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On Saturday afternoons, I liked working in the club, the money was useful, and it gave me the opportunity to see Carl, the club manager, who I had a crush on.

I had, just, finished stacking the last of the beer bottles, into the bar fridge’s, when Carl, shouted for me.

He was standing beside his desk, ” Do you want a drink?” he asked, waving a bottle of Citrus Vodka. “Sure,” I replied. He poured two large measures, and handed me one. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” I asked, with a grin on my face. “Do I need to?” He replied, putting an arm around me, and kissing me, slowly, full on the lips. I responded by pushing my tongue into his mouth, he tasted lovely. We pulled apart and gulped at our drinks. My heart was now beating as fast as a train; at last we were going to have the sex that I had craved for weeks.

Just then, his phone rang. Carl answered, “Hi, yes, that’s great, I’m in the office, come on over, you’re outside, fantastic! I’ll come down and let you in.” I couldn’t believe my luck. “I’m sorry Haley, but a D.J mate is in town, and well…we’ll go for dinner, later in the week, okay?” Even though I was horny and frustrated, what choice did I have? “Okay, but it’ll cost you,” I said, winking, as I poked him in the chest.

I was sitting on the desk, sipping my drink, when the door opened and Carl walked in with two, huge, black men. “El Arsio!” the first man shouted, “Desmond!” I shouted back, and jumped on him. Des had been the, number one, D.J at a club that I had worked in, the previous year, and ‘El Arsio’ was his nickname for me. He had tried every way possible; to get my knickers down, but I never gave in!

He was squeezing the life out of me. Slapping him around the head, I shouted, “Put me down, you big bear!” Dropping me, he growled, “Don’t hit the man,” and with his massive hand, smacked me on the backside. The force nearly knocked me off my feet. adana escort As the pain rose to the surface, I started to hop around. “Bastard, if you’ve bruised me I’ll kill you!” I threatened. “I wouldn’t want to spoil the sexiest arse in club-land, but if I have to teach you some manners, I will,” he told me.

As he sunk into the large armchair, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me across his lap.

“Buster, what do you think? Have I bruised her arse?” He asked his friend. Holding me in place with one arm, he pulled my short skirt up around my hips, with the other, exposing my buttocks, and knickers. “No, I don’t think so, but I will need a closer look,” his friend replied, as he knelt behind me, squeezing my bum cheeks, and stroking my crack, with a finger. “El Arsio, has the sexiest arse, that I’ve ever seen, but, she is, also, the biggest ‘prick teaser’ in the world!” Des announced. “When we worked, together, she would flash her tits and,” spanking me, again, “bend over, showing this lovely arse!”

As this was happening, I was wriggling and squirming, trying to get loose, “Let me go, you bastards! Don’t touch what you can’t afford!” I hissed at them. “Put me down, or else, I’ll cut your fucking nuts off!” I screamed. Laughing, Des held me tighter, and brought his hand down, harder, this time, on my buttocks. I heard the slap, before I felt the pain. As I was only wearing a tiny red thong, my bum cheeks were on fire. To stop my screaming, Des told Carl, “Put something in her mouth, to shut her up.”

“Will this do?” Carl laughed, as he dropped his jeans, proudly waving his long, slim, black cock. “I guess so. Go on shove it in.” Des commanded him. With that Carl took hold of my head, and guided his cock towards my mouth, I willingly let him slide it in. This wasn’t how I’d fantasised, it would be with Carl, but I didn’t care eskişehir escort anymore. As I slurped on his cock, I felt someone pull my thong off, and separate my legs. “Go on, give her a sandwich!” Des laughed, as Buster forced his cock into my soaking wet fanny. For a moment, I had to stop sucking Carl, “Oh my God!” I gasped, as Buster filled me. He immediately started to fuck me fast and furious, forcing Carl’s cock deeper and deeper down my throat.

Whispering into my ear, “Go on Blondie, chew that black meat!” Des spanked my arse again, “Once you’ve tried black, you’ll never go back!” All three men laughed, at me. I was in heaven, as I was being, well and truly, fucked in both ends.

“It’s my turn, now,” Des told the others. When Buster whipped his cock out of me, it made my fanny fart, giving me the giggles. As I slid down his body, his big hands pulled my vest-top over my head. I stood, naked and panting, in front of them, my breasts heaving and my legs trembling. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when he slid his track-pants down to his ankles. His cock was massive, perhaps a foot long, rock hard and very thick. “Give it a little kiss first” he chuckled. I didn’t need telling twice; I nearly dived on him. His cock was gorgeous; I put both of my hands around it, wanking the shaft as I sucked on the silky smooth knob. I wanted this to last forever, but he tapped me on the head and said, “Now get on, and ride me.”

I manoeuvred, until I was straddling him, my knees on the chair’s arms. Very slowly, I rubbed my fanny over his knob, and slowly slid it inside, inch by inch, I closed my eyes, and buried my face into his chest, as I savoured every second.

After a minute or two, as my fanny stretched to accommodate this monster cock, I began to build up a nice rhythm, rubbing my clit against his groin, every time I reached the bottom sakarya escort of the shaft. I sunk my teeth into Des’s shoulder as an orgasm ripped through my body.

When I opened my eyes, Buster was holding his cock in front of my face, without uttering a word; he pushed it into my mouth. I could taste my own love juices on him, as I ran my tongue along the veins on the shaft. I put my arms around him pulling his cock into my lipstick-covered mouth, sucking and licking, like I was possessed. As Des was grinding his cock into me, Carl stroked my bum cheeks, which were still glowing from the spanking that Des had given me. My mind was on other things, as I suddenly felt something nudge against my bum hole. With one sharp movement, Carl pushed a couple of inches of cock into my bum. I couldn’t scream because my mouth was full with Buster’s thick cock, but my eyes were watering as my hole stung with pain.

I couldn’t move, as I was jammed between three large black men, who were intent on fucking my brains out.

All I could do was hang on to Buster’s hips and cock. My tits were squashed against his face as Des speeded up, ramming me with long, deep strokes, and Carl, now had his whole cock inside my arse, jabbing me with short, sharp motions. Des grunted and groaned as he flooded my womb, with hot, sticky, spunk, within seconds Buster started to jerk, shooting his juice into my mouth, I couldn’t resist sucking until the last drops slid down my chin.

Carl grabbed my hips, and he too speeded up, making me scream, as he forced his cock deeper and deeper into me. He suddenly stopped, and I felt the heat of his come, as he ejaculated inside my arse.

We all lay together for a few moments, until Carl began to pull himself out of my bum. I had never felt anything like it, a mixture of intense pleasure and pain, as my anus contracted, to its normal size.

I rolled off Des, lying along the arm of the chair, covered in sweat, with three loads of spunk dripping out of my over stretched holes.

Des let me cuddle up. As he kissed me on the neck and cheek, I looked down at his cock, then across at Buster and Carl, who was now pouring out more drinks, and couldn’t believe what I had just done.

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