Fantasies Of A Specific Man

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I plan a trip to the town that you serve. It would be a safe place to make a lonely vacation. I need it because I am deeply depressed. I have problems with my husband.

I arrive at the airport and I find you waiting for me. You ‘re dressed on your casual green uniform and army boots. So imposing you are! With the sunglasses on I can’t see your eyes, but your smile gives me everything I need to know, that I’m more than welcome there. You kiss me softly on the cheek and tell me that I’ve become astonishing since you last saw me. With a bitter smile I answer that I’m not fat anymore, just busty. Curvecious, you correct me. I laugh. You always had a thing with words.

You lead me towards your jeep and your driver helps me with the luggage. I ask for a nice hotel, and you tell me that you have arranged for me to stay just outside the base, where some officers stay for a while. I thank you for that. You tell me that your driver will be at my disposal most part of the day since you’ll work. The accommodation is exceptional since it consists of a bedroom, a large bathroom, a sitting room with kitchen and two large balconies. You show me the rooms, and give me a quick tour of the view from the balconies. You joke that you will check on me with a pair of binoculars from your office.

You leave me to rest and make a date for dinner in the town. I ask if it is going to be something formal or between us, and you tell me that we’ll go to a fish tavern with a lower rank officer and his girlfriend. You kiss me on the forehead and tell me that your driver will answer at any call for me. I tell you that I won’t bother you because I just need a bath and a rest. You leave and the rest of my day slips away with tiding up my clothes and an incredible bath. I go around the house listening good music from the base’s radio station in a bodice and a pair of shorts.

Evening comes and you call me to make sure I’ll be ready at 8. I tell you that I already am ready and when you come to take me I have used a light sundress with matching flat sandals and a shawl around my elbows. A wide aqua marina talisman dresses my neck with a matching ring. My green eyes are surrounded by emerald eye shadow that makes them bigger. I get to the entrance and as soon as you see me you step back. You yourself are very smart in your light blue polo shirt and jeans.

In the car you tell me about the officer we will have dinner with, and your plans to leave the couple alone after some time because they need the time together, and also that you want to spend time with me. We reach the restaurant, and after the introduction we all four entangle into a very relaxed conversation. Your eyes are not leaving me and I enjoy the attention. I ask who is in charge of the base radio station and your officer tells me is and old schoolmate of mine and I get enthusiastic. I plan to visit him tomorrow. I ask you if I can do that and you tell me that you will have a permit for me first thing tomorrow morning.

We finish our dinner and decide to take me sightseeing on foot around the small town. I reach for your arm and we walk about talking about this and that. Many people stop to say hallo to you and you introduce me. You seem to be very keen on escorting me and showing me around. When I walk in front of you, you whistle and make fun of my reactions.

We reach my apartment and ask you for a night cup before you go to sleep. In there you ask me about the situation with your best friend, that is, my husband and I try to explain in rough words that, after the wedding we have a sexual problem that has become more intense lately. You ask me if there is another woman and I tell you no, but he doesn’t seem to care to make love to me. You tell me that we’ll talk about this tomorrow and leave me to have a rest. Your goodnight kiss was more intense than I expected. Our bodies pressed together showed your erection and I panicked. I’m more than ready to lose control over you, but I didn’t expect it to be the same for you.

After you left, I slipped into my nightgown and tried to keep from touching myself thinking of you. I tried to convince myself that I’m sexually frustrated and that’s why I had these thoughts of you all this time that I hadn’t seen you. I sink into a troubled sleep.

Morning comes and I wake up with your phone call. It is almost 10 o’clock and you tell me that you have already phoned my husband telling him that I arrived ok and that if I want to visit the radio station, I will just have to call your driver and let him escort me there, as well as give me a tour of the base. I ask you what time you finish today and you say that if all goes well, at about 6 in the afternoon. We hang up and I get up stretching. I go around the apartment in my underwear feeling sexy as hell. I look from the balcony towards the direction of your office but the only thing I can see is something that must be glass shining. I call your driver and tell him to pick me up at 11 for a tour of the base and then I’ll visit my friend at the radio station.

I dress on a dark blue tight bodice, jeans, silivri escort medium heeled emerald sandals and an emerald shawl instead of a belt. My hair is tied up high and my sunglasses hide my eyes. Your driver comes and compliments me on my looks. I thank him for being polite for me and he gives me the tour of the base through the open jeep. All the soldiers turn around to see me come by but I don’t notice them. I’m concentrated on the tour and on my thought of you. At about 1:45 we reach the radio station.

As soon as we get in I go towards my schoolmate Peter, who, when he sees me in front of him acts like a mad man. He hugs me, lifts me up, and I laugh loudly. He dares me to a joint program for the next two hours. I pick up the gauntlet. I explain to your driver that we started our radio programs together 15 years ago, so I knew about the job.

I entered the opposite studio and started organizing the music I would transmit. The deal was that we had one song each. I explained Peter that I hadn’t done that for 8 years now and that in the end we’ll see who comes out best. We start and he explains to the audience the match. He plays pop while I choose strong rock. We make jokes to each other and I have so much fun that I start dancing around the studio. The operators from the phone center tell us that many people call to congratulate on the program and that the soldiers outside all sit and listen to us. The soldiers in the radio station all sit up looking at me smiling. Peter tells me that he will probably go to jail for that but he has too much fun. He starts putting on some provocative songs on lost loves and I get the message but don’t follow, just flirt with him.

As soon as we finish the program at 4, the door of the studio opens and you burst in, seemingly angry. Peter stands up to salute you. You grab me by the arm and lead me to your office. You slam the door behind you and tell me in a low yet stern voice that an officer called you and informed you on the calls the base received for the show, and that half of the men are jacking off on my name. That you listened and it was obvious from the songs that Peter was flirting me. That it was like we were having sex in the studio and we played songs at the same time. That all the soldiers in the radio station were looking at me and were sporting a raging hard-on. You stand close in front of me and tell me that you’re one of them and kiss me deep in the mouth. I’m melting. I part my lips and search for your tongue. You pull me even closer and I’m wet allover. You break the kiss and in a husky voice you tell me to go to the apartment and wait for you there to finish.

I put my sunglasses on because I don’t want people to find out that I was ready to cum right then and there. I wave Peter good buy and he says bye with a worried look on his face. The driver tells me that he’s worried that you’ll punish him. That it’s the first time he’s seen you so frustrated. I tell him that it is my fault because I shouldn’t have so much fun and that I will see to it that nobody pays my faults. He says that from the looks of you, he’s afraid for me too. I tell him not to worry and I get lost in my thoughts of you.

I get into the apartment and feel like a lion in a cage. In an hour or so I hear a loud knock on the door. I open up and you barge in like a madman. You take me in your arms and start kissing me. You pull my bodice off and your uniform scratches my nipples. You push me on the wall with great force and kiss your way down to my neck, my breasts, my belly. You push my jeans down and you lick me on top of my panties, which are soaking wet. You tear them apart with one move and place your mouth on my shaven pussy. I moan with pleasure as you suck on my slit and my inner lips. My juices run down my thighs.

I pull you up and unfasten your belt. Your uniform is rough on my skin and sensitive nipples and I love it. I wrap my legs around you and you enter me with a force unknown to me. I cum on the spot. You bump into me groaning “little doll”. I scream your name as I experience multiple orgasms. Your member swells as you pump in and out and stretching me to lengths I never knew. You cry that you’re cumming and I scream “yes”. Your cum spurts in my womb and my vagina is contracting like hell.

We slide down, exhausted and you kiss my eyes calling me “little doll” again and again. I still pant, trying to catch my breath. You lift me up and place me on the sofa where you hold my naked body tightly. I tell you that I can’t believe that. I longed so much for it to happen. You tell me that from the moment you saw me in the airport you had a hard-on for me. That when you listened to the program you got mad because you could sense that Peter was making a move on me. That you stood looking at me dancing around the studio and you wanted to make love to me in front of everyone.

I get up to prepare a hot bath for us, knowing that you must be tired but you tell me that you have to home and change. I offer to prepare dinner and you tell me you’re going to bakırköy escort be back in an hour and we’ll prepare dinner together. I soak into the tub thinking of our lovemaking and get horny again. I still can’t believe what happened. I rise and start to get dressed in an elegant cocktail dress. I’ve also put on see through pants and half bra, along with a string of pearls on my neck. When you knock on my door I’ve already started preparing dinner.

You kiss me in the mouth softly and linger there. I almost collapse in your arms. You step back and look at me and tell me that I’m breathtaking. I head towards the kitchen and tell you to fix yourself a drink as I cook. You pour two glasses of wine and offer to do the salad. As we go around the kitchen you brush your lips at the back of my neck and tease me all the time. I pretend to be annoyed and you make faces. I prepare the spaghetti carbonara and serve the plates. I had already set the table in the sitting room with candles and flowers.

We sit facing each other and start dinner talking about this and that. You hold my hand and tickle my fingers. You’re rather funny, which I didn’t expect. I start telling you about my married life with your friend. The pros and cons. We discuss about cheating. I confess that you are my first and hopefully the last. You tell me about your wife and we discuss on the reason you have been unfaithful to her many times.

We finish dinner and I put the plates away. I get my glass of wine and come and sit beside you in the sofa. Soft music is playing. I lean on your shoulder and you start caressing my sides. You tell me of the first time you saw me. That I was just a child. Then we met at the wedding were you first realized how much of a woman I am. And now. You told me that you fell in love with me at the wedding. You didn’t actually fall in love but you were sexually attracted to me.

I confess the same. That just after the wedding I started thinking about you. I have spent endless nights wondering how your touch would feel on me. How it could feel to have you inside me, or your skin sliding on mine. How your lips would feel on mine. What kind of lover you are, aggressive or tender.

You make me stand up and ask me to remove my dress. I turn around and ask you to unzip it for me. You do and your hand caresses my back. Your mouth follows, starting from the base of my spine and kissing your way up to the base of my neck. You slide the dress off me and turn me around to look at me. I understand that you have a thing for underwear as you caress my nipples through the transparent fabric and then as you kiss and suck them you start rubbing my pussy. I help you undress and start caressing your skin. It feels wonderful. Sunburned yet so soft. Your hands slide on me and your deep blue eyes stare into mine.

Your kiss is tender yet possessive. I can feel your hard arousal rubbing on my belly. I take you by the hand and lead you to bed. We lay kissing. You can’t leave an inch of my body and not taste it. I let you lye down and take your manhood in my hands. I lick the shaft from bottom to top and when I reach the drop of precum I swallow it all in my mouth and I feel it at the back of my throat. You moan in pleasure. I start sucking your whole length up and down, in and out. I humm and send shivers up your spine. All the while I kneed your testicles and push the foreskin down. I sense that you’re ready to cum and I stop. You protest. I start again. When you swell up I stop again. You fondle my hair and I ask you whether you want me to continue or not. You beg me to continue and in a quick move I suck you up. You can’t take it and you come gallons in my mouth shouting my name. I swallow it all and keep sucking you so that you stay hard. You moan.

I lick my way up and kiss you to let you taste yourself. I tell you that you taste wonderful and you kiss me hard again. You move your hands on my panty covered pussy and you find out that it’s dripping for you. You whisper that you love it that you make me wet and I ask you not to tear these panties too because I like them too much. You laugh and slide them down my legs. You turn me around and you unclasp my bra. You push my hips up and start kissing my buttocks and slowly finger my pussy. I tell you that I want you inside me and you slide in ever so slowly that I feel I’m going to faint. You slide in and out all the time telling me that I have the most loving pussy you have ever seen.

Your balls slap my clit and your lovemaking is thus more adorable. You tell me that I’m born to be loved and be filled up. I moan in your words. I ask you to take me harder. You push harder and reach the bottom of my womb. I start loosing it. I moan loudly and constantly and reach what I thought would be a climax. As you fuck me slowly yet strong you push a finger in my asshole and I scream in ecstasy. I come so hard that I’m blacking out. My pussy is contracting and I feel you shoot in me. I collapse and you’re atop my back. You draw out and lye next to me covering me with kisses. I halkalı escort cuddle in your arms and explore your chest with my fingertips.

I tell you that I feel full, loved, fucked, spoiled and everything that can make me burst. You laugh telling me that if I feel like that imagine what a 55 year old crook like you must feel with a young 28 year old like me. I confess that I don’t know if I would fall for you if you were younger. I can only know that you bring the woman out of me. Period. You take me to the shower and soap me tenderly. I want to return the favor but my knees are weak. You smile tenderly, wash me out, dry me and ask me what pajamas I’ll wear. I choose a colorful set of underwear that you insist you put on me yourself, apply my perfumed body-powder and choose a short blue satin nighty. You lay me on the bed and lye beside me.

I’m off and ready to sleep. I ask you what time you have to get up tomorrow and you answer 5. You tell me not to get startled if I don’t find you in bed when I wake up. I ask you to hold me to sleep and fill my dreams. You kiss me in the eyes and nose. I smile and drift off.

I wake up at about 9 and find a note on the pillow together with a flower: “Good morning, I’ll come by at 12 to pick you up for picnic and shopping. Be ready for me.” I get up and feel like a baby with a lollipop at hand. I make a cup of strong coffee and start wondering what to wear. I go about in my underwear and whistle a song. The phone rings and it’s you. “Did you find my note»?


“Why do you go around in your underwear and with the curtains up?” I look around but then I realize.

“You’re watching me with the binoculars!”

“Yes, and I enjoy the view”.

I unclasp my bra and let it fall. I knead my breasts.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Please give me a chance to make it through midday without a heart-attack”

“Ok I’ll spare your life for now but make it quick. I can’t wait for you”. We hang up.

I call my husband. I tell him that I’m relaxing and that I needed the few days off. He asks me if you treat me right and I tell him, more than fine. He tells me he loves me and I tell him me too. I ask him to think things through, and that we have plenty to talk about when I come home. I tell him I love him and that nothing will change that.

You come to pick me up at noon and I’m ready to leave wearing a top and some trousers. You take me shopping in the town. I linger in the shops and buy various things. Among everything else, I also bought a sheer nighty. I know you would like that. I get lost in the market and I start looking for you. I call you on your cell phone and you tell me to wait for you at a cafe. I have a sit and order something to drink.

In about half an hour I see you arriving holding bags and a basket. You’re still in your uniform and I ask you why is that. You laugh at me and say that you know that I have a thing for uniforms and I blush. You order some beer to cool off before we head towards somewhere I don’t know. The waiter stares at my cleavage and you get angry. As soon as he gets your beer you tell him to get lost and if you catch him staring at me again you’ll pull his balls off. I panic. I tell you that you have to get hold of yourself. You tell me that if you don’t do that he will make a hit on me. I try to explain that I’m not interested on him so you don’t have to fear anything. You ask me to hit the road.

We rent a small boat and you take me to the middle of the lake where there is a tiny deserted island. I get ecstatic by the view. We land on a small beach and you help me out of the boat. There is a little hut and you lay a thick blanket in its yard under a tree. A bottle of wine, some water and little sandwiches, everything we need for a picnic. I lye on my side on the blanket and serve the wine. You come next to me and lye behind me.

“All the years I’ve been here I haven’t done this before”

“How come?”

“None to do it with”

I ask you if I can have a swim in the lake and if there is a chance that somebody is watching. You tell me that it is totally secluded. I get up and undress until I’m totally naked and start strolling and fooling around you until I get in the water. It’s chilly and I get Goosebumps. My nipples are hard and protruding.

I invite you in. I can feel you coming behind me. I swim around and I know you’re after me. You reach and grab my waist and turn me towards you. I wrap my legs around you and kiss you. I can feel your erection pressing my pussy lips.

“Don’t you ever get rid of that?” I joke.

“Not when you’re around”

The feeling of you touching me underwater is wonderful. I swim around you and hug you from the behind, wrapping my arms around you. My body slides on yours and I enjoy it. My hands travel on you, teasing and playing around your chest, your buttocks and pubic area. You nag about me being a cockteaser. I come around again and wrap again my legs around your waist. I lower myself on your pole and you moan. You swim us towards the shore, still in me and lay me in the sand. You start fucking me slowly. I writhe beneath you. You call me all sorts of names and I just get hornier. The water splashes around us and although it’s rather cold, my heat inside is such that the only thing I can feel is the tip of your stiff member brushing my G-spot as it slides in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32