Family Needs Pt. 01

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Family Needs, Part 1

Tom was in bed with his wife, Tammy. He figured she was asleep. Things were tense between them at this point. They have been married for 25 years. They had had an enjoyable and kinky sex life. All that has changed over the past five months. Tammy had not been interested in having sex anymore. Tom tried to talk with Tammy, but Tammy was not interested in talking about the lack of sex.

Tom was tonight very horny and very frustrated. Tom decided to go downstairs and turn on porn and jerk it off so he could sleep.

He got downstairs, stripped his clothes off, and fired up porn hub. He decided to go with August Ames. He always likes watching her. He barely even got into starting when suddenly, he heard. Daddy.

Shit, he said; he forgot Tia was on a date. There were no pillows to cover him up; he just hid his shaft with his hands. He fumbled a bit to hit the mute button laptop.

Tia, I am sorry, I forgot you on a date, Tom said. I figured as much dad Tia said with a bit of giggle. His eyes were glued to what Tia was wearing; He had to admit for her being 20 years old, Tia does have one hell of a hot body. A very sexy red skirt. A button-down white shirt is just a Lefkoşa Escort bit tight to so off her B cup breast. He was looking her up and down. His cock was straining against his hands.

Tia put her thumb to her mouth. Oh, Daddy, I know that look; I see it in boys all the time; you know you want to rip my clothes right now and fuck me. He tried to say something, but she just said shh. As I told Daddy, I know that look; your cock is now screaming to come out. Let me give you a better view. Tia takes her hair off her ponytail and does a sexy hair flip. She then slowly unbuttoned her white shirt and undid her bra.

Like what you see, Daddy? Why don’t you take your hand away from there and show me that amazing cock, as I only got a peak? Tom was helpless; lust was too strong to think straight, so he removed his hand, and Tia got to see on full display his rock-hard seven-inch cock.

Oh Daddy, what is mom thinking? Well, she will not take care of you and enjoy this gorgeous cock. No reason to let that thing go to waste.

Tom only had a hair of a second before Tia had her hand on his cock. He let out a moan. It felt good to hell a woman’s hand on his cock again.

That Kıbrıs Escort is right, Daddy, you need this. It would be best if you had this, do not worry, your little girl will take care of you. Tia did not get deep throat as it seemed like a porn thing. She knew where men liked it and felt the most at the head.

She switched between liking around the bottom of the head, putting back into her, and between gentle sucking and licking.

After a few minutes of this blowjob that Tom was loving. Tia realized her pussy was wet. She stood up. She took off her thong and grabbed Tom’s cock, and proceeded to slide it in. She was so wet she sat all they down, taking it all in. They both shuddered and mounded with intense pleasure. Tia began to slowly go up and down, rocking her hips as he began to fuck her Daddy. She loved how rock-hard and how big his cock was. Tia giddied Tom’s hand to her breast. Play with them, Daddy, you got my nipples are hard as diamonds. As he played with her tits, she started to rock his cock harder and faster. She was about to explode, and she knew it was going to be a big one.

Daddy, I am about cum. She grabbed his head.

Look Girne Escort into my eyes, Daddy, as I cum all over your cock.

A few seconds later, she exploded. She put Toms’s hand over her mouth to keep the noise down. If not for the fact mom was home, she would have wailed like a siren. She kisses her Daddy like they have been lovers for years.

Thank you for that fantastic orgasm. Now is it my turn to make you cum, and I know the best way? She gets up and goes from a cowgirl to a reverse cowgirl. She again takes his cock. Only now it is going in her ass.

No man has ever lasted long when I fuck this way, Daddy.

She proceeds to seed three inches of his cock to vanish in her ass.

I cannot take it all, Daddy, but I can take this much.

She leans back to put her hand around his head. She turns to look at his eyes, and she is giving the first ass sex he has had in a long time.

Tia loved fucking men like this. It gave her power over them, and she got whatever she wanted.

She rode his cock in her fantastic ass for about a few minutes. Tom told her Tia he was on the verge of one hell of an orgasm.

With that, Tia jumped from his cock, took her hand, and let his hot white load shoot all over her titis.

It took Tom a few minutes to stop shaking. Once he came down, Tia suggested using the office shower to clean up. They get up; Tia takes Tom by the hand and heads to the office.

Unknown to them Tammy was awake, and she saw it all.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32