Emily’s Story

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This is the first story I have written for this category. If you like it please vote. Comments are also very especially appreciated as well.

My name is Emily. For the most part I would consider myself to be just any other ordinary teenage girl. I am eighteen years old and a senior in high school. I have lots of friends. Ok, I am actually kind of shy and have only a few friends. Well really I have only one good friend. Tracy has been my BFF since forever. Recently to earn some extra money I have just started to babysit for this single mom named Megan who lives down the street from my parent’s house.

One Friday night when I was babysitting for Megan and after I had put her two year old little girl to bed for the night I got bored with what was on TV and started to look through her DVD collection to see what I could find. Most of the titles were chick flicks starring Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, and Jennifer Lopez among several others. All of which sadly I had all ready seen. As I was reaching for another stack of DVD’s to look through I knocked over the pile and the covers of several near the bottom of the pile caught my attention. On the covers were pictures of several topless women. Looking through the rest of the stack I slowly read the titles: Pussy Party, Just Girlfriends, Lesbian Triangles and Girls Wanted to name just a few of them.

While I had obviously heard of porn I had never watched any of it before. I had always just assumed it was something men watched not young single moms. As I looked over the covers on the DVD’s I got curiouser and curiouser. The women all looked so beautiful. Finally I broke down and slipped one into the player. As I kind of expected from what I had heard there was not much story line. It just seemed like two or more women would just meet up and then the next thing they were all naked and would start having sex with each other. Soon tongues and fingers were being inserted into each others vagina’s while nipples were being kissed, licked and pinched.

Slowly but with a steady increase I started to become aroused. I could feel the warmness and wetness starting to spread from between my legs. Soon one of my hands also found its way between my legs. Quickly I slid my tight shorts down over my legs so I could spread them wider making it easier. I had only just discovered masturbation about a year ago. I guess you might call me a late bloomer. My hand was now fully inside of my panties as I alternated between rubbing my clit and fingering myself.

Soon I felt I was close to achieving orgasm so I started rubbing my clit harder and faster. This had always brought me over the edge in the past. Then it hit, my most powerful orgasm to date. My whole body shuddered. I think I even almost lost consciousness. Just as I was recovering I heard the front door open. I was caught pulling my shorts back up just as Megan walked into the room. The video was still playing on the TV.

I was so embarrassed I just wanted to become invisible so I could sneak out of the room unnoticed. I thought she would be furious with me. “I am so sorry Miss Taylor. I never should of started to watch those movies. It won’t happen again,” I started to say.

But before I could even finish Megan said, “It’s all right Emily. It is not a big deal. I should never have left those movies out here anyway. Just gather yourself together while I go check in on Amy.”

A few minutes later after I had gotten my shorts pulled up and shirt tucked back in, taken out the movie and straighten up the rest of the movies Megan came back in. I started to try and explain again but she stopped me.

“Really it isn’t any big deal. I am not mad at you. You are young and curious. Just like I was at your fatih escort age. Actually I am kind of a little excited that you found my little collection so entertaining.”

A few days later Megan called, “Emily can you babysit for me again tomorrow night? I know it is a school night, but I have client meeting that I just can’t change. I won’t be to late.”

“Of course, I would be glad to. No Problem,” I replied.

Again after Amy was asleep I found myself flicking though the TV looking for something interesting to watch. But I found myself starring at the pile of DVD’s. Searching through the stack I quickly realized Megan had moved her collection. Not surprising. Still bored I ended up just watching some old reruns. It was not that much longer that I heard the door open and Megan entering the room again.

She just came into the room and sat down on the couch next to me. More liked flopped down. “Well I hope you had better night than I did. I worked all last week on getting this presentation ready. And when I was all done presenting it the client just said, ‘Sorry, but we have decide to go with somebody else.’ Like they couldn’t of told me that before I started. And not waste my time.” After a pause she said, “I could really use a big glass of wine right now.”

Getting up from the couch and starting for the kitchen she turned back and said, “Do you want one?”

Kind of stunned not knowing what to say, “I have never had wine before. I haven’t even tried a beer yet.”

Megan came back into the room very shortly carrying two glasses handing me one. “Here you go. It is not a good idea to drink alone.”

“I don’t know. I should really need to be getting home,” I said.

“Nonsense it is still early. Sit with me a while. Let’s talk.”

As I sipped the glass of wine I really started to enjoy the taste. Megan started asking me all kind of questions. How was school going? Do I have many friends? I told her about my one really good friend Tracy. What sort of classes I liked the most?

She told me about her brief marriage. Basically she was dating this guy and they got careless and she ended up getting pregnant. They got married because they both thought it was the right thing to do. It ended up being a huge mistake and they quickly divorced.

Finally she asked the question, “So how did you like watching some of little collection the other night?”

Shocked by her frankness I kind of started to stammer out a response. “I had not ever watched any porn before. So I was just curious as to what it was all about. I had heard some of the other kids at school talk about it.”

“Well judging by what I saw you really enjoyed your first time. You looked like you really had gotten into it.”

Starting to become a little embarrassed as to where this conversation was going I got up to leave, “I really must be getting home. It is getting late.”

“Emily have you ever been with another woman?” Megan asked.

“No, never. I would never,” I stated. “I really have not even been with boy yet. I mean I have kissed and fooled around a bit, but I am still…,”

But before I even could finish my sentence Megan said, “But you are still a virgin.”

Bashfully I answered, “Yes.”

Megan followed me as I walked to the front door. Just as I was about to open the door Megan put her hands around my waist and pulled me close to her. Before I could realize what was happening she pressed her mouth to mine giving me a long lingering kiss. At first I tried to pull away but I soon liked the feel of her soft lips on my own and put my arms around her as well and pulled myself closer. We continued to kiss each other for several moments. Eventual istanbul escort her tongue pushed its way between my lips and I responded in kind. This continued for several more moments.

Eventually she broke our embrace and took hold of my hand leading me down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“My bedroom,” she responded.


“Because I have never tasted a virgin pussy before.”

“Ohhh,” I answered as I let her lead me down the hall toward her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom we started to undress each other. Me more nervously than she. As we did this I started to notice for the first time how similar in appearance we are. I had always thought of her as much older than myself because she has a child. But in actuality she was probably only less than ten years my senior. She was a little taller about 5’6″ to my 5’5″ but our hair was both the same light brown color. When we were both topless I also noticed how much alike our breasts appeared. Both a nice full C cup with big round nipples. Megan could easily pass for my older sister if she wanted to.

With my own bra removed Megan’s hands quickly found my breasts. She carefully squeezed and caressed them both then played with my nipples which were quickly becoming hard and sensitive. I soon followed and did the same to her breasts. The whole time we somehow managed to keep our mouths still tightly locked together exchanging gentle kisses. Then her mouth moved down and took one of my nipples between her lips then moved to the other. Then back to the first and alternating between the two. Soon my nipples were at the peak of their sensitivity. This is when Megan pushed me down on to my back in the center of her bed. Once I was on my back she quickly loosened by shorts and pulled them down along with my panties. There I was completely naked lying before her.

Before joining me on the bed Megan pushed her own slacks and panties down in one swift motion then stepped out of them. She stood there for a very brief second giving a quick view of her naked body before proceeding to join me on her bed. Soon our naked bodies were entwined as we resumed our embrace pressing our naked breasts into each other. One of her hands worked its way down my body and found its way between my legs and I felt a finger being inserted inside of me. The finger soon retreat as Megan brought it back up to her mouth to taste. Sucking on it between her lips.

“MMM, very sweet,” she moaned, “I can’t wait to taste it directly from the source.”

Megan broke her kiss and started to work her way around my body. She kissed and licked my neck, nibbled on one of my ears before moving to my shoulders. Then down again to my breasts and nipples pausing to kiss and suckle on each nipple in turn. Then to the space in my cleavage between each breast. Slowly she worked her way down my abdomen and across my stomach pausing briefly at my navel to play with it with her tongue. Finally she moved below my waist. Instinctively I spread my legs wider and raised my hips up off the bed to open myself up to her. I did not have to wait long to feel her tongue run its way from the bottom of my pussy all the way to the top then pause briefly to flick her tongue on my clit. I had never felt anything before that felt so wonderful. Her tongue was like magic between my legs licking here then there and back again. Then she would concentrate her tongue on my clit while first inserting one then two fingers inside of me. Slowly at first she just worked them in and out then she started to go faster as I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter.

My arousal kept getting greater and greater. Wonderful feelings started to spread out from the center taksim escort of my body. Breathing became more intense shorter and deeper. Megan realized I was getting close and moved her attention to focus on my clit. Her tongue started flicking my clit faster and faster then she would gently suck on it with her lips. Then again with her tongue.

“Ohhhh, I’m comingggg!!!” I finally shouted as my whole body shook and spasmed on the bed. It was the most wonderful and thrilling feeling I had ever felt in my entire life.

As I recovered from my orgasm Megan crawled up on to the bed next to me and cuddled me in her arms. I turned my body onto my side so that my head was resting on one of her breasts. I could feel her chest rise and fall with each breath as I was still breathing hard myself.

When my breathing had returned to somewhat normal Megan asked, “Emily do you want to lick my pussy?”

“I have never done anything like that before,” I replied. “But yes I do.” Then I moved so that my head was now down between her legs.

As I stared at Megan’s sex for the first time having never seen another woman so up close I just contemplated what I should do first. Finally Megan just said, “It’s not going to bite you. Just take a taste with your tongue. I think you will really like it.”

Cautiously and very nervously I reached out with my tongue for my first taste of another woman. At first I tried to imitate what I had felt Megan do. I ran my tongue from the bottom all the way to the top. Her taste had me intoxicated instantly. I had never before tasted anything like it before. It was wonderful and indescribable both at the same time. Soon I found my own rhythm as I worked my mouth, tongue and lips around her sex. It was like I instinctively knew what to do and what would give Megan the most pleasure.

My nervousness started to subside as I drove my tongue deeper into Megan folds. Her taste and smell filled my senses as I started to eagerly lap at her womanhood. Finding her clit I concentrated my attention at that point wanting desperately to give her the same pleasure I had just received from her. Glancing up at her face I could see that my efforts had started to take effect. Both of her own hands were firmly holding her breasts from beneath as her fingers tweaked and pinched her nipples. With my own hands I spread her open wider so my tongue could reach deeper into her. Playfully I pushed my tongue as far as it would go into her. Noticing the same signs in her when I am almost there I again focused on her clit. Concentrating all of my attentions on that point wanting to bring her over the edge.

“Ohhh Emily, I am almost there. Keep going,” she moaned. “There it is. Ohhhh I’m cominggg!!!”

Her orgasm appeared to be as strong as mine had been. Her body shook and spasmed as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hands clawing at the bed covers. Her breath coming in short deep gasps.

“That was amazing,” she finally said. “Are you sure you have never done that before?”

Feeling very proud of myself for making her come, but also still a little embarrassed about having sex for the first time and with another woman to boot I just said, “No I never have, but I really liked it too.” Then I added, “Can we do this again sometime?”

“We will see,” is all she said in reply as we once again cuddled together on her bed.

Since that night I still babysit for Megan quiet often. And sometimes she really does want me to babysit, but other times we have sex. She has even gotten me to fuck her several times with one of her many different strap-ons. I have really become very good at this and can make her come really hard this way. Megan has even offered several times as well to pop my cherry with a strap-on, but so far I have not let her. But I really want for her to do it very soon. I just need to get up the courage.


Thanks for reading. Please comment or let me know if you would like to see this story continue.

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