Entering the Blonde Dream Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This is a personal fantasy. I make no apologies for the impossible stamina of the first-person narrator or the amount of sex over the course of one night in this story. 🙂


“Oh yes.”

A soft deep voice emerged somewhere from the other side of the room, remaining in darkness. My heartbeat seemed to stop for a bit, and I stopped, panting audibly in incredulity.

A lamp was switched on and there she was, sitting in an armchair, Josie Leigh. The girl I could never help myself fantasising about; to the point that Lena was well aware of this and has in the past expressed dissatisfaction with this, then. If so, flashed through my confused and still sex-driven brain (30 seconds before I was fucking Lena! Don’t be surprised!), what was she doing here?

More to the point, what was she doing stark naked, watching me fuck my girlfriend in my own house?

Before anyone was able to provide answers to these questions, I looked intently at her. Her hair, deliciously, classically, blonde, fell in several cascades onto her shoulders. The light managed to showcase her gorgeously brown, tanned skin. Her skin was taut and blemish-free. Her breasts, sufficiently large for my liking, were not BBW and had fantastically lickable dark nipples, surrounded by contrasting brownish areolas. My gaze moved down. Her legs were spread, both pushed over the arms of the armchair, her hands on her clit, spreading her folds.

She was fully shaven. “Holy… fuck,” I stammered.

This, followed by 5 seconds of awkward silence, was finally broken by Josie, who clearly enjoyed the moment. “You fuck well,” she addressed me. “Can’t wait for my turn.

“Why is she…” I finally managed to ask, unable to actually take my eyes off Josie, who continued playing with her clit.

Lena got up from the floor. “It’s simple. I’ve known you have had hots for her for months. She knows, too.” Josie nodded enthusiastically. “So I thought: those pent-up desires are not good for my boyfriend.”

I finally managed to look at her, away from Josie. “So what are you saying?”

“That,” she looked briefly at Josie, “I care more for you than who you want to fuck.” Josie raised her eyebrow and her lips formed into a smile. “You want to fuck her? Fuck her.” Lena clearly meant it. “Just don’t leave me out of it. I want some of that young pussy, too.” It was obvious Josie did not mind in the slightest being called “a pussy”.

She was 22 years old. She was certainly young, fresh and never shy of showcasing her body. At work, where she was my secretary, she always wore as revealing clothes as was contract permissible. She knew most men would want nothing else but get into her panties. She was slim, blonde, with a striking smile, blue eyes, long legs and shapely, tight ass. This might sound like she was a bimbo, but, actually, she was very natural looking, almost a girl next door – very discreet makeup and face so pretty that it radiated the entire room. A girl whose smile will make you do the unthinkable.

“I have wanted you for months.” Her voice was soft, yet mersin escort firm in what it was saying. Beautiful confidence was how she often presented herself at work.

Lena joined Josie, standing right next to the armchair. “What do you say, then?” she asked.

I spoke with little hesitation. “Well. A girlfriend who wants me to fuck a woman I have hots for.” I smiled, almost inwardly. “And she wants to be a part of it. What’s not to like?”

Josie got up, in response to this, without a word. She approached me, stood about a hand’s length’s distance away and slowly spread her legs. She guided my hand with hers to her clit. “Come, feel how wet I am for you.”

She was wet. Dripping wet. I dipped a finger inside her and spread the wetness over her clit. She shivered and her thighs spread further. She came closer, and her young tits grazed my chest.

The dick started travelling up again.

For a moment, I forgot Lena was actually there. There was something about Josie’s young almost innocent face (although innocent she clearly was not!), very expressive deep blue eyes and her thin delicate lips – that was making me forget all else. It wasn’t love, though, or affection for her. Rather, it was treating that young seemingly innocent pure girl like a sexual thing; sorry to say, an object of my desire. My lust was the prime mover here, not the heart. Nonetheless, she was intensely beautiful, unlike almost anyone I’ve seen before. Perhaps because she was just 22 and I myself 40?

Whatever it was, no one in the room was under any illusion that what would soon happen would lead to rough, hard sex. The only question was how hard it would be and how far we could take it with her. Judging from so far, I suspected – very far.

She kissed me. Instantly, without any further ado, she sucked my bottom lip into hers, tugged it. As I instinctively rubbed and circled round her clit, where I still had my fingers all this time, she moaned into my mouth and, whilst deepening the kiss, grabbed my cock. Her fingers might be soft, but the grasp was decisive and firm. She knew her stuff. She moved in closer now and as she did, I felt her hard, erect nipples rub against my skin. Hell, this was hot; and we were only just starting.

Her wet, moist tongue forced its wait in next. Mine duelled it, but when she coupled sucking my tongue into her lips with an upward movement of her fingertips along my cock, I groaned loudly in response and broke the kiss for air. “Oh yeah, baby,” she remarked, almost nonchalantly. “You’re in for a treat.”

Before I managed to respond, I felt a pair of tits move across my back: Lena was now behind me, kissing my neck. It was hard to believe it was all really happening.

Both of them started with kisses on my neck, and started making their way down – Lena down my back to my ass, Josie down my chest towards my cock. “Look at that hot, stiff beauty,” Josie appreciated before darting her tongue out to lick my tip. As she started enjoying slapping her tongue against it, swirling her tongue round kocaeli escort it, Lena dropped down to her knees behind me. “Oh my God, girls!” I managed to whisper just before they, in unison, sucked my cock and balls simultaneously: Josie went instantly all the way down on me and Lena sucked in one of my balls. Josie’s unexpected deep-throating was so awesome that it brought up a very loud shout from me. She held my stiff member in her mouth for a few seconds, applying pressure with her tongue, sucking hard. I grabbed her head, instinctively, as she was postponing the gagging reflex, until she slide out with a loud, guttural slurping sound of satisfaction. Already, in the dim light, strands of my precum dangled down from her lips. Now Lena moved in, lucking my undershaft, collecting the remained of the oozing cum and retracted her way back to the balls and scrotum.

My heartbeat quickened already. Josie, with a smile of devilish satisfaction, moved in again, even deeper than I thought was possible. She seemed to deep throat for even longer this time whilst the cock touched the roof of her throat, repeatedly. I pushed her head towards me this time. I thought I’d go crazy with this action when she, once again, left for air, with a sound of even greater satisfaction and good amount of strands of cum on her lips and chin. “You’re an animal!” I wheezed out in sexual frenzy. “Oh yeah!” she retorted. Lena’s come now to join her, breaking the little rapport we were having and unceremoniously started licking the cum off Josie’s chin. These were loud slurps, with cum spaghetti flying between them. I licked my own lips at the sight. And, then, an idea sprung to my dirty head.

Whilst Lena was still savouring the taste of my cum on her lips, I leaned into Lena and whispered my idea to her ear. She beamed. Josie, somewhat perplexed, was looking forward to this nonetheless as Lena approved my idea with a deep, hoarse, guttural, “U-huh!”

Technically, the best for this plan is a large king- or queen-sized bed. This was a sitting room and these weren’t available, but there was something here that would do even better, I thought: the sofa.

The sofa was tall enough for our purpose and had enough soft cushions, too. Lena lied down on it; just like I wanted, her head was now on the edge of the sofa, hanging slightly off it. Her legs, which would normally simply lie on a bed, here, necessarily went up the cushions and over the bed. “I see,” Josie could easily see what was coming.

I didn’t wait; I approached the sofa and got ready: I crouched down slightly, spread my legs and leaned forward to support myself against the back of the sofa. Josie was already around, behind the sofa, leaning down, with a grin on her face, towards Lena’s pussy. She was spreading her thighs wider when I slipped my cock into Lena’s wide open, welcoming mouth.

It’s such a dirty position, seeing your hard, rigid cock slide in and out of your woman’s mouth, on crouched legs, moving your hips up and down, feeding her cock. Not only that, you see your samsun escort girl’s tits dancing and jiggling within easy reach of your hands, and pussy is not too far away, although Josie was already feasting on them. Leaning forward automatically pushes your cock deeper inside the mouth because of the angle. Your eyes meet too: normally, though, this is a lustful, unromantic look of desirous ferocity. Lena quickly placed her hands on her tits and started squeezing them whilst lapping some pre-cum off my cock. Watching sliding myself in and out of her was insanely hot, and I started groaning.

This was made even hotter by seeing strings of pre-cum left on her lips every time I pulled out of her lips. Of course, I also had the view of Josie now beginning to feast on Lena’s clit. She knew what she was doing: she spread Lena’s folds wide open, blew hot air on it and then stuck her tongue inside. Lena muffled, “Oh fuck!” onto my cock, gagged by it and grabbed her own tits hard in response. Her lips parted wider, allowing more of my cock inside. I slid it out slowly and, with fascination, watched Lena gargle loudly.

Josie now launched a full pussy attack on Lena – in the short break from the face fucking, both me and Lena looked up to watch the gentler tugging on Lena’s pussy lips and shy journeys of her tongue inside her turn into loud, ferocious, wet licking-and-eating-out attack. A powerful surge went through Lena; she closed her eyes tightly, almost convulsed, grabbed her tits and attempted to get up (not an easy position to do so in), but failed and just fell back down onto the sofa.

In this moment, I caught Josie’s glance at me; she mouthed a voiceless, “Now”. Lena was ours now. A split second later, Josie’s hands went around Lena’s thighs, locking them in place and a powerful eating session began: her lips, mouth and face glued themselves to Lena’s pussy lips, sucking, licking and eating out: hard. Josie’s “Now” was, of course, also a call to action for me. Without warning, my cock went hard into Lena’s mouth, plugging her up. This time, though, it was hard, rhythmical, unrelenting face-fuck. Deep, animalistic, hardcore. When my cock would slide out, it was dripping with cum and her spit, she would visibly shake and pant loudly. She would be only given two seconds of respite before the cock went in again. The miracles that Josie was performing on her on the other side were obvious – Lena tried to shout and moan loudly, but her face, full of cock, she couldn’t.

Never before had I treated Lena this way, this hard, this slave-like, but it felt good! She clearly enjoyed it, too. Her chin was now dripping my cum. Josie, satisfied now with her pussy dinner, came quickly around and dived under my spread legs, finding my cock from behind and licking, getting that taste of my cum off Lena’s chin.

She wasn’t satisfied with just her cum, of course, and soon enough she was licking my undershaft as it would continue gagging Lena. In this short moment it didn’t, she would give me a few second’s blowjob before allowing the dick to return to Lena’s mouth. I shot her a hazy look in the midst of this; the sheer sight of this pretty, innocent-looking yet so not innocent face was astounding. I slipped out Lena’s mouth, letting her come to and as she was gargling my cum, spitting some out, I looked at Josie intently and stated hoarsely, “I want your pussy.”

This took us to the next stage.

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