, “Don’t worry, mom. We’ll keep each other occupied.” The sisters begin rubbing each others crotches over their shorts. Margaret bit her lip as she glimpsed her daughters touching each other in the backseat. The drive would be a long one indeed.

** **

The house was tucked away off the road, tufts of palm trees springing out from the ground in three different places. Two stories high and immaculately detailed, the multi-window front simply oozed a feeling of wealth. It had been eight months since Margaret had been out to see her younger sister Charlotte, and the last visit was at Charlotte’s house. At forty-two years old, Charlotte was four and half years her junior and their dad’s last attempt at a boy. Auburn hair, five foot four, and a trim fit body, Charlotte looked very much like Margaret did before the twins her born.

Charlotte had been the wild child when they were growing up and that continued somewhat into adulthood. She bounced from boyfriend to boyfriend for years before finally marrying at thirty-five. Michael ‘Mack’ Stanislowski was a tattooed bad boy from down south that was nothing but trouble. The family joked that she married down both in character and surname. He cheated on Charlotte on her fortieth birthday and saddled her with a mortgage and thousands in credit card bills.

Then Brad showed up in her life six month ago. Nobody from the family met him yet, but he was supposedly rich and sweet and encouraging and everything Mack wasn’t. The whirlwind relationship was still in full gale winds as Charlotte moved into Brad’s house and prepared for their wedding. While most of the family was reticent to believe it was all sunshine and roses, Margaret was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Stepping out of SUV, Margaret opened the door to a blast of humid summer air. The front door of the house swung open and Charlotte appeared in the doorway with her arms raised and wide smile.

“Sissy!!” Charlotte screeched.

“Hi, Char!” Margaret called back, so happy to see her sister. She struggled to keep her eyes from scanning her little sister’s tight body and slim legs. It was so strange for Margaret to see her sister with ‘new eyes’, viewing this woman who had been part of her life forever as sexual creature, as a desired trophy, an attractive woman and potential lover. This was her sister! Being away from the idol and the twins helped considerably, but the reprogramming the idol had done to her was so pervasive that it took incredible effort to hold back her lesbian lust.

They hugged on the porch and Margaret forced her hands up onto Charlotte’s waist instead of down on her ass where they wanted to be.

“I’m so glad you made it,” the forty-two year old smiled, “What took you so long, though? You were supposed to be here hours ago.”

“Oh, the girls wanted to stop and stretch at the rest-stops along the way,” Margaret lied. They did have to pull over, but it was only when watching her daughters in the backseat finger fucking each other grew too much to bear. She pulled the SUV off the highway three times to climb in the back with Leslie and Lisa, giving into the temptation.

Charlotte put on her fake frowny face, “Oh, it’s such a long drive. I understand. So where are the twins?”

“Their back at the hotel,” she lied again. “They wanted to take a nap.” Leslie and Lisa weren’t sleeping. Margaret wasn’t sure how much sleep her daughters had since they found the idol, but it wasn’t much. The two were insatiable, spending more time in görükle escort a 69-position than they spent doing anything else. Perhaps corrupting the women in the neighborhood was a close second place, but sleep was not a top two item. The last thing she saw in the hotel room was Leslie’s back as she groaned on top of her sister, their mouths practically glued to each other’s’ pussies.

Charlotte showed her older sister around Brad’s house, bragging about how he had let her put her own touches on the décor. They finally settled in the living room with some lemonade and a bowl of fresh strawberries. “So thanks for being my maid of honor.”

Margaret responded, “Oh don’t worry about it, why wouldn’t I?””Oh, I don’t know.”Margaret put her hand on Charlotte’s knee, “You’re my little sister – of course I’m so proud of you finding the right guy.” Inside she was fuming from having to say the words. She wasn’t proud at all. She wanted Charlotte on her knees, a strawberry in her mouth, gliding the piece of fruit over her now-shaved cunt lips.”You’re the best big sister in the world.””Don’t you know it.”There had been sounds from down the hall, and as they drew nearer, Margaret realized it was a shouting match between a man and a woman. A girl, actually. Brad finally appeared with a young blonde girl close behind. Brad was in his early fifties, bald with chiseled features, thin build that screamed office worker. Actually he was a VP for an industrial firm and still managed to bring home a sizeable amount of money after paying his ex-wife per the divorce settlement. The teenager was on the slender side, nice tits, and a bubble butt. Her face was pretty but it screamed ‘bitch’ all over. “This is so stupid. I don’t know why I can’t go to my mom’s.”Brad turned around and put up his hand, “Because your mother is in the Bahamas spending her alimony check with her new boyfriend.””I’m old enough to take care of myself.””Don’t you want to be there at my wedding?”Cindy looked at Charlotte, her new step-mother to be and snarled, “Not really.” Charlotte was trying to look unfazed and stood up courteously, “Cindy, let me introduce you to my sister Margaret.”Cindy stopped in her tracks, unimpressed and barely glancing at Margaret, “Oh, charmed. I would love to stay and chat but I need to go somewhere not here.” With that she walked out of the room and back down the hall where she came from. There was the sound of feet pounding on stairs and the inevitable door slam.Charlotte had her hand up to her temple like she was nursing a headache, then remembered her sister and fiancé were standing there quietly. “So this is Brad…”Margaret tried to ignore the drama and continued with the façade, “Nice to finally see you in person, Brad. We spoke on the phone for months but never had a chance to really meet till now.”The three chatted for over an hour, with Margaret struggling to keep her eyes from undressing her own sister. The incestuous fantasies were building incrementally as Margaret constructed a half dozen scenarios in which she would be licking Charlotte’s sweet mound. She couldn’t admit to herself that the perverted things her own daughters were doing had wormed their way into her desires as well. The idol was responsible for it all ultimately. But despite the unwavering force the magical statue placed on her daughters, Margaret could help but wonder if her ‘initiation’ had been slightly influenced by the free will of Leslie and Lisa. They knew there would be no repercussions to their attack on her, they knew the idol would ultimately bend her to their will. Could it be that the idea to lesbian-rape her for hours had been their decision? Where did the idol begin and the woman end? These were mysteries she may never understand, but Margaret’s panties were soaked just thinking about what her daughters did to her that first morning, and how every perverted experience since then had been a longing attempt to achieve those nasty orgasms again. Was it the idol warping her mind or was it some dark desire to be thoroughly taken that caused her to climax so hard? Once again, the same question with no answer.

** **

The following day, Margaret and the twins left the hotel around noon to get a good lunch before the day of wedding dresses and last minute party arrangements began in earnest. As the three stepped into the elevator, Liliana Ramirez pushed her cleaning cart to room 315 and slid her access card into the key slot. The door opened to the suite and the thirty year old Hispanic woman grabbed her bucket to start work on the bathroom. Having cleaned rooms a thousand times before, she paid little attention to the items on the counter and never noticed the toy cleaning sprayer that was mixed in with the hair products and make-up kits.

Liliana made her way into the room with double beds and found neither of them slept in at all. Nobody had even lay on the covers and not a wrinkle anywhere in the fabric. That was a bit curious for the brown-skinned woman, but not nearly as strange as the suite area. The coffee table had been pushed off to the side for no apparent reason and a clear sticky goo was puddled up on one of the sofa cushions. The goo dissolved in an instant with a wet wash cloth and Liliana cleaned it up readily to the point where all that was left was a water stain.

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