Deon Pt. 02

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Deon 2

Jessica was the first to notice as Deon had started to suck on her tits while I started to suck his cock and lap at his balls to bring his cock back to life, she pulled Deon away and told him to look behind him.

I couldn’t stop finger fucking myself, it felt too good, there was a feeling of fullness and an incredible feeling of pressure that kept building with every thrust and I needed more of that fullness and more of that pressure until without warning I exploded over myself without touching my dick. I came so hard that some of my cum splattered against Deon’s firm ass.

My ass continued to spasm hard around my fingers and my orgasm continued long after my dick stopped spurting. I think I passed out for a few seconds, when I came to Deon had stuck his ass in my face and was rubbing up and down, I stuck out my tongue to lick at his ass and clean all my cum off his ass. I noticed that my cum didn’t taste as good as Deon’s did right from the source. As I continued to lick, tongue and suck at his asshole, I started to hear the sound of a sloppy blow job and felt drops of spit and precum land on my chest. It wasn’t long before Deon got off my face, flipped me over on to my front and pulled my ass up and back on to his hard cock again.

He mounted me and I moaned in pleasure, as that sensation of fullness returned, and that maddening, addicting, incredible feeling of pressure, a hole being utterly filled, a sense of complete bursa escort satisfaction that a dominant mans cock was in my ass again. He pulled his cock back, just leaving the head inside me, I tried to thrust back to drag his magnificent cock back inside me and he laughed at my struggles as he held me easily in place. I started to flex my ring on the head of his cock, like my ass was chewing and sucking on it, desperate to have that satisfying fullness back, that feeling of being completed. I started to whine involuntarily and my hands started to clench the bed sheet in need, I begged him to fuck me. I couldn’t help myself, I wasn’t thinking straight, that cock in ass hole was now the centre of my world, my brain was being turned to mush with every masterful stroke, I was babbling incoherently in lust.

Deon started to fuck me with long, slow strokes at first, making my eyes roll back in my head and my toes curl, it was the most delightful, intense agony, my dick was forgotten, my orgasms were continually radiating from my ass with every thrust, his rhythm sent waves of pleasure through me, everything was being washed away by those waves. He began to increase the pace and the pleasure increased tenfold, I lost track of time, I forgot who I was and where I was, it no longer mattered that my daughter’s boyfriend had forced his cock down my throat and then shoved his cock up my ass, all that mattered was that there WAS a cock up my ass görükle escort and it was driving me crazy! All too soon, Deon’s thrusts became faster and harder and I started chanting “yes..yes..yes…” and with a roar he pulled me tightly to him, squeezing my hips so hard he left bruises, after the first intense round of cum shots, he lay on my back, his hands moved to my chest and he began to gently stroke my nipples in time to his slowing thrusts as he started to come down from his orgasm. He sucked on my neck and bit my ear as he whispered “You’re a natural born bitch, baby. I own this pussy now. From now on you only cum with a man’s cock up your ass or down your throat. Fake it with your wife.” I could only whisper “Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy” in reply. Deon pulled out of me and I could feel my ass opening and closing and his cum and my natural juices started to slide down my balls and thighs.

Jessica stood in the corner, dazed and forgotten, one hand absently rubbing her pussy, the other still holding Deon’s phone. Deon looked up at her, “Go get showered and ready babe, let’s go out,” she stumbled into her ensuite on unsteady legs and started the shower. I was slumped on the bed in a puddle of drool and cum, the sound of the shower started to bring me back to my senses, as I raised my head I saw Deon staring down at me, hands on his hips, his cock half hard and covered in cum and my natural lube. Without thinking I leant forward bursa escort bayan and lapped at it, he moved forward slightly, allowing me to suck his soft cock back into my wet, willing mouth. My eyes glazed over and I started to hum and wiggle my ass in happiness like a puppy, as I slobbered and sucked his cock again.

Deon pulled me off him and sat down on the bed, my head naturally dipped to his lap but he held me off and told me to get on my knees. I practically fell off the bed and got on my knees, mouth open wide, tongue out, bouncing up and down slightly in anticipation. He smiled down at me and let me suck his growing cock back into my drooling mouth. As Jessica showered I sucked Deon’s cock back to hardness and as she finished getting dressed he came in my mouth again. I was a complete cock zombie at this point and unthinkingly opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show Deon all the cum before I swallowed noisily in several gulps.

Jessica sneered at my display and said “You’re such a whore”, Deon chuckled and patted my head, I noticed that his cock flexed at my display and I licked up more of his cum that had started oozing down his shaft. Deon noticed that my ass bounced at the word “whore”, he pushed me away, stood up and went over to Jessica. He pushed his thumb in between her lips and said “Jealous?” she blushed and didn’t say anything but I noticed she sucked his thumb harder and her nipples now looked painfully erect.

Deon turned to me and said “I’ll keep the noise down from now on if you agree to keep your mouth and pussy on call 24/7 until I leave.” “Deal” I croaked as I licked my lips, he took one last photo of me licking his cum from my lips and went to the shower.

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