Doing Myself (For Him)

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Hi. I’m Lanie. My boyfriend, Scott, doesn’t know this (I think), but I’ve always wanted to masturbate for him. Well, to be honest, not just for him; there’s a part of me that would just like to take it all off and grind away, in front of a whole crowd, say, at a bar or one of those ‘sex clubs’ I’ve heard about. Anyway, I often fantasize about doing this, but I can never seem to work up any kind of nerve. So, I “do myself” in private and stick to fantasizing.

Last night, after Scott and I had gone to sleep, I awakened suddenly, startled somehow. My body felt hot, the covers were tousled, and all of a sudden I realized how horny I was. Maybe I was having one of those really good dreams right before I woke up, but I mean, I wanted some cock now, in my pussy, in my mouth, in my hands, on my tits…damn…Scott was asleep next to me, curled up facing his side of the bed. He seemed to be breathing slowly and normally. I didn’t want to wake him up, but I really wanted to come. Hmmm,,,,just thinking about touching myself with him asleep next to me made we wet! I felt that slow heat building in my groin, radiating up through my stomach, and I became very aware of my tits (just so you know, my tits are my most erotic ‘zone’ – fondle my tits and play with my nipples, and I’m there!). I sleep only in my panties, which are the satiny slippery kind, and my nipples were getting sensitive. Looking out of the window I could see that the moon was full and shining brightly; looking down I could see both of my nipples poking up under the sheet. I have very nice breasts: a C-cup; smooth light brown skin with large, dark aureole surrounding nipples that become large and puffy when aroused.

Moving slowly, not wanting Scott waking up, I slid my right hand up my tummy and then began to caress my middle finger up and down my left breast, from underneath all the way up to the top of my nipple, circling the nipple several times, then back down. I cupped my breast and gently squeezed the nipple between my thumb and forefinger – that little lady now stood straight up, stiff and getting more sensitive by the minute. If Scott were to roll over right now he would see my hand Arnavutköy escort moving under the sheet. My breathing began to quicken, and my pussy wanted attention. God, I was getting so aroused – usually I’m all alone when I do this, and to have him so near…! Making like I was ‘just shifting’, I moved my right hand down to my pussy, spread my legs slightly and moved my left hand up to my right breast — oh shit! Scott moved! I froze while he turned onto his back, facing up; his right leg was now just inches away from my left leg. To my astonishment, it felt like electricity had shot through me while this happened, and I was turned on even more! Now I began to wonder what it would be like to let myself ‘get caught’. Earlier, as I started this, I had just thought I’d turn myself on for awhile, maybe have a quiet, gentle orgasm (or not) and go back to sleep. Now I was seriously considering doing something I have never done before.

I pushed my left hand underneath my panties, closed my eyes, and began; I started by sliding my middle finger up and down the middle of my slit, finding the moisture, letting my lips swell, spreading the gathering moisture over more and more of my outer lips, into the hair (I trim my pussy some so I’m not so hairy), occasionally dipping the tip of my finger a bit deeper, grazing my clit. I was really aware of the slide of the sheets on top of my hand as I played with myself; at the same time, I was twisting my nipple and tugging it upwards, loving the feel of the weight of my breast tugging back down on the nipple, then circling it, feeling the tips of fingers on my aureole.

I’m a one-finger-and-palm girl when I’m not using a vibrator, and I quietly sunk my middle finger into my now-wet pussy, and involuntarily moved my hips up to meet my hand. God, this felt so good! I felt so sexy and erotic, getting turned on and fingering myself next to my sleeping boyfriend. This was so exciting! I began to move my hips a little, grinding, and I let my breathing get a little louder, a little more ragged. I wondered if Scott would have a wet dream or something if he heard me in his sleep. Slowly, Avcılar escort bayan I moved my left leg a little closer and let my foot touch his leg — he didn’t move.

I sunk myself into my desire, just feeling the sensation of my finger deep in my pussy, my palm on my clit, slick, with just the right roughness. My leg jerked a little against his, and my breath caught, but he didn’t move. I became more bold and let myself breathe huskily, moaning softly, allowing my legs to move naturally as I pumped my hips in rhythm with my hands. Soon my whole body was moving in time to my lust, the heat spreading out from my groin in waves, and I could feel the hair on Scott’s leg as my foot was pushing against his leg. I began to shift a little, needing more room, so I drew the sheets down past my crotch. The air felt cooler against my naked skin, and my panties chafed a bit now, so I went ahead and quietly removed them. Scott shifted some but didn’t wake up. The suspense was getting to me, and I couldn’t believe it, but I really wanted him to wake up now! I found myself wondering what he’d think, what he’d do — would he just turn over and go back to sleep, or would he like it, or what? So I became even more bold and actually got up on my knees, facing him, legs spread a little, and I began to masturbate again, alternately closing my eyes and eyeing his shoulders, his crotch, picturing his cute little ass and well-muscled legs. The moonlight washed my body pale, and I imagined I was some famous artist’s sculpture come alive, marble turned to flesh, somebody’s fantasy finally coming true. I wanted to pose for him, to get him to watch me with that look of mixed lust and desire and heat that I imagine men have when they masturbate or maybe when they’re watching strippers or pornstars, so I arched my back a little and pushed my ass out some…and I really began to enjoy myself!

I realized his breathing had quickened – I slid my eyes quickly to his face, and his eyes opened sleepily at first and then became very wide as he took in my body, lit by the moonlight, nipples puffy and visibly aroused, my eyes staring into his. Oh Escort Bağcılar my god! As I realized that he was getting turned on, that he wasn’t going to just roll over and go to sleep, I experienced the most sexual and erotic moment I had ever felt, and I luxuriated in that feeling, now watching his hands move under the sheets to his crotch, imagining his hands gripping and feeling his own cock, as I have never seen before but have done myself so many times…

His shaft lengthened. I slid the sheet down from him, revealing his thickening penis. God, I was so fucking turned on! I watched as his hand squeezed his column from the base, seeing that large gob of pre-cum ooze out, and then his palm moving expertly (?!) over the tip, lubricating his entire shaft with his own juice. (I never knew that! – I always had used my own juices or saliva.) I was rubbing myself harder now, paying less attention to him, now using my finger like a little vibe, now inserting completely up to my palm, palming my mound and mashing my clit, now teasing and circling my clit, now again stroking it very fast. My left hand had my left breast, rolling and stretching my nipple, very hard now, I needed to feel the pinch, you know, and I glanced down, and Scott’s cock was now very hard and shiny slick, and as he stretched it down and away from him sliding his hand back up to the tip, I could see his hips thrusting and his legs jerking a little like he does just before he comes.

That did it — and I was coming instantly – I cried out in rhythm with my orgasm, my belly quivering, the fierce heat gushing outwards, both down and upwards out of my pussy, my legs turned to jelly and I fell on top of Scott as he shot hot cum high up in the air and made moaning sounds. Some of that hot cum landed on my back, and it felt like sizzling drops of liquid metal; and I lay on him, my right arm pinned between us, my hand still teasing my pussy, which now was fast becoming too sensitive to touch. Scott knows this, and all of a sudden he sat up, flipped me on my back, and was between my legs with his tongue – Oh God I love his tongue, but now he licked me hard on my oh-so-sensitive clitoris, and I couldn’t contain myself as I burst out laughing and writhing and jerking as I came all over again, and I finally had to pull him up by his hair as we literally collapsed onto the bed, our bodies sweaty and smelling just wonderful!

And that was how I learned to enjoy “doing myself” in front of others!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32