Discovering Intimacy Ch. 2

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I first met Carol during Freshers’ Week at University. Before that week was over we were to have formed a friendship that has lasted, so far, for almost ten years. She was, and still is, warm, friendly and stunningly good looking. I suppose, if I was being honest, I’d admit that even then I found her attractive. Not that I’d have admitted it then. With my fairly religious, strict, middle class, Northern Irish background I wasn’t even aware that I could have those sort of feelings for a member of my own sex. I’d had enough problems boys and even though Paul and I had had an active and pretty adventurous sex life for quite some time I still had more than my fair share of guilty feelings.

My parents would never have approved of Carol. Although, to be fair, they wouldn’t have approved of Paul either if they knew about even half of the things that he and their precious daughter got up to. They’d probably have disowned me too. Carol’s free and easy attitude towards sex and her sexuality would have outraged them. It shocked me slightly when I realised just how sexually active she was. If the number of partners Carol had had disturbed me the fact that they hadn’t exclusively all been men was way beyond my ability to comprehend.

Carol was openly bisexual and while I may not have been comfortable with the fact it didn’t stop me from liking her. I imagine that, secretly at least, it added to her attraction. Over the course of our first year our friendship grew to the point that when the time came when we had to move off campus and get a flat in town I had no hesitation in agreeing to sharing a flat with her.

As I’ve said, initially I was shocked by what I thought of as Carol’s ‘promiscuity’. As time went on I grew, secretly at least, to envy her carefree attitude. Carol, while single, had an active and, from all appearances, extremely satisfying sex life. Despite having a boyfriend my own sex life, during term time anyway, was practically non existent being restricted to those rare weekend visits home and even rarer visits from Paul. It wasn’t that I didn’t get any offers. I’d had quite a number and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes find them tempting. Tempting or not however, there was no way I could have brought myself to be unfaithful to Paul. After all, when we were together during the vacations, our sex life was full, varied, satisfying and ultimately exhausting. I used to get no end of stick from Carol after I’d been home for any time. Once I returned from a weekend at home to find she’d bought me a thick padded cushion to sit on and she’d poke fun at me if I so much as dared to yawn in her presence. On the whole I was happy to endure a term filled with abstinence, relying only on my fingers and my imagination to relieve my frustration, when I could spend as much time as I wanted to with Paul during the holidays.

My contentment however, wasn’t to last. We’d been drifting apart ever since ever since I’d decided to leave home to go to University. I wanted to broaden my horizons and experience new things whereas Paul was content to stay at home. Even when we were together it was clear that we were becoming more distant. Don’t get me wrong, we still enjoyed each others’ company and the sexual side of our relationship was nothing short of fantastic, but each time we were together it was increasingly obvious that we had less and less in common. In the end we just fizzled out.

It was during the spring term of my second year when we finally called it quits and admitted it was over The end had been inevitable for some time but that didn’t make it less painful. Despite the barriers that had grown up between us, deep down I still loved Paul. I’d had a few ‘boyfriends’ before him but it was with Paul that I had surrendered my virginity, just as he had surrendered his to me. He had been my first and, until then, my only and once he was gone I was devastated.

I guess it was inevitable that I went off the rails a bit after that. Figuring that if Carol was able to enjoy a being with a different partner whenever she wanted then, surely, the same could be true for me. I don’t know how many guys I bedded in the month that followed the split but I do know, that to my way of thinking, it was too many. I drifted from encounter to encounter, another night, another meaningless fuck. I was looking for liberation, instead I felt cheapened. Every load of sperm I swallowed, every thrust of a cock inside my pussy, lowered my opinion of myself. To me, sex should have been an expression of love not, as it had become, a meaningless exchange of bodily fluids.

It was Carol who ultimately came to my rescue. It was a Friday night. I had planned to go out but instead I just moped about the flat feeling sorry for myself. I knew that if I had gone out the evening would have followed an all too predictable course. I’d have ended up drinking too much before allowing some guy to chat me up. We’d have ended up back at his place (I almost never brought them back to mine) for the inevitably görükle escort bayan unsatisfying drunken shag. To enjoy sex I needed tenderness, I needed someone who was attentive to my needs as well as their own. What I invariably ended up with was about 15 minutes of frantic groping followed by about a 2 minute fuck from someone who saw me as nothing more than a place to stick his cock. I hated it. I hated what I’d become. That night, I finally decided that enough was enough.

It must have been about 10 o’clock when Carol got back to the flat. She found me huddled on my bed, my knees tucked up under my nightshirt, sobbing my eyes out and generally feeling sorry for myself. I must have looked pitiful. “What’s wrong?” she asked as she attempted to wipe away my tears.

“I’m sorry,” I replied, “I didn’t mean for you to see me like this. I’m all right really,” I lied.

“You’re not fooling me, missy. C’mon, tell your auntie Carol!”

I sat up. Carol put her arm consolingly about my shoulder. “I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m just so miserable. My life’s a complete mess!” I moaned.

carol put her hand on my cheek and stared into my eyes. “I know it’s hard right now,” she said, “but trust me, it will get better.”

“I know, I know.” I protested. “I just wish I could be more like you that’s all. You enjoy being single, you don’t have any problems sleeping with other guys…”

“But it makes you feel cheap,” she cut me off.

“Am I really that obvious?” I asked plaintively.

“No, not really,” She replied, “but I used to feel like that at first. It took me a while, but now, as you’ve no doubt noticed, I quite enjoy it.”

“Part of me wants to enjoy it too”, I said, “but another part tells me that it’s wrong. I’m just so confused, I don’t know what I want.”

“Yes you do,” she said, “you want to feel loved.” Then, without warning, she kissed me.

I was shocked. “No,” I cried trying to push her away. “I can’t… I mean I’m not… I…”

She silenced me with another kiss. “Ssh,” she said, “You want to be loved, let me love you.” She kissed me again, harder this time, with more passion. Despite myself, I found myself responding to her kiss.

My mind was in turmoil. I couldn’t help feeling that it was wrong but yet my heart was pounding with an excitement I hadn’t felt since splitting up with Paul. The part of me that was controlled by my upbringing screamed at me to stop, I shouldn’t be doing this with another girl. Another part of me was excited and wanted me to continue. As Carol’s lips pressed more and more firmly against mine my resistance weakened and I found myself responding to her touch with a growing urgency.

Carol’s hands caressed me as our lips pressed together. I felt a warm glow begin to spread over me. Her hands slid over the outside of my nightshirt. I moaned softly as they brushed against my tits. Carol responded by running her hands up inside my nightshirt. “Ohhh!” I moaned softly as her hands softly cupped my tits. I felt my nipples stiffen in response to her touch as she lightly brushed her fingers over them.

I was enjoying Carol’s attentions. There was no doubt that she had quickly lifted me out of my depression and into a high state of arousal. It still felt strange that it was another girl that was making me feel this way but I no longer cared. I found myself struggling to remove my nightshirt as I surrendered myself to Carol’s touch. With an odd sense of detachment I heard myself say, “Lick them.”

Carol’s tongue flicked out. I cried out as it brushed over my nipple. She lightly ran her tongue all over my tits. As she did my hands began tugging at her clothing. I deftly unbuttoned her top as her mouth continued its exploration of my tits. I pushed her top down off her shoulders. Carol stood up and let her top fall to the ground. Then she kicked off her shoes and wriggled out of her jeans before joining me again on the bed.

We lay together, me dressed only in my plain, serviceable knickers, Carol in a lacy black G-string and matching bra. We kissed, our hands caressing each other as or tongues explored each others’ mouths The material of Carol’s bra brushed against my nipples as our bodies pressed together.

Carol sat up. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra. As she slid the straps over her shoulders I sat up. Her bra fell away and I found myself staring at her tits. They were slightly smaller than mine but they looked firm and inviting. Any lingering doubts I might have had evaporated as I reached forward to cup them. For the first time in my life my hands stroked another girl’s tits. The skin was soft and yielded to my touch. Carol murmured softly as my hands slid over them. I was overwhelmed by a burning curiosity. Slowly I leant forward. I poked my tongue out and flicked it over her nipple. I felt it stiffen in response to my touch. Feeling more daring, I opened my mouth and took it between my lips. Carol responded with a soft moan as my lips bursa otele gelen escort fastened around it. I flicked my tongue over it then turned my attention to the other. I repeated the process then moved my head from side to side, alternating from one to the other. A long moan of pleasure escaped from between Carol’s lips as my tongue licked over her tits.

I savoured the unusual sensations as I feasted on Carol’s tits. Her soft moans of appreciation telling me louder than any words could that I was doing it right. I needed no instruction, I simply treated her the way I wanted to be treated myself. My tongue swirled all over her firm globes. My hands delicately massaged my saliva into her soft skin.

At last, Carol pushed me away. I fell back onto the bed and smiled up at her. Carol’s face was filled with hunger and desire as she moved down to kiss me once more. The kiss was fleeting but passionate. She began to kiss my neck and nibble gently on my shoulders. Her hands stroked and caressed my body as her mouth continued its exploration.

“Ooooh, mmmm,” I moaned softly as her tongue returned to my tits, circling each one from the outside in towards the nipple. Hot fire pounded in my veins. As Carol licked, sucked and kissed my tits her hand ran up the inside of my thigh. Her fingers trailed across the front of my knickers. Knowing what was to come next I stiffened slightly, my doubts and inhibitions struggled to reassert themselves. Carol hesitated, sensing my concern. My pussy was crying out to be touched. I closed my eyes and nodded. “It’s OK,” I whispered.

Carol’s fingers slipped under the elastic of my knickers. Her lips pressed against mine once more. He tongue probed my mouth as her fingers twisted in my soft curls, working their way inexorably downwards. My body trembled in anticipation as Carol’s fingers slowly worked their way closer and closer to their goal.

I’ve been using my fingers to bring myself pleasure since I was about 13. Paul had often used his to ‘get me going’ as we called it, so I had a reasonable idea as to what was going to happen next. No amount of experience prepared me for what actually happened. The anticipation had been building up to the point that it hurt. My body, accustomed as it had become to over a month of pointless fucking that had left me unsatisfied and frustrated, hungered for release.

A single touch was all I required. My body heaved uncontrollably as Carol’s fingers crept their way between the hot, wet folds of my pussy. “Yessssss!” I cried as she lightly brushed against my clit. My back arched off the bed as orgasmic waves pulsed through me. My fingers pinched my nipples as Carol’s explored my pussy. Each contact sent stronger and stronger sensations flooding over me. “Carol! Oh God, Carol. That’s wonderful,” I moaned as I surrendered to my climax.

Carol kissed me. “That’s just for starters,” she whispered in my ear. She looked deep into my eyes. With a voice filled with hunger and longing she said, “I want to taste you!” Before I could muster any objection she sat back and began tugging at my knickers. Instinctively, I raised my hips and let them be removed. She parted my legs and knelt between them. I felt vulnerable and a little awkward as my naked body was exposed, for the first time, to another woman’s glance. I could still have stopped her if I’d wanted to but I didn’t. With my legs apart exposing my moist pussy with its lips spread open in invitation, I offered myself up to her.

By now I was so aroused that my inhibitions had fled. I was hungry for the touch of Carol’s tongue on my clit. “Take me,” I moaned, “Ooh, take me. Make me cum with your mouth.”

Carol smiled, “Your wish is my command,” she said as she brought her face closer and closer to my mound. Her breath was like fire against my enflamed labia. I moaned with anticipation as I awaited the first stroke of her tongue, the stroke with which she would claim my lesbian virginity.

While I was in a hurry to feel her tongue slip between my moist folds, Carol was content to take things more slowly. She kissed up and down my inner thighs, drawing close before pulling away at the last possible second. I was being driven wild. My hands cupped and squeezed my tits as Carol’s mouth mercilessly teased me. A distant voice that I barely recognised as my own was pleading with her. “Eat me!” I begged, “Fuck me with your mouth.” My cries of frustration became more and more pained as Carol continued her relentless teasing.

Somehow Carol knew when I could take no more. “Oooh, ahhh, mmmmm,” I sighed as her tongue darted between the moist fleshy folds of my pussy. Squeezing my tits tightly together, my back arched and a lust filled moan tore from my throat as her tongue slowly began to lap along my slit. “Oh fuck,” I cried, “your tongue feels so good on me.” Carol murmured her appreciation in reply as her tongue explored every inch of my pussy. She sucked lightly on my clit then darted bursa escort bayan her tongue in and out of my hot, wet hole. The walls of my cunt began to flex. “I need something inside me,” I said as her tongue flicked over my swollen clit.

Without any hesitation Carol slowly inserted two fingers into my cunt. “Yessss!” I purred as I felt myself stretch to accommodate them. Carol began to slowly pump her fingers in and out of my cunt as her tongue lapped at my clit. My fingers squeezed and teased my tortured nipples as the fire of my passion coursed through my veins. My climax was approaching fast and I wanted to savour the sensation. “I want to get on top,” I said, my voice hoarse with arousal.

Carol stopped “If that’s what you want then be my guest,” she said as she rolled over.

Without hesitating I moved so that my legs were astride her face, my pussy hovered above her mouth. Carol grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto her. Her tongue darted into my cunt and then began, with long, soft strokes, to work its way along the length of my slit once more.

Feeling the pressure inside me mount, I ground my pussy against Carol’s mouth. My hands stroked and caressed my tits as her tongue flicked over my clit. “Harder!” I demanded, “Lick me harder!” As her tongue lashed over my throbbing clit like whip she inserted her fingers back into my cunt. “Ohh,” I sighed as she thrust her fingers in and out. Carol changed fingers and suddenly a third was pressing against my other hole. It pressed against the resistance of my arsehole then slowly slipped inside.

The combination of me playing with my tits, Carol’s tongue flicking over my clit and her fingers pumping in and out of my pussy and arse pushed my highly aroused body over the edge. The walls of my cunt gripped Carol’s fingers as they thrust inside me. The contractions spread from my pussy to engulf my whole body. I thrust my pussy harder against Carol’s mouth. “YES!!” I cried, “Oh my God yes!! Keep licking, keep licking, mmmaaaahh!” Carol happily obliged. Her tongue probed lightly at my clit. Each contact sending another bolt of pleasure racing through me. My breathing became more and more laboured as my body reached the limit of its endurance. Reluctantly I had to beg Carol to stop.

I dismounted and turned to kiss her. I could taste my essence on her lips. As always, I found the taste intoxicating. “Thank you,” I whispered in her ear.

“My pleasure,” came the reply.

“I guess, now, it’s your turn,” I said.

“You don’t have to, you know,” replied Carol, concern evident in her voice.

“No,” I said, “I know I don’t, but I want to. I’ve never tasted another woman’s pussy before and I want yours to be my first.”

“Well, if you’re sure it’s what you want,” she said with an arch little smile as she lifted her bum off the bed and pushed her G-string over her hips.

I kissed her. “Of course I want it!” I said, grabbing her soaking G-string and pulling it the rest of the way off. Carol parted her legs and I positioned myself between them. I looked down to study her pussy. She kept it trimmed short and the moist lips were bare. Tentatively, I reached out to touch it. Carol’s warm juices coated my fingers. I raised them to my mouth and licked them. I was almost surprised to find that her essence tasted much the same as my own, for some reason I’d been expecting it to be different.

I leaned forward and planted kisses around the top of her inner thigh. I could see that Carol was playing with her tits as I licked and kissed and teased the area close to her pussy. Her juices trickled from her cunt, the entrance open and inviting. I moved closer, I could feel the heat of her pussy. My tongue flicked out, poking gingerly at her flower’s dew. Carol’s body stiffened. “Yes, that’s right,” she sighed, “just take it nice and easy.”

I dipped my tongue into her hole, savouring the taste as her juices began to flow more freely. I became intoxicated by the scent and flavour of her sex. It was my first taste of another girl’s pussy and I knew that I was hooked. My tongue licked along her slit, working its way into the folds of her labia. I took heart from the contented noises that Carol was making as I explored her pussy with my mouth.

I slid one finger into Carol’s cunt then quickly added another. I pumped them in and out as my tongue began to flick over her clit. Her cunt flexed around my fingers as I slid them slowly in and out. Her hips began to rock, pushing her pussy harder against my mouth. “Ooooh!” she moaned as I sucked her clit between my lips. I flicked my tongue over its tip. Carol’s fingers were in my hair, pushing my face forward.

Suddenly she began to moan. “Oh yes! Oh God! Mmmmm! Oooooaaah!” she cried out as her hips began to buck more and more wildly. My fingers slipped from her cunt and I slowed the pace of my tongue. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she begged. My tongue gently probed her clit. Carol struggled to hold herself on the precipice of her climax as she offered herself up to her orgasm.

Finally it was all over. We lay in each others’ arms listening to the sounds of our hearts as their beating returned to normal. I felt a deep satisfaction. A satisfaction that was untainted by even the slightest hint of regret. “Thank you,” I whispered into Carol’s ear, “that was fantastic.”

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