Daddy’s Removable Dick

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It’s the strangest thing, but all the men on my dad’s side of the family have removable penises.

I learned about it when I’d just turned eighteen and Keith, one of my older twin brothers, got in trouble for losing his.

It was a huge deal, and mom and dad almost had to reveal the family secret to the high school, not to mention all the students, just to find Keith’s dick.

Thankfully, it was only a prank pulled by the other twin, Dane. The men in my family had a habit of removing their dicks before bed, keeping themselves from wet dreams, and other complications and distractions.

Dane took Keith’s dick and hid it in his sock drawer while his twin was asleep.

Keith kept saying, “It’s somewhere soft, I can feel it!”

Dane couldn’t keep from laughing and confessed.


I wasn’t really supposed to hear, and no one knew I did. I just kinda gathered the info piece by piece, and when all the pieces snapped together, it changed the way I saw the men in my family forever.

My best friend Casey was advanced sexually, short, chubby, and busty but adorable in blonde curls, and a

had a long, cute, pink dildo. When the shock that such a thing existed wore off, it made me think of Keith’s dick.

Would it be that size? That shape?

When Casey saw me gaping, she sheepishly hid the dildo away in her end table drawer.

That night, I lay awake thinking of that dildo, wishing I had one, but knowing I could never ask my conservative mother, much less my stoic father. They’d be disappointed before refusing firmly, and I’d probably be sent to bed for good measure.

So my mind drifted to Keith’s room. He was asleep by now, surely. His dick would be…where? In his end table drawer like where Casey kept her dildo? Or under his pillow? No, that wouldn’t work. I knew enough from health class to know that a penis was sensitive. It would hurt to be squished, right?

So where?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized what I was really thinking.

I wanted to go find my brother’s dick.

It wasn’t fair that Casey got to have a dildo just because her mom was cool. Here I was, working myself up to the idea of borrowing Keith’s dick–just for an hour or two, and just to check it out.

I was too timid that night.

A week later, Keith and Dane got home from football practice looking worn out, curly black hair plastered to their twin heads from locker room showers.

It struck me that Keith would be dead asleep tonight.

Mom made frozen pizza, worn out from work at her real estate agency. Dad, like my brothers, drooped over his plate, hair in his eyes. He was a firefighter and had just gotten home from a 24 hour shift.

They were all about to crash hard, and Keith’s dick would be mine for the taking. Just to look. Just to see if it matched Corey’s dildo. No more than that.

Well, maybe I’d feel it, too. Just for a second.

I went to bed along with everyone else, only I waited for the house to get quiet. Then I waited a while longer.

I slid out of bed, heart thumping in my chest. I’d left my door open, so that was no obstacle. But Keith’s door was shut.

I stood there, staring at my brother’s door, which had never looked so scary or unfamiliar before.

I’d sneak in, and if he woke up, I’d just say I was borrowing his Switch. It wouldn’t be the first time, since he had eight games. He was always nice enough to share, too.

That made me hurt for a second. Keith would never do something like this to me. He always treated me with respect and never went into my stuff without asking.

I teetered on the edge.

But I was just going to look. Maybe one touch.

Maybe see what it tasted like. But that was it!

So I turned the knob and crept into Keith’s dark room. The only light was from his alarm clock sitting on his end table.

Keith’s breathing was heavy and deep. He was sleeping on his chest, half his handsome face crammed into the pillow.

I gave my mouth a bite of regret and pulled open his end table drawer. The soft rasp of it opening made me hold my breath.

There were condoms in the drawer, and pens, and a notepad but no dick.

Frustrated, I closed the drawer and turned toward the dresser.

Nothing but socks and underwear in the first drawer.

Nothing under his shirts in the second.

Nothing under his pants in the third.

I’d come this far! I was going to see Keith’s dick!

I peered around his room, wondering where he could possibly hide it.

I quietly pulled open his closet door, and my heart sank. There was a safe on his closet floor. It was small but expensive. Mom must have gotten it for him after the incident.

Heart low, and body throbbing, I left Keith’s room and quietly closed his door.

I’d wanted that dick in my hands!

No. If I was honest with myself, I wanted to use it. Just like Corey had to be using that long, pink dildo!

It was all I could think about.

After I stood in the hall in bitter anger and arousal for a minute, I realized it didn’t have to be Keith’s.

I was less cautious when I pushed Etiler Escort open Dane’s door. He was sleeping noisily on his side and didn’t stop while I ransacked his already dirty room, looking for his dick.

Before I pulled open his closet, I already knew what I’d find.

And there it was: a safe identical to Keith’s.

Dane’s dick was probably dirty, anyway.

My mind drifted down the hall to my parents’ room.

My body throbbed. Daddy’s dick–

But no. No way. It was one thing to think about touching or even using Keith or Dane’s dicks for a few minutes.

But daddy’s?

No. I couldn’t even think it.

Frustrated to hell, I gave up and went to bed.


That summer, I helped Keith and Dane pack the very same safes onto the moving truck. I was about to start my senior year of high school, but I’d often thought about my brothers’ removable dicks.

Occasionally, the thought of them would keep me up until I talked myself into checking their rooms again, hoping they’d left the safes open or had gotten lazy and left their dicks out. They never did.

When they left, I felt guilty since my biggest regret wasn’t that we hadn’t spent enough time together. It was that I’d never gotten my hands on either one of their disembodied penises.

I was especially regretful toward Keith, who’d been nothing but kind to me, even while I’d plotted to rob him of his most precious body part and do unspeakable things to it.

The obsession I’d grown over the past few months itched and stung as I watched my brothers drive off, removable cocks with them.


The last week of summer break, mom, dad, and I went on a fireman’s camping retreat. It was a complete bore, until I realized some of the firemen were young and hot. Many shirtless men were enjoying the lake when we arrived.

Some of them noticed me, too, until dad gave them the evil eye and chased them away. Dad gave me a nod like he’d done me a favor.

The only problem was with our accommodations. We were basically at summer camp: four to a room. Bunk beds.

Mom was annoyed. Dad was thrilled.

And because dad was chasing off any guys who gave me a second look, I was disappointed.

“Come on, you two,” dad coaxed, dark eyes glowing with reflected summer sun. “It’s a little rugged, sure, but we get to spend an entire week by the lake!”

He rarely got to enjoy himself, so mom and I obligingly bucked up.

When dad went out to grab an itinerary, I cornered mom. “Can you please get dad to stop chasing away all the hot guys? I want to have fun, too.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “I’ll try, honey. But he still sees you as his baby. Try to keep the flirting discreet.”

I didn’t know how that would work, but I promised.

Dad came back with our fourth cabin mate, slapping him merrily on the back. It was Jim Dupree, a guy who worked with dad. He was a handsome blonde guy, but a little too old for my tastes. Probably around thirty.

“Top or bottom,” Jim asked me.

I gave him a scared look before he rapped his knuckles on the bunk bed.


Jim was a muscular guy. That meant heavy. Imagine that in a rickety bed above you. “Top, please.”


Dad was usually the kind of man to keep his nose down and work hard, taking life a bit too seriously. But here, he was lighter and brighter. His dark hair even looked fluffier.

I was really happy for him. His mood even made mom cheerier. Unless that was the effect of dozens of fit firefighters eying her beautiful body.

We spent the day by the lake, and in the lake, and paddling canoes across it. It was actually really fun, even though Jim was my partner more often than not.

As we paddled our canoe after my parents’, Jim said, “So, Kitty, are you a senior this year?”


“Great! Enjoy it.”

“I will. Thanks.”

“Oh, I’m sure. High school is fun when you’re attractive.”

It wasn’t like he was hitting on me. I knew that. But it made my body heat up all the same, and I became more aware of Jim behind me. His legs were close to either side of my ass in short shorts. I could even smell him. He smelled like citrus and sunscreen. I liked it.

I looked back at him. The sun in his golden hair, the muscles, the kind blue eyes.

“You would know,” I said with the tiniest smirk.

His eyes widened before I turned back to rowing. I liked the tiny flirtation. I really liked it.

But for some reason, my mind went straight to a forbidden place.

My dad’s removable dick.

It shocked me. I hadn’t thought about it in years because I’d had my brothers’ dicks nearby to obsess over.

Why did flirting with Jim bring it to mind? His age? His build that resembled dad’s?

Once ashore, we followed our noses to grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and I noticed that Jim was eying me a bit more than before. It was still nothing sexual, as far as I could tell, but I noticed. I could feel his eyes on me sometimes. And when I turned and caught him, he would just smile kindly and I’d get myself worked up Fatih Escort another inch.

I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. He was probably super experienced and I was still a virgin. I had a feeling he would be gentle with me.

Yet, as we settled in for the night, my mind was on dad’s removable dick once more. I hated myself for thinking about it, but it didn’t seem quite as disgusting as it had years back. In fact, in light of the unexpected attraction to Jim Dupree, dad’s dick seemed intriguing.

I climbed up into bed while dad and mom rummaged around in the dark, settling in more.

Jim went out for a few bottles of water.

I started to drift off, tired from all the swimming and rowing.

Until I heard mom hiss, “Can’t you just keep it on while we’re here? There’s no good place to hide it.”

“I’ve taken it off every night for as long as I can remember, Kate. I just can’t sleep with it on.”

My pussy clenched. They were talking about dad’s removable dick. I was suddenly wide awake, listening for all I was worth, though my eyes were shut and I pretended I was sleeping.

“Put it in my purse, then, Gabe. But I swear, if you cum inside it…”

“When was the last time I–“

“Independence Day. You had four of those red white and blue shooters and came all over the inside of your safe.”

Dad laughed. “Okay, you got me. But I’ve not had a drop to drink, so it’ll be fine.”


Dad’s dick was inside mom’s purse. And at home, dad had a safe, just like my bothers did. Knowing that agitated me.

The rest of the week was a mixture of tiny flirtations with Jim during the day, which always seemed to surprise him, and obsessing over dad’s removable penis, tucked into mom’s purse at night.

I wanted to see it. Just see it. See what it looked like and felt like. Was it warm? Soft? Because of dad’s safe, this was the only opportunity I’d ever get to find out!

I had to be careful. There were three adults who could wake at any moment when I climbed down from my rickety bunk. Especially Jim, who’d grown increasingly aware, perturbed and intrigued by all my flirting.

If I started climbing down in the dead of night, he might think I was coming for him.

Each night, I gathered another piece of my plan. Each day, I took a good look at the itinerary. The last night of our stay was a picnic with raffles and contests, and most importantly, alcohol.

When the day came, I made sure to keep everyone in a good mood. I was mommy’s sunshine walking. I was daddy’s little angel. I was Jim’s forbidden fruit in a bikini. Because now his looks were a little less kind and a little less pure. He was anxious when dad was around, because he didn’t want to be caught eyeballing daddy’s baby.

Unfortunately for Jim, he was part of my plan.

When the drinks started flowing, I asked mom for a sip. She grinned naughtily and passed me her cup. I walked around with it, sipping blithely, making sure the bartender saw me with it.

He didn’t protest when I went back for more. I gave the first to mom to replace the one I’d taken. She smiled happily.

I gave one to dad, who thanked me and drank.

I gave one to Jim, and he took a wary glance at dad before he said, “Thanks, Kitty.”

“Sure, but it’s to share.”

His eyebrow went high and he took a few swallows before handing the cup back.

I took the smallest sips. “Want to meet me out here later?”

Jim lost his breath. “Fuck…”

“Maybe,” I replied coyly. “It’s the last chance we’ll get.”

He sent a worried glance at dad, who was looking back with just a touch of suspicion. Jim almost jumped out of his skin. “I don’t know, Kitty.”

“Is it because I’m so young?” I pouted, handing back his cup.

“No. Well, yeah. And your dad…”

“Well, I have a plan.”

Dad was coming to check on us so I whispered. “Tell ya bout it later.”

“You two have gotten close this week,” dad said with a tight smile.

“Yeah, we’re buds,” I said, knocking Jim’s fist with mine. “Gonna go check on mom.”

Hopefully dad didn’t get too suspicious, because I needed him to get trashed that night.

Mom too. To that end I grabbed a drink for both.

It worked very well.

When dad was in the bathroom, I approached Jim, who looked less terrified and more reckless as the drinking went on.

“After my dad starts snoring, leave the cabin and meet me by the dock.” I gave him the flirtiest smile virgin me could manage before I wandered off to make sure my parents were still drinking.

That night, as soon as my dad started to snore, Jim got up and left the dark cabin.

I waited for a few tense minutes and carefully climbed down from the bunk. I got a t-shirt from my pack and approached mom’s big purse, left just beside the bottom bunk.

Dad snored especially loud and I froze until his breath normalized.

Mom’s purse was open and I looked inside.

I was utterly disappointed.

Dad’s dick looked small and kinda saggy. It looked nothing at all like Corey’s sleek, tall dildo.

Still, Halkalı Escort I’d gone this far, and I wouldn’t back down now.

I gently grabbed the penis up in my shirt and bundled it carefully.

I climbed up into the top bunk and hid the penis in the corner of my bunk. I lay down and closed my eyes.

And when poor Jim came back and paused beside the bunk, I knew he was looking at me. I knew he was wondering whether he should wake me.

I almost laughed, and covered it up with a snore as I rolled over.

“Oh fuck,” Jim whispered before I felt a hand on my stomach. His breath came quick and heavy. “Kitty.” He was so very quiet, I could ignore him, but his hot hand was sliding under my shirt and up toward my chest.

It felt incredibly good. Maybe I should have met him outside after all.

He sighed heavily before his fingers ran over my tit. “Oh fuck.” This time, it was a bit louder. “Kitty. Come on.”

I could still ignore. I had to at this point. Pretending to wake up was far out of my acting range.

“Kitty…” His hand slid down now to the waistband of my pajama pants. Then with another gasp, he pushed under and pushed his fingers over my clit to my wet pussy. “Oh…” he moaned.

I almost let out a squeak. It felt so good.

“Kitty,” he murmured. His fingers curled into my pussy and I did squeak. I had no choice but to pretend I was waking up.

“Jim?” I said.

“Shh, shh. It’s me. You fell asleep.”

His thumb rubbed my clit. His fingers delved deeper.

I cried out.

“Shh. Please. Climb down.”

Poor Jim was all worked up. But if I went down, I was pretty sure I was going to lose my virginity. And even though Jim was handsome and kind, I was afraid.

But then, I did want Jim to continue.

“I can’t. I’m scared.”

His eyes widened. “Okay. It’s okay,” he whispered. “Can I keep touching you?”

Poor, poor wonderful Jim. I nodded.

His fingers continued to work their magic on my pussy and clit, and I heard his zipper. Then a soft, rhythmic whap, whap, whap.

In the dark, I could barely make out Jim’s hand stroking his cock. It was long and thick, just like I’d wished dad’s would be.

“Kitty,” he moaned. “God, Kitty, your little pussy.”

And I broke around his fingers, trying hard to hold in a squeal. The bunk shook with my writhing body, and Jim jerked and gasped.

After my pussy stopped throbbing, Jim slid his fingers out of me. I stared at him in amazement and he smiled back before getting into his bed.

That was the first time anyone else had made me cum. And I really, really liked it.

The next morning, mom and dad were both wrecked.

“Never again,” dad said.

Mom nodded, looking green.

“Let’s go home,” dad grumbled. “See you Tuesday, Jim.”

I let my parents get a headstart to the car and turned to Jim feeling a little shy.

“You are beautiful, Kitty. Thanks for a fun weekend.” Jim leaned down to brush my lips with his. I whimpered.

“When you’re ready…” He slipped a piece of paper into my hand.

With wet panties, I hurried to catch up with mom and dad, clutching Jim’s number in my hand.

The whole ride home, I kept waiting for one of my parents to realize dad’s penis was gone. It never happened.

They went to their bedroom and crashed, and I went to mine, waited till the double snoring started, and unwrapped the little bundle that held dad’s dick.

After seeing Jim’s cock, long and hard, dad’s looked just a bit pathetic. I touched it and got a thrill, along with some disgust.

It was warm. That was nice. I lifted it between my hands and felt it, appreciating the softness, exploring the balls with my fingers.

With a gasp, I felt the penis grow. It hardened a bit and I squeezed it a little. The thrill returned. Dad’s dick got longer. And harder. Thicker. Until it put Jim’s to shame. Until it put Corey’s pink dildo to shame.

My nipples were jagged and electrified against my bra.

My throat gulped convulsively.

This was exactly what I’d always wanted. Well, I’d wanted Keith’s. But this…

Breath shaking, I listened for dad’s snoring before I lifted his penis closer to my face. It smelled kinda funny.

And it tasted…

I pressed the tip of my tongue to the tip of the dick. It tasted kinda good! Meaty and tangy.

My pussy was gushing, now. I let my tongue trace a vein up the length of dad’s huge cock, lost to eating up this new flavor and savoring this new experience.

In his bedroom, dad snorted.

I froze, dick in my hands, tongue pressed right under the head. Pussy throbbing, clit twitching and needy.

I didn’t move a muscle until the snoring resumed.

I moaned, squeezing my legs together.

I climbed into bed with daddy’s thick penis and crawled under the covers. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down along with my panties, just enough to see my pussy lips. Then with my heartbeat crashing in my ears, I slipped the head of daddy’s penis over my slippery clit.

I gasped. “Oh my god,” I whispered to myself. “Oh. Oh.”

I rubbed the length of daddy’s fat penis over my clit and between my pussy lips. I moaned, “Oh god.” I couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. Even more amazing than Jim’s fingers had been. Even more electric and forbidden. But I thought of sweet Jim for a moment and about how I could have had his dick touching me like this last night if I’d only been brave enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32