Daddy , Sylvia

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Most of the following words were from one of my previous stories and the extensive editing and character changes, along with the beginning set-up were from the warped imagination of The Purvv.

I sometimes wonder if I’m overly observant or if others purposely ignore some things that they see, preferring not to face some of the secret forbidden things going on around us; or, maybe it’s just that when you’ve once been keyed in, it’s much easier to recognize the truth.

I apologize for that cryptic observation and I’ll try to explain. Yesterday, I went to the International House of Pancakes for breakfast and while there, I was sitting across and slightly behind a mother and father with their two daughters (I think). The younger of the two was only about 14, and she sat in the booth alongside her mother. The oldest daughter, who seemed to be about 18, sat on the inside of the opposite side, with her father sitting alongside her.

Maybe because of all those times when I was younger when my father was secretly either trying to rub against me or touch me, or those other times when it was me who was trying to get him to do something, but in looking at this pretty girl, I just knew that she and her daddy were having sex! Don’t ask how I knew, I just did. I guess it was the way that I could see her looking coquettishly at him and smiling that cute yet innocent smile whenever she realized her mom wasn’t paying attention, which was most of the time (How can some women be so dumb as to not see things like that going on right beneath their noses?)

Then in addition, I could also tell what was going on between that father and daughter from the way he occasionally leaned over toward the girl, again when it was safe from his wife’s eyes.

None of the above has anything to do with my story, except seeing them brought back memories of all those preteen and early teen years that my dad and I were probably very close to doing something. However, one of us always seemed to be on the cool side whenever the other was on the ‘curious’ side. Though there were many looks and touches that passed between us, we never consummated our feelings.

That is until last year, when I went to visit him.

What had happened in our family was that my mom and dad divorced when I was 16, and he moved away. It was devastating to me, but I understood. She had turned into a real bitch and I do believe that he had stayed with her only because of me. It just became so unbearable for him that he finally gave it up.

After the divorce, he moved to Oregon, and he and I stayed in contact, mostly by computer; at first by email, and then by IM. Damned if the separation didn’t seem to give us more freedom in conversation and over the ensuing months, daddy and I began to talk pretty openly. It was more as if I were a grown-up friend than a teenage daughter. I can’t say when he first openly admitted that he had always wanted to have sex with me, but that seemed to be when we really began to be honest with each other. I told him of my sexual feelings for him, and how I too, fantasized, and even masturbated, with thoughts of him in my head. Our conversations became pretty heated from that point forward. Shortly thereafter, we began telling each other that maybe someday we could actually do it, and a few times, we even had phone sex. Of course, I never told my mom.

Naturally, when the opportunity came that allowed me to go to college less than 100 miles from where my dad was now living, I jumped at the chance.

Yeah, right, I know, most of you think of a father and daughter doing such things as disgusting, and for those of you who think that, don’t read further. This is about the time I lost my virginity… to the most wonderful man on earth.

As I stepped off the plane the hot air rushed to surround me, I breathed in and smiled as I looked around me at my first taste of Oregon. However, it didn’t last long; the trembling that had been inside me the last few days was growing worse. Hell, this was my own father, and I was actually planning to have sex with him… and him with me. I was terribly excited, knowing that his desire for me was just as strong, if not stronger than mine.

I hadn’t seen him in over three years, and during that time our internet conversations had become very mature, to say the least. What would it be like to see him again, after we had become so open, after we had actually talked of having sex together? What would it be like to feel him against me, just to touch him as a man, rather than as my father? Ohh! I just couldn’t think about it, the feelings were so overpowering.

I walked silently through the cool air-conditioning of the main terminal of the airport. I was wearing his favorite items of my clothing. My white shirt was open, all except one button; the gold square that holds the cups of my black satin style bra together was clearly visible. The light blue jeans, which he had always preferred off than on (he used to encourage me to wear just my panties around the house when mom Beylikdüzü escort wasn’t around) were settled on my hips, hugging my body.

My jewelry was light. As always, I was wearing all silver, the bands that surround my wrists were feminine and delicate; the big hoop earrings give me an air of confidence and the small silver heart that was resting at my throat made me feel sexy. My hair was cascading over my shoulders, tousled and sexy looking as usual.

Daddy saw me the second I walked through the door. I smiled, seeing the look on his face, knowing that I had been on his mind every day for over three years now. As I looked over to him he made his way towards me, I came to a standstill; there was no way I could move. He stood right next to me for a fraction of a second before dropping down and scooping me into his arms as he kissed me passionately. I gasped as our lips connected. Ohh! I couldn’t take it, I knew meeting him would be good, excellent in fact, but the electricity that was running like wildfire through my body was so intense.

We both should have been afraid of people at the airport, I suppose, but I think we both felt that they would simply think of us as an odd older/younger couple. Some would probably hrumph disagreeably, but no one would suspect our relationship.

I could hardly breathe as he moved away to look at me, his tanned skin in contrast to the pale milkiness of mine. He was taller than I was, but that only accentuated the age difference. Although I felt small, I also felt powerful. After all this time on the internet and phone, I knew I could turn him on beyond anything. As Daddy hugged me to him again, I felt his cock swelling in his trousers.

“Ohh!!!!!! God! Daddy you’re getting hard,” I whispered.

“You noticed,” he replied laughingly, as he smiled down at me.

I could see his eyes glint as he let his hand move down over my back and onto my ass. I looked into his eyes and saw the mischievous look as he pulled me hard against him. — Yeah, daddy had touched my ass many times during my life, but it was only during those last few months at home before the divorce that he did it and we both seemed suddenly aware of each other. And in more than a father-daughter way.

“Ohh!” My breath was expelled from my body as Daddy’s lips captured mine once again; his tongue teasing mine as my eyes closed from the intense feeling of lust that rushed through me, as I felt his hard cock pressing against me.

If this seems all too fast to the readers, it should be pointed out that we had actually mentally met in this same way in our various conversations.

“Daddy, I don’t want to be here… please…” I trailed off, my voice barely a husky whisper as he took my hand in his and walked towards the doors.

As he drove out of the airport his hand rested on my thigh, and I couldn’t believe the heat that was generated through my jeans. The drive was less than an hour but his fingers were driving me mad. I had started squirming in my seat, absentmindedly trailing my long nails over my bra covered-nipples, making them peak through my bra. Although I was still an innocent virgin, I somehow felt like a real woman with him. My body was doing things that I’d never felt before.

The journey seemed to take hours, but finally he pulled into a driveway and the car slowly came to a halt.

I moaned softly at the loss of contact as my father removed his hand from my leg, and I slipped silently from the passenger seat and watched, as he fumbled slightly with the key and then unlocked the door.

The key clicked into place and the door swung open. Daddy took my hand and led me inside. As we entered, he kicked the door closed behind us and pushed me up against the wall, his lips fusing with mine. I arched against him, my own father, our tongues entwining. His hands were all over me — teasing my nipples through my clothes — on my ass — pulling me against him.

“Ohh Daddy please…” I murmured against his lips as I felt his hard cock against me.

I pushed my hands down over his chest, beneath his shirt, feeling his nipples respond to my long nails. Eagerly my hands moved down, teasing his hard cock. Daddy gasped at my boldness.

“Ahhhh Precious, I want to fuck you so bad!”

This was my own father. I suppose most people would think of that as criminal, yet his words turned me on so much that when he said my pet name, it sent a shiver right through me. His newly acquired accent was so husky and soft; just like all the times he called me.

Between the years of boys groping me and their reactions, coupled with how Dad and I talked on the phone, I knew I could make him cum whenever I wanted. I liked the power that gave me, yet loved the weakness inside me where I knew he could do exactly the same to me.

The breathing from both of us had begun to quicken. Our bodies arched against each other; our lips melting as our tongues teased and played.

“Daddy I want… I want…” I gasped and trailed off as his fingers Beylikdüzü escort crept up under my bra to tease my nipples.

“Mmmm — you want what Sylvia?” His voice was muffled because his tongue was still entwined with mine.

“I… I want you to f-fuck me,” I gasped in-between kisses.

“Ohh uhhmm…” he moaned, his breath completely ragged as he became more forceful with his movements. His body was crushing against mine, his fingers pinching my nipples, his mouth kissing me roughly.

Instinctively, I started unbuttoning his shirt with deft fingers, and Dad’s hot hands slipped my shirt off my tingling skin. His shirt soon followed mine in a pool on the floor as our hands started to explore each other’s naked skin. Daddy and daughter in the heat of passion, already out of control and close to joining the millions of incestuous others.

My body trembled as my own father pushed my bra over my breasts. He leaned down; I knew what was coming, but when his tongue encircled my nipple, ohh I couldn’t help but moan as my body arched forcefully against him. I pulled his head up and looked into his eyes. I could see the lust and frustration there. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, slowly pulling it forward and letting it slip from my body.

“Ahhh Sylvia, Precious, please… let me…”

“Let you what?” I asked huskily, as I cupped my breasts in my hands and pushed them together, teasing my nipples with my nails. “Would you like to fuck me Daddy? Would you like to slide your hard cock inside me?”

I knew the affect these words would have on him, remembering the first time I spoke them to him on the phone and how he had cum, on the spot.

“Yesssss!” The word was hissed from his lips. His eyes traveled over my creamy soft breasts. My nipples dark and peaked, were just begging to be touched.

I could see him aching to touch, to feel, but most of all, I could see his strong desire, his need, to just fuck me.

My hands released my breasts and I heard him exhale sharply as they bounced. I moved my hands to his belt, unfastening it, and slowly slipping it through the hooks. Daddy just stood there, mesmerized by the effect my movements had on my breasts. I pushed his trousers down over his hips, shortly followed by his boxers. He groaned as the shorts brushed over his painfully hard cock. I watched as his eyes widened as I slipped my jeans down over my hips, moving my body sensually as the material slipped down my legs.

“Daddy, please take me,” I whispered against his mouth as I molded my body against his, winding my tongue into his mouth. My god, I was frantically tongue-kissing my own father and couldn’t get enough of him!

The groan Daddy emitted then was intoxicating, I captured his mouth with mine, biting down softly, tugging at his lip, laughing huskily as he growled at me. He pushed against me as he kissed me tenderly. He caught me off guard with his tenderness. Up until then, he had been passionate and rough. I could hardly take the tender caress of his mouth upon mine.

My legs started to buckle as tremors ran throughout my body. His strong arms caught me and held me against his body as he lowered us to the floor. My body lay beneath his. My cool blue eyes, glazed with lust, searched into his. I felt his body tremble as I skimmed my fingertips over his chest, brushing his hard nipples with my cool fingers. As I heard his deep primitive male growl, I couldn’t help but arch against him and moan in reply.

It still amazes me that my own father could provoke such responses from me! A small part of me had been worried that it wouldn’t be as hot and heated as it was when we talked online and on the phone. As this thought flicked through my mind, I remembered the way he could make my body tremble, make me moan by just saying, “Hi honey.” This memory just heightened my senses, as he placed his palm flat on my breastbone before sliding his tanned male hand down between my breasts, over my stomach and down onto my heated thighs.

I closed my eyes as I sucked air into my lungs. My lips were dry as I ran my tongue across the full pout of my mouth. I reached down and wrapped my cool fingers around my father’s hard, throbbing cock.

“Daddy, I want you to fuck me,” I heatedly urged.

I opened my legs, slipping my other hand down and stroking my damp panty clad pussy. I released his cock as I watched him watching my fingers. We had discussed each other’s fantasies and I knew what this would do to him. As I slipped my middle finger over my clit, I heard him gasp.

“You want this too, don’t you?” I questioned, knowing the answer before he had even taken a breath to reply. “You still want your daughter’s little virgin pussy, don’t you Daddy?”

His eyes snapped up to meet my cool blue gaze.

“What?” he whispered, “you said you were going to sleep with… with that guy…” He managed to get this out in short ragged breaths.

I clasped his ass in my hands and pulled him towards me so I could whisper in Escort Beylikdüzü his ear, “Yes, but I wanted this hot, hard cock to be the first inside my virgin cunt.” I accentuated the last two words and my father’s breath came out in a trembling moan as his cock pushed against my damp panties.

“Oh god OH god OH goddddd,” he whispered against my neck.

Only the flash in my eyes conceded my worry as he pushed himself up and pulled me towards him.

“Daddy…” my voice had a nervous tremor in it, and I hoped to god, he didn’t hear it.

His arms reached out and surrounded me. Then he gathered me up, and I sat quietly on his lap. He tilted my face up towards his and kissed me hungrily. I gasped with relief as I realized he still wanted me.

“God Sylvia you’ve no idea how much I need you.”

He picked me up and I started to yell, “No, NO, Daddy — put me down!”

“SHH” He bent his head and once again, his lips captured mine, silencing my yells as quickly as they had begun.

“I’m perfectly capable of walking, you know,” I said, as my lips formed a sexy little pout.

He just growled as he carried me into his bedroom and lay me onto the soft cool sheets. I couldn’t help it, my body started to tingle as I watched him. I was so nervous, yet the twisting in my stomach was quickly turning into lust and excitement. I was completely embarrassed but I knew I wanted to do this. I had been thinking about it for the past three years. I let my hands trail down my body, stopping momentarily to tease my peaking nipples. My fingers traveled down over my heated body, trailing a cool path down over my stomach and onto my thighs, before slowly teasing the wetness surrounding my pussy lips.

My left hand started to stroke and twist my erect nipple as my right hand began to slowly enter my hot, wet pussy. I kept my eyes lowered to my body. I knew if I looked up, I would be flooded with embarrassment.

I’m not entirely sure if Daddy had realized what I was doing, but suddenly I heard him gasp a ragged breath, and I knew he had seen me. I knew I was blushing; I got that tremendous flushed feeling as his eyes bore into me. I began to stroke my clit in teasing little circles; my breathing became labored as my finger moved down into my wetness. A moan escaped my lips as the tension inside me began to mount.

“Oh god, Sylvia please!”

My eyes flicked open as I heard my father’s lust-filled voice. My eyes met his and the electricity raced right through me. My body arched as my finger finally slid inside my hot, wet pussy.

“Ohh godd!!!” The words were hissed from my lips as I started pushing my finger inside myself. The look he gave me then nearly pushed me over the edge. His heated gaze was frantically running over my body as I started fingering myself. “Ohh jeeezus… Daddy. I’m… oh god — I’m gonna cum…”

My eyes started to glaze over as I watched him sliding his hand over his hard cock, my fingers working in a frenzy, sliding in and out of my hot cunt.

Suddenly he was there, on the bed between my legs. My body arched eagerly in anticipation. Daddy leaned forward and I felt his warm breath. I was so turned on! At the first touch of his tongue, my body convulsed. His fingers had carefully pried open my inner pussy lips and his tongue caressed the inner surfaces. When his tongue touched me, I thought I was going to hit the ceiling. I was twisting my hips about uncontrollably.

He licked my pussy from front to back a few times and then started flicking his tongue against my clit. I couldn’t help myself as I started thrusting my pussy against his face. I wanted that incredible feeling to keep going, but when Daddy started sucking my clit, I lost it. He sucked my clit softly, in and out of his mouth.

By that time, my moans were ending in whimpers and I knew I was close to cumming. My body was squirming around on the mattress, my pussy was fucking even stronger into his face, and my hands were clenching and unclenching as Daddy’s mouth continued to pleasure my pussy.

My fingers moved to my nipples as his tongue persistently pressed against my clit.

“Ohhh god please…” The words were hardly audible as ecstasy ran through me.

Suddenly, I gasped as my first orgasm hit me like a train. I screamed and my body kept shaking as my father sucked and licked me, and then as he put his tongue in my hole to lap up the juices that his magical mouth had released. I kept crying out as my first real orgasm consumed me.

Finally, I felt spent. My lower body un-tensed and dropped back to the bed, while at the same time my father moved up on my body, his legs between mine.

“Sylvia I have to have you, please baby, just let me fuck you.”

I stretched out beneath him, gasping as I felt my dad’s hand splay across my abdomen. I pulled him down on top of me, my hands moving over his body as our lips met in a passionate kiss, I bit his lip softly, which elicited a deep groan from him.

He moved and kissed my neck — little soft butterfly kisses, making me gasp — my body arched towards him as if it was begging him to take me. My lips caressed his ear as I whispered the words he’d been waiting for, “Please Daddy, fuck me, slide your hardness inside my virgin pussy, make me gasp your name as I cum.”

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